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									                                                The Jordan Ridge
                                                     Eagle View                                       June 2010
A Message From the Principal
Catherine Anderson
                                                             be missed. We have been so fortunate to have had
Dear Parents and Students,                                   these two ladies and wish there was a way to keep
 This time of year comes with mixed emotions! I
am excited that we have made it through another              Also, thanks to all the staff for another year of
year and we really did have a great one. Then I              dedicated service to Jordan Ridge and the
am full of anticipation and intrepidation about              students. I will close this article with a quote
another year. I feel that we have had a successful           from Dr. Seuss, ”Don’t cry because it’s over.
year here at Jordan Ridge. Teachers have taught,             Smile because it happened.” That’s my take on
students have learned, and most everyone has                 this year!
made progress.                                               Mrs. Anderson
At this time of year it is only appropriate that we
thank many of the people who will be leaving us,
but please remember that changes happen
everyday. First, my thanks and congratulations to
Mrs. Heidi Hansen. She left at the last track off for
D track and is awaiting the arrival of a new baby                        Calendar
girl. We so appreciate her years of service to
Jordan Ridge and the kindergarten students. She
leaves with 4 years of service to Jordan School         1      6th Grade Field Trip Planetarium
District. Next, thanks to Ms. Coral Mangus, she         4       Renaissance Fair A&D Tracks
came when I came and will be leaving at the end                 Sports Wear Day–School Spirit Day
of the year. She has been working in the third          7       Jump A Thon A,C,D 12:00-3:00
grade in both the ALP’s program and the regular                 3rd Grade Field Trip
classroom. We thank her for her three years of                  PTA Meeting at 2:30 p.m.
service. Another HUGE thanks will be to our             8       2nd Field Trip Museum of Nat. History A&D
Literacy Facilitator Mrs. Pam Onederra; this                    Kindergarten Field Trip
woman will truly be missed. She will be leaving         9       We The People
because of budget cuts and it is a sad day for                 4th Grade Field Trip-This is the Place A&D
Jordan Ridge. She will still be working in and for      10      6th Grade Dance for A&D
the district—just not here at Jordan Ridge. She                 3rd Grade Camp Cowabunga-Jord. Ridge Park
has been such an excellent resource to all teachers     11      A TRACK LAST DAY (9:00 awards A Track)
and students—she just can’t be replaced!!!! We                 5th Grade C Track Gale Museum
are also saying good-bye to the interns, Mrs.                  2nd Grade A Track Jordan Ridge Park
Hannah Vargo in 3rd grade and Mrs. Rochell              15      1st Grade Field Trip to Zoo B&C Track
Laubaugh in 5th grade. These two ladies have
done such a tremendous job here and they too will
16    4th Grade Field Trip A&C Alf Engen Museum
       5th Grade C Track Camp Floyd
      3rd Grade B, C & D Planetarium
                                                                              1 st Grade
      1st Grade Talent Show 2:45 p.m.
17 2nd Grade B&C Museum of Natural History                      First grade has a busy end-of-year calendar
      5th Grade B Tracks Camp Floyd                           scheduled. We are looking forward to going to
      1st Grade Talent show at 2:45 p.m.                       Hogle Zoo, come rain or shine! We also have
18 5th Grade Beach Party at 10:30 p.m.                       many fun and special days planned for the year-
      6th Grade B&D Renaissance Fair                         end celebration. You can look for a schedule of
      Bike Rodeo C&D Track                                    these events to be sent home with your child's
