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									Korea Travel Trade Co-op
January 1, 2009 through March 31, 2009

Program Description
In the Korea market, U.S. tour packages to the western states are limited to
“U.S.-West travel packages,” which are multi-state itineraries crammed into a
six to eight-day tour package, where California secures only about two days,
with most visits limited to Los Angeles. With the implementation of the Visa
Waiver Program in November 2008, and with heightened interest among the
Korean travel trade in selling U.S. destinations, CTTC Korea has been working
aggressively with all the major travel agents and airlines to:
   •   Develop “California-focused” products by increasing California duration
       of stay within U.S.-West product.
   •   Develop “California-only” tour products for the first time ever in the
       Korea market.
   •   Increase the visibility of California tour products on travel agent
       homepages, in their product brochures, and in their promotions.
   •   Secure a change in name/title for U.S. West tour product to “California”
       instead of “U.S. West,” to deliver the message that California is the top-
       of-mind destination for the next vacation by most Koreans.

CTTC Korea is focusing on training and educating the Korean travel trade
nationwide to increase destination knowledge, which is a prerequisite to
creating new California tour products. In addition, CTTC Korea is carrying out
major and innovative travel trade co-op programs, some of which reach out to
consumers directly.

Target Audiences

Travel trade: top 10 key travel agents, both wholesalers and retail agents, are
the prime target, while all major agents are included in trade education
Objectives & Reach
Through a variety of large-scale travel trade programs, CTTC strives to
increase the visibility of California both on and offline, and has maximized the
ROI of Korea’s limited travel trade marketing budget. CTTC Korea has also
focused on developing new California tour product among key Korea travel
agents, which is the foundation-building step needed to reach the right
consumer target groups and generate traffic to California.

Results & Accomplishments
To achieve these goals, CTTC Korea has conducted the following travel trade
co-op marketing programs in conjunction with major Korean travel trade

California Road Shows - January through April 2009

(1) California Road Show with Northwest Airlines

   •   CTTC carried out the first California Road Show in Korea in conjunction
       with Northwest Airlines in two major cities to educate major tour
       operators and increase destination knowledge regarding California.
   •   To complement the road show, Northwest launched very special airfares
       to both SFO and LAX via NRT for just $400, which generated huge
       interest among Korean travel agents and led directly to the development
       of new California-only tour packages as a result of the Road Show
       organized by CTTC.
   •   CTTC Korea also invited an officer from the U.S. Consulate to give an
       overview of the VWP and ESTA to further motivate key agents to invest
       more aggressively in California promotions.
(2) California with Hana Tour & Mode Tour, Korea’s two major wholesale agents

  •   CTTC conducted road shows nationwide with Hana Tour and Mode Tour,
      Korea’s two largest wholesalers to introduce California as a world-class
      travel destination as well as to promote new California tour products
      launched by both wholesalers.
  •   CTTC provided opportunities for key stakeholders such as LA Inc,
      SFCVB, and Disney to participate to make the program more productive.

Online Promotion with Korean Air, April 15 through May 31, 2009

  • In relation to Korean Air’s TV
    commercial to promote the U.S.
    including California, CTTC is now
    conducting a large scale online co-
    op event with KAL for the entire
    month of April.
  • To stimulate travel to California, a
    sweepstakes event is being carried
    out via both Korean Air Web sites
    and the Web sites of its subsidiary
    travel agents including KAL Tour.
  • The promotion is also linked to the
    CTTC Korea Web site to drive an
    increased number of Korean visitors
    to the CTTC Korea Web site.

  •   In return, KAL is aggressively
      promoting the California Campaign together with each of the other
      sponsors via online marketing channels.

Hana Tour Study Fam Trip - April, 2009

  •   CTTC Korea is conducting the first “California exclusive fam” with Hana
      Tour, the largest wholesaler in Korea, to provide key managers with a
      hands-on experience to help them better package California.
  •   The Hana Tour Fam participants will consist of key product planners and
      sales and marketing managers responsible for creating tour packages to
      be sold by Hana’s thousands of retail agents throughout Korea.
  •   Given the power of Hana, United Airlines has agreed to fully sponsor air
      for the fam tour, and is the main partner for this initiative to create new
      California-only tour product.
   •   CTTC will be working proactively with Hana Tour, to ensure that they
       develop a variety of California tour products after the Fam.

Program Contacts
Matthew Boone
International Marketing Director – Asia Pacific

Glenda Taylor
Travel Trade Director

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