Vietnam Era- Fall Semester

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					                          Vietnam Era- Fall Semester

Unit                 Timeframe          Topics
History of           September-         1. Timelines of people and events surrounding Vietnam’s history
Vietnam and the      October            leading to US involvement
Cold War             (approximately 5   2. The US policy of containment in the World in light of Core
                     weeks)             Democratic Values and the resulting costs and benefits as viewed from
                                        a variety of perspectives
                                        3. Evaluating the US decision to escalate our involvement in Vietnam
                                        in light of national interests and American values
United States: “In   October-           1. The environmental consequences of weaponry used in the Vietnam
Country”             November           conflict by the US (defoliants and carpet bombing)
                     (approximately 5   2. The acting of some soldiers out of respect for the rule of law and
                     weeks)             holding others accountable to the same standard (My Lai).
The War at Home      November-          1. The identification and explanation of individuals at home during the
                     December           Vietnam Era.
                     (approximately 5   2. Causes of tension between the branches of government during the
                     weeks)             Vietnam Era
                                        3. Possible alternative resolutions to the government’s policies
                                        regarding public protests during the Vietnam Era.
The Lasting          December-          1. The explanation of how the Vietnam War had consequences in
Effects of Vietnam   January            different parts of the world.
                     (approximately 5          a. Boat people
                     weeks)                    b. Post-Traumatic stress syndrome and POW/MIA
                                               c. Agent orange victims
                                               d. Geography of Vietnam
                                               e. Disillusionment of American citizens
                                        2. Essays expressing and justifying decisions pertaining to trade-
                                        relations with Vietnam