Rosemberg and Jordan Crowned 2006 Homecoming King and Queen by xcu79604


									  Vol. 38 No. XXI                         Serving the CLAYTON STATE UNIVERSITY Community                                     October 20, 2006

Alumni Association Pirates Artistic Award

Rosemberg and Jordan Crowned
2006 Homecoming King and Queen
by John Shiffert, University Relations

Roodgine Rosemberg, representing the                       As is typically the case, the parade provid-
Student Government Association (SGA),                      ed a chance for various on-campus and
and Larry Jordan, representing the                         off-campus organizations to strut their
Society for Advancement of Management                      stuff. Although the Beecher Hills
(SAM), were crowned the Clayton State                      Elementary School High Steppers won a
2006 Homecoming King and Queen                             well-deserved Best of Parade Award, the
Saturday in front of an appreciative crowd                 entry that had everyone talking was the
in the plaza of the James M. Baker Center.                 winner of the Best Artistic Award. Under
                                                           the able direction of Director of Alumni
Rosemberg and Jordan’s ascension to roy-                   Relations “Captain Kidd” Rowell, the
alty was the climax to the first half of a                 Clayton State Alumni Association sailed
Homecoming Day that saw hundreds                           forth in a pirate-themed float complete
devour Pancakes ala Harden and Deis,                       with the scurviest crew of cutthroats ever
hundreds more participate in the annual                    seen on the Clayton State campus. Cap’n
Homecoming Parade, and still more take                     Rowell’s first mate, Alumni Association
part in the Homecoming Carnival in front
of the Baker Center.                                                  Homecoming, cont’d., p. 4

                   Inside                                  99 Percent and $99,000

            Departments:                                   Faculty/Staff Fund Drive A Success to the Nines
  Alumni/Development . . . . . . . . . . .4
  Arts Page . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5     The 2007 Faculty/Staff Fund Drive is offi-     aged an un-matched 99 percent for the
  Across the Campus . . . . . . . . . . . . .6             cially a record-breaking success.              past five years.
  Life’s Transitions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6
  Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14          Co-chairs Lari Arjomand and Bob Ward           “Goals are always challenging to achieve
  Trivia Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15        are overwhelmed by a record-setting com-       and sometimes overwhelming at first,”
  Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16   bination of 99 percent participation and       says Director of Development Reda
                                                           $99,000 raised.                                Rowell. “However, the combination of the
            In This Issue:                                                                                leadership of co-chairs Lari Arjomand and
                                                           “The faculty and staff of Clayton State        Bob Ward, the hard work and commit-
  Cathy Cox Speaks to                                      University have our gratitude and appreci-     ment of all of the campaign coordinators,
   Women’s Forum . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2              ation for their support of us as co-chairs,    and the generosity of our faculty, staff and
  Women in Leadership Course                               and for the outpouring of support for          retirees led to our goals being quickly sur-
   A Hit at Clayton State . . . . . . . . . .3             Clayton State” they jointly expressed in a     passed.”
  Influenza Information . . . . . . . . . . .3             campus-wide e-mail.
  Breast Cancer Awareness . . . . . . . .7
  Annual Town & Gown Golf                                  The goals for the just-ended Fund Drive
   Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11          were $88,000 with a 95 percent participa-
  Dental Hygiene Receives $5K                              tion rate. Not only does this mark a record
   Sub-grant . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12       amount raised by the Fund Drive, but the
  Retirees Hold Annual Meeting . . .13                     University’s participation rate has aver-
                                                                                                                   Campus Review
Page 2                                                                                                            October 20, 2006

Cathy Cox Speaks to Clayton State Women’s Forum
by Leigh G. Wills, University Relations

                                             eorgia’s Secretary of      University. “She really seems      would not have this jewel

                                    G        State, Cathy Cox,
                                             graced the halls of
                                    Clayton State University for
                                                                        like one of our students, even
                                                                        though she’s not. It just seems
                                                                        like she is.”
                                                                                                           here. And without the Georgia
                                                                                                           Archives,      the    National
                                                                                                           Archives would not have
                                    the third time in almost as                                            come either. What a wonder-
                                    many years at Wednesday’s           Harden recited a list of signif-   ful asset for our students and
                                    luncheon for the Clayton            icant accomplishments and          faculty and for the community
                                    State Women’s Forum, held           noteworthy accolades about         to have them both here.”
                                    in the Harry S. Downs Center        the Secretary, who recently
                                    for Continuing Education            ran unsuccessfully for the         Cox was very warmly
                                    overlooking Swan Lake on            democratic candidacy for           received by the audience as
                                    the beautiful Clayton State         Governor.                          she took the podium.
                                                                        “But to me, her most notewor-      “My staff [at the Georgia
                                    “I’m very pleased to intro-         thy achievement is bringing        Archives] and I feel like we’re
                                    duce one of my favorite peo-        the Georgia Archives to            really a part of the campus,”
                                    ple,” said Thomas K. Harden,        Morrow and to our campus.
 Secretary of State, Cathy Cox      president of Clayton State          Without her foresight, we                    Cox, cont’d., p. 8

 Criminal Justice Students to
 Study Abroad in South Africa in 2007
 by Selam Mekonnen, University Relations

 South Africa, here we come! This sum-
 mer Clayton State University and
 Albany State University students have
 the opportunity to travel and learn
 about South Africa firsthand as partici-
 pants of a study abroad program. The
 program is open to all eligible and
 approved college students.

 This four-week trip, from July 7 to Aug.
 4, 2007, will offer two academic credit-
 bearing courses worth three credit
 hours each, plus excursions/site visits
 and housing. The cost of the trip is
 $3,700 -- reasonably priced considering
 all it includes: round-trip airfare
 between Atlanta and South Africa (also
 shuttle service between Atlanta and
 Albany); hotel or bed & breakfast hous-
 ing accommodations including break-
 fast; insurance; in-country travel; some
 ground transportation; excursions; site
 visits; and entrance fees.

 The price does not include tuition,                Look for posters around campus like the
 lunch and dinner, and some ground                  one pictured above for more information.
                                                           Students may also contact
         South Africa, cont’d., p. 10              Dr. Hamin Shabazz or Dr. Robert Welborn.
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                                  Page 3

  Women in Leadership Course
  A Hit at Clayton State University
  by John Shiffert, University Relations

  From a management point of        “I see a real need at Clayton       something I’m inter-
  view, it should come as no        State for this kind of course,      ested in,” Thompson
  surprise that Clayton State       especially given the number         says about the course.
  University’s new “Women           of female students we have          “This is the piece of
  in Leadership” course has         enrolled,” she says. “There         Human        Resource
  been a success in its first       was a real need and an oppor-       Management I’m most
  semester. Following the           tunity to help out students.”       passionate about.”
  most basic business princi-
  ple of giving the public what     However, fulfilling a need          Thompson, who holds
  they need, Dr. Margaret           doesn’t necessarily guarantee       a Ph.D. in Human
  Thompson, assistant profes-       success. The teacher’s enthu-       Resource Development
  sor of Management in the          siasm is what makes “Women          from Georgia State
  School of Business, saw a         in Leadership” special.             University, is pleased
  need on behalf of Clayton                                             with not only the stu-
  State students… a need and        “It gives me a good feeling         dent response to the
  an opportunity to meet that       professionally that I’ve been
  demand.                           able to tie in my training with      Women, cont’d., p. 8

