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					Trip to Japan Raffle
The Benny Goodman Centennial Orchestra Concert
   ・ ドマン生誕100周年記念コンサート
ベニー グッ
May 2009   2009年5月 Vol.35 Issue 5
2008-2009 JCCC Board of Directors
President                      Martin Kobayashi
VP – Expansion                 Gary Kawaguchi
VP – Management                Ann Ashley
VP – Legacy                    Arthur Ito                    日          2																			Trip	to	Japan	Raffle
VP – Heritage                  Ken Noma
VP – Marketing/Membership      Donna Davis
                                                                        2               Movie Night "Man Walking on Snow"
Special Ambassador
Secretary/VP- Projects
                               Sid Ikeda
                               Sharon Marubashi
Treasurer                      Sri Kugan                                3               Benny Goodman Centennial Orchestra
Past President                 Steve Oikawa
Executive Director             James Heron                   文
Directors-at-large             Wai Chak                                 3-4              Upcoming Events
                               Glenn Inamoto
                               Jane Liu
                               Junko Mifune
                                                             化          5-7     Community News
                               Yuki Nakamura
                               Lorene Nagata                            15           JCCCニュース
                               Dereck Oikawa                 会
                               Russell Onizuka
                               Cary Rothbart                            16            イベント情報
Advisors                       Miki Kobayashi
                               Mickey Matsubayashi           館
                               Fred Sasaki
                               Connie Sugiyama
JCCC Staff                                                                   Calendar of Events May/June/July 2009
James Heron
Executive Director                                           員              416-441-2345 ext.224                     May
Kathy Tazumi                                                                   Fri      1        Sushi Bee
Accounting/General Administration Manager                    及                 Sat      2        JCCC Bazaar               416-441-2345 ext.229
                                                                               Wed      6        Katsura Sanshi Rakugo
Christine Takasaki
                                                                               Thu      7        Hula for Health class starts
Community Events/Volunteer Coordinator                       び         416-441-2345 ext.221                      	      Wed	     13	      Trip	to	Japan	Raffle	Draw
Haruko Ishihara                                                                Wed      13       Manju Workshop
Community Rentals                                            ス                 Thu      14       nikkeiFLIX: Citizen Tanouye             416-441-2345 ext.228
                                                                               Thu      14       Washi Greeting Card Workshop
Christine Seki
                                                                               Thu      14       Origami Workshop
Corporate Rentals/Programming and Business Development       タ         416-441-2345 ext.231                             Sat      16       Karaoke Club
Sally Kumagawa                                                                 Mon      18       JCCC Closed - Victoria Day
Membership/Database Administrator                            ッ                 Wed      20       Satsuma Shochu Tasting             416-441-2345 ext.223
                                                                               Fri      22       jpals Rodoku Night
Toshiko Yamashita
                                                                               Sat      23       Karaoke Club
Heritage/Newsletter Coordinator                              フ                                                            Thu      28       Movie Night "Man Walking on Snow"           416-441-2345 ext.227                           Fri      29       Speaker Session - Brendan Uegama
Yuki Hipsh                                                                     Sat      30       Gene DiNovi concert
Administrative Assistant/ICommunity Liason/Giftshop
                                                                               Sat      30       Washi Workshop               416-441-2345 ext.235
Constantin Dutescu
Operations and Techinical Coordinator                                   June          416-460-3522                                   Wed      3        Tai Chi class starts
Maki Klotz                                                                     Fri      5        Euchre Night
                                                                               Thu      11       nikkeiFLIX                416-441-2345 ext.222
                                                                               Sat      13       Karaoke Club
The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Newsletter                               Sat      20       Nostalgia Night
Editors:James Heron, Kathy Tazumi, Toshiko Yamashita                           Sat      20       jpals Self-enlightenment Workshop
Japanese Translation: Toshiko Yamashita                                        Mon      22       JCCC Annual General Meeting
Cover Photos: Koi                                                              Thu      25       Movie Night
                                                                               Fri      26       Speaker Session
We welcome your news! Please send articles to:
                                                                               Sat      27       Karaoke Club or
Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5
                                                                               Wed      1        JCCC Closed - Canada Day
tel 416-441-2345 fax 416-441-2347
                                                                               Wed      1        JCC Picnic @ Caledon Place
The submission deadline for the June/July 09 combined issue is Thurs-
                                                                               Sat      4        Karaoke Club
day May 14, 2009. 日本語の記事も受け付けています。                  6/7月合併号の
                                                                               Mon      6        Kamp Kodomo starts
締め切りは2009年5月14日(木)            です。
                                                                               Sat      11       Natsu Matsuri

 JCCC Annual Trip to Japan Raffle
 Don’t forget to buy your chance at winning an Air Trip to Japan for 2 or any of our other ten great prizes!
 The	JCCC	Annual	Trip	to	Japan	Raffle	(lottery	licence	#M615008)	is	fast	approaching	–	mail	you	tickets	
 back before the draw date of Wednesday May 13, 2009. This year we are giving away 11 fabulous
 prizes with a total value of over $15,000!

 Proceeds	from	this	annual	raffle	will	be	directed	towards	our	growing	number	of	events	and	services	
 at the JCCC.

 The	prizes	for	this	year’s	raffle	are:	
 	 	1st		Prize	 	            Two	return	airfares,	economy	class	to	Japan*	(JAL	&	JTB),	+	$1,000	spending	money
     2nd Prize               Sony 32” Bravia XBR Widescreen FP HD LCD TV ~ Sony of Canada Ltd.
      3th Prize              Fuji FinePix S9100 Digital Camera with Accessory Kit ~ Fuji Photo Film Camera Inc.
      4th Prize              2 nights accommodation at The Westin Prince, Toronto ~ The Westin Prince, Toronto
 	 		5th	Prize	 	            $500	Gift	Certificate	~	EDO	Restaurant
 	 		6th	Prize	 	            $500	Gift	Certificate	~	Spring	Villa	Chinese	Cuisine
      7th Prize              Pair of handmade Japanese throw cushions ~ Karen Jack Designs
      8th Prize              Handmade Men’s Couchin Sweater ~ James Moto Enterprises
 	 		9th	Prize	 	            Sony	Minisystem	CMTEH10	~	G	&	G	Electronics	
    10th Prize               JCCC Movie night double pass for 1 year
    11th Prize               Gene Dinovi autographed 5-CD set

 The	JCCC	would	like	to	thank	the	following	donors	whose	generosity	made	the	Annual	Trip	to	Japan	Raffle	possible:	Japan	Airlines,	Japan	
 Travel Bureau, Fuji Photo Film Camera, Sony of Canada, Westin Prince Hotel Toronto, EDO Restaurant, Spring Villa Chinese Cuisine,
 Karen	Jack	Designs,	James	Moto	Enterprises	and	G&G	Electronics.
 *1st prize trip must commence after August 31, 2009 and must be completed by March 31, 2010. Blackout period: December 7-28, 2009

