Essential Language Reference Books for All Students of English by lizbethbennett


									Essential Language Reference Books for All Students of English

1. Monolingual Dictionary - English Learner's Dictionary Unless you are fully bilingual, you should not be relying on a native speaker's dictionary. Instead choose any one of these four learner's dictionaries: • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English, 4th edition with CD-ROM, Langenscheidt Verlag (2003, revised 2005). • • • Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners with CD-ROM, Hueber (2002). Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 7th edition, Cornelsen Verlag (2005). Pons Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary, 2nd edition, Klett Verlag (2003).

These dictionaries are the only ones you are allowed to use in the Staatsexamen and Magister written exams. (We do not recommend the Cobuild learner's dictionary.) Some of the dictionaries have an accompanying Workbook that gives you practice in the proper use of your dictionary. We recommend this. A good learner's dictionary can give you much more information about language than just definitions and correct spelling - if you know how to find it.

2. Grammar Book It's important that you have a book that will help you as a reference work throughout your university career. The following book – which is recommended for all your GLC courses and required for the Ccourse and the translation courses – specialises in giving clear answers to a great number of problem areas in English grammar and vocabulary. It’s a reference book rather than a systematic grammar book, and it will help you not only as students but also later when you become teachers. • Practical English Usage by Michael Swan. Cornelsen Verlag, 3rd ed. (2005). Available in paperback.

It is also useful to have a systematic grammar book with exercises to go with it so that you can practise the points as you learn them. This book fits the bill and has been specially conceived for students of Anglistik in Germany. It is well worth buying both Swan and this: • Exploring English Grammar by Geoff Sammon. Cornelsen Verlag (2002).

3. Collocations Dictionary • Oxford Dictionary of Collocations for Students of English, Cornelsen (2002).

This excellent book is now a permitted aid in the exam-writing classes and in the Staatsexamen and Magister written exams. It is an invaluable complement to your learner's dictionary and is required for the translation courses, highly recommended for the GLC and writing courses.

4. Bilingual Dictionary - German-English/English-German Dictionary There are four bilingual dictionaries that we recommend as very useful for your studies of English. The Collins is by far the best bilingual dictionary, along with the brand new Oxford.

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Langenscheidt Collins Großwörterbuch Englisch (2004) from Langenscheidt Das große Oxford Wörterbuch für Schule und Beruf, 1 volume Englisch-Deutsch / Deutsch-Englisch. Cornelsen (2003).


Langenscheidt's Großes Schulwörterbuch, 2 volumes. Langenscheidt Verlag (2001). (This is the same as Langenscheidt’s Handwörterbuch, but cheaper and in two volumes.)


Pons Großworterbuch Englisch. Klett Verlag (2001).

5. Learner's Dictionary of Synonyms


Longman Language Activator, 2nd edition, Langenscheidt Verlag (2002).

This is the best dictionary of synonyms for learners. It helps you to enlarge your vocabulary and to find the exact word you need (starting from vocabulary you already know); it also tells you how to use it properly. Absolutely essential for your writing. It is also included on the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English CD-ROM.

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