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									   Cedar International School Ringworm Protocol

What is Ringworm?

Ringworm, (or Tinea corporis,) is a fungal skin infection.
A parasite or worm does not cause this relatively common skin
infection. A red scaly lesion develops with rings of vesicle with the
characteristic central clearing. It causes intense itching. It commonly
occurs on the scalp as well as other body areas.
School screening;

      Although screening is not routinely undertaken, any student
       seen to have a suspected case of ringworm will have their
       parents contacted via telephone.
      If the area can be covered with a dressing or plaster, the student
       will be allowed to continue attendance, until a medical
       consultation can be sought at the earliest opportunity.
      If the area cannot be covered, or the infection is widespread
       parents will be called for collection.
      In isolated cases of ringworm, the class parents will be notified
       and advised of symptoms and treatment.
      In school wide cases, notification to the school community will be

In event ringworm being identified;

      Students are required to remain out of school until treatment
       with an anti-fungal agent has been administered for 24 hours,
       unless the area can be completely covered with a dressing and
       remain intact.
      Should the infection be causing discomfort or irritation to the
       student, the student should remain out of school until irritation

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