JCCC Movie Night                                                            JCCC Annual General Meeting Notice
Aruku Hito: Man Walking on Snow                                             The membership of the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
                                                                            is hereby given notice of the 2009 Annual General Meeting on
                                       The movie for May is Aruku
                                                                            Monday June 22, 2009 at 7:30pm at the JCCC, 6 Garamond
                                       Hito: Man Walking on Snow.
                                                                            Court, Toronto. If you are interested in getting involved with the
                                       In this nuanced 2001 drama,
                                                                            JCCC, please consider volunteering as a Board member. For more
                                       Ogata Ken delivers a wonderful
                                                                            information, please call the JCCC 416-441-2345.
                                       performance as Honma Nobuo,
                                       a lonely, elderly widower who
                                       lives with his youngest son,
                                       Yasuo	(Hayashi	Yasufumi),	in	a	
                                                                            Last Chance to Register!!!
remote, snow-covered region of Hokkaido. He eases his loneliness
                                                                            Euchre night at the JCCC is rapidly approaching. This event only
by	walking	in	the	snow	and	studying	the	growth	of	fish	at	a	breeding	
                                                                            occurs once a year and you don’t want to miss out on the excitement
centre. For the second anniversary of his wife's death, the ailing
                                                                            of this night. Scoring system is individual based; no set partners.
Nobuo	insists	that	his	estranged	first	son,	Ryoichi	(Kagawa	Teruyuki),	
                                                                            Rules are based on Bicycle ® rules and once again the dreaded
return home. Nobuo hopes to come to terms with his family, but the
                                                                            “stick the dealer” rule will be in effect. There will be a cash bar, light
reunion devolves into a bitter affair but ultimately unspoken feelings
                                                                            refreshments, and prizes for the top scores! So plan to join us for
open up change for brighter days. Man
                                                                            friendship,	fun	and	a	little	card	playing	finesse.		
Walking on Snow is a unique, quirky and
touching drama from director, producer and                                  Date : Friday June 5, 2009
writer	 Masahiro	 Kobayashi.	 	 The	 film	 was	                             Time:		 7:00pm	(Play	starts	at	7:40pm	promptly)
well-received at the Cannes Film Festival                                   Fee:	     $25	(+GST)	for	non-members
where it was awarded Un Certain Regard.                                     	   	     $20	(+GST)	for	members
                                                                            * Entry is limited to experienced players ages 19 years and older
Date: Thursday May 28, 2009                                                 Maximum 40 players
Time: 7:00pm                                                                    For more information please contact the JCCC at 416-441-
Admission: $6 JCCC members, $8 non-members                                  2345 or
Gene Dinovi presents the                                                      Next nikkeiFLIX Film on Medal of Honor
Benny Goodman Centennial Orchestra                                            Recipient
Saturday May 30, 2009 is the 100th birthday of the great clarinetist          By Mika Fukuma
Benny Goodman.                                                                The “nikkeiFLIX” program had its susccessful launch on March
     On that day Gene Dinovi will present the Benny Goodman                   28,	 with	 the	 screening	 of	 the	 Japanese	American	 film,	 Caught In
Centennial Orchestra playing selections from, “The Sound of                   Between.	The	 film	 program	 will	 continue	 monthly,	 on	 the	 second	
Music”, and Goodman favourites, including Let’s Dance, Memories               Thursday of each month, except in July and August, at the JCCC.
of You, Don’t Be that Way, Stompin’ At The Savoy, Sunny Side of               	    The	films	and	documentaries	scheduled	to	be	shown	this	year	
the Street, Rose Room, Moon Glow, One O’clock Jump, Sing Sing,                are all written, produced and directed by Japanese Canadians and
Sing and more!                                                                Japanese Americans. They’re part of a concerted effort being made
     Pianist and composer DiNovi, who is one of the great icons               by the JCCC Heritage Committee and Nikkei Voice to bring more
of Canadian and American jazz, together with Order of Canada-                 Nikkei historical and cultural issues to the community forefront.
winning	 musicians	 Campbell	 (clarinet)	 and	 Young	 (Bass),	 will	 be	      	    The	next	film	to	be	screened	on	Thursday May 14, 2009 is the
performing with and passing on a legacy to the next generation                documentary Citizen Tanouye	(2005).	This	film	draws	attention	not	
of premier jazz musicians who make up the rest of the Benny                   only to the civil rights abuses of WW2-era America, but uniquely
Goodman Centennial Orchestra This top talent includes: Bryden                 brings this history to life for eight ethnically diverse Torrance,
Baird	(trumpet),	Graham	Campbell	(guitar),	Ernesto	Cervini	(drums	            Califronia high school students through their research of Torrance
and	 clarinet),	 Tara	 Davidson	 (alto	 saxophone	 and	 flute),	 David	       High School alumnus Tech. Sgt. Ted Tanouye and the effect the war
French	(tenor	saxophone),	and	RJ	Satchithananthan	(trombone).                 had on their city. As a member of the renowned 442nd Regimental
     Exactly 50 years ago pianist Gene Dinovi recorded the music              Combat Team, Tanouye’s actions earned the Medal of Honor. The
from “The Sound of Music” with Benny Goodman at a famous New                  relevance of history is brought into focus as the students express
York club called “Basin Street East”. The band was a stellar “Tentet”         their personal observations, draw parallels to their own lives and
featuring	Benny	Goodman	(clarinet),	Jack	Sheldon	(trumpet)	,Gerry	            realize that looking into his past will forever change their future.
Dodeion	(alto	sax),	Flip	Phillips	(tenor	sax),	Bill	Harris	(trombone),	       	    In	June,	a	National	Film	Board	of	Canada	(NFB)	film	by	sansei	
Red	Norvo;	(vibes),	John	Markham	(drums),	Red	Wooten	(bass),	                 filmmaker	 Mieko	 Ouchi	 and	 Craig	Anderl	 entitled	 Shepherd’s Pie
Jimmy	Wyble	(guitar),	and	Gene	DiNovi	(piano).                                and Sushi	(1998)	will	be	shown.	
     DiNovi, Campbell and Producer Ted Ono all agreed that this               	    Other	 NFB	 films	 are	 also	 in	 the	 lineup.	 One	 is	 Obachan’s
was an opportunity to make a legacy of this music for the younger             Garden	 (2001),	 in	 November.	 The	 film	 program	 will	 wind	 up	 the	
generations	of	jazz	players.		The	first	half	of	the	concert	will	highlight	   year	 with	 this	 unique	 portrait	 by	 sansei	 filmmaker	 Linda	 Ohama	
the music from the perennially popular “Sound of Music”.                      who interviews her 103-year old grandmother and discovers a
These	 were	 (and	 remain)	 fresh	 and	 modern	 arrangements	 by	 a	          picture bride’s painful buried past.
very talented young man in 1959 named Fred Karlin. Gene DiNovi                	    Another	 NFB	 film	 is	 the	 short	 film	 Minoru: Memory of Exile
served as an emissary between Benny and Fred at that time.                    (1992)	 directed	 by	 Michael	 Fukushima	 to	 be	 shown	 in	 October.	  	
Benny thought Fred was a little young for the job at hand but Gene            This	 animated	 film	 on	 a	 Japanese	 Canadian	 WW2	 internment	
convinced Benny to go with the young guy. Sounds perennially                  experience	will	be	shown	with	a	film	involving	a	Japanese	American	
familiar. In any case the Yale University library was very kind in            internment camp.
providing the arrangements to DiNovi who enlisted the talented                     Screening will start at 7:00pm and admission is free. Information
young	musicians	who	fill	out	the	exciting	group.                              on	the	screenings	can	be	obtained	from	the	JCCC	(416-441-2345)	
     Please call the JCCC at 416-441-2345 to purchase tickets.                or by checking the website at
(See	ad	on	p.4	for	details	on	the	concert).
Date & Time:        Saturday May 30, 2009, 7:30pm
Location:           JCCC Kobayashi Hall
Tickets:            $30 JCCC members, $35 non-members

