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"Our priority deadline for Point Park University is April 15. There is a Pennsylvania ... 30 - Pittsburgh Cares Job Recruitment, 10 am - 2 pm, Table outside of Point Cafe, ..... Find more at

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									                                                              Financial Aid/FASFA Questions Answered
                                              	        As	students	begin	the	spring	semester,	they	tend	not	to	think	about	the	start	of	the	
           February 2010                      following	school	year,	let	alone	financial	aid.		For	the	Fall	2010	semester,	students	can	begin	
          Volume 1 Issue 3                    filing	the	Free	Application	for	Federal	Student	Aid	(FAFSA)	as	of	January	1,	2010.		
                                              	        “Our	priority	deadline	for	Point	Park	University	is	April	15.		There	is	a	Pennsylvania	
       Inside This Issue:                     state	grant	deadline	of	May	1	and	we	can	award	aid	up	to	and	including	the	last	day	of	the	
                                              semester	(although	we	prefer	not	to	wait	that	long!).		So,	the	deadline	for	the	FAFSA	truly	is	
Grad School or the Real World..2              rolling,	but	students	can	miss	out	on	aid	by	waiting	until	after	certain	deadlines	to	file,”	said	
Spring Calendar..........................3    Sandra	Cronin,	Director	of	Financial	Aid.				
Upcoming Job Fairs...................4        	        All	of	the	financial	information	for	Point	Park,	including	the	school	code	(003357)	for	
                                              the	FASFA	form	can	be	found	at	It	also	has	a	new	financial	aid	calculator	
SAEM Job Shadowing...............4
                                              which	was	launched	last	November.				
Resume Tips...............................5
                                              	        The	Financial	Aid	office	is	open	to	any	student	who	has	had	a	change	of	income	
Graduation Information.............6
                                              because	of	the	economy.		“Financial	aid	for	the	2010-2011	year	is	based	on	2009	actual	
Faculty Questions......................7
                                              income,”	said	Cronin.	“However,	we	are	able	to	recalculate	a	student’s	eligibility	based	on	
                                              anticipated	2010	income.”		
                                              	        Cronin	also	wants	students	to	know	that	they	can	come	to	the	Financial	Aid	office	and	
                                              discuss	any	specific	situations	with	the	professional	staff	members.		“I	constantly	hear	from	
                                              students	and	parents	that	they	are	embarrassed	to	ask	questions,”	Cronin	said.	Students	who	
  The Student Success Center is               are	interested	in	financial	aid	for	the	summer	semester	need	to	pick	up	an	application	in	March.	  	
     dedicated to providing a                 Also,	early	February	through	April	is	the	time	when	the	office	advertises	private	scholarship	
    central area for School of                opportunities.		Different	departments	and	schools	within	the	university	receive	information	
       Business students for                  on	scholarships	in	their	majors.		Check	your	Point	Park	email	regularly	on	updates	about	
     registration, internships,               scholarships	from	each	department.		
tutoring, mentoring and support               	        Cronin	encourages	students	who	have	questions	or	just	would	like	to	meet	with	a	
  services. It exists to serve the            professional	staff	member	to	do	so.	“We	are	here	to	help	as	much	as	possible,”	she	said.	
 individual needs of students as
   they work toward successful                                                 Financial Aid Contact:
        degree completion.                                                      Phone:	412-392-3930
                                                                    Hours:		Monday-Thursday	8:30am	-	6:00	p.m.
                                                                            Friday	-	8:30	am	-	4:30	p.m.
                                                               1st	and	3rd	Saturday	of	the	month	9:00	a.m.	-	1:00	p.m.	
 The Student Success Center
West Penn Building 11th Floor
    phone: 412-392-8014                                                           Reminder
     fax: 412-392-8048                        Registration	for	Summer	2010	and	Fall	2010	terms	begins	March	15,	2010.	
e-mail:studentsuccesscenter@                  Students	register	according	to	their	class	rank,	which	is	determined	by	the                         number	of	credits	they	have	earned.		Classes	students	are	currently	taking	DO	
  web:                      NOT	count	as	earned	credits.	Seniors	and	Accelerated	students	will	register	
                                              first,	followed	by	juniors,	sophomores	and	freshman.		Coursebooks	will	be	
                                              available	on	PointWeb	approximately	one	week	before	registration.		The	
                                              School	of	Business	conducts	registration	online	via	PointWeb.		Check	your	
                                              Point	Park	email	for	all	further	registration	information.				

