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       The Establishment of the 1 UAE National Forum for Concrete Durability
During the first International Conference on Applications of Traditional and High Performance Materials
in Harsh Environments which was held by the Institute of Materials Systems/School of Engineering at
the American University of Sharjah , a parallel meeting was held to establish the first National Forum
for the Design of Concrete Durability Criteria.

The members of this forum are :

   1. Dr. Adil K. Al-Tamimi - American University of Sharjah
   2. Dr. Mufid A. Samarai - University of Sharjah
   3. Dr. Herman Lutz - Wacker Company
   4. Mr. Jim Wheat - Master Building Technology
   5. Dr. Patrick de Wolf - Wacker Company
   6. Dr. Mohamad Zineddin - American University of Dubai
   7. Dr. Saeed Ali Hreeb - UAE University
   8. Eng, Zahrah Aboodi - Federal Ministry of Public Works & Housing
   9. Dr. Khadar Akkawi - Dubai Central Laboratory
   10. Dr. Khalil Al-Hosani - UAE Society of Engineers
   11. Dr. S.M.K. Chetty - Dubai Central Laboratory
   12. Mr. Nigel Harries - RMC TOPMIX
   13. Engn. Adnan Al-Marzouki - Dubai Central Laboratroy
   14. Mr. Robert Lewis - Elkem Microsilica (Correspondent Member)
   15. Eng. Iqbal Marie - Hashemite University/ Jordan (Correspondent Member)
   16. Eng. Haitha m Abu-Sharia - Concrete Pre-Castin g Company


Concrete compressive strength criteria and standard procedures are standardized, well known and can
easily be specif ied, controlled and interpreted in the site and laboratory.
The agenda was to define the problem of a lack of Quality Control and standard test specifications for
concrete durability in the field of construction.
The first step after defining the problem was to form a technical committee to steer the efforts of the
forum’s members in providing technical specifications for concrete durability in hot climates and harsh
The technical committee will research and compile all the necessary technical documentation on what has
been published on concrete durability in hot climates, in addition the effects of other f ctors such as
humidity and chloride on concrete durability.


   •   Members of the committee from the construction sector will provide the practical needs and
       applications of new methods to maximize concrete life in construction.
   •   The academic members from several UAE universities will compile up-to-date applied research on
       concrete durability in harsh environment.
   •   Program will be agreed between the above two parties and governmental sectors on development
       of standard criteria of concrete durability and the possible applied research requirements.
   •   After the technical standards and specifications from academia have been collected and practical
       applications of the standards have been presented from the private sector, the technical committee
       will approach the authorities where the decision makers will have a chance to review the
       committee recommendations regarding concrete durability in hot weather.
   •   It is the main goal of this national forum to persuade the decision making authorities to agree on
       taking this effort to the next level by establishing and enforcing concrete durability specifications
       in construction practice.
   •   The national forum will meet again to set up the ground rules for documenting the process in
       accomplishing the above goals and discuss any other items that may be of interest.

A National publicity of this issue is underway to attract the attention of UAE experts and
National Steering Committee will be elected to execute the work.

Dr. Adil K. Al-Tamimi
Director, Institute of Materials Systems “IMS” (
School of Engineering
American University of Sharjah