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									Bemis Elementary Media Center Presents

5th Grade Battle of the Books 2008

Dear Students and Parents of the Royal 5th Class, All 5th grade students will be involved in this “Reading Incentive Program” that is coordinated and sponsored by the Media Center and the 5th Grade teachers. Over an official 7-week period, beginning the week of April 7, students will be challenged to read as many of the 12 selected books as possible. Students will be assigned to a team and then will “Mini-Battle” during three of their library class periods. Each team will decide on a medieval team name and design a team shield. During class we will “battle” via questions that relate to the specific battle books. (See book list) These books are available for check out in the Media Center. Read, read, and read! The more books read the better the chances for your team to win the mini battles. Read at home, at school, family read aloud, etc just keep reading! Reading books will change your status! Special “Recognition Beads” are also awarded for each status level. We call this our Royal Battle Jewelry. See Status chart. All books are due Wednesday, May 14. A final Grand Battle is scheduled for Monday, May 19. This battle will determine which team will be the Winning Royal Guard…and will carry the Royal Battle Flag to their classroom and win prizes. All students who reach a status of a Squire and up will also be invited to a special celebration that same afternoon. Sincerely, Lady Robin Couzens

Battle Book List
1. A Wrinkle in Time 2. Exploring the Titanic 3. Hatchet 4. Into the Land of the Unicorns 5. Kensuke’s Kingdom 6. Mandy 7. Regarding the Fountain 8. Shiloh 9. The Hundred Dresses 10. The War with Grandpa 11. The Whipping Boy 12. Vassilisa the Wise

Status Chart Books read total + activity to do. 1 book = Peasant 3 books: 1 activity = Page 6 books; 1 activity = Squire 9 books; 1 activity = Knight 11 books; 1 activity = Dragon Slayer 12 books = Grand Dragon Slayer Attention: Vassal Team Captain Meeting When: Tuesday, April 15, 2008
@ lunch recess

Hear Ye, Hear Ye Royal Parents…
Please volunteer to assist during the royal festival on Monday, May 19 from 1:00-3:00 Your child will receive a special bead for your service! __________________________ Name _______________________ ______ Phone Number Class #
___________________________________________________ Email

Why: Team folders and directions for shields, crown, and “battle beads”.

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