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									                  College/Scholarship Updates                                                                                Mar. 2009
                                                           Guidance Number 330.841.2316
                                                           Mrs. Kampf-Melillo A-D x2498
                                                           Mrs. Austin-Brown E-L x2497
                                                           Mrs. Ungaro-Jones M-R x2496
                                                             Mrs. Senediak S-Z x2495
     Procedure for receiving an application: 1.) Fill out Scholarship request slip located in the guidance office.
                                             2.) Return the following day to pick-up your application in the guidance office.
                                             3.) Complete the entire application and submit to the guidance office (on-line applications do
                                             not require submission to guidance). PLEASE make sure you carefully proofread essays, and
                                             allow counselors/teachers ample time (at least a week) to complete references.

          Scholarship Name                   Eligibility             Amount                   Contact                 Deadline               Website/Email

                                  *Be a senior at WGH               Full Tuition
                                  *Apply for admission to UT        Scholarship
                                                                     after state   See your guidance counselor
61     The University of Toledo   *Minimum 3.0 GPA                                                                    04/01/08
                                  *File a FAFSA by 04/01/09—show    and federal        for more information
                                  Pell eligibility                      aid--

                                  *Senior students of the Italian
                                  decent who plan on attending a
       Warren Italian-American    college or university                varies
62                                *Will be award 4/15 and
                                                                                   Application is available in the    04/15/09
       Festival Committee, Inc.
                                  announced @ the festival 08/08,                        guidance office
                                  08/09, 08/10
                                      *Community service---large amount
                                      of time                                 varies
63      Kohl’s Kids Who Care          *Have to nominated by an adult (not
                                                                                         You can be nominated on-line      03/15/09

                                      *Senior attending a college or
       Nick Frankos Memorial          university in the fall 2009
64                                    *3.0 or higher GPA, show financial      varies                                       04/23/09
             Scholarship              need, demonstrate good character
                                      and athletic achievement

      Trumbull County Tennis
            Association               *Trumbull County seniors who are
65                                    T.C.T.A. members and have played        $500
                                                                                         Application is available in the   04/11/09
       (T.C.T.A.) Scholarship                                                             guidance office or on-line
                                      varsity tennis
      &Gary Dieter Memorial

                                      *Male enrolling at Bowling Green
     Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity State University in fall 2009
                                                                                         Application is available in the
66      (The Carlton Schooley     *3.0 GPA                                    $500
                                                                                               guidance office
      Balanced Man Scholarship) *Completed application

                                      *Must be a resident of Trumbull
        Lydia Parti Hamilton          County                                $500-1,500   Application is available in the
67                                                                                                                         04/17/09
        Nursing Scholarship           *Demonstrate interest in nursing        award            guidance office
                                      *3.0 GPA or higher

                                      *Immediate family member must be
                                      a current Farm Bureau member
       Trumbull County Farm                                                   $1,000     Application is available in the
68                                    *Trumbull County resident                                                            06/01/09
           Bureau, Inc.                                                     renewable          guidance office
                                      *Must present yourself at a
                                      selection committee
                             *Students interested in a
                                                                   Up to
                             plastics career in polymers                      Application is available in the
69   Akron SPE Education     science, engineering, and tech
                                                                  $3,000                                        03/15/09
                                                                renewable           guidance office.
                             *2.5 or higher GPA

                             *Eligibility standards are based
     Mount Union College     on 2 tiers
                                                                  Up to
                             *750 word essay                                  If interested see your guidance
70   Minority Achievement    *3.5 GPA, 25 ACT (tier 1);
                                                                (renewable)           counselor ASAP!!
            Award            2.5 (tier 2)

      Youngstown State       *Enroll to YSU---planning on
                             pursuing a major in business                     If interested see your guidance
71   University-Williamson   *GPA 2.5 or higher—depends
                                                                  varies                                        03/13/09
                                                                                      counselor ASAP!!
      College of Business    on the scholarship

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