Unique Satsuma Shochu Tasting
                Ask	 anyone	 in	 Kagoshima	 (Satsuma)	 for	 sake	
                and they are likely to serve you the distilled liquor,
                shochu. The Heritage Committee’s Shumi no Kai
                and Sakagura Canada Inc., are proud to organize
                a	 unique	 tasting	 of	 6	 shochu	 (unavailable	 at	 the	
                LCBO)	from	this	historic	prefecture.		Shochu	is	the	
                current trend among the youth in Japan and you
                can experience for yourself this unique drink.
                    The tasting will take place on Wednesday May
                20, 2009 from 7:00pm. Attendance is limited and
                you MUST register and pay prior to the day of
the event. Admission is $20 for non-members and $15 for JCCC
members	(taxes	extra).		Must	be	of	legal	drinking	age.	To	register,	
please contact 416-441-2345.
Speakers Series Welcomes Vancouver
Filmmaker Brendan Uegama                                                             East Meets West
The Heritage Committee's Speakers                                                    The Art of Gerald and Setsuko Lazare
Series continues on Friday May
29, 2009 at 7:00pm with special                                                      Heritage Resource Centre, 2nd Floor
guest, Sansei Filmmaker Brendan                                                      Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre
Uegama from Vancouver, B.C.                                                          6 Garmond Court, Toronto, Ontario M3C 1Z5
      Brendan, 29, has written and is
currently	directing	a	short	film	called	                                             Exhibit Dates: May 3,
“Henry’s Glasses” which is based on                                                                 29.30.31, 2009
his family history. His grandfather,                    Brendan Uegama
Imataro "Sam" Uegama immigrated to Canada in 1907 and fought
                                                                                     Friday 11:00am to 4:00pm
for Canada in World War One. His father, Walter, was interned with
                                                                                     Saturday and Sunday 10:00am to 5:00pm
his family in Greenwood, B.C. during World War Two.
      "My inspiration for Henry's Glasses? I love stories about people
                                                                                     Reception: Sunday May 3, 2009 1:00pm to 4:00 pm
using their imagination to escape to a different place. Films like
                                                                                     RSVP to 416-441-2345 or
Pans Labryinth, Alice and Wonderland, etc. I've also really been
interested in the power of the mind. We've all heard before that
                                                                                     This special exhibition of the
geniuses think in a more child like manner than the rest of us. That
                                                                                     paintings of Gerald and Setsuko
lead me to believe that we are all born geniuses and throughout
                                                                                     Lazare will be the, "coming
our lives we are mentally conditioned by limitations. As well, my
                                                                                     together of two people from
ancestry has been a large part of my life these past couple years.
                                                                                     distinctly different cultures, in
My interests in cultures has led me to explore my own in more
                                                                                     love with art, and how it affected
detail. When I learned more about my father's family's experience
                                                                                     their future lives and careers."
in the internment, along with the 22,000 others, I wanted to write
about it to help the country and the world talk about it. These points
                                                                                     The Japanese Canadian Cultural
inspired the creation of what became Henry's Glasses."
                                                                                     Centre Heritage Committee is
			 The	film	takes	place	in	Tashme	in	1945.	The	story	is	about	an	
                                                                                     pleased to open its Resource
imaginative young Nikkei boy who has a pair of his grandfather's
                                                                                     Centre to host these wonderful
glasses. He meets an older Issei man in the internment camp and
                                                                                     works that are a fusion of Western and Asian artistic
they become friends.
                                                                                     techniques and themes.
      Brendan discovered a love for photography while at high school
in Tsawwassen, B.C. His passion for image making carried him into                   Update on the JCCC Cookbook Project
the	 filmmaking	 program	 at	 Capilano	 College	 in	 North	 Vancouver,	             by the Cookbook Committee
B.C. where he graduated in 2002.                                                                                          The JCCC Heritage Commit-
      Brendan has recently been awarded a Kick Start award by The                                                         tee Cookbook is now called
Directors Guild of Canada for Henry’s Glasses, which he is co-                                                            Just Add Shoyu. The book is
producing with Shin-Ijusha, Miho Yamamoto.                                                                                now	entering	its	final	stages	of	
      Please join us in the JCCC Heritage Lounge for an evening                                                           development. We are project-
with Brendan and Nikkei Voice writer Norm Ibuki. Refreshments will                                                        ing a release for the fall 2009
be served after the talk.                                                                                                 timeframe.
                                                                                                                                Thank you to our graphic
Welcome Dundee Private Investors Inc.                                                                                     designers      Eric     Graham
The JCCC is pleased                                                                                                       and Heather Cooper of
to welcome a new                                                                                                          Cooper Company Creative
community partner and                                                                                                     Design and our professional
tenant	 to	 our	 2nd	 floor,	                                                                                             photographer’s Vince Noguchi
Dundee Private Investors                                                                                                  and Brian Sano who have all
Inc. As you may know,                                                                                                     graciously donated their time
the Kobayashi family                                                                                                      and services to the project.
–	 first	 Coby	 and	 now	                                                                                                       Just Add Shoyu is a
Marty, have been in the                                                                                                   compilation of the Japanese
investment	 field	 for	 over	                                                       Canadian experience through recipes, stories and photographs. In
                              The friendly staff at Dundee Private Investors Inc.
4 decades.                                                                          addition to the fabulous recipes, it will give you a glimpse into our
	     The	late	Coby	and	Marty	have	long	served	the	financial	needs	                 history and provide a resource for future generations.
of many Nikkei in the Japanese Canadian community in Toronto.                            A huge number of volunteer hours have gone into Just Add
It was the success of this partnership that prompted the generous                   Shoyu. We need your help. We are accepting donations for our
gift that built the Coby and Yone Kobayashi Hall as a way of saying                 printing costs. Please contact: Toshiko Yamashita at 416-441-
thank you to the JC community. Welcome to the JCCC!                                 2345 x 227 or
2nd Introductory Kyudo Session                                           2009 Kamp Kodomo Summer Sessions
                                     The JCCC is excited to announce     Mark your calendars and don’t
                                    the start of the second Kyudo        miss out on the all the summer fun
                                    session as part of the martial       at the JCCC!!! Kamp Kodomo’s
                                    arts program.                        summer session is ready to start
                                      Lessons will commence with         registration. Join us for a busy
                                    a 12-week introductory session.      week	 filled	 with	 sessions	 covering	
                                    Once completed students have         a wide range of activities including
                                    the option to enter a regular        martial arts, ikebana, origami,
                                    weekly       practice.     Student   folklore, language, and so much
                                    numbers in the session is limited    more!
                                    to 20 in total. Those unable to            The camp operates from
                                    participate this time are welcome    9:00am to 4:30pm from Monday
                                    to sign up for the next session.     to Friday. There will be three
                                      We have two highly ranked          sessions offered: July 13 – 17,
                                    sensei. Takahashi Mie, who was       July 20 – 24, and July 27 – 31.
Photo courtesy of Valentine Moreno  awarded the rank of 5th Dan          Please note the change in dates
                                   four years ago and Salvatore          for the summer sessions. Fees for
Gianfreda, who presently holds the title of 5th Dan.                     this program are $180 per child for
     The session begins on Saturday May 16, 2009 and will be             a	5-day	session	(same	price	as	last	
held	 on	 Saturdays	 from	 2:00pm	 –	 4:00pm.	 Students	 must	 be	 16	   year!).	 	A	 10	 %	 discount	 will	 be	 applied	 for	 JCCC	 members	 and	
years	and	over.	Fee	is	$180	(+GST)	for	the	12-week	session.	JCCC	        additional children from the same family will receive a 5% discount.
membership is mandatory. Please indicate height on the waiver            Extended camp care is available from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00am and
form in order to determine bow length. Additional equipment fees         from 4:30pm to 6:00pm with an additional cost of $35 per session.
may apply.                                                               Camp fees cover all materials, two nutritious snacks per day, and a
     There has been such great interest that we can only take            special activity each week. Campers are required to bring a lunch
students	on	a	first	come	first	served	basis.	Please	call	the	JCCC	       and drink.
reception desk 416-441-2345 x222 to enrol.                                     So call us today, as the registration deadline is July 3, 2009 and
                                                                         Kamp Kodomo’s maximum attendance is 40 children per session.
                                                                               For more information or to register, please consult the enclosed
Tai Chi Class at the JCCC                                                flyer,	call	416-441-2345	or	check	the	website	at
Starting in June 2009, JCCC Tai
Chi classes will be taught by Master
Emiko Hsuen for a trial period of
two months. They will take place on
Wednesdays at 2:00pm in one of
multi purpose rooms or Kobayashi
Patio if weather permits. There is no
age limit.

