Parent Resources Books available for checkout from the library

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					Parent Resources Books available for checkout from the library

Call Number PS 006 BOV PS 100 SEI PS 150 KUB PS 155.9 KUB PS 158 MCG PS 158 STO PS 248 MEY PS 248.8 CHA PS 302.3 DEL PS 305 MAX PS 305 PHE PS 305.23 GU PS 306 BOR PS 306 DEN PS 306 FAB PS 306 HAW PS 306 MAY PS 306 PIC PS 306 REA PS 306 RIE PS 306 ROS PS 306.7 BEH PS 306.8 BAU PS 306.8 DEF PS 306.8 DES PS 306.85 EN PS 306.874 CO PS 306.874 W PS 362.7 BES PS 362.7 FON PS 371.5 HYM PS 371.8 Mee PS 371.95 VAI PS 373.126 RO PS 373.13 KAP PS 378.1 MAR PS 395 TRU PS 428 EHR PS 540 MEL PS 613 COL PS 613 URS PS 616 BOV PS 616 BOV PS 616 BOV PS 616 BOV PS 616 FOR PS 616 MUR PS 616.8 MIL PS 616.85 HU PS 618 CLA PS 618 SIC PS 618 SWA

Title iPod & iTunes for dummies Seinfeld and philosophy: [a book about everything and nothing] The wheel of life: a memoir of living and dying On death and dying: what the dying have to teach doctors Life strategies: doing what works, doing what matters Difficult conversations: how to discuss what matters most Look great feel great: 12 keys to enjoying a healthy life now Can I control my changing emotions? Girl wars: 12 strategies that will end female bullying Teens in turmoil: a path to change for parents, adolescents Surviving your adolescents A FINE YOUNG MAN When we're in public, pretend you don't know me The hot mom's handbook: moms have more fun! How to talk so teens will listen & listen so teens will talk Parents who care: a guide for families with teens (13 copies) How to compromise with your school district The everything parent's guide to children How to find help for a troubled kid Staying connected to your teenager Joint custody with a jerk He's just not that into you Our journey home On our own : a single parent's survival guide Decoding you teenager The complete single mother "I'm not mad, I just hate you!" "Get out of my life, but first could you drive me to the mall? Recognizing child abuse Save the family, save the child Reading, Writing, and the Hickory Stick Learning like a girl Smart kids with school problems How to prepare for the GED high school equivalency exam Master the GED: 2005 Cracking the ACT: with practice tests on CD-ROM Talk to the hand: the utter bloody rudeness of the world today Baron's how to prepare for the AP English exam Cracking the AP chemistry exam Toxic relief What are you really eating? Asthma for dummies Hypoglycemia for dummies Diabetes for dummies High blood pressure for dummies The everything diabetes book Diabetes & hypoglycemia Thou Shalt Not Be Aware ADD Living well with menopause Adolescents on the autism spectrum Why ADHD doesn't mean disaster

Parent Resources Books available for checkout from the library
PS 618.92 HE PS 618.92 TAY PS 640 LOC PS 646 PEA PS 646.7 DOB PS 646.7 GRA PS 649 BER PS 649 BID PS 649 BRA PS 649 DOB PS 649 EDG PS 649 FAB PS 649 FLE PS 649 GLY PS 649 HAR PS 649 HOB PS 649 MCM PS 649 NOL PS 649 SHA PS 649 WIS PS 649 WIS PS 649 ZOD PS 649.1 MAI PS 649.1 POP PS 649.125 AR PS 649.125 NE PS 649.125 ST PS 649.4 ROB PS 649.4 WIL PS 649.7 EYR PS 650 HOO PS 650 ING PS 652.5 CRU PS 808 KEN PS 808 WHI PS 973 MEL Is your child depressed? Helping your hyperactive child The complete idiot's guide to organizing your life Plastic surgery without the surgery Love must be tough : new hope for families in Crisis Men are from Mars, women are from Venus How to keep your teenager out of trouble The secret of happy children Yes, your teen is crazy! Loving your kid without losing your mind The new strong-willed child: birth through adolescence Stop negotiating with your teen Siblings without rivalry How to stop the battle with your teenager The Tao of poop Raising happy kids The working gal's guide to Babyville Teen tips Teenagers learn what they live You can say no to your teenager. Queen bee moms & kingpin dads Queen bees & wannabes The tough love prescription Perfect parenting and other myths Active parenting When love is not enough I'm on your side. Good kids who do bad things. Kids don't want to use drugs. Parenting for prevention. Teaching your children responsibility. How to work for an idiot Your job interview Murphy's laws of Word for windows Résumés for dummies Résumé magic Cracking the AP U.S. history exam

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