School of Business Student Success Center                                                                                                Page 1
                       GRAD SCHOOL OR THE REAL WORLD?
                                                      By Minyvonne Burke
After four stressful but rewarding years in undergraduate school, a student is suddenly faced with a decision: One is to enter straight into
the job market, and the other is to attend graduate school. For those students considering continuing their education, here is some
information to help make the decision easier.
-	A	general	master’s	degree	can	either	be	a	Master	of	Arts	(MA)	or	a	Master	of	Science	(MS).		There	are	also	field-specific	master’s	degrees	
such	as	Master	of	Business	Administration	(MBA)	and	Master	of	Engineering	(M.	Eng)
-	A	student	can	typically	finish	a	master’s	degree	in	1	to	3	years
-	Doesn’t	guarantee	career	success	but	can	help	you	to	get	to	the	next	level	in	your	career
-	The	average	debt	accumulated	for	graduate	degrees	ranges	from	$27,000	to	$114,000

                                        HOW TO PREPARE FOR GRADUATE SCHOOL
Before	a	student	enters	graduate	school,	they	must	take	a	test	similar	to	that	of	the	SAT.		There	are	different	kinds	of	tests	depending	on	what	kind	
of	school	a	student	wants	to	attend.
-	GMAT	(Graduate	Management	Admissions	Test)
	        -	Required	by	most	business	schools
	        -	Can	be	taken	anytime	of	the	year
	        -	Computer-adaptive	test:	means	your	performance	on	previous	questions	determines	which	question	comes	next
	        -	Comprised	of	3	sections
	        -	The	overall	GMAT	score	ranges	from	200-800	points	and	is	determined	from	a	combination	of	your	scores	on	the	Quantitative	and	
	        Verbal	sections.		The	Analytical	Writing	assessment	score	does	not	count	towards	the	combined	score.
-	LSAT	(Law	School	Administration	Test)
	        -	Offered	4	times	a	year
	        -	Comprised	of	4	sections
	        -	LSAT	scores	are	based	on	a	scale	of	120-180	points
	        -	The	fee	for	the	LSAT	is	$132
-	GRE	(Graduation	Record	Examination)
	        -	Computer-adaptive	test:	means	your	performance	on	previous	questions	determines	which	questions	come	next
	        -	Comprised	of	3	sections
	        -	The	score	is	based	on	how	you	perform	on	each	section.		Verbal	and	math	are	between	200-800	points,	and	analytical	writing	0-6	points
	        -	The	fee	for	the	GRE	is	$150
-	GRE	Subject	tests
	        -	Are	intended	to	measure	your	knowledge	of	specific	subject	matter
	        -	Available	in	8	areas:	biochemistry,	cell	and	molecular	biology,	biology,	chemistry,	computer	science,	literature	in	English,	math,	physics		
	        and	psychology
	        -	Given	3	times	a	year;	October,	November,	and	April
	        -	Given	seperately	from	the	GRE	and	require	additional	fees

There is a Grad School Info Fair February 24th from 4-6 PM in the lobby of Lawrence Hall

      Grad School or the Real World?                                         ARE YOU READY FOR GRADUATE SCHOOL?

  - Option 1: Grad school first, work later                                 	-	Can	help	further	career	and	potentially	raise	your	salary
         - Gives you freedom to relocate in order to                        	-	Demands	a	lot	of	hard	work,	a	significant	time
            pursue the program you want                                     				commitment	and	financial	support
         - Allows you to continue in the “school mode”                      	-	Degree	holders	earned	an	average	of	$10,000	more	a						
           instead of having to start that up again later                   			year	than	those	with	only	a	bachelor’s	degree	
                                                                            	-	Looks	good	on	resume
  - Option 2: Work first, grad school later
                                                                            	-	The	knowledge	you	gain	in	a	few	years	of	graduate	school				
         - Helps a person bring real-world experience to
                                                                            				may	take	you	longer	to	learn	while	on	the	job
           the classroom                                                    	-	Key	questions	to	ask	yourself:
         - Grad school isn’t going anywhere, it helps                       							l What	are	your	career	goals?
           you take time to figure out what you want to                     							l	Are	you	passionate	about	a	specific	areas	of	study?
           do outside the classroom                                         							l	Are	you	motivated?	        	       	       	
                                                                            							l	Is	graduate	school	a	smart	move	financially?