Influenza? It’s Not Just for the Birds
Dr. Lisa Eichelberger is dean of the           thus far very limited human-to-human trans-       Eichelberger, adding that among the
School of Health Sciences at Clayton           mission of the virus.”                            unknown parameters is not only how con-
State and chair of the University’s Avian                                                        tagious in human-to-human transmission
Response Committee. Better than anyone         That last fact is a vital one, since the number   the virus will be when it mutate (viruses
else on the Clayton State campus, she          of people who are exposed to infected birds,      by their nature all mutate), but how viru-
realizes that knowledge of the Avian Flu is    even in southeast Asia where the Avian Flu        lent, or deadly, it will be when it mutates.
essential in minimizing its potential          is most prevalent, is somewhat limited.
effects.                                       Even so, infected birds have been found in        Thus, until the virus mutates into a form
                                               53 countries and 151 of the reported 256          that is easily transmissible to humans, the
In a public health workshop, “You and the      human cases of Avian Flu have resulted in         highest risk for Avian Flu exists among
Avian Flu,” on Wednesday, Oct. 18,             death – a mortality rate of 59 percent.           migratory birds, animals that eat those
Eichelberger discussed such important          However, that does not mean that the current      birds (you can’t get the Avian Flu from a
basic health issues as who is at risk, how     version of Avian Flu will be the one that         cooked chicken, Eichelberger notes), and
the Avian Flu transmitted and the symp-        causes a pandemic.                                those individuals who come in close con-
toms.                                                                                            tact with birds in the countries where the
                                               “At this time, it is unknown how the virus        Avian Flu has been reported are the most
First of all, Avian Flu is NOT just for the    will mutate, how it will evolve,” notes           at risk. Eichelberger also adds that
birds. It’s an influenza carried by birds,                                                       lifestyle issues in southeast Asia, includ-
and there are, in fact, a lot of flu viruses                                                     ing close proximity in living quarters with
carried by our feathered friends. However,                                                       fowl, certain cultural, religious and culi-
one virus in particular, H5N1, is causing                                                        nary practices, and a much different con-
concern worldwide, because it’s a rela-                                                          cept of personal space than is see in the
tively new and deadly strain of the flu that                                                     U.S., have made the prevalence of the
started approximately 10 years ago in                                                            virus more of an issue in those countries.
China.                                                                                           According to Eichelberger, no one has
                                                                                                 suggested that there are any ethnic or
“New viruses cause pandemics,” notes                                                             genetic ties between the Avian Flu and the
Eichelberger. “H5N1 is currently been                                                            people of southeast Asia.
found in humans in 10 countries, though
not in the United States. There has been                                                                         Influenza, cont’d., p. 4
                                                                                                                 Campus Review
Page 4                                                                                                          October 20, 2006

Alumni/Development Page
                                                                                             Homecoming, cont’d. from p. 1
  Alumni Association and                                                                     President Dina Swearngin (’93, ’97)
                                                                                             would have won Best Performance by an
  Office of Graduate Studies                                                                 Actress, if such an award had been
                                                                                             given… indeed, it was said afterwards
  To Host Workshop for Alumni                                                                that Swearngin, despite her two Nursing
                                                                                             degrees from Clayton State, is a born
  The Clayton State University Alumni         In response to this exciting news, the         pirate.
  Association along with the Clayton          Alumni Association with the Office of
  State Office of Graduate Studies will be    Graduate Studies is planning an infor-         The student organization winners in the
  offering a special workshop on              mation session to introduce Clayton            parade included the Teacher Education
  Wednesday, Nov. 1, entitled “Back to        State alumni to the graduate programs.         (first), Sigma Tau Delta (second) and
  Clayton State…for Graduate School.”         Representatives from the graduate              Delta Epsilon Chi (third) floats and the
                                              school will be on hand to explain each         Science Association (first), Alpha Phi
  The information session will held from      program, guide participants through the        Alpha (second) and Campus Crusade for
  6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov.      admissions process and answer ques-            Christ (third) banners. The High Steppers
  1 at Clayton State’s Harry S. Downs         tions. School officials will also present      also won the Best Music Group Award
  Center for Continuing Education, room       an overview of the Graduate Records            and The HUB won the Judges Choice
  101. The event is free of charge.           Examination (GRE), a requirement for           Award (in addition to the Homecoming
                                              graduate school admission and a job            Challenge Championship Award).
  This past Aug. 21 was a proud moment        market prospectus for Masters-pre-
  in Clayton State history, as the            pared graduates.                               Queen Rosemberg is from Port-au-Prince,
  University began offering its first grad-                                                  Haiti, and is a Dean’s List student major-
  uate level program -- the Master of Arts    Space is limited. Interested parties           ing in Criminal Justice. She serves as the
  in Liberal Studies. In addition, two        should RSVP by Monday, Oct. 30 to              academic affairs co-chair for SGA. She is
  other programs, a Master of Science in      Gid Rowell, director of Alumni                 also a PATH peer mentor and a member of
  Nursing and a Master of Health              Relations, by calling (678) 466-4477           the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and
  Administration, have been approved by       or emailing             Circle K. King Jordan is from Bridgeton,
  the Board of Regents of the University                                                     N.J. and is majoring in Business
  System of Georgia, and will begin in                                                       Management. He is also a member of
  2007 on the Clayton State campus.
                                                                                                      Homecoming, cont’d., p. 10

Influenza, cont’d. from p. 3

Avian Flu is spread in the same basic         Eichelberger says the theory being that        several websites with information about
manner as the seasonal flu that everyone      people with a stronger immune system           the Avian Flu, notably www.pan-
is all-too-accustomed to… via respiratory     react so strongly to the virus that the body        Clayton       State’s
droplets, blood, droppings, other secre-      in effect attacks itself. However, since the   (
tions… in short, any fluids. Eichelberger     virus has not yet mutated into an easily-      vian) will shortly be active and will con-
notes that the symptoms are the same as       transmitted human form, this may not be        tain links to other sites as well and will
with seasonal flu, except that they           true in the long run.                          have the university’s response plan when
progress faster and are far more severe.                                                     approved.
                                              How do you prepare for the Avian Flu?
“The virus is contagious for a period of      On a most basic level, stay informed           How do you treat the Avian Flu? The
time before one becomes sick and lasts as     about it, and get a flu shot. Eichelberger     same way you treat any flu… stay home,
long as there is fever present," she says.    notes that while there is as yet no vaccina-   bed rest, drink lots of fluids, use pain
"Symptoms typically last five to seven        tion against the Avian Flu, one of the pos-    relievers (though not aspirin) and anti-
days."                                        sible triggers of a pandemic would be if       viral medications and see a doctor if you
                                              an individual had both seasonal and Avian      suffer from shortness of breath, severe
A key aspect of the Avian Flu noted thus      flu viruses in their system at the same        sore throat, a productive cough that indi-
far is that it seems to be more severe in     time, thus making it easier for the viruses    cates an infection, high fever or sharp pain
young adults and healthy people.              to co-mingle and mutate. There are also        when deep breathing.
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                               Page 5

