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Easy Readers
Minnie & Moo, Wanted Dead or Alive---AR 2.2 Trying to help Mr. Farmer with his financed, Minnie and Moo go to the bank to ask for money and are mistaken for the Bazooka sisters, dangerous outlaws. Minnie & Moo, The Night Of The Living Bed---AR 2.2 Minnie’s barnyard friends find a way to make her feel better when a bad dream upsets her and sends her bed rolling into town on Halloween night. Minnie & Moo Go To The Moon---AR 2.0 Two cow friends, Minnie and Moo, decide to drive the farmer’s tractor all the way to the moon Minnie & Moo Go To Paris---AR 2.0 Two Cow Friends, Minnie and Moo, find a bus and try to drive to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower Minnie & Moo Save The Earth---AR 2.0 While relaxing in the farmer’s hot tub, two cow friends manage to stop an alien invasion without even knowing it Leopold’s Long Awaited Leap Year Birthday Leopold and his parents wait patiently for his first birthday—February 29th—but it never seems to come; and finally, the wise doctor figures out why the seasons continue to pass without any recognition of his special day. What Are Friends For?---AR 2.5 Even when Figgy Twosocks makes Jefferson Bear cross, they discover that “a friend is forever” Keeker and the Pony Camp Catastrophe.---AR 3.7 Ten-year-old Keeler, disappointed when her best friend announces she will be away all summer traveling with her parents, finds things looking up when her mom offers to send her to pony camp Keeker and the Springtime Surprise---AR 4.0 After learning that her father thinks the baby groundhogs in her pony’s field are a nuisance, ten-year-old Keeker decides to stage a “Save the Groundhogs” play Keeker and the Sugar Shack.---AR 3.9 Upon learning theat an older woman has moved into the rundown, creepy Crab Apple Hill Farm, nine-year-old Keeker rides her pony , Plum, over to find out whether the woman is a witch

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Froggy Plays in the Band---AR 2.2 Froggy’s marching band practices for their debut at the Apple Blossom parade, hoping to win the big prize Froggy Goes To The Doctor---AR 2.5 Froggy isn’t looking forward to his check-up because he might get a shot but when it is over and he’s pronounced a very healthy frog, Dr, Mugwort is the one who dreads Froggy’s next visit Froggy Bakes a Cake---AR 2.6 Froggy, insisting on doing things his own way, makes a big mess trying to help his father prepare to celebrate his mother’s birthday Stink and the World’s Worst Super-Stinky Sneakers---AR 3.5 A class visit to the Gross-Me-Out exhibit Duck Soup Maxwell Duck is trying to invent a soup that everyone will remember him for; but when he goes out the look for the missing ingredient and his friends show up, they think he has fallen into the soup Duck At The Door---AR 2.0 When Max the duck decides to stay behind when his flock flies south, Irene invites him to stay with her for the winter Grandpa’s Teeth Soon after Grandpa’s teeth disappear from a glass of water near his bed, Officer Rate has the whole town under investigation Bat Loves The Night Bat wakes up, flies into the night, uses the echoes of her voice to navigate, hunts for her supper and returns to her roost to heed her baby Ted A young boy manages to get his busy father’s attention with the help of a special imaginary friend Clara Caterpillar By camouflaging herself, Clara Caterpillar, who becomes a cream-colored butterfly, courageously saves Catisha the crimson-colored butterfly from a hungry crow Tough Boris Boris von der Borch is a tough pirate, but he cries when his parrot dies Wolf Who Cried Boy Little Wolf is tires of eating limburgers and sloppy does, but when he tricks his parents into thinking there is a boy in the woods, they could all miss a chance for a real feast Don’t Take Your Snake For A Stroll Mayhem ensues when a little boy takes unusual pets like a rhinoceros and a kangaroo to places usually reserved for people I Love You The Purplest Two boys discover that their mother lives them equally but in different ways