                                                   Master Emiko Hsuen
Trial period schedule: Wednesdays
June and July 2009
Time:              2:00pm -3:30pm
Class	fee:	        $40/month	+	GST		
Drop-in:			        $15	+GST
*10%	discount	will	be	applied	for	early	sign-up	(by		Sunday	May	17,	
2009)	of	full	2-month	classes.
** Participants are required to sign a Martial Arts Waiver Form at
the Reception Desk.

JCCC Yoga Class New Schedule
From June 2009 yoga class will change its schedule and sign-up
system. Classes will be on-going, same as other martial arts classes
(rather	than	seasonal	courses)	and	sign-up	can	be	done	monthly.	
With	this	new	system,	students	may	find	that	it	is	easier	and	more	
convenient to sign-up and the fee will be even more reasonable.

New	schedule	:														   Wednesdays,		from	5:30pm	–	7:00pm
Fee:	  	          	            $40/month	+	GST,		drop-in:	$15	+	GST
Ghost Town Teachers and Nostalgia Night
by Mel Tsuji
A special tribute is being organized for Nostalgia Night on Saturday June 20, 2009
to honour the men and women who taught at internment camp schools during the
World War II.
      Around 25 senior citizens, who make up what’s known as the, “ghost town
teachers” will be saluted for their efforts in bringing calm to a chaotic evacuation
situation, when many young, school-age children were among the 22,000 ordered
out of their homes and forced into desolate internment camps.
      According to the book Teaching in Canadian Exile by journalist Frank Moritsugu,
about 250 Nisei were recruited to become teachers at eight internment camp schools
operated by the British Columbia Security Commission.
      Among the former teachers to be honoured with Pioneer Achievement Awards
will be Aiko Murakami, still sharp and talkative at the age of 92. Along with Dr. Irene
Uchida, Ms. Murakami is believed to be one of few principals of an internment camp
school still living today.                                                                          Mrs Murakami with her son Mike. Photo courtesy of Mel Tsuji.
      “She’s very excited about the tribute,” said her son, Mike Murakami, formerly of
Edmonton, now living in Toronto. She clearly remembers those days when teaching candidates were being sought for schools, as early as
April, 1942 when temporary classes were being organized for Hastings Park, which acted as a holding centre for JCs until the internment
camps could be erected.
	     “Hide	(Hyodo)	Shimizu	was	our	only	fully-accredited	teacher	and	that	was	only	because	she	taught	in	Steveston,	which	had	mostly	JC	
kids,”	said	Mrs.	Murakami.		“Japanese	Canadians	couldn’t	get	teaching	certificates	at	that	time.”	As	a	result,	Nisei	university	grads,	along	with	
undergrads and high school graduates were recruited to take B.C. correspondence courses to qualify as teachers for the large number of
children headed for the camp schools.
      Eventually, schools were set up at all the internment camps, including New Denver, Tashme, Lemon Creek, Sandon, Popoff, Bay Farm,
Kaslo, and Rosebery. Teachers followed the curriculum set by the B.C. Ministry of Education and the schools apparently became so good that
their reputation spread among local non-Japanese Canadian residents.
      “Some of the residents said the Japanese Canadian teachers were better than the regular teachers, so they wanted their own children
to come to our schools, but they couldn’t get permission because they weren’t Japanese Canadian,” said Mrs. Murakami. Some of the
internment camp teachers were nationally or internationally recognized later in their careers.
	     Rev.	Takashi	Tsuji,	 the	 first	 principal	 of	 the	 Bay	 Farm	 school,	 later	 became	 Bishop	 of	 the	 Buddhist	 Churches	 of	America.	 	 Dr.	 Irene	
Uchida,	first	principal	of	the	Lemon	Creek	school,	became	a	geneticist	and	renowned	educator.		Dr.	Uchida,	and	Hide	(Hyodo)	Shimizu,	who	
supervised the internment camp school system, were later named to the Order of Canada.
      Another highlight for the evening will be a tribute to the women who played in the Nisei Ladies’ Softball League that thrived in Toronto in
the late 1940s and 50s. Pioneer Achievement Awards will also be given out. To top off the evening, a huge buffet of Japanese Canadian food
favorites, such as Cumberland chow mein, sushi, onigiri, teriyaki chicken and more will be served.
      All this for the bargain price of $7. Doors open at 3:00pm and winds up at 8:00pm. RSVP is preferred. Please call 416-441-2345 to

