The Kuwait Advanced Microscopy Workshop On Laser Confocal Microscopy by sfx15166


									           The Kuwait Advanced Microscopy Workshop
                 On Laser Confocal Microscopy

                             March 21-25, 2010

Day 2                         22 March 2010

Lecture 4 (LCM):
Fundamental techniques behind confocal microscopy:
Basics and advance techniques in laser scanning confocal microscopy, image
formation, 3-D reconstruction and a choice of microscopic methods will be

Practical 4 (LSM):
Optical sectioning in LSM: Sequential and simultaneous collection, advance
imaging, screen averaging, kalman averaging, collecting to peak and
exponential collection will be practiced.

Day 3                         23 March 2010

Lecture 5 (LSM)
The process of fluorescence; photo bleaching, the selection of appropriate
dyes and filters; Immuno-fluorescence labelling (e.g., single, double and triple
labelling) will be covered.

Practical 5 (LSM): Preparation of frozen and fixed samples; a demonstration
of correct controls for double or triple labeling: Background control, bleed-
through control for double or triple-labeled samples.

Lecture 6 (LSM)
Live cell and maintaining healthy cells for live cell imaging (e.g., cell structure
and integrity, various imaging chambers, temperature control, pH control,
Buffers, O2, CO2 levels will be covered. Fluorescent Probes (e.g., Organelle
probes, Membrane probes, probes for nuclear stains and tracers) will be

Practical 6 (LSM): Live cell labelling and collection of XYT, XYZT: Using thin
epithelium on the inner surface of the onion layer and staining with various
organelles probes live motion will be collected in time laps.

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