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Bubba The Cowboy Prince: A Fractured Texas Tale Loosely based on “Cinderella,” this story is set in Texas, the fairy godmother is a cow, and the hero, named Bubba, is the stepson of a wicked rancher How I Became A Pirate Jeremy Jacob joins Braid Beard and his pirate crew and finds out about pirate language, pirate manners, and other aspects of their life Six-dinner Sid Sid the cat plays the pet of six different owners on Aristole Street so that he can get six dinners every night I Wanna Iguana Alex and his mother write notes back and forth in which Alex tries to persuade her to let him have a baby iguana for a pet Dog Breath: The Horrible Trouble With Hally Tosos Hally, the Tosos family dog, has such bad breath that Mr. & Mrs. Tosis plan to give her away, until she proves to be and invaluable watchdog. Dogzilla: Starring Flash, Rabies, and Dwayne and Introducing Leia A monstrous mutt terrorizes the residents of Mousopolis Rattletrap Car Various disasters threaten to stop Poppa and the children from getting to the lake in their rattletrap car, but they manage to come up with an ingenious solution to each problem Symphony Of Whales Young Glashka’s dream of the singing of whales, accompanied by a special kind of music, leads to the rescue of thousands of whales stranded in a freezing Siberian bay Bad Case of Stripes In order to ensure her popularity, Camilla Cream always does what is expected, until the day arrives when she no longer recognizes herself Dear Mrs. LaRue: Letters From Obedience School Gertrude LaRue receives funny typewritten and paw-written letters from her dog, Ike, entreating her to let him leave the Igor Brotweiler Canine Academy and come back home Secret Shortcut Because Wendell and Floyd have trouble getting to school on time, they decide to take a shortcut which leads to an unexpected adventure Dumpy LaRue A rhyming story about a pig whose passion for dancing becomes contagious Silly Sally A rhyming story of Silly Sally, who makes many friends as she travels to town—backwards and upside down

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Punctuation Takes a Vacation When all the punctuation marks in Mr. Wright’s class decide to take a vacation, the students discover just how difficult life can be without them Cindy Ellen: A wild Western Cinderellla Cindy Ellen loses one of her diamond spurs at the square dance in this wild western retelling of the classic Cinderella story Take Me Out of the Bathtub and Other Silly Dilly Songs Well-known songs, including “Oh, Susannah” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat,” are presented with new words and titles, such as “I’m So Carsick” and “Go Go Go to Bed”

Molly Moon, Micky Minus, and the Mind Machine---AR 5.2 Molly Moon enlists the help of her long-lost brother, Micky Minus, and uses her gift of hypnotism to battle a superbrain and fight weather disasters Molly Moon’s Hypnotic Time Travel Adventure---AR 5.2 Molly Moon, is hypnotized and eventually transports back to nineteen century India, where she meets a maharajah with a speech defect as well as a former version of herself. Molly Moon Stops The World---AR 5.3 Believing she has been sent to Los Angeles by her librarian friend, Lucy Logan, to stop an evil plot by the wealthy Primo Cell, Molly Moon and her friend Roger, orphans with unusual hypnotic powers, find themselves in danger from an unsuspected source Mr. Hynde Is Out Of His Mind!---AR 3.8 Boring Mr Loring retires, and A.J.’s class gets a new music teacher who raps, break-dances, and thinks he has what it takes to become a famous musician Dr. Carbles Is Losing His Marbles!---AR 3.5 Tired of following the strict rules of their grumpy replacement principalm second-grader A.J. and his classmates try to find a way to bring back eccentric but loveable Principal Klutz, who was fired for bringing a wild turkey to the school’s Thanksgiving Day assembly Ms. Hannah Is Bananas!---AR 3.6 A.J. and his friends in the second grade learn that art can be made out of anything, even garbage Mr. Louie Is Screwy!---AR 3.6 When hippie crossing guard, Mr. Louie, puts a love potion in the water fountain before Valentine’s Day, everyone at Ella Mentry School falls in love.

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Mrs. Kormel Is Not Normal!---AR 3.8 Mrs Kormel is a weird school bus driver who gets A.J. and his friends s lost that they may never get to school. Miss Small Is Off The Wall!---AR 3.6 A.J. and the other second graders do everything except play wports when they go to “fizz-ed” class with their new teacher, Miss Small Miss Daisy Is Crazy!---AR 4.3 Miss Daisy’s unusual teaching methods surprise the second grade students, wspecially reluctant learner A.J. Mrs. Roopy Is Loopy!---AR 3.9 A.J. and his classmates are convinced that new school librarian, Mrs Roopy, has multiple personality disorder because she keeps pretending to be famous people Ms LaGrange Is Strange!---AR 3.8 The new lunch lady at Ella Mentry School, Ms LaGrange, wirtes secret messages in the mashed potatoes and is trying to get the students to eat healthier foods. Mr. Klutz Is Nuts!---AR 4.4 A skateboarding principal offers unusual incentives to his students to motivate them to learn more Miss Lazar is Bizarre!---AR 3.8 A.J. and his friends find out that amazing things Miss Lazar, the Super Custodian at their school, can do Miss Holly Is Too Jolly!---AR 4.0 Disaster reigns when A.J. participates in the school’s holiday pageant celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa The Year Of The Dog : a novel---AR 4.2 Frustrated at her seeming lack of talent for anything, a young Taiwanese American girl sets out to apply the lessons of the Chinese Year of the Dog, those of making best friends and finding oneself, to her own life. Jeremy Fink And The Meaning Of Life---AR 4.5 Just before his thirteenth birthday, Jeremy Fink receives a keyless locked box—set aside by his father before his death five years earlier—that purportedly contains the meaning of life Judy Moody & Stink : Holly Joliday---AR 3.4 Judy Moody is getting all excited about Christmas except that her brither Stink is hoping for snow; however, it hasn’t snowed in Virginia for over a hundred years Judy Moody, MD : the Doctor Is In!---AR 3.2 Judy is excited about becoming a doctor, especially when Class 3T starts a new unit on the human body, but she learns more about being a patient when she catches tonsillitis from her little brother, Stink Judy Moody – Around The World in 8 ½ Days---AR 3.3 Judy Moody’d new friendship with Amy Namey causes problem