Arts Page

Spivey Hall Presents Annual Choral Workshops
This Saturday, Oct. 21 at 5 p.m., Spivey       eight to nine pieces for the students to
Hall will present a concert by the 2006        learn, and the students commit to learning        The Spivey Hall Treble Honor Choir
                                                                                                    Emily Ellsworth, conductor
Spivey Hall Treble Honor Choir, conduct-       their notes and rhythms before the first
                                                                                                   Saturday, Oct. 21 at 5 p.m. | $6
ed by Glen Ellyn Children’s Choir direc-       rehearsal, which is held several weeks
tor Emily Ellsworth. The Treble Honor          before the final performance. Local choral                  The Spivey Hall
Choir, along with the High School Honor        directors and accompanists volunteer to                 High School Honor Choir
Choir, makes up the Spivey Hall Choral         lead the students, by section, in this              Dr. Christopher Cock, conductor
Workshop program, which began 12 years         rehearsal.                                           Saturday, Oct. 28 at 5 p.m. | $6
ago under the artistic direction of the leg-
endary conductor Robert Shaw. Each fall,       “After realizing that the other students in    from surrounding middle and high
the week-long programs serve metro-            the rehearsal room really are as high-         schools benefit as well. The teachers are
Atlanta choral educators and their stu-        achieving as they themselves are—after         invited to observe the master clinicians as
dents by providing them with quality           touring Spivey Hall, learning about the        they work with the students, with the
experiences with some of the finest choral     history of Walter & Emilie Spivey, and         option to earn professional learning credit
directors in the nation.                       understanding why educational programs         at the same time. The Spivey Hall Honor
                                               are a part of its mission—the students         Choral Workshops seek not only to give
The High School Honor Choral Workshop          begin to comprehend that they are part of      young people the opportunity to perform
and the Treble Honor Choral Workshop           an ongoing legacy of Spivey Hall,” states      in a hall with superior acoustics but also
offer interactive learning experiences         Education Manager Amber Joy Dimkoff.           to learn through and about music, others,
which enable the area’s most talented                                                         and themselves.
vocal students to work not only with a         For three demanding days, the students
highly-esteemed choral director, but also      work directly with the distinguished clini-    Members of the public are invited to wit-
with other talented peers from different       cian, learning several new skills. The         ness the concerts by these talented student
school systems. This year, each workshop       workshop expands students’ knowledge           musicians, all of whom are college-
is composed of 110 students from more          of a variety of repertoire, challenges their   bound. For tickets or more information,
than 10 school systems, private schools,       music-reading experiences, and increases       call the Spivey Hall Box Office at (678)
and home schools. The directors select         their vocal development. Choral teachers       466-4200.
                                                                                                                 Campus Review
Page 6                                                                                                          October 20, 2006

Across the Campus...
ARCHE                                        best Laker finish for the meet in 22nd         genealogy, Georgia and Southern histo-
Election Day is less than one month          place in a time of 28:16.                      ry, and history of all types. The largest
away. Find out what the major-party                                                         section in this year’s sale will be nearly
candidates for governor and lieutenant       City of Morrow                                 10,000 used children’s books, Dr.
governor have to say about higher edu-       The Morrow Tourist Center has a great          Eugene Hatfield, chairman of the
cation in the Atlanta Regional Council       opportunity for clubs and organizations to     Friends of the Georgia Archives and
for Higher Education’s Voter Guide at        participate in a community service proj-       professor of History at Clayton State       ect. The Second Annual Race Fest &             University. The prized offering in the
ports/vote2006/general/vote2006.asp.         Lobster Derby will take place rain or          Rare Book Room this year will be a col-
Learn what the candidates think about        shine on Saturday, Oct. 28 from 6 p.m.         lection of 20 books by President Jimmy
higher ed's role in the state, connections   until 12 a.m. There will be live musical       Carter that he hand signed specifically
to business and K-12, support for uni-       entertainment from Mark Wills with spe-        for the Archive’s sale. The entire collec-
versity research, and funding priorities.    cial guest Peachtree Station, lobster races,   tion will be offered together, at the
The Atlanta Regional Council for             auto racing memorabilia, activities, and so    silent auction on Thursday night.
Higher Education does not support or         much more. This event is free and open to
oppose candidates, political parties or      the public. Many activities are planned to     Public Safety
their positions. As a nonprofit organiza-    make this year’s Race Fest the best ever.      The winners for submitting their
tion, ARCHE does not endorse candi-          Some of the activities include a mechani-      September Clean Air Campaign
dates for office or lobby any branch of      cal bull, a bungee trampoline, NASCAR          Commuter Rewards reports to Public
government.                                  simulators, Harley-Davidson simulators,        Safety are; first prize Kevin Fitzgerald,
                                             and a laser shooting gallery. A major part     second prize Jon Fischer, and third
Athletics                                    of Race Fest are the volunteers. Without       prize is Pat Keane. First prize is a $20
In soccer action from earlier in the         the volunteers, Race Fest would not run as     Wal-Mart gift card, second is a $15 gift
month, the Clayton State men defeated        smoothly as it does. If you are interested     card, and third is a $10 gift card. Each
UNC-Pembroke 1-0 and double-over-            in volunteering, please visit or call the      winner also received a goodie bag from
timed Georgia Southwestern 3-2. The          Morrow Tourist Center at (770) 968-1623        University RideShare. This program is
women also edged Pembroke 1-0 and            to sign-up.                                    for Clayton State employees only. No
rolled over Southwestern 6-0.                                                               carpooling required for this drawing. To
                                             Clayton State Foundation                       see the September winners visit
                   *****                     The former chair of the Clayton State
In a rare night cross country race, the      University Foundation, G. Robert “Bob”         w%20Programs.htm or contact Joan
Clayton State Laker women’s cross            Oliver, won the $10,000 Clayton                Murphy in Public Safety.
country turned in another strong per-        Chamber Raffle on Oct. 17 during the
formance on Saturday night at the            Showcase Clayton Expo in the Harry S.
Brooks Memphis Twilight Classic. The         Downs Center. Currently an emeritus
Lakers finished eighth overall in the 24-    trustee of the Foundation, he is also a
                                                                                             Life’s Transitions
team field that consisted on NCAA            manager of the Foundation’s LLC and
Division I, II, III and NAIA teams.
                                                                                             Stas Krivosheev, 17-year old son of
                                             holds an Honorary Doctor of Public
Individually, the Clayton State “A           Service degree from Clayton State.              Associate Professor of Physics
Team” of Allison Kreutzer and Angela                                                         Tatiana Krivosheev, was killed in an
Cobb placed seventh and eighth overall       Georgia Archives                                automobile accident on the evening
and fifth and sixth amongst Division II      The “Friends of the Georgia Archives”           of Monday, Oct. 16. “Our thoughts
runners. Kreutzer ran 17:44 for the 5K,      will be hosting their second annual Used
Cobb 17:47. In addition to Kreutzer and
                                                                                             and prayers are with Oleg and
                                             and Rare Book Sale at the Georgia
Cobb, Cassandra Bolivar finished 58th        Archives in Morrow on Friday, Nov. 3 and        Tatiana,” says Dean Ray Wallace.
with a time of 19:45, while Terrica          Saturday, Nov. 4 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Hamilton finished 79th with a time of        There will be a Friends member’s only
20:23. Rounding out the Laker scoring        cocktail reception and preview party
was Katelyn Stache finishing 96th with       Thursday, Nov. 2 from 5:30 p.m. to 8
a time of 20:46. Cobb, Bolivar,              p.m., and membership applications will
Hamilton and Stache all ran PRs for the      be available for those wishing to join and
race. The Clayton State Laker men’s          purchase during the preview. Though
cross country team garnered a seventh-       there will be all types of books sorted into
place finish on Saturday at the Georgia      more than 30 categories, organizers of the
State Invitational. Nelson Lopez had the     book sale say that they will specialize in
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                                  Page 7