Natsu Matsuri and Obon Festival:                                                   Free! 32nd Annual JC Community Picnic
Exciting Summer Festivities within the                                             at Caledon Place
Community                                                                          32 years of outdoor fun! Gather your families and friends and spend
                                                                                   a	fun-filled	day	at	the	31st	Annual	Japanese	Canadian	Community	
What do you get when you combine several community
                                                                                   Picnic to be held at Caledon Place on Wednesday July 1, 2009.
organizations, a beautiful location, scores of dancers and a sunny
                                                                                        Many families and clubs hold their "summer get-together" at
summer that fades in to a balmy evening? You get the Natsu
                                                                                   Caledon Place on July 1st - why don’t you do the same? You can
Matsuri and Obon Festival at the JCCC. On Saturday July 11,
                                                                                   partake in the ever-popular afternoon bingo, and games and races
2009 the JCCC invites thousands of visitors to enjoy a lively festival
                                                                                   for children and the young at heart. A spring-fed pond stocked
atmosphere with games, great food and spectacular performances.
                                                                                   with	trout	awaits	fishermen.		The	day	ends	with	a	Share-the-Wealth	
The festival is a particularly special one because of the co-operative
                                                                                   Raffle	and	free	Fukubiki	Draw.		Please	bring	your	friends,	family,	
effort of the many community organizations involved in making the
                                                                                   plenty of drinking water and "obento" and enjoy Canada Day in
event a huge success.
                                                                                   the great outdoors. This year, admission is free and there will be a
     Weather permitting the event takes place outside in the parking
                                                                                   free	gift	for	the	first	250	cars	-		all	courtesy	of	Marty	Kobayashi	of	
lot or in the Kobayashi Hall.
                                                                                   Dundee Private Investors Inc.
     We look forward to the 7th year of this exciting JCCC and
                                                                                        Caledon Place is on the west side of Highway 10, approximately
community tradition! We hope to see lots of new and familiar
                                                                                   1.5 km north of the Town of Caledon The gate opens at 8:30am.
faces! Mark your calendars now! The date is a little later than
previous years. Look for more details in the June/July issue of the
 Japanese Canadians Honoured with 2009 Governor General Awards
 In March it was announced that two Japanese Canadian visionaries were among the recipients of the 2009 Governor General’s Awards for
 Visual and Media Arts. They are the architect Raymond Moriyama and artist Nobuo Kubota.
     Raymond Moriyama's designs include the original JCCC, the Canadian War Museum and the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo. Raymond’s
 iconic designs can be found around the globe. He also designed the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Science North in Sudbury and National
 Museum of Saudi Arabia. Raymond has long been a driving force in the vision of the Centre and a great friend of the community. This award
 is another in a very long list of Canadian and international acknowledgements.
     Nobuo Kubota, the multimedia artist was featured in a recent show in the JCCC Gallery. Mr. Kubota incorporates music and sound
 techniques into his installations and videos. He also creates minimalist sculpture and paintings.
     Congratulations to both recipients. There achievements are a great source of pride for the community and the JCCC.

                                                                                Left: Nobuo Kubota
                                                                                Above: Raymond Moriyama
                                                                                Photos courtesy of Martin Lipman, Canada Coucil for the Arts

JCCC Member Discount to Anne of                                            Women’s Soccer: Canada vs. Japan
Green Gables Musical                                                       Canada’s women’s national team has announced it will play Japan in
                                                                           an international friendly match at BMO Field in Toronto on Monday
JCCC members will save
                                                                           May 25, 2009. The	 match	 will	 be	 Canada’s	 first	 at	 home	 since	
25% on tickets to the Dancap
                                                                           reaching	 the	 quarter-final	 stage	 at	 last	 year’s	 Women’s	 Olympic	
Production of “Anne of Green
                                                                           Football Tournament. More importantly, it will mark new head coach
Gables	 –	 The	 Musical”™	
                                                                           Carolina Morace’s home debut with the Canadian team.
playing at the Elgin Theatre,
                                                                                “It is important that our supporters can watch our team,” said
189 Yonge St, Toronto, from
                                                                           Carolina Morace from Canada’s base in Cyprus where Canada is
May	7	–	24,	2009.
                                                                           playing in the Cyprus Cup. “Home matches give our supporters an
      Canadian classic Anne
                                                                           opportunity to gain a stronger connection to the team. Every match
of Green Gables - The
                                                                           we play we improve the qualities of the team. The Japanese are
Musical™,	 Canada’s	 longest-
                                                                           a good team who will present a good test. I am looking forward to
running musical and a most
                                                                           playing this match in Toronto.”
beloved export, Anne brings
                                                                                Canada has one of the best women’s soccer programs in the
Montgomery’s pages to life
                                                                           world.	The	team	finished	eighth	last	year	at	the	Women’s	Olympic	
onstage. It tells the story of
                                                                           Football	Tournament	after	reaching	the	quarter-final	stage,	coming	
freckle-faced Anne Shirley with
                                                                           within an extra-time goal of knocking off the number-one ranked
her	 fiery	 temper,	 passion	 for	
                                                                           USA. Canada’s all-time record against Japan is three wins, three
melodrama and penchant for
                                                                           draws and three losses. The most recent match up was a 3-0
misadventures as she brings
                                                                           Canadian win at the 2008 Cyprus Cup last March. Before that, it
laughter, love and more than
                                                                           was an 0-0 friendly draw in Japan in August 2007.
a little consternation to the
                                                                                Tickets to the Canada-Japan match are available through
village of Avonlea. Anne runs
                                                                           Ticketmaster	(	/	416-872-5000).	Tickets	to	the	
from May 7 to 24, 2009 at Toronto’s Elgin Theatre.
                                                                           May 25 match will cost between $15-$35 each. Group rates are
	     To	 order	 call	 416-644-3665	 or	 1-866-950-7469	 –	 use	 code	
                                                                           available in numerous sections with the purchase of 10 or more
“GABLES”. Also available in-person at the Elgin Theatre, 189
Yonge	 St,	 Toronto	 (limited	 number	 of	 certificates	 are	 available	
                                                                                We have a limited number of free tickets at the JCCC available
at	 the	 JCCC	 Reception	 Desk).	 Or,	 order	 tickets	 on-line	 at	 www.
                                                                           on	a	first-come	first-served	basis.	Call	us	at	416-441-2345	to	get

                                                         DONATIONS TO THE JCCC
                                                                     As of April 9, 2009
                                                  The JCCC gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

