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					Textbook Procedures Students are responsible for their textbooks. The books belong to the State of Texas and must be covered in order to prevent damage. Free book covers will be provided. Damage to any textbook after issuance to students will result in a fine. Students who lose their textbooks should check the Lost and Found. If the book is not found in three days, students will be required to purchase another book. Students will not be issued more textbooks at the beginning of a semester if they have not cleared their books from the previous semester. Report cards and transcripts may be withheld. Senior textbooks must be cleared before graduation. Transportation The Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City Independent School District shall provide transportation for eligible pupils who reside at least two (2) miles from school. Student conduct on school buses is attached as Appendix II. The district shall also provide special transportation for exceptional children residing in the district, provided the student is unable to utilize existing transportation and would be unable to attend school unless such special transportation is provided. Visitors The State of Texas loitering law prohibits unauthorized visitors in or around public schools (Texas Education Code 4.23a). Parents are invited to visit the schools to confer with teachers and principals relative to the instruction of their children and should check in through the school office. At no time should a visitor call a teacher from the class for a conference at the door of the room. Except for emergencies, parents are expected to arrange conferences by appointment. Other than parents/guardians, lunch visitors will not be permitted. SCUCISD Board Policy (GKC, Local) follows: All visitors to the schools, including parents and Board members, are welcome to visit the campus. Visitors must first report to the principal’s office. Visits to individual classrooms during instructional time shall be permitted only with the Principal’s approval, and such visits shall not be permitted if their duration or frequency interferes with the delivery of instruction or disrupts the normal school environment. STUDENT DRIVING REGULATIONS Registration All vehicles driven to school by students will be registered and parked in the proper lots. 45

Parking permits must be purchased at the Main Office. The cost of the permit is $10.00. Parking permits will be revoked at any time for serious offenses/or multiple offenses. Students are informed that tagging vehicles is forbidden. This would include marking vehicles with shoe polish or any other paint or marker-like substance. Inappropriate slogans, pictures, comments are forbidden on vehicles that are parked in the school’s parking areas and you may be asked to remove them. Parking Areas Authorized parking areas have been established for students’ protection. Students are to park in the student parking lot in the front of the building at Steele High School. Students are to park in the student lot north of the main building and in the northern part of the stadium lot. Limited parking is allowed in front of the fieldhouse and along the west side of the stadium lot at Clemens High School. Students are not to park in the faculty parking areas, along red/yellow curbs, in driveways, behind or in front of the building, or on the grass. The speed limit on the campus is 10 mph. Reckless driving and speeding will not be tolerated. Students must leave their cars as soon as they arrive at school and are not to return to them at any time during the school day without permission from the office, except seniors and vocational co-op students leaving school at appropriate times. Students are advised not to leave their vehicles unattended overnight or over the weekends in the parking lots. Students who choose to do so, should park their vehicles in the student parking, by the Field House. There is no parking in the Band practice area during marching season August/December and all weekends. Do not leave valuables in plain view and secure all vehicles. The District Police Department is here to assist you. If you have problems, call (945-6190) or stop by the District Police Department. Penalties Students who drive vehicles to school must abide by all parking/driving regulations. Infractions of regulations governing the parking lots will normally result in disciplinary action and referral to Law Enforcement. Campus citations are a legal and binding document. Non-Moving Violations First and Second Offense: $5.00 fine and parent notification by campus police. 46

Third Offense:

$5.00 fine and parking permit may be revoked for up to the remainder of year. Moving Violations

All laws of the State of Texas, Ordinances of the City of Schertz, and rules and regulations of the campus are in effect and enforced 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Students who drive vehicles to school must abide by all parking/driving regulations. Infractions of regulations governing the parking lots will normally result in disciplinary action and referral to the District Police Department. Speed limit on campus is 10 MPH. Reckless driving and speeding will not be tolerated and will result in monetary fine. Parking permits can be revoked at any time for serious offenses. Parking/moving citations must be paid within 5 school days. After 10 days the citation will be turned over to the municipal court. Campus citations are legal and bonding documents. DISCIPLINE MANAGEMENT Policies and Regulations Jurisdiction The District has jurisdiction over its students during the regular school day (8:15am – 4:15pm) and while going to and from school on District transportation. The District’s jurisdiction includes any activities during the school day on school grounds, attendance at any school-related activity regardless of time or location, and any school-related misconduct regardless of time or location. Boys/Girls Town Education Model The Boys Town Education Model has been adopted and is included as one of the proactive intervention strategies used in the SCUCISD. This model offers expertise to help make schools safer and better places to learn. It expands the dialogue about the importance of redefining what a safe school is – a place where students and teachers respect one another and cooperate so learning can occur, a place where open communications is a priority, a place where there is a system for resolving disputes, a place that opens its doors to the surrounding community and welcomes its residents as partners in learning. The Boys Town Model supports such school goals as: increased school attendance, following school and class rules, improving relationships and interactions with teachers and administrators, improving academic performance, building appropriate peer interaction skills, decreasing out-of- school suspensions, and the probability of school drop out.


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