      1st Grade Talent Show                                 teacher. It has been a wonderful year of watching
      Mrs. Ott Mother Appreciation Team                     these amazing students become better readers and
21 Kindergarten B& D Field Trip                               problem solvers. Please keep reading over the
      1st Grade Talent Show at 2:45                                           summer break!
22 1st Grade Talent Show at 2:45
23 3rd Grade Talent Show
      1st Grade Talent Show at 2:45
24 6th Grade Debate
      3rd Grade Talent Show
25 5th Grade Renaissance Fair
      5th Grade C Track World War II Play
28 3rd Grade Field Trip B&C Living Planet
29 4th Grade B&D This is the Place
      1st Grade Water Day                                     Make a splash this summer by reading as part of
30 5th Grade We The People                                            the Salt Lake County Library's
      6th Grade B&C Dance                                                 Summer Reading Club.
      Birthday Table
      3rd Grade Camp Cowabunga J.Ridge Park
 1 Jul 6th Grade Dance B&D
       5th Grade to Jordan Ridge Park 9-12 p.m.
2 Jul Last Day of School- SHORT DAY
                                                             The fun starts on the first of June and lasts through
       Awards Assembly 9 a.m.
                                                             August 15. Sign up at your nearest County Library
       2nd Grade Camp Dinomite                               starting Tuesday, June 1. Check your library's
                                                             calendar for other fun events.
               Second Grade                                   Everyone is invited to this year's Kickoff Party,
It is hard to believe that our year is coming to a close.    Thursday, June 3, at Wheeler Farm (6351 S. 900 E.)
It has been so rewarding to see the tremendous               from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m. This FREE evening will
progress of our students. We want to thank all the 2nd       include fun activities, entertainment, crafts, giveaways,
graders for the hard work they have done at school and       and community partners. Since the Kickoff Party is an
also thank the parents for their support and                 outdoor event, families are encouraged to bring a
encouragement at home. We were glad to finish up             picnic dinner and a blanket to sit on.
our end of the year testing this month. We are also
excited to take our field trip to the Natural History        Between June 1st and August 15th, kids and teens (ages
Museum and West Jordan Park. It comes at the end of          5-17) will be able to reduce existing fines on their card
our dinosaur unit and is a highlight to our year. We         with the "Flush Your Fines" program. Contact your
love seeing the different dinosaur bones and fossils.        library for more information.
We wish all of our students’ good luck as they move
on to 3rd grade!
                                                             Do you have information you want to include in the newsletter?
                                                             If so please, e-mail Becky Vogler at and
                                                             include Newsletter Article” in subject line of e-mail). Articles
                                                             need to be turned in by the 20 of each month!
                                                                              Fourth Grade
                   Third Grade
 March was a lucky month for the third graders. We              Fourth grade would like to thank the PTA and our
 started out celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday with many         supportive parents for making Teacher Appreciation
 great activities, from making Oobleck in Mrs. Smith’s          Week so fantastic. We all feel very appreciated &
                                                                 thankful we are working here at Jordan Ridge.
 class, to all of the teachers wearing fun Cat in the Hat-
 hats provided my Mrs. Anderson. We have colored a
 variety of shamrocks and enjoyed green eggs and ham
 for lunch. 