 Breast Cancer Awareness Month Isn’t Just for Women
 by Leigh G. Wills, University Relations

 October is Breast Cancer Awareness                                                             39,800 women and 400 men will die
 Month, but that doesn’t mean it’s just                   Learn more...                         from breast cancer unless it is detected
 about women. Breast cancer affects                                                             and treated early.
 men and it is time to make sure men are               American Cancer Society
 made aware of their risks. In addition,                   (800) 227-2345                       During 2006 there will be 8,980 young
 testicular cancer is a common killer in                                                        men diagnosed and more than 350 of
 young men under the age of 40.                         The Susan G. Komen                      them will die because they didn't find
 Testicular Cancer Awareness Week is in               Breast Cancer Foundation                  their testicular cancer in time. That is
 April, but Clayton State University’s                     (800) 462-9273                       more deaths than women in this age
 Nurse Managed Clinic wants to take                                                             group who will die of breast cancer.
 this opportunity to remind everyone                     National Alliance of                   Testicular Cancer is the most common
 about the disease as well.                          Breast Cancer Organizations                cancer in men ages 15-40, an age when
                                                          (888) 80-NABCO                        the possibility of illness is commonly
 Mammography screenings are the best                        Y-Me National                       ignored. If detected early, it is among
 chance for detecting breast cancer                  Breast Cancer Organization                 the easiest cancers to cure.
 early. Early detection through annual                     (800) 221-2141
 mammography screenings for women                                                               The “Get a grip!” campaign for men
 over 40 (or earlier for women at                                  CDC                          (
 increased risk) can significantly             (For information on free/low-cost mammograms.)   was designed to alert people of impor-
 improve the chances of surviving this                       (888) 842-6355                     tance of self-exam and early detection.
 dreaded disease.                                                                               It is recommended that all men perform
                                               The Testicular Cancer Resource Center            a monthly testicular self-exam from
 Breast cancer is second only to skin                            puberty to the mid 40's. Testicular can-
 cancer as the most common cancer in                                                            cer is rare in men over 50. There has not
 women and second only to lung cancer          U.S. Food and Drug Administration                been as much attention to this form of
 in the number of overall cancer deaths           cancer, but thanks to Lance Armstrong
 in this country. In 2003, 211,300                                                              and others, the stigma about discussing
 American women were diagnosed with                                                             male reproductive cancers is diminish-
 invasive breast cancer and an estimated                                                        ing and awareness is growing.

    Breast Cancer Research & Clayton State
    If you are a breast cancer survivor between the ages of 18 and 60, have com-
    pleted your cancer treatment, are now in remission, and are able to exercise
    lightly to moderately, you are qualified to participate in Clayton State’s breast
    cancer research. Sponsored by The Georgia Cancer Coalition and Resurgens
    Charitable Foundation, the study seeks to determine if exercise improves the
    quality of life in breast cancer survivors. To participate in the study or to
    receive more information, contact Principal Investigator Melanie Poudevigne,
    Ph.D. at (678) 466-4937 or email You can also
    learn more by visiting

    If you have friends and family who have survived breast cancer, please let
    them know about this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of future
    breast cancer survivors.
                                                                                                                Campus Review
 Page 8                                                                                                        October 20, 2006

  Women, cont’d. from p. 3

  new course, but also what she refers to      Thompson. “There’s been a tremendous           There are not only
  as a “tremendous level of interest”          amount of interest in this issue, and a
  among speakers for the course. In fact,      tremendous amount of interest at               glass ceilings but
  women already in leadership expressed        Clayton State.
  so much interest in speaking to Clayton
  State students of Women in Leadership,
                                                                                              glass walls. When
                                               “We’re looking at the history of women
  that Thompson had to turn some poten-        in leadership, theories and models used
  tial speakers down… at least, for this       in leadership, and how those are not
                                                                                              we don’t maximize
  semester.                                    always appropriate for women as lead-
                                               ers. To be successful in leadership, a         human potential
  Even so, the lineup of speakers who are      woman doesn’t always have to act like a
  addressing the class of 21 students (18      man.”                                          in women, we are
  women, three men) during the fall 2006
  semester is an impressive one. Although
  its hard to choose amongst them,
                                               The course also looks at issues in differ-     losing out; we’re
                                               ent industries and different kinds of
  Thompson does point to next Monday’s         jobs, with the goal of both maximizing
  (Oct. 23) speaker, Dr. Kim Magee, as         women’s potential for society as a
                                                                                              not being wise.
  being a tremendous resource for her stu-     whole, and providing a comprehensive                    - Dr. Margaret Thompson
  dents. The Director of Human                 overview of topics that need to be dis-
  Resources for Finance at the Coca-Cola       cussed when looking at women as lead-
  Company, Magee is, “sitting at the table     ers.
  with the decision makers,” according to                                                   in leadership. Although there are a lot of
  Thompson. Other speakers have or will        “There are not only glass ceilings but       professional associations and industry
  include Clayton State Provost and Vice       glass walls. When we don’t maximize          and economic development groups
  President of Academic Affairs Dr.            human potential in women, we are los-        holding conferences on the subject,
  Sharon Hoffman, The Home Depot’s             ing out; we’re not being wise,” says         Thompson points out that there could be
  Evelyn Swanson and HR consultant             Thompson, who notes that the examples        much more activity related to women in
  Gary Wheeler.                                of women in leadership used in the           leadership in terms of academic
                                               upper level elective course range full       research.
  “I chose speakers from different worlds:     spectrum from Mother Teresa to
  academic, packaging, the soft drink          Senator Hilary Clinton.                      “I’d like to develop that idea, and
  industry, entrepreneurs, consultants. All                                                 maybe also explore the concept of cre-
  the speakers have some interest in           Long-term, Thompson thinks the               ating a journal specific to women in
  women and their development and have         “Women in Leadership” course could           leadership and women in management
  an understanding of the challenges and       prove to be a stepping stone for other       issues,” she says.
  the resulting strategies in terms of how     opportunities for the University, notably
  to overcome challenges,” says                a future academic conference on women                      Women, cont’d., p. 10

Cox, cont’d. from p. 2

said Cox. “And you all make us feel we’re     ous cliché as a pungent preface to her        imprison them without much resistance
a part of the campus.”                        message – a message of not so long ago,       and divorce and child custody always
                                              when women “were legally dead in the          favored men. No colleges or universities
But this day, Cox didn’t want to talk about   eyes of the law” and did not have the right   could accept women.”
elections or politics. She didn’t want to     or the voice to stand up for themselves.
talk about State issues or about archives.    She took the audience back in time, and       That was 150 years ago and things have
She was at a Women’s Forum and she            then eased them again into the future.        changed. But Cox insisted we have a long
wanted to talk about women. Where they                                                      way yet to go.
had come from and where they were             “In 1848, five women in upstate New
going.                                        York held a women’s conference to dis-        As early as 1963, Georgia Governor Carl
                                              cuss the state of women in their time,” she   Sanders was quoted giving advice to
She began her speech on a light note, with    began. “Married women weren’t allowed         female graduating seniors that the best
a make-believe curriculum of Continuing       to own property or to vote; they had to pay   place to use their education was in their
Education courses for men and the stereo-     taxes, but had no representation when it      own living rooms and kitchens. “Even
typical habits of the not-so-gentler sex.     came to legislating laws regarding those
Cox, a true Southern lady used the humor-     taxes. Their husbands could beat them or                           Cox, cont’d., p. 10
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                                   Page 9

