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Gulliver s Quality Books Toys and the North Bay


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									Gulliver’s Quality Books & Toys and the North Bay Public Library welcomes children’s author, Anne Renaud for a special presentation: “Preserving Voices of Our Past”
Award-winning author Anne Renaud speaks about what inspires her non-fiction topics, and how she conducts her research to preserve voices from the past. The talk will feature readings from Anne’s children’s books: Island of Hope and Sorrow: The Story of Grosse Île A Bloom of Friendship: The Story of the Canadian Tulip Festival

Copies of both books will be on sale during the event, courtesy of Gulliver’s Quality Books & Toys. Have your books signed by the author!

Event Details: Who: Anne Renaud, “Preserving Voices of Our Past” What: A presentation & reading, free and open to the public Where: North Bay Public Library 271 Worthington St East , North Bay When: Friday, October 5th • 10:00am
These books are suited for readers ages 8 and up, and for anyone interested in learning about Canada’s rich history. For more information about the event, please call (705) 474-4830. www.gulliversbookstore.com / www.city.north-bay.on.ca / www.lobsterpress.com

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