          Parent-teacher conference was a great success.
 Thank you all for the support you give your third-
 grade students. It really makes a difference when
 parents, teachers, and students can share successes.

          Coming in May we will have our first annual        We are fortunate to experience two field trips this month.
 Third Grade Art Show. Mrs. Daniels and Mrs. Probert         Thank you for your donations! On May 26 (B,D) & June
 have really been preparing some terrific art projects       16 (A,C) we will be going to Alf Engen Ski Museum. This
 that will be on display in the hall and in our rooms.       excursion explores the wonders of skiing and science,
                                                             the relationship between skiing, and history and the
 We look forward to sharing all of our fantastic art
                                                             importance of skiing to the region's economic well-being.
 projects with everyone. There will be more details          On June 9 (A,C) & June 29 (B,D) we will further our
 coming soon.                                                understanding about Utah history at This is the Place
                                                             Museum. The value of field trips includes: hands-on
                                                             experiences, real artifacts, original sources, and more up-
                                                             to-date information than textbooks. These field trip
                                                             experiences also match the variety of learning styles and
                                                             intelligences, allowing all students to succeed.

                                                             Upcoming events:
                Fifth Grade
                                                             June 9 (A,C) This is the Place 9:00am
   As summer approaches we are thrilled to                   June 11 (A) Bottle Rockets
have most of our CRT testing completed. We
 have been impressed with the students and                   June 16 (A,C) Alf Engen Museum 9:00am
   their careful testing skills. Thanks to the
                                                             June 29 (B,D) This is the Place 9:00am
parents who have provided extra sleep and a
   good start in the morning for our testers.                June 30 (B,C,D) Bottle Rockets
   We also have some educational field trips
coming up. We are going to the Gale Center                   July 1 (B,C,D) Water Field Day 1-3:00pm
and then to Camp Floyd. Thank you for your
donations for both of these activities. Thank
 you for all you have done this year to make
  sure your students were here and ready to
 learn. Jordan Ridge has always had the best
   parents in the world. We were so spoiled
  during Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank
   you so much. We have had a great year
  and we hate to see these wonderful young
            people leave 5th grade.
          Have a wonderful summer!!
  Teacher Appreciation Week
                                                             6th Grade
 Thank you so much to all the wonderful        Hello and welcome back to the 6th grade
students, parents, and local sponsors who      portion of the newsletter. Take some time out
   helped make Teacher Appreciation            of your day to take a gander at what is
Week a success! On the committee were          happening in 6th grade.
          the following parents:                       After a long year of being on Safety
                                               Patrol, most of the 6th graders will be heading
               Brooke Oniki                    out to Boondocks as their reward from their
              Susan Fairbanks                  hard work. If you are a 6th grader that is on
                Jodi Parker                    track then you need to be at school if you are
              Melinda Nordahl                  not going on the trip.
                Lynel Miller                           IT’S THE MOST…. WONDERFUL
              Amy Scharman                     TIME… OF THE YEAR!!! No I’m not talking
              Tami Anderson                    about Christmas I am talking the CRTs. Yes
               Mirien Church
                                               as I am sure everyone has been looking
              Frankie Walton
               Julie Harrison                  forward to them as much as 6th grade has, they
                                               are coming up. Some classes have already
                                               taken them while some classes are finishing
   There were also many other volunteers       up. Keep up the hard work because you’re
  who helped in making our teachers feel       almost done!
 loved and supported! Many teachers have               Have you ever been in one of those
   told me how grateful they were for all      moods where you just want to get out and
   the kindness that was shown to them.        dance? Well the 6th graders will be once again
                                               be participating in the annual 6th Grade Dance.
   Thanks to everyone!!!! In these tough       The students will be learning a variety of
economic times be sure to say thank you &      different styles of dance that would make the
 support the local businesses that willingly   professionals jealous.
                  donated:                             Wouldst thou buyeth from me? The
                                               Renaissance Fair has returned to 6th grade.
     America First Credit Union- $550          Half of them already participated in them and
   Mountain America Credit Union- $200         the rest will get their turn in July. The students
                                               will construct several stores such as archery,
              Gift certificates:               goldsmith, silversmith, etc.
                                                       Until next time, that’s our story and
             Salsa Leedos- $75                 we’re sticking to it.
              Rod Works- $50
               Walmart- $25
                Costco- $20
               Harmons- $45
            Gardner Village- $30
                                      Student Council News
                          Show your school spirit by wearing Sports Wear on
                                  Friday, June 4th. Hats are okay.


                            Every other Friday show your school spirit by wearing your
                                   Jordan Ridge T-shirts and/or school colors.

          The Student Council, Jordan Ridge, and American Heart Association are working together to learn how to
  keep our hearts and bodies healthy, as well as, raise money to help children who need a healthy heart like yours.
                                       Our goal is $1,600+. We can do it together!
                                         Monday, June 7 A, C, D Jump-A-Thon
The B track Jump-A-Thon was held on Thursday, May 27 . Thank you for your participation. It was a hop, skip, and a
                                                     jump of fun!

  We cannot thank our 2009-10 Student Council enough for their leadership, service, and spreading school
                                   spirit this year! Special thanks to:

                                                Tommy Green
                                               Ashlyn Childrey
                                               Riley Mortensen
                                                  Asher Bess
                                                Hailey Haslam
                                               Olivia Johnson
                                              Savannah Hodell
                                              Grace Fairbanks
                                                 Mikey Miller
                                                  Phillip Tran
                                                  Kayla Miller
                                                 Whitney Rich
                                                 Karli Jensen
                                               Caden Childrey
                                                   Joe Field
                                              Hannah Bowden
                                            Nikita Siddamsettiwar
                                                  Grace Kroll

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