 School of Business Student Success Center                                                                                                   Page 2
                Spring Calendar
  Important Dates Spring 2010 Non-Accelerated
         Feb. 15 - Fall 2009 Employer Tuition Reimbursement Due
         March 1 - Spring Recess Begins
         March 2 - Final Day for Automatic “W” Grade
         March 8 - Classes Resume
         March 15 - Summer/Fall 2010 Registration
         March 22 - Graduation Fair, Caps/Gowns go on Sale
         April 1 - Summer/Fall 2010 Registration Ends
         April 13 - Final Day to Withdraw from ANY Course (Automatic “F” after this date)
         April 27 - Finals Week Begins
         April 30 - Finals Week Ends
         May 1 - Commencement
         May 5 - Grades Due to Registrar’s Office Wednesday

  Important Dates Spring 2010—Accelerated
         Feb. 15 - Fall 2009 Employer Tuition Reimbursement Due
         Feb. 16 - Final Day to Withdraw from ANY Course (Automatic “F” after this date)
         Feb. 20 - Accelerated Saturday Spring Quarter 1 Ends
         Feb. 25 - Accelerated Evening Spring Quarter 1 Ends
         Feb. 27 - Mid-Semester Break Saturday
         March 6 - Accelerated Spring Quarter II Classes Begin
         March 15 - Summer/Fall 2010 Registration Begins
         March 22 - Graduation Fair, Caps/Gowns go on Sale
         April 1 - Summer/Fall 2010 Registration Ends
         April 5 - Schedule Change Period for Summer/Fall Begins
         April 10 - Accelerated Break Saturday
         April 20 - Final Day to Withdraw from ANY Course (Automatic “F” after this date)
         April 27 - Finals Week Begins
         April 30 - Finals Week Ends
         April 24 - Accelerated Quarter II Ends
         May 1 - Commencement
         May 5 - Grades Due to Registrar’s Office

  Spring 2010 School of Business Student Success Center Extended Hours
         Saturday, March 6 (First Day of Saturday Quarter II Classes) 8:00 am to 1:30 pm
         Monday, March 15-Thursday, March 18 (Summer/Fall Registration) 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
         Saturday, March 20 (Summer/Fall Registration) 8:00 am to 1:30 pm
         Monday, April 19-Thursday, April 22 (Last Week of Spring Semester) 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”
                                                                              -Albert Einstein
School of Business Student Success Center                                                        Page 3
          Students	Gain	Experience	Through	Job	Shadowing
                                            By	Samantha	Stonebraker
	      As	students	enter	into	the	Sport,	Art	and	Entertainment	major	within	the	School	of	Business,	
they	are	given	the	opportunity	to	job	shadow	a	professional	within	their	field.		Students	are	required	in	
SAEM	101	to	find	a	professional	within	an	organization	that	they	would	like	to	shadow.	
	      “It	is	up	to	the	students,”	said	Steve	Tanzilli,	Director	of	the	SAEM	program.		“It	gives	them	
	      Quentin	Chandler-	Cuff	shadowed	Benjy	Grinberg,	Presidnt	at	Rostrum	Records	in	Pittsburgh	
and	shortly	in	New	York	City.		
	      “Rostrum	Records	is	an	independent	label	that	has	been	developing	and	releasing	the	next	wave	
of	popular	recording	artists,”	said	Chandler-Cuff.		“The	label	in	Pittsburgh	is	most	famous	hip	hop	artist	
Wiz	Khalifa.”
	      Chandler-Cuff	had	the	opportunity	to	listen	to	demos,	maintain	social	networks,	such	as	
Facebook	and	MySpace,	and	helped	set	up	business	consults	for	the	label.		
	      “I	developed	a	mentor	relationship	with	Grinberg	earlier	in	my	career	as	a	hip	hop	journalist	and	
party	promoter	last	year,”	said	Chandler-Cuff.		“He	respects	my	opinion	and	has	plugged	me	into	some	
very	useful	tools	and	people	in	the	music	industry.”
	      Christianna	Sampson	took	her	job	shadowing	opportunity	to	the	Pittsburgh	Ballet	Theatre,	where	
she	shadowed	12	members	from	5	departments.		Sampson	shadowed	for	five	weeks,	each	week	with	a	
different	department	within	the	PBT,	including	production,	costumes,	marketing,	development	and	arts	
	      “I	loved	shadowing	everyone	at	Pittsburgh	Ballet	Theatre.”	said	Sampson.		“My	favorite	
department	and	the	department	I	could	see	myself	working	in	would	be	marketing.”		
	      These	great	opportunities	give	students	experience	in	the	work	field	and	networking.		
	      “I	learned	to	follow	my	vision	and	to	always	know	what	the	proverbial	‘curve’	is	so	you	can	try	
and	stay	ahead	of	it,”	said	Chandler-Cuff.		“Shout	out	to	Mr.	Ed	Travaseri	for	allowing	me	to	choose	a	
project	based	on	hip	hop	music.	A	lot	of	teachers	would	have	told	me	to	choose	something	else.”
	      “I	would	recommend	that	all	SAEM	students	take	this	job	shadow	opportunity	because	it	is	well	
organized	and	you	get	to	experience	all	aspects	of	what	its	like	to	work	for	a	non	profit	organization,”	
said	Sampson.		

