Grade Suggested Summer Reading List Level J Books series

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					4th Grade Suggested Summer Reading List:

Level J Books (series):                    Level K Books (series):
Henry and Mudge                            Arthur books
Mr. Putter and Tabby                       M and M series
Poppleton                                  Nate the Great
Little Bear                                Madeline
Fox Series                                 Commander Toad

Level L books (series):                    Level M books :

Amelia Bedelia                             Junie B. Jones
Cam Jensen                                 Marvin Redpost
Horrible Harry                             Second Grade Friends
Pinky and Rex                              The Littles

Level N books:                             Level O books:

Amber Brown                                Babysitters Club
Julian books                               Boxcar Children
Herbie Jones                               Ramona series
Adam Joshua Capers                         Ribsy series
                                           Angel Park Hoopstars

Level P books:                             Level Q books:

Encyclopedia Brown                        Anastasia books
Magic School Bus series                   The Dragonling
Wayside School series               Fudge-O-Mania
Time Warp Trio                            Little House books
                                          Help! I’m Trapped

Level R books:
Charlie and The Chocolate Factory
Nothing’ s Fair in Fifth Grade
The Library Card
Iggie’s House
Amos and The Aliens

Level S/T books:
Sixth Grade Secrets
Going Solo