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GREETINGS FROM THE LIBRARY Deborah Babel RGMS Librarian Battle


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									GREETINGS FROM THE LIBRARY! – Deborah Babel, RGMS Librarian Battle of the Books Update Interested people have been asking about the Battle of the Books for this year. Here’s a summary of what we plan to do. Mrs. Babel, Ms. Miller and Mrs. Owens will coach. Noncompetitive Book Discussions During the fall semester, the BoB will operate as a noncompetitive book discussion group. Students who have read the BoB books may participate in the discussion groups.* Discussion group participants do not have to compete in the BoB competition. Conversely, students who choose not to participate in the discussion groups may still try for a place on the BoB team. Competition Mode in January After the December holiday, we will gear up for the competition. We’ll select the team and practice for the competition. Discussion Groups On Wednesday 24 September, and Wednesday 1 October, during the Reading Enrichment time, public librarians will come to RGMS to give 2 high-speed talks introducing each of the 27 books on the BoB list. Even if they’re not interested in the discussions, students are welcome to come listen to these presentations, as long as they are in a well-behaved status with their home room teachers, and come with a pass. Every Wednesday after 1 October, we will sponsor 3 discussion groups that will run simultaneously. * To participate in a discussion group, a student must have passed the AR test. Even 8th graders. Any student not in AR should let Mrs. Babel know, so we can create an AR test ID. 09/24 Public Librarians BoB book introductions – high speed book talk
Treasure Island Good masters, sweet ladies Journey to the river sea Gentle's holler Al Capone does my shirts Elijah of Buxton House of the scorpion Crime: Wright 3 Ghost in the Tokaido Inn Dovey Coe Something upstairs LeRoy and the old man Romiette and Julio Artemis Fowl

10/01 Public Public Librarians BoB book introductions – high speed book talk
Lightning thief My life in dog years

Single shard Cuba 15 Kira-Kira Letters from Rifka Children of the river War: Johnny Tremain Good night, Mr. Tom Other side of truth Boy in the striped pajamas Tangerine Fever 1793


LeRoy and the Old Man – Mrs. Babel Something Upstairs – Mrs. Owens Cuba 15 – Ms. Miller Lightning Thief – Mrs. Babel Kira, Kira – Mrs. Owens Letters from Rifka – Ms. Miller Treasure Island – Mrs. Babel Artemis Fowl – Mrs. Owens House of the Scorpion – Ms. Miller Al Capone Does My Shirts – Mrs. Babel Fever 1793 – Mrs. Owens Tokaido Inn – Ms. Miller Journey to the River Sea – Mrs. Babel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas – Mrs. Owens Goodnight Mr. Tom – Ms. Miller Gentle’s Holler – Mrs. Babel Dovey Coe – Mrs. Owens Children of the River – Ms. Miller The Wright 3 – Mrs. Babel Good Master, Sweet Ladies – Mrs. Owens Johnny Tremain – Ms. Miller Romiette and Julio – Mrs. Babel My Life in Dog Years – Mrs. Owens Other Side of Truth – Ms. Miller Elijah of Buxton – Mrs. Babel Tangerine – Mrs. Owens Single Shard – Ms. Miller









Students will receive more information as we progress through the year. Thanks for your interest in this activity. Deborah Babel, RGMS Librarian 910-350-2136 Ext. 112; dbabel@nhcs.net

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