Top Ten Test Taking Strategies by uwn15494


									               Top Ten Test Taking Strategies

1. Know what to expect on the test. Know directions in advance. DO A

2. Fight negative thinking.

3. Get good rest and reduce stress level before the test.

4. Keep your energy level high. Eat before the test and snack at break
   time. A piece of gum can be a quick burst of energy.

5. Do not try to Cram.

6. Use deep breathing for relaxation before the test and short deep
   breaths during for a mental break.

7. Do not spend too long on any question. Skip harder questions and
   come back to them if time permits.

8. Know the timing of the test and manage your time wisely.

9. Use elimination to get the right answers.

10. Read each question carefully so you know specifically what it is

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