Dental Hygiene Gets New Assistant Professor
by Leigh G. Wills, University Relations

Dr. Donna Solovan-Gleason            of the university’s focus on          environment like keeping
has been at Clayton State            student success,” she said.           ahead of the new technology
since August of this year. She       “This is a very supportive            available as educational
is the Coordinator of the            environment with great                resources, getting students
Senior Dental Hygiene Clinic         resources for teaching and stu-       involved in their professional
and comes to the University          dent development.”                    organization, and participat-
from Hillsboro Community                                                   ing in community service.
College in Tampa and Pasco-          In Hillsboro and in all dental
Hernando           Community         hygiene programs in Florida,          Solovan-Gleason left her hus-
College in New Port Richey           dental hygiene is taught at the       band in Florida for the time
where she was program direc-         Community College level. As           being to take the position at
tor of Dental Hygiene and lec-       part of a university again,           Clayton State. He is waiting
turer and coordinator of extra-      Solovan-Gleason looks for-            on a position with his current
mural community-based expe-          ward to teaching and being            company that will allow him
riences for dental hygiene stu-      involved with developing the          to transfer to the Atlanta area
dents.                               next level of dental hygiene          in the near future. Though
                                                                                                               Dr. Donna Solovan-Gleason
                                     education at Clayton State.           right now she is staying busy
Prior to that, she worked for                                              with her new position,
Automated Health Systems in          “I started the program at             Solovan-Gleason hopes to          we can golf year-round. In
Pittsburg as manager of              Hillsboro and I look forward          find time to get out and hunt     Florida there are about eight
Managed Care Enrollment              to being a part of the expand-        for a permanent home.             golf courses within walking
Services and for the Ohio            ing profession of dental                                                distance from our home. I’ll
Department of Health. There          hygiene for many years. I am          “My husband and I moved to        definitely be looking for a
she took on a variety of roles       actively involved in all              the south because we love to      house somewhere near a golf
including Dental Public              aspects of the educational            golf,” she says. “Down here,      course.”
Health Consultant, Program
Developer and Adolescent
Health Program Director.
                                          Dental Hygiene Clinic Open to the Public
She also worked for the                   by Sara Wheeler, University Relations
University of Ohio, where she
received her Ph.D. in Health              Clayton State’s Dental           and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.         Oral health screenings for
Education, as an assistant pro-           Hygiene Department is            Spring hours are Monday,          new patients are only $5,
fessor and director of                    offering dental services to      Wednesday and Friday from 9       adult fluoride cleaning is
Continuing Education for                  the public. Treatments may       a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to        $30 or $20 for children,
graduate dental hygienists and            include vital signs, oral        4p.m., and also Tuesday and       CSX is $12 for adults or
for     Youngstown       State            examinations, home care          Thursday from 8a.m. to noon       children, BW’s are $8 for
University as a clinical                  instructions, dental chart-      and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. The clin-    adults or children, and sin-
instructor and director of                ing, periodontal charting,       ic will be closed during the      gle radiographs are $2 per
Dental Hygiene Clinics,                   prophylaxis (scaling and         December holidays.                film.
where she also developed the              polishing), fluoride treat-
curriculum for the national               ment, desensitizing treat-       Appointments are subject to       Panographic film, which
accreditation of the dental               ment, radiographs (X-rays        student availability and may      includes BWs, are $20 for
hygiene program.                          mailed upon request),            be made in the Clayton State      adults or children, sealants
                                          sealants, nutritional coun-      Student Center, room 103.         are $5 per tooth, extended
“I love to teach and help stu-            seling, and tobacco cessa-       Appointments may also be          treatments are $10 for each
dents reach their educational             tion counseling.                 made by calling (678) 466-        additional     appointment,
goals,” says Solovan-Gleason,                                              4920 or e-mailing the Dental      teeth whitening is $100 for
who sports motivational                   Clinic hours vary each           Hygiene        Clinic     at      the first application (refills
mantras around her office in              semester. Fall hours are All         are $50), and antibiotic
the picturesque art of her                Monday, Wednesday and            new patients require a mini-      therapy
favorite hobby, golf.                     Friday from 9 a.m. to noon       mum of two appointments.

“Clayton State is a great envi-
ronment for teaching because                                                      More news from Dental Hygiene on p. 12
                                                                                                            Campus Review
Page 10                                                                                                    October 20, 2006

                                                                                       Cox, cont’d. from p. 8
                                                                                       when I was running for Secretary of State
                                                                                       in 1998, weekly I heard it said, ‘I just
                                                                                       don’t know if a woman can do that job.’”

                                                                                       Point being – “we’ve come a long way
                                                                                       baby!” – Point taken.

                                                                                       “Things have changed,” said Cox, “But
                                                                                       it’s important that we continue to push
                                                                                       more doors open and not rest on our lau-
                                                                                       rels. We have to teach our young women
                                                                                       that it’s O.K. to be both mentally and
                                                                                       physically strong and to still be feminine;
                                                                                       that it is not an option to understand [busi-
                                                                                       ness] and finances.”

                                                                                       As Cox coaxed the audience back into the
                                                                                       future, she closed her message with these

South Africa, cont’d. from p. 2                                                        “Things did not change because of the
                                                                                       passage of time,” she said. “Women of the
transportation, excursions, site visits,   Precious college time will not be wast-     past sacrificed their lives for us. They
and entrance fees. There is hope some      ed, because all students are required to    were humiliated, laughed at and even
of the program costs can be covered by     enroll in both the CRJU 4800 Selected       went to jail to change the system and to
student financial aid.                     Topics in Criminal Justice, and Politics,   give us the rights and privileges we enjoy
                                           Law and Society in Africa (ACU).            today.
In Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape        Classes will be taught in English and
Town, students will tour and learn about   Clayton State students can earn resident    “The dreams of all women in our state
historical, cultural, and geological       credit, and non-Clayton State students      hinge on what they believe they can do,”
attractions. Visits to the homes of        can earn transfer credit.                   she continued. “We can change our com-
President Nelson Mandela, Archbishop                                                   munities one day at a time and one job-
Desmond Tutu, and others in Soweto;        For more information interested stu-        well-done at a time. We owe it to the
Parliament, Church Square, Robben          dents should contact Dr. Hamin              women that follow us.”
Island, Slave Lodge, Lesedi Cultural       Shabazz, assistant professor of Criminal
Village, and excursions through the day    Justice   at     Clayton     State    at
safari are all apart of this adventurous or (678)
trip.                                      466-4560.
                                                                                       Homecoming, cont’d. from p. 4