                 JOB FAIRS AND EVENTS
                    February 23 - Resume Prep Workshop, 11 am - 2 pm, A.H. Atrium Overlook
                February 26 - WANT Job & Career Expo - 9 am - 1 pm, WCCC, Youngwood Campus
                  March 10 & 18 - Resume Prep Workshops, 11 am - 2 pm, A.H. Atrium Overlook
                        March 16 - JMC Intern Fair, 12 - 2:30 pm, Ballroom, Lawrence Hall
    March 24 - WestPACS Job & Internship Fair, 10 am - 3 pm, Monroeville Convention Center (Shuttles provided)
       March 30 - Pittsburgh Cares Job Recruitment, 10 am - 2 pm, Table outside of Point Cafe, Lawrence Hall
                 March 31 - “Six Degrees” Networking Event, 4:30 - 6 pm, Ballroom Lawrence Hall

School of Business Student Success Center                                                                Page 4
                 Helpful Resume Tips

 The	resume	is	meant	to	show	prospective	employers	why	you’re	the	perfect	match	for	the	job.	They	want	to	see	the	skills,	
 experience	and	qualifications	mentioned	in	their	job	postings.	


 Typos	and	grammatical	errors	on	a	resume	are	the	textual	equivalent	of	showing	up	at	an	interview	chewing	gum	and	wearing	
 tennis	shoes.	A	resume	full	of	mistakes	suggests	you	care	neither	about	the	quality	of	your	work	nor	the	impression	it	makes.	


 Embellishing	is	a	common	practice	that	rarely	impresses	hiring	mangers	because	they’ve	seen	it	all.	They	know	“childcare	
 leadership	executive”	means	“babysitter.”	Outright	lies,	however,	have	no	place	on	a	resume.	For	one	thing,	it’s	not	hard	to	verify	
 any	information	you	put	down,	so	you	could	get	caught	at	any	point	between	submitting	your	resume	and	getting	a	job	offer.	


 Before	an	employer	even	reads	your	resume,	he	or	she	forms	an	impression	based	on	how	it	looks.	It’s	a	snap	judgment	that	
 can’t	be	avoided	–	after	all,	don’t	you	immediately	zone	out	when	you	receive	an	e-mail	that’s	one	huge	block	of	text?	Make	
 your	resume	visually	appealing	by	using	bulleted	lists,	plenty	of	white	space	and	subheadings.	Also,	avoid	fonts	that	are	full	of	
 distracting	swirls	and	colors.	It	doesn’t	matter	how	well-written	your	resume	is	if	no	one	wants	to	read	it.

 Not	customizing	your	resume	for	each	job	submittal:	Each	resume	you	submit	should	be	tailored	to	the	position,	highlighting	
 those	dimensions	of	your	background	that	are	most	important	to	the	job.

 Not	using	a	cover	letter:	Cover	letters	provide	a	way	to	highlight	the	personal	qualities	and	accomplishments	that	differentiate	
 you	from	other	applicants.	Your	cover	letter	also	allows	you	to	draw	the	reader’s	attention	to	the	parts	of	your	background	that	are	
 most	applicable	to	the	specific	job.

