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Medieval China, Africa and Japan by ygy16679


									                                   Medieval China, Africa and Japan
                                            Test Review

Important People to Know

1. Who is Genghis Khan?

2. Who is Kublai Khan?

3. What is Marco Polo famous for doing?

4. What did Mansa Musa do in Africa?

Important Terms to Know

1. In Japan, every well-educated person was required to master the writing art of ____________________.

2. Zen Buddhism used martial arts and ____________________________ to achieve self – control.

3. China’s two main exports during the middle ages were silk and ____________________.

4. Today the capital of China is _______________________________.

5. In medieval Japan ____________________________ were meant to live a “simple life” and are
compared to the knights of medieval Europe,

6. _______________________________ were commander’s in the armies of medieval Japanese emperors.

7. _____________________________ was an important trading city in west Africa.

8. ____________________________ was the term for culture and language of the east African coast.

9. A group of people in medieval Africa that descended from the same ancestor was a ________________.

10. A __________________________________ is a west African storyteller.

11. In Japan ________________________________ were powerful military lords who ruled territories.

12. ______________________________ was a medieval Japanese holy place.

13. Japanese art of folding paper is called ________________________________.

14. The Chinese invented ____________________________ which led to the invention of the gun and

15. ____________________________ is the count of the number of people in a society.

16. _______________________________ is over 4,500 miles long and is in China.

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