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Eve Pownall Award for Information Books 10 – 14 years Bushrangers, Ned Kelly myth, Irish in Australia, crime, police, justice, truth

Author profile: Carole Wilkinson I like writing about history. After writing four books set in ancient Egypt, I thought it was time to write about some aspect of Australian history. It was Maryanne Ballantyne of Black Dog Books who suggested Ned Kelly as a subject. I was surprised to discover there was nothing in print written about Ned for kids. But I didn¹t want to write fiction. I¹d read and enjoyed Our sunshine and A true history of the Kelly Gang. Although these are adult books, it seemed likely that kids would soon become familiar with the fictional Ned, if not through reading the books then through the film that is about to come out, The Kelly Gang, based on the book Our sunshine and starring Heath Ledger as Ned. With this in mind, it seemed a better idea for me to write a factual book, something from which people will be able to get the historical facts. When I was writing the book I had a real sense of the story telling itself. The story of the Kelly Gang has a lovely natural structure; it was a pleasure to write about it. There’s such a lot of depth to the story as well; it¹s about much more than one man robbing banks. And there’s a lot to think about. The whole idea of a murderer and thief becoming a national hero is a fascinating concept. Scholastic Australia Ned Kelly Websites  Ned Kelly: Australian iron outlaw -  Ned Kelly’s world -  Treasures of the State Library of Victoria Bushranger Websites      Bushrangers of Australia - Captain Thunderbolt - The Bushranger site - The Eureka Times - The trial of Australia’s last bushrangers -

Ned Kelly Books  Australian son : the story of Ned Kelly, including the Jerilderie letter, a recently-discovered statement of 8,300 words made by Ned Kelly told by Max Brown  Frank Clune's Ned Kelly illustrated by Walter Stackpool  I am Ned Kelly by John Molony  Kelly Gang by Frank Clune ; illustrated by Rebekah Spencer  Max Brown's Ned Kelly, Australian son  Ned Kelly by Ken Little ; illustrated by Dee Huxley  Ned Kelly by Barrie Sheppard  Ned Kelly by Douglas Stewart ; with eighteen illustrations by Norman Lindsay  Ned Kelly : a pictorial history - text: George Boxall  Ned Kelly : a short life by Ian Jones  Ned Kelly : bushranger by B. Carroll  Ned Kelly : man and myth edited with an introduction by Colin F. Cave  Ned Kelly after a century of acrimony by John Meredith and Bill Scott  Ned Kelly in popular tradition by Graham Seal  Such is life by Tom Collins  Tell 'em I died game: the legend of Ned Kelly by Graham Seal  Trial of Ned Kelly by John H. Phillips

Bushranger Books          100 Australian bushrangers, 1789-1901 by Allan M. Nixon Australian bushrangers: the romance of robbery by Sacha Molitorisz Australian bushrangers by Bill Scott Bail up! a pictorial history of Australia's most notorious bushrangers by Geoff Hocking Bushranger country by Alan Sharpe Bushrangers - heroes or villains Edgar F. Penzig Bushrangers by Anna Sheppard Bushrangers by Rita Spencer ; illustrated by Paul Mitchell Captain Melville by Frank Clune ; illustrated by Virgil Reilly

Books by Carole Wilkinson Ramose: Prince in Exile Ramose and the Tomb Robbers Ramose: Sting of the Scorpion Ramose: Wrath of Ra Phenomena - Watery Graves Phenomena - Deepwater Phenomena – Out of Orbit Phenomena – Knight’s Progress Phenomena – Bertrand’s Quest Careless Wishes Stagefright Who Shot the Movies? Wheels Around Money

Stage a Hold Up (Ned Kelly Day) You could stage your own Ned Kelly day, and include the activities below. Make a Ned Kelly Mask You will need:        Method: 1. Make sure the pieces of cardboard for making your mask are approximately 15cm high by 45cm wide. 2. Get the children to cut out a 5cm by 10cm rectangular slit in the top middle of the cardboard. Grown ups might want to help with the starting and cutting out of the eye slit. 3. Simply curl the cardboard to make a cylinder and tape well. Once again grown ups might want to assist with this. 4. Get the children to decorate their Ned Kelly masks. 5. When complete / dry. The children can role-play stories from Ned Kelly’s life. Re-enactment You can choose a scene from the book with the children, and then re-enact it. Cardboard Scissors Sticky Tape Colouring-in pencils Glue Glitter Crayons

Ned Kelly Camp Out Have a bush picnic Kelly-style, with damper and billy tea. Damper Recipe (For Small Group - 6 Children. Serve with butter, jam, syrup.) Ingredients: 3 cups of self raising flour, 2 teaspoons salt, 1 cup water Equipment: Camp oven, matches, mixing bowl, alfoil, measuring cup, teaspoon Procedure: Fire to be lit by an adult. Hot coals should be ready for cooking when the damper is mixed.            Measure flour and salt. Mix together in bowl. Make a well in centre of the flour. Add water to make a firm dough. Shape into a flat round bun. Place alfoil in bottom of Camp Oven. Place damper on alfoil and place oven on hot coals. Cook for 30 minutes. Clean up all cooking equipment and cooking area. When cooked, allow damper to cool slightly. Cut damper and spread pieces with butter, jam, or syrup. Cooking Time: 15 to 30 minutes.

Billy Tea • Tea, Australian grown of course • Sugar as needed • Milk as needed • Water • ‘Billy Can’, make your own or buy one • Forked stick • Fire What you do: 1. Drag some coals out of the fire and put the billy on. 2. When boiling, throw in a single fistful of tea for each person and then throw one in for the pot. 3. Leave on heat for another minute then pull away from coals using the forked stick on the handle to lift. This is where the rot sets in! 4. Grab billy handle with hat or other suitable insulator and swing quickly around in a full circle three times bringing it back up past your knee then back over your shoulder and so completing a full circle each time. The reason for doing this is to sink the tea leaves to the bottom of the pot so you can pour a drink without filling the cup with tea leaves. 5. However if you just let it sit for a minute or two and then pour carefully you still get a good cuppa without risking life and limb. Tricks & Tips Some people apparently use tea strainers!

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