 Not	following	up	on	resumes	and	interviews:	Professional	follow-through	on	resume	submittals	and	interviews	helps	set	you	
 apart,	puts	your	name	in	front	of	the	hiring	authorities,	and	demonstrates	your	interest	in	the	company	and	position.

 Not	taking	extra	copies	of	your	resume	and	cover	letter	to	each	interview:	Interviewers	are	notorious	for	forgetting	to	bring	your	
 resume	to	the	interview,	so	demonstrate	your	preparedness	by	taking	extra	copies	for	them.	You	may	also	meet	people	who	have	
 not	seen	your	resume	before.


 Not	preparing	intellectually	and	emotionally	for	interviews:	The	interview	is	the	most	important	moment	in	your	job	search	and	
 as	such,	it	requires	solid	intellectual	and	emotional	preparation.	Researching	the	company	is	just	the	beginning.	Research	the	
 background	of	the	people	you	will	meet	(use	the	corporate	web	site	or	online	profiles).	Practice	answering	the	most	common	
 interview	questions,	and	the	questions	you	fear	most.	Prepare	five	questions	you	will	ask	during	the	interview.	Finally,	get	
 yourself	in	the	most	resourceful	and	positive	mood	for	the	interview.	Candidates	perform	their	best	when	feeling	spectacular.

 Disclosing	unflattering	data	on	social	network	profiles:	Many	employers	check	social	networking	sites	(MySpace,	Facebook,	
 etc.)	for	additional	data	about	potential	employees.	Review	your	online	profiles	and	disclose	only	professional	and	positive	

 Not	pre-qualifying	your	references:	Make	certain	your	references	are	absolutely	comfortable	providing	a	stellar	recommendation	
 for	you.

 	       	       	        	       						These	tips	and	more	can	be	found	on

School of Business Student Success Center                                                                                      Page 5
                      Graduation Information
When is commencement?
Saturday,	May	1,	2010	at	Mellon	Arena.		
When do I attend the ceremony?
There	is	one	graduation	ceremony	held	each	year	for	students	graduating	within	the	same	academic	year	(i.e.	2009-2010).		
Students	who	graduate	in	December,	Spring,	and	Summer	of	the	same	academic	year	will	all	attend	commencement	in	May.		So,	if	
you	completed	you	degree	in	December	2009,	Spring	2010,	or	Summer	2010,	you	will	walk	in	May	2010.	
Are there requirements for graduation?
Students	may	complete	their	degree	requirements	at	the	end	of	Fall,	Spring	and	Summer	(August)	terms.	All	requirements	for	the	
degree	must	be	completed	by	the	end	of	the	term	for	which	the	application	is	made.	Only	applicants	with	a	cumulative	QPA	of	2.00	
or	above	will	be	considered	for	undergraduate	students	and	3.0	QPA	for	graduate	students.	
I don’t plan to attend commencement; do I still need to apply for graduation?
Yes.		You	must	complete	a	graduation	application	to	alert	the	Office	of	the	Registrar	to	pull	your	student	files	for	final	review.	
Unless	a	student	applies	for	graduation,	the	registrar	does	not	know	if	your	requirements	have	been	met	or	are	nearing	completion.	
Failure	to	apply	for	graduation	will	delay	conferral	of	your	degree	and	receipt	of	your	diploma.
How do I apply for graduation?
You	may	apply	for	graduation	online	at	or	visit	the	Registrar’s	Office	on	the	9th	floor	of	Thayer	Hall	to	fill	out	a	
paper	application.		
When should I apply?
Application	deadlines	for	2009-2010	were:
·	 Fall	-	July	31	
·	 Spring	-	September	30	
·	 Summer	-	January	30	

Students	who	missed	the	deadline	should	still	fill	out	an	application	for	graduation.
When will I get my diploma?
You	will	receive	your	official	diploma	in	the	mail	several	weeks	after	your	degree	has	been	conferred.		Receipt	of	your	diploma	
will	be	delayed	if	you	owe	a	balance	to	the	University	or	any	of	its	departments	(i.e.	athletics,	library,	etc.).	
Is there a cost to apply for graduation?
No,	there	is	no	fee	for	applying	for	graduation.		Students	must	buy	their	own	cap	and	gown	if	they	wish	to	participate	in	the	
ceremony.	Undergraduate	Cap	and	Gown	price	is	$44.98.		Master’s	Degree	Cap,	Gown	and	Hood	price	is	$80.98.
How do I get my cap and gown?
Cap	and	gowns	go	on	sale	at	the	end	of	March.		They	can	be	purchased	at	the	graduation	fair	or	at	the	bookstore.		Students	
participating	in	commencement	are	required	to	have	a	cap	and	gown.	
To have all your commencement questions answered and to meet with departments across campus that will help guide you
through the graduation process, please be sure to visit one of the Graduation Fairs.

