Vietnam Memorial Educational Center by zme54159


									                           Vietnam Memorial & Educational Center

On our trip to the New Jersey Vietnam Memorial and Education Center, you will work with one,
two or three classmates to thoroughly examine the topic area assigned. All groups will be
required to produce a PowerPoint designed to provide the rest of the class with the key
information from their area. This project will be used to fulfill the 10th Grade PowerPoint

   Assigned Topic Area         Number                     Group Members
Vietnam                          2
The Changing World Order         3
First Indochina War              2
The Cold War Intrudes            3
Second Indochina War             2
Americanization                  4
Turning Point: 1968              3
Vietnamization                   3
Aftermath & Legacies             3

                                 Responsibilities During Visit
Upon arrival at the education center, we will be guided to the center of the facility where we will
be introduced to several Vietnam Veterans and a video presentation of other veterans, family
members and protestors.
      Watch the video presentation for a few minutes to get a sense of the emotional strain
        faced by the veterans and their relatives. You may want to paraphrase some of the
        comments (and cite them) for use during your presentations.

Once you are dismissed from the center area with the monitor, find your assigned area and
quickly decide how you want to delegate work within your group.
     Carefully read all of the information within your section and record information that you
        can use.
     Use the camera to take pictures of visuals that you may want to use. You may also get
        images from the Internet at a later time.
     Be sure everyone in your group reads through all of the displays within your section,
        even the parts that are assigned to someone else. Each of you is required to be an expert
        in your area.
     Use the veterans that are available to you. They often have more personal information
        that can be used in your presentations. If you want to use information from the veterans,
        ask their permission first and be sure to get the proper spelling of their name for the
        citation. (BONUS POINTS for using the VETS)

Once your group has finished examining your own section, take time to explore the rest of the
center. Pay special attention to the personal letters located around the inside of the circle. You
may want to quote some of this material in your presentations.

After you are given time to explore the educational center, you will be broken into two groups
and escorted outside to the memorial by one of the veterans. Take advantage of the opportunity
to again ask questions of the veterans and take pictures of anything that you feel you might be
able to use for your presentation.
                          Responsibilities For Presentations
                                                                       Check When Completed
        Each group will prepare a PowerPoint presentation
        that includes at least 3 content slides per person. (This
        does not include any title slides or concluding slides.)
        Each slide MUST contain a title and at least one
        visual, and relevant information on your topic(s).
        Each group member must prepare at least 1 in-depth
        discussion question that appears on the PowerPoint.
        There must be at least 1 Action Button with a link to
        an Internet site that helps support the topic(s) of the
        slide per person.
        Each slide must have a completed “Notes” section that
        includes more detailed information than what’s on the
        slide, and MLA citations for all information and
        pictures on the slide. In addition, you must have
        responses to your discussion question and at one
        additional follow-up question with possible answers.
        Visuals should be relevant to the topic(s) on the slide
        and should allow for in-depth discussion. Visuals do
        NOT have to be from the Education Center.
        At least one graph, chart or map must be included for
        each person in your group and it must help reinforce
        the topic(s) of the slide.
        All group members must participate in the
        presentation of your PowerPoint. The presentation
        must be between 3-4 minutes per person. (Ex. 3 people
        = 9-12 minutes)
        Each group must prepare guided notes for the class to
        complete during the presentation. Students should
        only be required to write notes that appear on the slide
        itself, not concepts that are only said by you. Guided
        Notes must be in a Word document and emailed to Mr.
        Each group must prepare at least 6 assessment
        questions with an answer key (1 Short Response & 5
        Multiple Choice)
          Refer to the attached rubric for more details on the above requirements.

    Area                                 Points
    Presentation                         50
    Internet Research/Links              5
    Guided Notes                         5
    Assessment Questions                 5
    Individual                           10

 Do not rely solely on information from the field trip. You will need to supplement the
 information gathered on the trip through Internet research and use of your textbook.
This is an in-class assignment. If you use you class time wisely, none of it will
                                be homework.

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