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New Reference books procedure – 7/1/03

RefTeam librarians will now take responsibility for shelving new reference
books. This procedure for adding new reference books to the collection will
enable the RefTeam librarians to take a more active role in the reviewing (by
all Reference librarians,) shelving, moving, and discarding of Reference
books as necessary. The responsibility for shelving new books by librarians
has the following advantages:
     Librarians will be able to see all new reference material before it’s
       shelved, and thus be better apprised of the newest sources available
       to us.
     Librarians will be able to better familiarize ourselves with the
       reference material currently on the shelf in that call number range
     Librarians will be able to keep closer track of books that are
       standing orders.
     It will allow librarians to better control the currency of our
       Reference collection.

Generally, information for all faculty:

    New Reference books will no longer be shelved in the Reference
     section by Sandy. Instead, Sandy will place them on a shelf
     behind the Reference desk.
    Each Reference book will have a routing list with all librarians
     names listed and a date by which the item will be moved to the
     Ref section. The books won’t actually be routed; they’ll stay
     snug behind the Ref desk. The list will serve to remind all of us
     that we have an opportunity to review every new or updated
     title that comes into the Reference section.
    After approximately 2 weeks, RefTeam librarians will shelve
     the new books in the Reference section. Each RefTeam
     librarian currently has responsibility for weeding and collection
     development of particular sections of the Ref section. The
     RefTeam librarian will be responsible for shelving the new
     books in her sections.
Specifically, responsibilities for RefTeam members:

    RefTeam librarians will check to see if a particular book is on
     standing order (a standing order list can be obtained by
     contacting the Tech Services department. That list may
     require updating by the RefTeam member responsible for that
     call number range) or what other Voyager instructions may be
     associated with the book (e.g. “Library keeps latest copy.”)
    The librarian can then determine what to do with the older
     edition; should it be discarded? moved to the stacks? If moved
     to the stacks, what other editions are in the stacks, and what
     should happen to those editions? If a RefTeam librarian is
     recommending changes in a section of the stacks which is the
     wedding and collection responsibility of another librarian, the
     RefTeam librarian will consult with her colleague regarding the
     recommended changes and together they can decide on the
     appropriate action to take.
    RefTeam librarians will then be responsible for actually moving
     and removing books to the locations decided upon. That is, they
     will give the books to Sandy indicating what needs to happen to
     the books and the Voyager records.

AC-S 7/1/03

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