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001.944 HAL 070.4 SUL 155.4 OLI 303.48 CAR 303.6 CRI 305.235 TEE 323.6 ALE 323.6 UNI 330.9 FRA 333.792 NUC 337 CRI 339.4 IS 342.73 CIV 342.73 COL 344.7304 ENV 344.7304 REP

Tales of the Cryptids
by Kelly Milner Halls, Rick Spears, and Roxyanne Young

Journalists at Risk by George Sullivan Child Abuse and Stress Disorders by M. Foster Olive, Ph.D. Cars in America edited by Andrea C Nakaya Critical Perspectives on Al Qaeda edited by April Isaacs Teen Life in Europe Edited by Shirley R. Steinberg How to Prepare for the U.S. Citizenship Test
by Gladys E. Alesi M.B.A.

U.S. Citizenship A Step-by-Step Guide The Industrial Revolution by Laura L. Frader Fueling the Future – Nuclear Power
Edited by Tom and Gena Metcalf

Critical Perspectives on Globalization edited by Ann Malaspina Is American Society Too Materialistic
Edited by Ronnie D. Lankford

Civil Liberties and War edited by Jamuna Carroll Creating the Constitution 1787
by Christopher Collier and James Lincoln Collier

The Environment Edited by Andrea C. Nakaya Reproductive Rights Edited by William Dudley

345.73 JAR 346.04 POS 347.73 MOU 362.29 SPA 363.12 DRU 363.25 GEN 363.325 LAN 363.33 ATK 363.738 CRI 365 AME 378.1543 THE 385.0979 MCN 510.76 MEI 553.2 NAT 553.2 OIL 572.86 MEY 579 MAY 590 MCG 591.6 MAY 591.7 MAY 598 BUR 613.8 KLO 613.85 LEV 614.5 GRA 615 HEN 615 KAN 615 LOC

The Printer’s Trial by Gail Jarrow The Little Book of Plagiarism by Richard A. Posner Marbury v. Madison by Shane Mountjoy Methamphetamine – The Dangers of Crystal Meth
by Frank Spalding

Drunk Driving Edited by Christine Van Tuyl The Forensic Casebook by N.E. Genge Suicide Bombers by Elaine Landau Gunstories – Life-Changing Experiences with Guns
by S. Beth Atkin

Critical Perspectives on Climate Disruption
Edited by Robert Chehoski

America’s Prisons edited by Clare Hanrahan They Teach That in Community College!? : A Resource Guide to 70 Interesting College Majors and Programs The Transcontinental Railroad and Westward Expansion
by Tim McNeese

Ace the Math on the SAT by Loren Meierding Natural Gas edited by Carrie Fredericks Fueling the Future – Oil edited by Crystal McCage The DNA Detectives by Anna Meyer Invasive Microbes by Suellen May Encyclopedia of Animals by Karen McGhee & George

Invasive Aquatic and Wetland Animals by Suellen May Invasive Terrestrial Animals by Suellen May Birds by Joanna Burger The Facts about Caffeine by Lorrie Klosterman The Facts about Nicotine by Suzanne LeVert Deadly Invaders by Denise Grady Barbiturates by Debra Henn and Deborah DeEugenio Codeine by Brigid M. Kane Oxycontin From Pain Relief to Addiction by Brad Lockwood

615 OLI 615 SAN 615.1 KLO 615.78 LEV 616 CRI 616 HAI 616.3 ROS 616.8 LIL 616.8 VEA 616.8 WAD 616.85 COR 616.85 MAR 616.99 CRA 616.99 FER 616.99 SPE 618.92 MEN 631.5 CRI 635 LAN 646.4 ZEN 646.7 WEL 649 LIN 665.8 HYD 707.122 WUR 741.2 SCO 741.5 JUR 741.5 MCC 741.5 SHO

Peyote and Mescaline by M. Foster Olive, Ph.D. Opium by Thomas M. Santella The Facts about Over the Counter Drugs by Lorrie Klosterman The Facts about Antidepressants by Suzanne LeVert Critical Perspectives on Stem Cell Research
Edited by Brian Belval

Pain by Bryan C. Hains, Ph.D. Cystic Fibrosis by Maxine Rosaler Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias
by Sonja M. Lillrank M.D., Ph.D.

