Computer Game Developers Club (GDC) Request for Member Activation by wrc11077


									         Computer Game Developers Club (GDC)

                    Request for Member Activation Form

By filling out this form and giving it to a member of the GDC Executive council you are
stating that you wish to be an official member of the club. By doing so you will be
considered an official member of the GDC.

To take place in the various voting and organization decisions you must maintain active
membership. Active membership (as stated in the GDC Constitution AIII.4) is
maintained by attending 50% of the clubs official meetings or events.

The Following is a quick survey to let the GDC EC know a little about your gaming
background. Please fill check all of the following that Apply to you:
[__] Member of another Student Organization What _____________________________
[__] Gamer interested in beta testing and play testing games
[__] Programmer, interested in coding games
[__] Artist, interested in making game graphics
[__] Musician, interested in making game music
[__] Experienced with making games (list some things)
                            Please feel free to list any other ideas
                       or experience you have on the back of this form.

[__] Willing to volunteer in Club activates and/or generally helping out the club.
[__] Interested in becoming a GDC Officer

(Please print the following in an easy to read format)

 First Name      _________________________________________________________

 Last Name       _________________________________________________________

 Email           _________________________________________________________

 Major           _________________________________________________________

__________________________________           __________________________________
Signature                                    Date

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