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					                                Preliminary evaluation findings of WCDMA: Japan
ITU-Malaysia Evaluation Group is currently evaluating the WCDMA proposal from Japan. After the preliminary
evaluation work, the evaluation group has come up with some queries/clarifications. In the following table all the
preliminary requirements have been described. To facilitate our evaluation activity the proponent is requested to provide
the required information at the earliest.

No                   Item                           Queries/Clarifications                              References
1      General Requirements
1.1    Annex3                               Proponent's comments on the each attribute      ITU-Malaysia Evaluation
                                            of Annex3 of ITU-R M.1225 are requested         Methodology
1.2    Band plans, frequency                Proponent should explain how their RTT          ITU-Malaysia Evaluation
       duplexing and harmonization          will support global service in different        Methodology
1.3    Back compatibility with the          Proponent is requested to provide details for   ITU-Malaysia Evaluation
       existing system                      this criterion                                  Methodology
1.4    Multimedia and FWA                   Details are requested, how the proposed will    ITU-Malaysia Evaluation
       applications                         support the multimedia and FWA                  Methodology
2      Link Budget Calculations
2.1    Mobile Speed                         The vehicular speed has been taken as           Link Budget for FDD & TDD modes:
                                            3km/h, instead of 120km/h as mentioned in       Speech(Indoor, Pedestrian, Vehicular)
                                            the ITU-R M.1225. Clarification is              Page 97-98 &103-104
                                            requested                                       (RTT proposal doc.)
2.2    FDD Mode:                            The values given for the Avg. and Max. TX       Link Budget Calculations:
       Avg. TX Power/traffic channel        power/traffic channels are same, which do       Max. TX power per traffic channel
      Max. TX power/traffic channel     not agree with the description provided for      Page: 96 RTT proposal doc.
                                        the use of TPC in the link level simulations.
                                        Please clarify
2.3   Maximum range                     How the values for Max. range have been          Link Budget Calculations:
                                        calculated, because the given values do not      Page: 97
                                        agree with the formula used in M.1225
2.4   Coverage Efficiency               How the values for coverage efficiency have      Link Budget Calculations:
                                        been calculated, because the given values        Page: 97
                                        do not agree with the formula used in
                                        ITU-R M.1225
2.5   Vehicular Link Budget             When the missing values for UL for the           Link Budget Calculations:
                                        LCD vehicular environment will be                Page: 100
2.6   Bit Rate                          Lower bit rates are used in the UDD              Link Budget Calculations:
                                        (Indoor, Pedestrian) environment. Please         Page: 101-102
2.7   TX e.i.r.p. per traffic channel   In the link budget calculations for the TDD      Link Budget Calculations:
                                        mode the given values for TX e.i.r.p. /traffic   Page: 103
                                        channel are not in compliance with the
                                        formula used in the M.1225

3     Annex1 Technologies
      Description Template
3.1   A1.2.13                           Whether Multi stage Interleaving method          Annex1 Technology Description
                                        (MIL) used for convolutional coding is same      Template, Page: 80
                                        for UL/DL?                                        RTT proposal doc.
3.2   A1.2.15                           Details are required, how the value for the      Annex1 Technology Description
                                        adjacent channel protection ratio is assumed     Template, Page: 81
3.3   A1.2.16.2                         Detailed explanation is requested,               Annex1 Technology Description
                     mentioning how the time average power has      Template, Page: 82
                     been calculated                                 RTT proposal doc.
3.4    A1.   Please elaborate the given answer              Annex1 Technology Description
                                                                    Template, Page: 82
                                                                     RTT proposal doc.
3.5    A1.2.22.1     Power control step size is not in accordance   Annex1 Technology Description
                     with Link budget calculations. Please          Template, Page: 84
                     provide details.                                RTT proposal doc.
3.6    A1.2.22.4     Answer to this attribute needs justification   Annex1 Technology Description
                                                                    Template, Page: 84
                                                                     RTT proposal doc.
3.7    A1.2.30.1     The given answer is not sufficient.            Annex1 Technology Description
                     What are the signaling enhancements for the    Template, Page: 88
                     delivery of multimedia services?                RTT proposal doc.
3.8    A1.3.6        Remote antennas: Describe whether and          Annex1 Technology Description
                     how remote antennas can be used to extend      Template, Page: 90
                     coverage to low traffic density areas?          RTT proposal doc.
                     Distributed antennas: Describe whether and
                     how distributed antenna designs are used,
                     and in which test environment?
3.9    A1.4.11       Characterize the linearity requirements for    Annex1 Technology Description
                     the receivers for BS and MS                    Template, Page: 94
                                                                     RTT proposal doc.
3.10   A1.4.12       Explanation required, how the given value      Annex1 Technology Description
                     of receiver has been assumed                   Template, Page: 94
                                                                     RTT proposal doc.
3.11   A1.4.13       ROM size requirements for DSP and gate         Annex1 Technology Description
                     counts (kbytes);                               Template, Page: 94
                     RAM size requirements for DSP and gate          RTT proposal doc.
counts (kbytes). Please specify