Personality Disorders by Heather Barnett Veague Ph.D. Lou Gehrig’s Disease by Melissa Abramovitz Positively ADD
by Catherine A. Corman and Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Down Syndrome by Phillip Margulies Prostate Cancer by Scott D. Cramer, Ph.D. Lung Cancer by Carmen Ferreiro Cervical Cancer by Juliet V. Spencer, Ph.D. The Facts about Ritalin by Francha Roffe Menhard Critical Perspectives on Genetically Modified Crops and Food
Edited by Susan Gordon

Horticulture by Gail M. Lang Sew Teen by Sheila Zent Allure – Confessions of a Beauty Editor
by Linda Wells with the editors of Allure

Nurturing Your Newborn
by Jeanne Warren Lindsay and Jean Brunelli

Fueling the Future – Hydrogen edited by David M. Haugen Kayaking by Scott Wurdinger & Leslie Rapparlie How to Draw Hip Hop by Damion Scott and Kris Ex You Can Draw Marvel Characters by Dan Jurgens 500 Manga Heroes & Villains by Helen McCarthy Shojo Beat’s Manga Artist Academy

745.56 BRO 775 MAR 775 NEW 78906 SPI 791.4302 HIR 796.22 GOO 811 SIL 818 BAL 820.8 NOT 821.009 FAN 821.7 BLA 821.7 WOR 828 SWI 883 HOM 910.9 GRI 910.9 GRI 910.9 GRI 915.1 GRE 917.2 GRU 943 SCH 943.71 DUB 951.24 MOI 959.6 SHE 959.7 VIE 966.4 LEV 967.57 KIN 967.62 GIL 972.87 HAS 973 BEN

Metal Crafting Workshop by Marie Browning Digital Delights for Scrapbooking by Sue Martin Digital Photo Madness by Thom Gaines Nobody Likes You : Inside the Turbulent life, times, and music of Greenday by Marc Spitz A Star is Found by Janet Hirshenson and Jane Jenkins Skateboarding: Ramp Tricks by Evan Goodfellow Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein James Baldwin edited by Harold Bloom Not Like I’m Jealous or Anything edited by Marissa Walsh Keats, Shakespeare and other Wordsmiths by Jennifer Fandel William Blake – The Gates of Paradise by Michael Bedard William Wordsworth edited by Harold Bloom Savage Satire – The Story of Jonathan Swift
by Clarissa Aykroyd

Bloom’s Guides – Homer’s The Odyssey
Edited by Harold Bloom

Deserts by Charles F. Gritzner Polar Regions by Charles F. Gritzner The Tropics by Charles F. Gritzner China by Jen Green Mexico by Beth Gruber When the Wall Came Down by Serge Schmemann A Velvet Revolution Václav Havel and the Fall of Communism by John Duberstein Cultures of the World Taiwan by Azra Moiz Cultures of the World Cambodia by Sean Sheehan Vietnam Edited by Scott Rutherford Cultures of the World Sierra Leone by Suzanne LeVert Cultures of the World Rwanda by David C. King Kenya by Bridget Giles Cultures of the World Panama by Susan M. Hassig America the Last Best Hope by William J. Bennett

973.2 BRU 973.3 MCC 973.7 EYE 973.917 STE 973.931 JAC 984 PAT

White Devil by Stephen Brumwell 1776 by David McCullough Eyewitness to the Civil War edited by Neil Kagan The New Deal : Pulling America Out of the Great Depression by R. Conrad Stein The 9/11 Report – A Graphic Adaptation
by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon

Cultures of the World Bolivia by Robert Pateman

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