                                                                                       BCAA, Insignia Mentoring Program and
                                                                                       the NAACP. His awards and honors at
                                                                                       Clayton State include the Dean's List,
Women, cont’d. from p. 8                                                               honorary member of Sigma Beta Delta
                                                                                       and membership in the Phi Eta Sigma
In addition to her Ph.D. from Georgia      really wanted to be a part of the           National Honor Society.
State, Thompson has a B.A. in              University’s growth and developmental
Communications Arts from Mississippi       opportunities.                              Other Homecoming winners… in addition
State University and an M.A. in                                                        to the Clayton State soccer teams (see sto-
Organizational Communication from          “If you can make a difference to a stu-     ries in Sports)… included SGA in the
the University of Georgia. She original-   dent here, you know it. It’s appreciat-     Club Olympics and the Student
ly came to Clayton State during the        ed,” she says.                              Organization Spirit Award. SLAC fin-
2001/2002 academic year as a full-time,                                                ished second in the Club Olympics and
temporary professor. After two years at    Thompson has also taught at the             Zeta Phi Beta Sorority third. The Door
Kennesaw State, she returned to            University of Georgia, Georgia State        Decorating Contest went to the Center for
Clayton State in 2004 as an assistant      University, Clark Atlanta University        Academic Success with the Math
professor of Management because she        and Shorter College.                        Department second and the Department of
                                                                                       Technical Studies third.
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                              Page 11

Annual Town and Gown Golf Tournament at Lake
Spivey - Céad Míle Fáilte – A Thousand Welcomes!
by Leigh G. Wills, University Relations

Friday, Oct. 6 turned out to be      Clayton State officials who
an ideal day for the Third           did play included Dr. Thomas
Annual Town and Gown Golf            K. Harden, president, Dr.
Tournament hosted by the             Thomas Eaves, associate
School of Arts and Sciences at       provost and dean of graduate
Clayton State University. With       studies, Dr. Bryan Haynes,
temperatures in the mid-70’s,        vice president of Student
a pleasant breeze, plenty of         Affairs, David Heflin, vice
hot coffee and biscuits to get       president of Business and
rolling and the picturesque          Operations, Steve Stephens,
landscape of the Lake Spivey         interim vice president of
Golf Club in Jonesboro, it did-      External     Relations,  Dr.
n’t take much to get the 69          Charles Ford, dean of the
participants assembled after         College of Information and
an enthusiastic welcome from         Mathematical Sciences and
Dr. Ray Wallace, dean of the         Ernest “Bud” Miller, dean of
school and Matt Uhl, director        the School of Business.
                                                                                   Dr. Ray Wallace, dean of Arts & Sciences
of golf at the club.
                                     Notable players included Dr.
Even if they didn’t play, the        Tom Daniels, senior vice         Swearngin are both Clayton         retired Clayton State English
event was well attended by           chancellor of External Affairs   State University Foundation        professor Dr. Sharon Sellers)
deans and administrators of          for the University System of     trustees. Also playing were        played a tremendous round of
the University. Dr. Sharon E.        Georgia, Crandall Bray, for-     several representatives from       golf to win by four strokes
Hoffman, provost and vice            mer      Clayton      County     the Lake Spivey Ladies Golf        from the Dr. Hugh Arnold-
president of Academic Affairs,       Commissioner, James Buck,        Association, the Hub, Spivey       captained team. Third place
Dr. Lisa Eichelberger, dean of       vice president of Malone         Hall, the US Army (retired),       went     to    the    Malone
the School of Health Sciences        Construction Company, Bruce      and several School of Arts and     Construction Team.
and Dr. Dale Bower, assistant        Gant, State Farm Insurance,      Sciences teams.
vice president of Extended           and Dina Swearngin, presi-                                          The longest drives went to
Programs were among those            dent of Clayton State            The winning team from              Walt Sellers and Terry
who didn’t play, but were on         University            Alumni     Sellers’ Services I, captained
                                                                      by Walt Sellers (spouse of         Tournament, cont’d., p. 13
hand for the event.                  Association.     Gant     and
                                                                                                                     Campus Review
 Page 12                                                                                                            October 20, 2006

Dental Hygiene Receives
$5K Sub-grant from Morehouse School of Medicine
by Leigh G. Wills, University Relations

Last May Clayton State               The community service proj-         Adult Geriatric Daycare:           for Dental Hygiene is in the
University, the School of            ects were aimed at improving        assessing the needs and teach-     process of assessing the needs
Health Sciences and the              the oral health status of citi-     ing participants to manage         and identifying service learn-
Department      of     Dental        zens in the Atlanta and             their personal oral care; Oral     ing sites for this year’s proj-
Hygiene held the first annual        Decatur areas and to recog-         Health Education for Non-          ect, which will begin in
Day of Student Service               nize the value of community         insured Clients at Jonesboro       January.
Learning         Recognition         input in the identification of      Crisis Pregnancy Center;
Ceremony honoring 26 dental          dental       health     needs.      Women’s Resource Center -          The Dental Hygiene depart-
hygiene seniors who present-         Morehouse        sought    out      oral health education at the       ment will look forward to the
ed final projects for their          Clayton State to partner with       Safehouse      for   Battered      seniors presenting their find-
Community Dental Health              them on this project, which         Women and Children; and            ings in May 2007 in front of a
course.                              was so successful they granted      Oral Health Awareness and          panel of judges. This competi-
                                     Clayton State additional fund-      Instruction for the diabetes       tion (of sorts) goes along way
The service learning projects        ing to the tune of $5000.           self-management class at West      in supporting Clayton State’s
were made possible by a sub-                                             End Medical Center.                campus-wide initiative of pro-
grant from Morehouse School          The students divided into                                              moting service learning.
of Medicine, which was used          teams and chose a project           Course requirements included
to cover expenses associated         option, which last year includ-     assessing, planning, imple-        “Last year the program
with the student’s activities        ed - Medication and Your Oral       menting and evaluating their       received $1200 for service
for the community dental             Health: raising awareness           particular project in a commu-
healthcare interventions and         about the dangers of polyphar-      nity dental health setting. Dr.       Sub-grant, cont’d., p 14
the Day of Service ceremony.         macy and oral health care;          Susan Duley, department head

  From the Oct. 9, 2006 issue of
  Local/State Funding Report – Thompson Publishing

  Understanding the Letter of Endorsement
  Grantseekers will have better odds of winning funds if individ-        ment to avoid disqualifying yourself from the competition by
  uals or groups from academic, political, professional and other        violating those rules.
  organizations endorse the proposed project in writing.
                                                                         When seeking an endorsement from a local, state or federal
  But while some funders require letters of endorsement in grant         stakeholder, it is important to provide key information about
  proposal packages, others make them optional and yet others            the project.
  prohibit them.
                                                                         Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., advises grant
  When letters of endorsement are allowed, they may be accom-            applicants seeking a letter of endorsement from her office to
  panied by strict rules regarding their purpose, placement and          include the following:
                                                                         1) A brief abstract or summary of the proposal for federal
  The Environmental Protection Agency, for example, only                 funding, including who would benefit from the grant and how
  accepts letters of endorsements as appendices to a grant pro-          they would benefit;
  posal. Other funders, however, may require these letters to be
  sent by the author directly, or separate from the application          2) The exact name and CFDA number of the grant program;
  package.                                                               3) The amount of federal funding being requested;
  Some funders expect a letter of endorsement to express support         4) The total budget for the project; and
  for a project strictly; others require them to detail something of
  value that the author of the letter is committing to the project       5)The application deadline.
  as part of the endorsement.
                                                                         For information on Clayton State’s grant submittal process,
  It is critical to read proposal guidelines in their entirety and pay   F&A cost rates, and other grant writing resources, visit
  special attention to the funder’s policy on letters of endorse- or call x4283.
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                             Page 13

   Clayton State Retirees
   Meet at Homecoming for Annual Meeting
   by Leigh G. Wills