     Adventures of Caroline & Dave          100             Mrs. Betty Ura                       200          In memory of Kazutoshi Kobayashi
     Mrs. Pat Adachi                        334               “Just Add Shoyu” cookbook                       Ms. Mary Sano                       25
     Movie Night                            783                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Ritz Kinoshita         25
     Mr. and Mrs. Masao Baba                 15             In Memoriam                                       In memory of Mary Baillie
     Mr. Hugh Connolly                      250             In memory of Aiko Morton                          Ms. Emily Wu                        30
     Mr. Michael Filosa                      30             Mrs. Betty Lou Arai                    50         In memory of May Isoshima
     Mr. Ken Fukushima                      100             Mr. and Mrs. Dick Arai                 25         Mr. Frank Isoshima                 100
     Mrs. Yoshiko Fukushima                  88             Lynn Collins and Ron Stewart           50         Mrs. Margaret Nagai                 35
        Mr Y. Kato's 88th birthday                          Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fleming             50         Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nishimura       20
     Mrs. Barbara Hagino                    25              Kiyoo Goto                           100          Mrs. Ruby R. Tanabe                100
     Mr. & Mrs. John & Judy Hayami          88              Mrs. Katherine Hartmann               100         Mr. and Mrs. Rick Tazumi            30
        Yaeki Frances Nakamura's 88th                       Mr. & Mrs. John & Judy Hayami         100         In memory of Mitsuru Sasaki
         birthday                                           Mrs. Marie Ikeda                       50         Mrs. Grace Sasaki                  300
     Ms. Julia Haylock                       40             Mr. Geoffrey Ikeno &                              Dr Sharon Sasaki &
     Mr. Mike Honda                          20                Ms. Patricia Bremner-Ikeno          25            Dr David Sherrington            100
     Mrs. Carol R. Howell                    30             Mark, Anna, Stefano & Kyle Johnston               In memory of Miyoko Ohtake
     Mr. and Mrs. Yoshihiko Ichida          100                & Stephen, Sally, Corbin &                     Mrs. Barbara Kuwahara               25
     Mr. and Mrs. Fujio Inamoto              50                  Mathew Johnston                   50         Dr. Rick Nishikawa                  25
     Mrs. Sumi Iwasaki                      100             Ms. Yoko Kobayashi                     25         Mr. and Mrs. Tad Oyagi              25
     Dr. and Mrs. Teruo Izukawa              50             Ms. Marlene Murray                     25         Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Singeris       25
     JCCC Judo Kai                          500             Mrs. Frances Nakamura                 100         In memory of Molly Ayako Katai
     Mr. Yo Kato                            150             Mrs. Yuki Newbold                    100          Mr. and Mrs. K Katai                50
     Mrs. Sachiko Kawai                      25             Sam, Miyoko & Carly Noda               35         Miss Yoshie Kosaka                  30
        Movie night 'Udon"                                  Mr. and Mrs. Yasunari Shinde           25         In memory of Nobuo Kimura
     Mr. and Mrs. Herb Kikuta                25             Mrs. Miyeko Sugamori                   50         Mrs. Florence Oiye                  25
     Mrs. Grace Kobayashi                    25             Mr. and Mrs. Hideo Takasaki            50         In memory of Rick Yoshida
     Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kobayashi             25             Paul, Theressa & Timothy Takasaki      50         Mrs. Shizuko Yoshida               100
     Mr. Nobuo Kubota                        25             Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tonegawa          20         In memory of Riyeko Nishimura
     Mrs. Kazuko Kumamoto                    50             In memory of Brenda Sakauye                       Aki & Art Odamura,
     Mr. Yuji Kurano                         20             Mrs. Grace Sasaki                      20            Carol & Fumi Tabata,
     Mr. Evan Lind & Ms. Yoko Kosaka         40             In memory of Charlie Ogaki                           Barbara & Wayne Nishimura       200
     Mr. Lawrence Lippold                    25             Dr. Rick Nishikawa                    100         Mr. Art Odamura                    200
     Mr. and Mrs. Kiyoshi Maikawa            50             In memory of Chizuru Kamino                       In memory of Roy Iwao Uchimaru
     Subhash Majumdar                       125             Mr. and Mrs. Dan Maeda                 50         Mrs. Kiyomi Kay Asada               20
     Sahana Mazumder                         20             Mr. and Mrs. Isao Ono                  25         Mr. and Mrs. Kenji Hori             30
     Mr. and Mrs. Subrata Mazumder          400             Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Sakamoto           50         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kobayashi       30
     Mr. Selam Michael                      100             In memory of Eiji John Yatabe & Teruo             Ms. Kay Nagao                       20
     Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Miyazaki           100             Adachi                                            Mr. and Mrs. Mack Oikawa            25
     Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Moritsugu          100             Ms. Susan Yatabe                      200         Wynford Seniors' Club               50
     Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nakagawa              25             In memory of Frank Usami                          In memory of Roy Tsuneyuki Murakami
     Mr. Masanobu Nakamura                   20             Mr. and Mrs. Ross Fukushima            25         Mr. and Mrs. Roy Oiye               25
     Ms. Christine Nakatsu                  100             Mr. and Mrs. Ted Harada                20         In memory of Roy Ushijima
     Mr. William Naruse &                                   Ms. Mary Hiraishi                      25         Mrs. Daisy Asada                   300
        Ms. Polly Shimizu                   100             Ms. Tomi Hiraishi                      25         Mr. and Mrs. George Nakamura        25
     Mr. and Mrs. Hank Nishimura             50             Mrs. Seiko Inamoto                     30         In memory of Sadie Arai
     Mrs. Tomi Nishimura                     50             Mr. and Mrs. Nick Kaji                 25         Mr. and Mrs. Robert Takagi          25
     Miss Toshi Oikawa                      130             Mr. and Mrs. Ritz Kinoshita            25         In memory of Shigeo Suyama
     Mr. and Mrs. Hideo Oshimo               50             Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kobayashi          30         Mrs. Mary Kawasaki                  20
     Mr. and Mrs. Neil Rogers                50             Mrs. Pat Y. Kusano                     25         Mrs. Marge Yoshiye Suyama          500
     Mrs. Masako Seto                        30             Mrs. Barbara Kuwahara                  25         In memory of Shiro Tsujimoto
     Mrs. Yasuko Shimura                     30             Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marubashi          25         Miss Yoshie Kosaka                  30
     Mr. and Mrs. Roy Eizo Sugimoto         100             Mr. and Mrs. Tad Miura                 30         Miss Akiko Tsujimoto               200
     Mrs. Marie Terakita                     20             Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nishimura          25         Mrs. Janet Tsujimoto               200
     Toronto Geino Aikokai                  500             Mr. and Mrs. Isao Ono                  25         In memory of Tats Kinoshita
        Rakugo                                              Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sakaguchi         25         Mr. and Mrs. Peter Wakayama         50
     Mr. and Mrs. Roy Tsukada               15              Ms. Fumi Sasaki                        20         In memory of Tatsuo Yanoshita
     Upper Canada Judo Club                 65              Mrs. Miyeko Sugamori                   30         Mrs. Betty Aihoshi                  50
     Mrs. Toshiko Usami                     50              Mr. Tahara                             20         Ken and Shirley Doi                 50
        Frances Nakamura's 88th birthday                    Mr. and Mrs. Tad Tanabe                25         Staff at Fairglen Jr Public School 255
     Ms. Stella Watters                      20             Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Tonegawa          20         Hoyano Family                       30
     Mr. and Ms. Robert White               100             Mrs. Gladys Uchimaru                   25         Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ikeda           25
                                                            Mrs. Toshie Yokoyama                   30         Mr. and Mrs. Ritz Kinoshita         25
                                                            Mr. Tad Yonekura                       20         Mr. Martin & Mrs. Dawna Kobayashi   50
     Heritage                                               In memory of Kay Onizuka                          Kumamoto Kenjin Kai                 25
     Corporation of the City of Woodstock   789             Mrs. Terrie T. Kawaguchi               25         Mr. Manzur Malik                   160
       Kazuo Hamasaki Exhibit                                                                                 Mrs. Yaeko Motomura                 50

                                                                                                                      Dontaions continues to next page.