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The Scarlet Stockings Spy---AR 5.6 In 1777 Philadelphia, young Maddy Rose spies for General Washington’s army by using an unusual code to communicate with her soldier brother The Awful Pawful---AR 2.9 Jack and Foxie return from their vacation to discover that all the dogs in Doggeroo are hiding under their beds, so he sets out to find out why The Sausage Situation---AR 3.0 Jack the dog sets out to nab a canine sausage thief and winds up sparking “pan-dog-monium” at Doggeroo’s Dog and Sausage Day The Lying Postman---AR 3.1 When the new postman lies about the dogs of Doggeroo, Jack Russell decides to investigate The Phantom Mudder---AR 3.4 Dog detective Jack Russell tries to find out who is covering the contestants at the Doggeroo Dog Show in mud The Mugged Pug---AR 3.2 Canine crime fighter Jack Russsell rushes to stop a thief who is stealing the collars of Doggeroo. Dog Den Mystery---AR 2.7 Dog detective Jack Russell investigates the thefts of various belongings in Doggeroo The Big One-oh---AR 4.5 Determined not to be weird all his life like his neighbor, Charley Maplewood decides to throw himself a tenth birthday party, complete with a “house of horrors” theme, but first he will have to make some friends to invite Friend of Freedom River---AR 3.6 The Winter of 1850 finds young Louis alone with his mother when is father heads north for work, but when runaway slaves ask Louis for help being ferried across the Detroit River he wonders what his father would do Under the Quilt Of Night A young girl flees from the farm where she has been a slave and escapes to freedom in the North Web Files Ducktective Web and his partner try to quack the case of the pilfered peck of perfect purple almost-pickled peppers Nothing Ever Happens on 90th Street When Eva sits on her stoop trying to complete a school assignment by writing about what happens in her neighborhood, she gets a great deal of advice and action

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Courage Provides examples of the many kinds of courage found in everyday life and unusual circumstances, from tasting the vegetable before making a face to being a firefighter or police officer Luisa Moreno---AR 5.4 Offers a brief overview of the life and times of Luisa Moreno and her involvement in the fight for the rights of Latin Americans and factory workers Clara Barton: I Want To Help!---AR 4.3 Presents a biography of Clara Barton, and chronicles her childhood in Massachusetts, education and early teaching experiences, efforts to help the wounded during the Civil War, search for missing soldiers after the war, and struggles to bring the Red Cross to America Albert Einstein : Genius of the Twentieth Century---AR 4.5 Presents a short biography of the life and career of Albert Einstein, and chronicles his childhood and Jewish background, his early interest in science and math, emigration the United States, and more Bessie Coleman---AR 2.2 Presents a short children’s biography about Bessie Coleman who became the first African American woman to earn a pilot’s license Neil Armstrong---AR 3.5 Presents a short biography of astronaut Neil Armstrong, and chronicles his childhood and military career, entrance into the space program, and his experiences being the first person to walk on the moon John Glenn: Young Astronaut---AR 4.3 Chronicles the life of John Glenn, an astronaut during the early stages of American space exploration Sally Ride---AR 2.7 Presents a brief biography of Sally Ride, in simple text with illustrations, describing the life of the first American woman to travel in space George Washington Carver: The Peanut Scientist---AR 3.0 Simple text and illustrations describe the life and accomplishments of the scientist who promoted the idea of crop rotation and found many uses for peanuts I Love Guinea Pigs---AR 4.5 Tells where guinea pigs come from, shows how to take care of them, and gives information about some of the guinea pigs the author has owned Jacques Cartier---AR 5.4 Presents a brief biography of sixteenth-century explorer Jacques Cartier, in simple test with illustrations

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A Picture Book of Thomas Jefferson---AR 4.5 Traces the life and achievements of the architect, bibliophile, president, and author of the Declaration if Independence LaSalle---AR 5.0 Illustrations and simple text provide a brief introduction to the life of seventeenth-century Jesuit explorer Rene-Robert Cavelier

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