                                               March	20,	2010		-		11:00	am	-	2:00	pm
                                               March	29,	2010		-		10:00	am	-	4:30	pm
                                               March	30,	2010		-		12:00	pm	-	6:00	pm
                            All	fairs	will	be	located	in	Lawrence	Hall	on	the	4th	Floor	Mezzanine	Level

School of Business Student Success Center                                                                                        Page 6
5 Questions for Faculty
with       Joan Mosey                                Professor/ Director of the Information Technology Program

1. What is the one T.V. show that you consider to be your “guilty pleasure?”
That is easy - American Idol is my “guilty pleasure.” I absolutely loved last season because of Adam Lambert.

2. Do you have a favorite Disney movie?
I do and it is no longer available for viewing. The name of the movie is “Song of the South.” It is a wonderful story
about how to overcome hard situations and live a happy life. The main character is a gentle old man by the name of
Uncle Remus and his stories (about Brer Rabbit) and songs (my favorite - Zippety Doo Da) are the best. It is now
considered to be a racist film but I think it is a very wise film.

3. What is the first thing you bought with your first paycheck?
I didn’t buy a single thing with it! I framed it and hung it on the wall where it is today.

4. What is your favorite part about teaching?
The students make teaching the best possible job. I have been so grateful to meet and interact with so many
amazing students in my t wenty eight years of teaching. I have learned more from all of them than from any other

5. If you could talk to anyone in the entire world, dead or alive, who would it be? Why?
I think it would be Aristotle because he thought about every important question I have ever had. To me the Greek
city state with its lyceum where thinkers would gather to discuss literature, philosophy, politics, etc. is irresistible.
Of course, I would also love to sit and talk to Charles Dickens about Victorian England!

     “I cannot live without books.”
                                                                          - Thomas Jefferson

                                            Editorial Information
                                                                                   This month’s contributors:
The Student Success Center Newsletter is published                                   Samantha Stonebraker
twice a semester by the School of Business staff. We                                      Kate Bennett
    welcome contributions from others across the                                        Minyvonne Burke
 university. Submissions can be sent to Kate Bennett.                           The Office of Career Development
                                                                                     Office of the Registrar