                                                     DONATIONS TO THE JCCC
                                                                 As of April 9, 2009
                                              The JCCC gratefully acknowledges the following donations:

  Mr. Roy Nagamatsu                      50           In memory of Uwe Hartmann                           Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc.          100
  Mrs. Ann Scott                         30           Mr. & Mrs. John & Judy Hayami           100
  Mr. and Mrs. Kim Shikaze               25           In memory of Yas Saito                              Supporting Members
  Mr. and Mrs. Hiyoshi Sumiya            25           Mrs. Barbara Kuwahara                   25          Leader:
  UA Local 46 Toronto                   100           Ms. Erin Oikawa                         50          Ms. Yoko Kobayashi                 500
  Mrs. Chizuko Yasui                     40           In memory of Yaye Fujii                             Mr. and Mrs. Henry Okada           500
  In memory of Tom Nobuoka                            Mrs. Mary Kawasaki                      30          Partner:
  Ms. Marie Hirano                       30                                                               Mr. and Mrs. Norm Harrison         100
  Mr. and Mrs. Shoji Takahashi           25           Bazaar                                              Mrs. Shizuko Kadoguchi             150
  In memory of Tom Sakamoto                           F & P Mfg. Inc.                         100         Mr. and Mrs. Toshiki Kaga          150
  Mrs. Barbara Kuwahara                  25           Anonymous                               300         Mr. Yo Kato                        150
  Mrs. Gladys Uchimaru                   25           R.S. Kane Funeral Home                  100         Mrs. Katharine Matsumoto           130
  In memory of Toshio Onishi                          St. Andrew's Japanese Anglican Church   300         Mr. and Mrs. Masayasu Mine         115
  Mr. Mike Delsey                        25           Toronto Japanese Seventh Day                        Mr. and Mrs. Joe K. Miyazaki       150
  Dillon Consulting Limited              75               Adventist Church                    100         Miss Toshi Oikawa                  150
                                                      Toronto Japanese United Church
                                                          Fujinkai                            100

Sogetsu Flower Show                                                                   Woodstock, which is known for its new Toyota Motor
by Sogetsu Toronto East Branch                                                   Manufacturing Canada plant, has maintained a good relationship
                                                                                 with Japan. Their connection with Japan spans 20 years, and
The	 39th	 Sogetsu	 Toronto	 East	 Branch	 flower	 show	 will	 be	 held	
                                                                                 the city recognizes the importance of understanding Japanese
on Sunday May 24, 2009 from 1:00pm to 5:00pm at the JCCC.
Admission is $5. For more information, please contact Mrs. Abe at
                                                                                      Michael Harding, Mayor of the City of Woodstock who recently
                                                                                 returned from a business trip to Japan commented on Hamasaki’s
JCCC Hamasaki Collection Exhibited in                                            works that, “There is something essential in the Japanese spirit
                                                                                 that delights in nature in a way that we don’t. … It’s the loss of the
Woodstock                                                                        language that has happened in the second and third generation,
By Mika Fukuma                                                                   not the creative spirit.”
Several       Torontonians,                                                           Guest curator for the exhibition, Bryce Kanbara of Hamilton,
including representatives                                                        noted that the landscape paintings are recollections of the B.C.
from the JCCC and the                                                            interior where Kaz Hamasaki’s family was interned -- giving the
Hamasaki family were                                                             works	historical	significance.	“Those	are	the	aspects	that	make	his	
present at the opening of                                                        works interesting and separates it from a Japanese show,” said
the exhibition Play Misty                                                        Kanbara.
For Me: The Paintings of                                                              A special presentation was also made at the opening of
Kazuo Hamasaki at the                                                            the exhibition on behalf of the JCCC Heritage Committee and
Woodstock Art Gallery on                                                         the Hamasaki family, with a donation of one of Kaz Hamasaki’s
March 7. The 19 paintings                                                        paintings.
displayed until April 4 were From left, Maria Ricker, curator of Woodstock            I would like to thank Sid and Marie Ikeda for the pleasant ride
                              Art Gallery, Ken Yoshida, Michael Harding,
on loan from the JCCC Mayor of the city of Woodstock, and Gary                   to and from Woodstock. I am glad I had the opportunity to view the
Heritage Committee, and Hamasaki. Photo courtesy of Mika Fukuma,                 breathtaking works by Kaz Hamasaki.
were originally donated Nikkei Voice.                                                 Those who missed the opportunity to see the exhibition are
by executors of the Hamasaki Estate, Ken Yoshida and Gary                        encouraged to look forward to an exhibition of Hamasaki’s paintings
Hamasaki to the JCCC.                                                            at the JCCC, hopefully sometime next year.
     After his passing in 2005, Nisei Kazuo Hamasaki’s name and
legacy has been kept alive by the JCCC and the Hamasaki family.
These included a weekend exhibition of his works in November
2006 and the renaming of the Sky Room at the JCCC to the
                                                                                 Seeking Info On 1943 Slocan Valley
Hamasaki Room in December 2008. This exhibition held outside
of the Centre was an introduction of his works to other Canadians                Baseball Championship
that are not familiar with his name.                                             By Julie Takeda
     The exhibition concept came about when Maria Ricker, curator                I am looking for any information people might have about the July
of the Woodstock Art Gallery approached the JCCC to discuss the                  1, 1943 Slocan Valley Championship. No information is too small
idea of introducing Japanese culture to the community through                    or trivial. e.g. weather, where people sat, how long the tournament
visual arts.                                                                     lasted,	 names	 of	 people	 who	 played	 or	 coached	 (I	 know	 some	
     Although Hamasaki was trained in methods of the Josui Kai                   of	the	famed	Asahi	ball	players	were	on	the	Lemon	Creek	team)	
Nanga Society, and was bestowed on him his seal and artist’s                     whether there was a closing/opening ceremony, what the names
name, “Shin Sen,” he had never been to Japan. Still, the Japanese                of the other teams were, whether there were any standout plays,
influences	in	his	paintings	are	apparent	and	his	works	often	reflect	            impressions of the day/games, etc.
Hamasaki’s JC heritage and love for Hawaii through his distinctive               	     People	 can	 contact	 me	 via	 my	 email	 address	 (jstakeda@
usage of combined Eastern and Western style watercolour                	 or	 the	 JCCC	 newsletter	 at	
techniques.                                                                      Thank you. Julie Takeda
J-Comm Committee at the JCCC
Early in 2009 an important new committee came into being at the JCCC.
In response to input from the Ijusha community, as well as recognition
that the Japanese-speaking component of the community is one of
our important stakeholders, the JCCC Board has moved to create the
J-Comm Committee.
     The Centre has a great many members, instructors and participants
who are Japanese speakers. The JCCC understands that we must
evolve our own programming to better meet the needs and interests of
the Ijusha and Japanese-speaking community.
	    The	 name	 J-Comm	 Committee	 	 was	 chosen	 to	 reflect	 its	
inclusiveness: “J” stands for Japanese in the broadest sense: culture,
language	–	not	strictly	as	a	racial	or	national	designation;	“Comm”	stands	      Some of the members of the J-Comm Committee. From left clockwise: Junko
for both communication and community. It is through this committee                  Mifune, Chie Takano Reeves, Kazu Maruyama, Kumiko Okumura-Baxter.
                                                                                                                      Photo courtesy of Yaeko Yamamoto.
that the JCCC will reach out the Japanese speakers, Ijusha and the vital
community organizations like NJCA, JSS and others. The goal is to be welcoming and accommodating; to tear down any remaining walls
between	Ijusha	and	JCCC	–	to	make	all	Japanese-speakers	feel	like	family,	rather	than	guests,	at	6	Garamond	Court.
	    J-Comm	reflects	the	new,	deeper	commitment	and	the	JCCC’s	desire	to	embrace	and	engage	our	Japanese-speaking	friends.
     The vision of the committee is as follows: “In the JCCC’s spirit of inclusion, to create activity with the JCCC which serves the needs of
the Japanese speaking community; to create bridges between Japanese speakers; to create opportunities for friendship between Japanese
speakers and the broader Canadian community.”
	    New	Japanese	immigrants	have	been	identified	as	one	of	the	major	stakeholders	in	the	JCCC’s	future.	It	is	essential	that	the	JCCC	
create a direct bond with this group. They include:
•	   Post-war	Japanese	immigrants
•	   Recent	immigrants
•	   Japanese	in	“international	marriages”
•	   Working	holiday	visa	holders	(JAVA,	etc.)
•	   Japanese	posted	in	Canada	for	business	and	their	families
•	   Established	Ijusha	organizations	(NJCA,	JSS,	etc.)
•	   Other	Japanese	speakers	such	as	zainichi		(Korean	Japanese)		and	kakyo	(Chinese	Japanese)	and	those	who	have	lived	in	Japan		
	    (JET,	etc)
     The motto of the committee is: “We are All Connected”. Through J-Comm, the JCCC wishes to contribute in its own way to the groups
that support the Japanese speaking community. JCCC does not compete with other ijusha groups; J-Comm exists to expand and enhance
Japanese language activity at the JCCC through cooperation and collaboration.