  The Clayton State Retirees Association        Homepage to be hosted on the Human           to begin a cam-
  met on Friday, Oct. 13 for their annual       Resources website. The webpage               paign to endow
  meeting and election of officers. They        would include updates on benefits            a student
  always meet during the Homecoming             along with Clayton State news and a          scholarship
  festivities, which is a nice treat for        Retiree Blog, where members could go         fund with an
  everyone. This year’s event added a           to ask questions and converse with HR        initial goal of
  Morning Break on the Lake reception           and with one another. After discussing       $25 thousand.
  for new retirees beginning at 9:15 a.m.       the options and features, the group          Brochures will
  followed by a meeting with Human              seemed interested in pursuing the web-       be designed
  Resources, the annual meeting and             page.                                        and mailed to Retiree Francis Bowen
  lunch in the Harry S. Downs Center for                                                     all     Clayton
  Continuing Education at noon.                 At the annual meeting, new officers          State retirees for support of the schol-
                                                were elected for the 2006-2007 year.         arship.
  Brenda Findley, director of Human             Don Phillips held the presidency for a
  Resources introduced Velma Browning,          second term while Joyce Swofford was         Lunch was served at noon by Auxiliary
  benefits specialist and gave the group        elected vice president, Dianne Jordan,       Services and was well attended by sev-
  an brief update on benefits and options       secretary and Robert Koermer, treasur-       eral university administrators, emeri-
  along with a proposal to create a Retiree     er. The association voted unanimously        tus and staff.

Tournament, cont’d., p. 11

Rodney-Brown and the clos-         student and faculty scholar-        everyone was playing fair and     Wallace further noted how
est to the pin award went to       ship, bring nationally known        square and delivering expert      pleased he was with support
Gant, who also sponsored           speakers to campus, and allow       tips on how to play certain       from within the university.
much of the tournament. The        students to travel to their first   holes. “All the golfers enjoyed
best-dressed award went to         conferences to present under-       a great day out; the weather      “We have individuals and
Stephens and two teams from        graduate      and      graduate     was first-rate and the fellow-    offices from all over campus
Arts and Sciences tied for the     research.                           ship was also a great deal of     help us with prizes and flag
worst place prize, but Wallace                                         fun. Also, the School of Arts     sponsorship, and while I can-
declined to name them to pro-      “It’s all about having fun and      and Sciences developed many       not list them all here, the
tect their reputations.            raising money for the               new friends during this event     University Bookstore and the
                                   School,” said Wallace, who          and we look forward to further    Athletics Department deserve
All the proceeds from the          obviously had the most fun of       support from many of these        special praise for their sup-
tournament are to help support     all riding around to make sure      fine individuals.”                port.”

                                                                                                         Wallace was assisted by Jill
                                                                                                         Sears, Delores Toothaker,
                                                                                                         Terri Taylor-Hamrick, Reda
                                                                                                         Rowell, and Psychology stu-
                                                                                                         dent Heather Hale in organiz-
                                                                                                         ing and running the tourna-
                                                                                                                     Campus Review
 Page 14                                                                                                            October 20, 2006

  Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!                             Lakers Sweep Homecoming
                                                Senior forward Kevin                                           Udoh for a 10-yard scoring
  Volunteer & Internship Fair                   Crooks       recorded      a                                   shot from the right side of
  Wednesday, Oct. 25                            Homecoming hat trick on                                        the penalty box.
  Baker University Center Main Street           Saturday as Clayton State
  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.                              dominated the second half                                      In the men’s contest, the
                                                in route to a 5-1 victory                                      Lakers put the game away
  Career Opportunities 2006                     over Francis Marion in                                         with four unanswered sec-
  Wednesday, Nov. 8                             Peach Belt Conference                                          ond half goals.
  Cobb Galleria Centre                          action at Laker Field. The
  11 a.m. – 3 p.m.                              victory was the fourth                                          After Francis Marion tied
                                                straight for Clayton State.                                     the game in the 56th minute
  Career Opportunities is a job fair for                                                                        on a header by Willie Hunt,
  member schools of the Georgia                 In the women’s game, stel-                                      Crooks put Clayton State
  Careers Consortium. Clayton State is          lar defense kept the win-        Crooks takes possession        ahead for good with his sec-
  an active member, enabling our grad-          ning momentum going for                                         ond goal of the game, this
  uates and currently enrolled students         the Lakers in a 2-0 shutout over visiting       one coming in the 59th minute off an
  to attend. Bring copies of your resume        Lincoln Memorial.                               assist by Jordan Gilbert. Two minutes
  and wear business attire. Registration                                                        later, the passing combination of Matthias
  is on-site, so bring your LakerCard.          The victory was the fourth straight for         Faublas and Crooks fed Hailab Habtom
                                                Clayton State and the sixth in the last         on the left side of the penalty box for a 10-
                                                seven games. After starting the season off      yard scoring strike and 3-1 Laker lead.
  Upcoming Events                               1-6 overall, the Lakers evened their record
                                                at 7-7. Both Clayton State goals occurred       Crooks then scored his third goal of the
  The Georgia Diversity Job Expo                in the first half. Senior midfielder            game in the 65th minute off a feed cross
  Thursday, Oct. 26                             Deahdra Bowier scored her first career          from Angel Kalinov. Faublas then fin-
  11 a.m. – 4 p.m.                              goal in the ninth minute from the top of        ished the Laker scoring with a goal in the
  The Georgia International Convention Center   the penalty off an assist by Nkese Udoh.        71st minute off an assist by Junior
  2000 Convention Center Concourse              In the 30th minute, the duo hooked up           Smith.
  College Park, GA 30337                        again, this time it was Bowier feeding
  For information: (404) 592-0847

  Women for Hire                                Second Half Rally Paces
  Thursday, Nov. 16
  Cobb Galleria Centre                          Laker Women Past USC-Aiken 2-1
  10 a.m. – 2 p.m.                              by Lee Wright, Sports Information

                                                With a good pick-me-up at halftime, the         Clayton State entered the game having not
                                                Clayton State Laker women’s soccer              allowed a goal in the last three-and-a-half
                                                team continued its winning ways on              games. But that streak ended at the conclu-
Sub-grant, cont’d. from p. 12                   Wednesday with a 2-1 victory over visit-        sion of the first half. Jennifer Johnsen took
                                                ing USC-Aiken in Peach Belt Conference          a cross pass from Kristi Desprosiers and
learning projects, but due to the quality of    action at Laker Field.                          scored on a 15-yard strike from the left
our student’s work, our award has been                                                          side of the penalty box as time expired.
significantly increased,” says Duley. “Last     The victory was the fifth straight for
year’s class set the standard for this year’s   Clayton State (8-7, 6-2), and the Lakers’       However, Clayton State would not be
class. It is a busy time for these students,    seventh victory in their last eight games       down long. The Lakers converted the
but I know we can expect another year of        after they started the season 1-6 overall. It   equalizer as Olaitan Yusuf scored on a
exceptional work from our outstanding           was also Senior Night for Clayton State         breakaway pass from Lairin King in the
seniors.”                                       seniors Deahdra Bowier, Antoniette              48th minute. Four minutes later, Yusuf was
                                                Anounga, Cassandra Rapaich and Nkese            fouled inside the penalty box, setting
                                                Udoh.                                           Udoh’s penalty kick goal that proved to be
                                                                                                the game-winner.
                                                The victory also locked up the number
                                                three seed for Clayton State in the             Clayton State closes out the regular season
                                                upcoming Peach Belt Conference                  on Saturday, playing at USC-Upstate at
                                                Tournament                                      4:30 p.m.
Campus Review
October 20, 2006                                                                                                           Page 15

