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					                                      PRIMI PIATTI - Entrée
                                  Zuppa della casa ... soup of the day
     Calamari fritti ... fried local calamari on wild rocket leaves with a Sicilian capers mayonnaise
    Risotto mantecato del giorno ... risotto of the day made with ‘Ferron’ vialone nano variety
    Linguine artigianali con gamberoni in salsa rossa .. artisan made linguini with Queensland.
                                  king prawns, tomato, garlic and chili

                                SECONDI PIATTI - Main Course
     Pesce freschissimo ...fresh fish of the day
    Bistecca alla Fiorentina, con crema di patate e salsa al Sangiovese…
         Chargrilled Angus T-bone steak on creamed potato served with
         Sangiovese red wine sauce
    Anitra all`arancia con Barbera e mele cotogne ...crisp roasted boneless duckling
         With Barbera wine sauce & a blood orange & quince compote
    Scaloppine di vitello ai funghi selvatici ... panfried slices of veal with wild
                       Fresh mushroom and porcini

         Insalata di Radicchio con sedano e finocchietti witlof,celery and fennel
                                Tossed with fresh pears and Gorgonzola Dolcelatte
         Spinaci in padella ... braised spinach with white balsamic vinegar dressing
         Ruchetta Selvatica ... our own wild rocket with parmesan Shavings
         Patate aromatiche ... roasted potatoes tossed with aromatic herbs and spices

                                    I NOSTRI DOLCI – Desserts
     Pannacotta con frutta cotta ... a vanilla cream mousse with poached fruit compote
    Tiramisu in coppa…Italian trifle of Savoiardi bisquits infused with espresso coffee
              and Marsala,dipped in fresh mascarpone and egg mousse,
                             topped with chocolate
    Selezione di formaggi ... a selection of Australian crafted cheese with fruit paste and crostini
n   Un Bicchiere rinfrescante di sorbetto al limoncello ... a refreshing glass of Italian
                                        lemon liqueur sorbet.

                                 …E PER FINIRE - to finish with.
       Café o Tea con biscotti…Coffee or Tea with a selection of home made biscuits and tarts.

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