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                     416 966 0300                                  Stephen Kawano
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                               Sutton Group
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Nostalgia Night 09
          Saturday June 20
             3:00pm - 8:00pm
 Tributes to Ghost Town Teachers
 and Nisei Ladies’ Softball League

 Pioneer Achievement Awards

 Raffle, live entertainment and
 Japanese Canadian/Hawaiian

                     Admission: $7
              RSVP preferred to 416-441-2345

             Presented by the JCCC Heritage Committee

                 6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON M3C

                                   Kamp Kodomo
                                   Summer 2009
                                                Our Mission
     To provide a stimulating and educational Japanese/Japanese Canadian cultural experience for young

                                             Who can register?
                                         Children ages 6 to 12 Years

                                             Session 1 – July 13-17
                                             Session 2 – July 20-24
                                             Session 3 – July 27-31

                              Camp Hours are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
          Extended camp care is available daily from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. and from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

                                                $ 180/week
                                     10% discount for JCCC Members
                       5% discount for additional siblings attending the same session
                                       Extended care is $ 35/week.

                                             What is included?

                    Children get to participate in a variety of hands-on sessions including:

                              Drama                                   Language
                              Martial Arts                            History
                              Music                                   Arts and Crafts
                              Cooking                                 Geography
                              Dance                                   And More!!!

      There are two snacks each day and one special activity day per week that may include an offsite
                    Children must bring a nutritious lunch and drink each day.

                                              Why register?
        Kamp Kodomo is run by trained and qualified instructors and many dedicated volunteers. This
       team knows that exposure to culture is the best way to ignite interest and to hand over tradition
      to the next generation. Together, they work to ensure that the children have a wonderful time in
                                            a safe environment.

                                              How to register
      Just fill in the form on the opposite side. Submit one (1) Registration Form for each child. Return
           to the JCCC via mail, in person or via fax. Enrollment is limited to 40 children per week.
                                     Registration deadline July 3, 2009

                                                           6 Garamond Court, Toronto, ON M3C 1Z5
                                                           Tel: 416-441-2345 Fax: 416-441-2347
                                                           Email: Website:
                                                   Kamp Kodomo Registration Form
                                                                           July 13-31, 2009
                                                      Please Print Clearly              One Form for Each Child

Child’s Name:
                                               Last                                                                   First

Child’s Home Address:
                                               Number                              Street                                                     Apt/Suite

City                                           Postal Code                                                            Telephone, include area code

Birth Date:                                                                                               Sex: [ ] Male           [ ] Female              Age:
                       Date                    Month                   Year

Ontario Health Insurance Number                                        Doctor’s Name                                                          Phone No.

Name of Parent or Guardian:
                                                                       Last                                                        First

Relationship to Child: [ ] Mother            [ ] Father      [ ] Other, please specify:

Contact During the Day:
                                           Work Telephone Number                                                      Cellular Phone/Pager Number

                                   Email Address:__________________________________________________________________________________________________

Is there other important information about your child that you would like us to know? For example, friends at the program, special
interests, sports, musical instruments or arts and crafts:

Medical	Conditions/Food	&	Other	Allergies:	 	                          	           	          	           	           	           	           	           	           	

                                     Program	Fees	                    =	      	                   ($180.00	per	week)	 (							)	Week	1:	Jul	13-17	
                                      No.	of	weeks	                   =	      	                                     	 (							)	Week	2:	Jul	20-24	
                                          Sub-total	                  =	      	                                     	 (							)	Week	3:	Jul	27-31	
Deduct 10% if you have JCCC Family Membership                         =
Deduct 5% for additional children from same family                    =
                Additional	Extended	Program	Fee	                      =	      	                     ($35.00	per	week)	 Specify	week:		
                                                             Total    =

Payment	is	included	by:	[		]	Cheque	(Payable	to	JCCC)	                             (Debit	Card	payment	accepted	at	JCCC	reception	desk)	
[ ] MasterCard [ ] VISA [ ] AMEX
                                                           Number                                                                                         Expiry Date
Payment and Withdrawal information: Fees can be made by current dated cheques, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or debit card. Indicate the children’s
names on the reverse side of all cheques. Include your VISA, MasterCard or AMEX information on this registration form if you wish to pay by credit card
or if you are faxing your forms. Please note there is a $10.00 administrative charge for all NSF Cheques returned or for VISA, MasterCard or AMEX
declines. Debit card payment in person only. Full payment must be made prior to session start date. Refund Policy: Refunds, less a $25.00
administrative charge per registrant, will be issued for all program session cancellation received in writing. Refunds are not available within one week
prior	to	the	program	start	date.		Medical	&	Emergency	Information: Please ensure that you provide all information requested on the registration form. A
minimum of one program supervisor, coordinator or assistant is certified in Emergency First Aid Care and CPR. Special needs: Please contact the
JCCC office and we will endeavor to accommodate them. Release: I hereby agree to the terms and conditions outlined above and hereby release and
agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, its directors and offices, its staff, employees and volunteers from any
liability	concerning	our	child(ren)'s	involvement in JCCC’s Kamp Kodomo and further agree that the use of all JCCC facilities is made at the risk of the
applicant.	The	child(ren)	&	parent(s)	agree,	that	any	pictures	taken during the program can be used in any promotion or advertisement by the JCCC. By
signing	below,	parents/guardians	and	child	(ren)	agree	to	abide	by	all	rules,	regulations	&	standards of conduct as required by the program staff for the
session	for	the	enjoyment	&	benefit	of	all	participants.	

Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                             Date

   If	you	are	registering	more	than	one	child,	submit	one	(1)	Registration	Form	for	each	child.		Return	to	the	JCCC	via	mail,	in	person or via fax. Enrollment is limited to 40
                                                            children per week. Registration deadline July 3, 2008
                              JCCC,	6	Garamond	Court,	Toronto,	Ontario	M3C	1Z5		Phone:	(416)441-2345		Fax:	(416)441-2347

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