Chergova, Redecsi
                                                                                             Trivia Time
Garner All-American Honors
Julia   Chergova and Anna                               Tammy Kevey and Mandy                You Can’t
Redecsi made the most of rep-                           Septoe.                              Steal First Base
resenting Clayton State in the                                                               by John Shiffert, University Relations
ITA (Intercollegiate Tennis                             By advancing to the champi-
Association) National Small                             onship match, Chergova and
                                                                                             Wait a minute… you CAN steal first
College Championships. They                             Redecsi became the first ITA
                                                                                             base. And Germany Schaefer did it. In
made it to the brink of becom-                          Division II All-Americans ever
                                                                                             1908. Against the Cleveland Naps.
ing the best Division II                                at Clayton State.
                                                                                             Impossible? No.
women’s doubles team in the
nation this season.                                     The Clayton State duo opened
                                                                                             Herman “Germany” Schaefer was
                                                        with a thrilling 7-5, 4-6, 10-4
                                                                                             one of the great baseball characters of
Playing in the Division II                              victory over Amal Basha and
                                   Julia Chergova                                            the early part of the last century. On
women’s doubles division,                               Marissa Muchow from Ferris
                                                                                             Sept. 4, 1908, he was on first base for
Chergova and Redecsi advanced to the         State in the quarterfinals, and then in the
                                                                                             the Detroit Tigers, with Davy Jones
championship finals at the Florida Gulf      semifinals knocked off Inga Chilingaryan
                                                                                             on third. As part of an attempted dou-
Coast Tennis Complex before dropping a       and Yumi Matsuto from California
                                                                                             ble steal, Schaefer took off for sec-
6-4, 6-2 decision to West Florida’s          (Penn.) 6-3, 7-5.
                                                                                             ond. However, Naps (as the present-
                                                                                             day Indians were called at the time)
                                                                                             catcher Justin “Nig” Clarke held the
                                                                                             ball, not wishing Jones to steal home
Crooks is Peach Belt Conference                                                              on his throw to second.
Men’s Soccer Player of the Week                                                              Undaunted, Schaefer headed back to
               For the first time this        for Clayton State until the last few games.    first on the next pitch. Still no throw
               2006 men’s soccer sea-         That’s when the senior from Trincity,          from Clarke. So Schaefer stole second
               son, the Clayton State         Trinidad erupted for five goals and one        again on the next pitch. This time
               Lakers have received a         assist in two games.                           Clarke threw down to second, and
               weekly award by the                                                           both runners were safe.
               Peach Belt Conference.         He scored twice last Wednesday against
               Forward Kevin Crooks           Georgia Southwestern, including the            This is the kind of question that trivia
               was honored on Tuesday         game-winner in double-overtime that            experts Rob Taylor, Tom Eddins and
as the Peach Belt Conference Player of        gave the Lakers a thrilling 3-2 victory.       Dina Swearngin (when she’s not a
the Week as the conference issued its         Crooks then followed that with a hat trick     pirate) live for. And so, they had the
weekly awards.                                and an assist in the Lakers’ 5-1 rout over     three correct answers. Let’s also give
                                              Francis Marion on Saturday.                    credit where credit is due to Robert
Crooks, an All-Peach Belt and All-Region                                                     Caine for coming up with the ques-
selection last season, had been rather        The recent explosion put Crooks at eight       tion, and to Eddins for pointing out
quiet offensively this season offensively     goals and three assists for 19 points.         that Fred Tenney also stole first base a
                                                                                             few years before Schaefer did it.
                                                                                             (After Schafer’s stunt, the rules were
Top 25, cont’d. from p. 16                                                                   quickly changed to prohibit such tom-
son at home on Nov. 21 against                “Our players must continue to work hard
Southeastern University.                      as we now must move up.”                       One of Swearngin’s predecessors as
                                                                                             Clayton State Alumni Association
“The experts have tagged us with high         Clayton State returns four starters and        President liked to tell the story of his
preseason rankings and we understand          seven letterwinners off last season’s squad    best friend who took 12 years to grad-
what goes with that territory,” says          that went 21-7 and was ranked as high as       uate from Clayton State. Who was
Clayton State head coach Gordon               18th in the nation in Division II. In addi-    that former Alumni Association
Gibbons, who is 97-49 entering his sixth      tion, a stellar recruiting class of two        President, and where is he now? Send
season at the Laker helm. “At high level      Division I transfers, two Division II trans-   answers to
Division II basketball, rankings are a        fers, two junior college transfers and two
well-received honor that brings local and     true freshmen will make the Lakers a deep
national mention of your program as we        and talented team for the 2006-07
prepare for the season.                       season.
                                                                                                                 Campus Review
 Page 16                                                                                                        October 20, 2006

Sports Page
Clayton State Clinches Share of Peach Belt Men’s Title
by Lee Wright, Sports Information

                                              North Georgia, assured Clayton State (9-       breakaway pass down the right sideline
L   ightning struck twice for the Clayton
    State Laker men’s soccer team and
forward Kevin Crooks.
                                              7, 5-1) of at least a tie for the Peach Belt
                                              Conference regular season championship.
                                                                                             for a 12-yard strike past Pacer goalkeeper
                                                                                             Harold Tate for the game-winner.

Last week, the senior scored the game-        It was an exclamation point for Crooks on      Clayton State can wrap up its second
winner in overtime as Clayton State           Senior Night as he and fellow Laker sen-       straight outright Peach Belt championship
knocked off Georgia Southwestern. Fast        iors Andre Rall, Heath Padgett, Todd           on Saturday at 7 p.m. at USC-Upstate.
forward one week later on Wednesday           Denson, Steve Weston and Junior Smith
night and the scenario was the same –         played their final regular season games at
Crooks scored the game-winning goal in        Laker Field.
the 105th minute of the second overtime,
giving Clayton State a thrilling 2-1 victo-   After a 1-1 tie at the end of regulation and
ry over 25th-ranked USC-Aiken at Laker        a scoreless first overtime period, Clayton
Field.                                        State got the break it needed in the second
                                              overtime. Johnny Lara ran down a loose
The victory, coupled with USC-Upstate’s       ball and fed a pass to Hailab Habtom at
shocking 1-0 double-overtime loss to          midfield. Habtom then found Crooks on a

Laker Men Ranked 12th in                                                                                  Campus Review
                                                                                                          October 20, 2006
Division II Bulletin Preseason Top 25
                                                                                               Editor:           John Shiffert
For the second time in less than a week,      State was ranked 12th in the Division II
                                                                                               Writers:          Lauren Graves
the Clayton State Laker men’s basketball      Bulletin Preseason Top 25 on Thursday.
                                                                                                                 Selam Mekonnen
has been honored with a tremendous pre-       The announcement came in conjunction
                                                                                                                 Ashley Spillers
season national ranking.                      with the release of the 16th annual
                                                                                                                 Sara Wheeler
                                              Preseason Preview issue of the publica-
                                                                                                                 Leigh G. Wills
After getting ranked eighth nationally in     tion. Clayton State opens the 2006-07 sea-
the Street & Smith Preseason Yearbook
                                                                                               Layout:           Lauren Graves
Division II Top 10 on Tuesday, Clayton                          Top 25, cont’d., p. 15

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                                       Morrow, GA 30260-0285
                                       Office of University Relations

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