School of Business Student Success Center                                                                           Page 7
          Congratulations School of Business Dean’s List Students
   To appear on the Dean’s List, a student must have earned a Term Quality Point Average of 3.50 and no grade less than a “C.”
 Joseph Adams             James Deighan               Kimberley Himes           Nicole Metas              Mara Shields
 Amy Armbrust             Christopher Delverne        Rachel Hodill             Julie Miller              Karen Sinesky
 Courney Audley           Christina DeMarco           Christina Hogya           Conny Molander            Nicole Smale
 Robert Aupke             Anthony DeMarco             Eric Holmes               Katy Moody                Denita Smith
 Melissa Baltish          Derek Demiter               Kelly Horton              Christopher Moran         Jewell Solomon
 Brandon Barchfeld        Dinu Dermargosain           Ardretta Howard           Jeffrey Morgan            Jeremy Sowers
 Kristen Basel            Darrel Diehl                Tara Huber                Sean Morrison             Michael Spagnol
 Quenette Battle          Brooke DiGregory            George Huerbin            Michael Murton            Michael Stafiej
 Megan Beavis             Daniel Diley                Michael Hyjurick          Danielle Myers            William Stanziana
 Thomas Benish            Ashley Dobransky            Derek Hynds               Ashley Nave               Ashley Stegman
 Anna Benko               Terry Dougan                Kristine Intrieri         Kenneth Navoney           Jennifer Strunak
 Chelsea Bing             Robert Dubnicay             Chelsea Johnson           Matthew Nemeth            Hugh Stumpp
 Tiffanie Blair           Brandon Dujmic              Sheena Johnson            Jennifer Nickolich        Scott Sudzina
 Vince Borjas             Tara Durci                  Anita Jones               Allison Niglio            Daniel Sumney
 Akneka Brookins          Anna Dzikowski              Megan Jones               Amy Noll                  Brandy Swartzwelder
 Nicole Brown             Natalia Ermakov             Heidi Kaufman             Michael O’Brien           Jennifer Sweet
 Irene Brown              Erik Ferguson               Ryan Kearney              Jose Olavarria            Melissa Synakowski
 Beth Buckham             Kimberly Finke              Brian Kelly               Jeremy Olson              Charlotte Tallon
 Danielle Bushee          Mason Fisher                John Kirk                 Jordana O’Malley          Dawn Tamuschy
 Marcy Byrne              Robert Flynn                William Kirsch            Michael Palmer            Monica Thomas
 Erin Caffee              Kori Ford                   Morhan Kister             Melissa Palombia          Michele Thompson
 Chelsea Cain             Nina Fossett                Mark Kivimaki             Katie Parrish             Cathleen Tressler
 Amanda Calhoun           Andrew Foster               Terri Klingenberg         Jennifer Patterson        Bradford Truxell
 Joshua Camerot           Samantha Franco             Lindsey Knapp             Michallynn Pavletic       Keith Turner
 Jessie Campbell          Diana Frederick             Amber Knapper             Daniel Pegher             Sarah Urick
 Morgan Campbell          Daniel Frizzi               Carl Kovach               Paul Pelmon               Douglas Vernon
 Raymond Carrabbia        Robert Galuska              Kayla Kovall              Denis Pichette            Elizabeth Vestal
 Dawn Castellan           Aaron Gardone               Michael Kravetz           Christopher Pierce        Stefania Vitale
 Jeffrey Cermak           Lloyd Geisler               Michelle Labash           Maino Polis               Annemarie Vranesevic
 Julia Chadwick           Angela Geither              Angela Lamontagne         Elizabeth Pollick         Jeremy Wagner
 Christopher Cirigliano   Jonathan Geyer              Timothy Lane              William Porter            Nikki Wallace
 David Clark              Nichole Givner              Morgan Laskey             Jacqueline Pratt          John Walsh
 Brent Clausner           David Goss                  Kurtis Lawther            Laureen Quinn             Lindsey Walters
 Joanie Cole              Jennifer Graham Pavetti     Sutton Lenhart            Jonathan Renner           April Weber
 William Constant         Danielle Green              Bruce Liptak              Julia Rhyner              Christopher Weldon
 Rosemary Coombs          Jason Greene                Caitlyn Lizik             Brian Riani               Amanda Wenger
 Toni Corinealdi          Brian Greenert              Adam Lobdell              Evelyn Richards           Laura Whitelock
 Phillip Cotis            Michelle Grover             Nicole Love               Lisa Richards             Jana Williams
 Robert Cowburn           Erika Haines                Carly Lunoe               Ronald Rukenbrod          Danah Williams
 Jason Crowley            Jessica Hall                Elizabeth MacDonald       April Russell             David Wilson
 Rachel Cullari           Deirdre Hall                Neda Marjanovic           Phillip Russo             Raymond Wimple
 Adam Cumming             Chaka Hall                  Shawn Masten              Davon Rutherford          Melissa Witt
 Michael Cunningham       Sean Hanson                 Christopher Mathews       Christinna Sampson        Thomas Wolfe
 Samantha Danaher         Meggan Harat                Patrick McCauley          Erica Sanner              Chad Wright
 Mark Davidson            Emily Harnett               David McCombie            Bryan Scheers             Jessica Yacobucci
 Loretta Davis            Rosemary Harris             Erin McDermott            John Sciullo              Danielle Yeager
 Jasmine Davison          Diane Hartz                 Kathleen McKee            Amalia Seigh              Christina Yingling
 Ronald DeChesero         Michael Haynos              Elizabeth Meeldner        Nicholas Senske           Paige Yobp
 Gregory Decroo           Kathleen Hays               Dana Meiers               Wallette Shealey          John Zanone
                          Abbie Heigel                Andrew Mellon             Jeffrey Slivka            Heidi Zbel

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