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Case Number confirmed case


Case Number confirmed case

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									  Cases 105 -118
Case       Sex/Age   Symptoms        Details                      Classification    Flight/Date/Ro   Household contacts   Affected building
Number                                                                              w
105        M/16      June 15         -Form 4 student of TSK       Local             --               5                    East Asia
                     -Sore throat    Victoria Secondary                                                                   Mansion,
                     -Cough          School                                                                               Hennessy Rd,
                                     - No travel history                                                                  Wan Chai
                                     - Last attended school on
                                     June 15
                                     -Admitted to Pamela
                                     Youde Nethersole Eastern
                                     Hospital (PYNEH) on
                                     June 15

106        M/13                      Please refer to a separate                     -
                                     press release
107        F/14                      Please refer to a separate                     -
                                     press release
108        M/34      June 12         -No travel history           Local             -                3                    Nam Hung
                     -Fever          -Took a confirmed patient    (imported-relat                                         Mansion,
                     -Sore throat,   from Airport to Yau Tong     ed)                                                     Belcher’s Street
                     -Runny nose,    on June 10
                     -Cough          -Admitted to Queen Mary
                                     Hospital (QMH) on June
109   F/13    June 11         -Primary 6 student of St.   Local   --   2   Kwan Yick
              - cough         Anthony’s School in                          Building Phase 3,
                              Pokfulam Road                                Des Voeux Rd
                              -No travel history                           West, Sai Ying
                              -No contact with                             Pun
                              confirmed case
                              - Last attended school on
                              June 11
                              -Attended Designated Flu
                              Clinic (DFC) at Sai Ying
                              Pun Jockey Club General
                              Outpatient Clinic on June

110   F/18    June 14         -No travel history          Local   --   5   Warwick Terrace,
              -Cough          -No contact with                             Kowloon Tong
                              confirmed case
              June 15         - Attended Central
              -Fever          Kowloon DFC on June 15
111   F/49,   June 12         -Travelled to Shenzhen on   Local   -    1   Fanling Wai,
              - muscle pain   June 11                                      Fanling
                              -No contact with persons
              June 13         with respiratory
              -Fever          symptoms
                              -Attended Fanling DFC
                              on June14
112   F/13    June 13            -Form 1 student of St      Local (belong                      3       Block D, Mount
              -Sore throat       Paul’s Convent School      to St Paul’s                               Parker Lodge
              -Runny nose        -Admitted to PYNEH on      Convent
              -Cough             June 14                    School cluster)

              June 15
113   M/23   -Onset of fever and -Returned from San         Imported          Cathay Pacific   3       Block L, Kornhill
             sore throat on flight Francisco                                  (CX 873)
             to Hong Kong        -Admitted to PYNEH on                        -Row 57
                                 June 14

114   F/31   June 11            Returned from Thailand on Imported            --                   2   Kiu Hing Road
             -Sorethroat        June 10                                                                Yuen Long
             -Cough             Admitted to Tuen Mun
             -Runny nose        Hospital on June 15

115   F/18   June 12            - Returned from Thailand    Imported          Bangkok Airways 6        Horizon Drive
             -Cough             -2 travel companions have                     (PG805)                  Southern District
             -Nausea            been infected with human                      June 13
                                swine flu                                     Row 6
             June 14            -Admitted to QMH on June
             -fever             14
116   F/18   June 15,      -Studied in New York          Imported                         2   Tower J, Grenville
             -Fever        -Travelled to Europe from                                          House,
             -Cough        May 9 to June 8                                                     Magazine Gap,
                           -Admitted to QMH on June                                           Central;
117   M/45   June 13       -Arrived in Hong Kong         Imported           Jet Airways   3   --
             -Fever        from India on June 11                            (9W76)
                           -Travelled to Macao on June                      Row 16
                           11                                               June 11
                           -Returned to HK on June 14
                           -Admitted to QMH on June
118   F/13   June 14       -Form 1 student of St Paul    Local (belong to                 5   Tin Lai House
             -Runny nose   Convent School                St Paul’s                            Tin Wan Estate
             -Fever        -Admitted to QMH on June Convent School
                           14                            cluster)

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