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									Titan Industries
Titan- The Edge

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            Titan - The Edge

Create the slimmest watch in the world

The Swiss had attempted it in 1982 - and failed

Not workable - and not water resistant

A watch can either be slim or water resistant.

It cannot be both!!

                                                      (c) Erehwon Innovation Consulting
The extreme challenge: We will create the slimmest,
water resistant watch in the world
    Titan- The Edge

Some of the Innovations

Drastically slim movements
not developed before

Slimmer batteries with
double the battery back

75% slimmer glass,
with all the features

                             (c) Erehwon Innovation Consulting
of the previously
used glass
    Titan- The Edge

Slimness of only 3.5mm - as thin
as the edge of only 1 floppy disc

Certified as water resistant up to
30 meters

The EDGE movement has been
granted patents and has sold over
500,000 pieces till 2007

A global benchmark and is unique

                                     (c) Erehwon Innovation Consulting
to the world

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