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					14 July 2009

                                    URGENT NOTICE

Dear parent/carer

I am writing to inform you that we have two suspected and one confirmed cases of
Swine Flu. The young people in question have been kept home since swine flu was first

The children concerned are recovering quickly. There is no need to be alarmed for the
welfare of your child. We contacted the Health Protection Authority immediately when
we were informed by parents. We are following advice and are working closely with
NHS Nottinghamshire County and the County Council. We will be monitoring students
very closely.

If your child develops cold or flu like symptoms in the coming days please follow
this advice
        1 Keep your child off school.
        2 Telephone your GP – explain the symptoms and state that your child attends
        Valley School where there is a case of swine flu.
        3 Telephone the school and tell us that your child has these symptoms.

In line with recommendations, if we identify any students with unusually high
temperature or with flu like symptoms they will be isolated in our medical room until such
time as their parents can collect them.

May I remind you that cleanliness is a key factor in limiting the spread of the virus.
Further to my previous letter, students may bring in hand gels and we have placed hand
gel dispensers around the school. Disposable tissues are also encouraged.

We will be continually reviewing the situation with the relevant authorities. We are totally
committed to do what is best for the safety and welfare of all our students. Thank you
for your support.

I have placed the HPA leaflet on our school website for your information. This can be
downloaded on www.valley.notts.sch.uk.

Yours sincerely

Brian Rossiter

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