Learn the Bible Books If a picture is worth by lizbethbennett


									Learn the Bible Books
If a picture is worth a thousand words, the 16 pictures are easier to remember than a list of 66 books. As you study The Golden Keys, memorize the 9 Old Testament and 7 New Testament images. Certain Bible books are associated with each image. For example: Think of Old Testament Key 2: COURTROOM. What do you see? Joshua Judges Ruth Think of New Testament Key 4: 5 T’s. What do you see? I & II Thessalonians I & II Timothy Titus The keys will help you remember the books of the Bible. After learning the books, practice locating them in your Bible. Soon you will be able to pick up your Bible and turn to any scripture passage quickly and easily.

Teach the Bible Books
Use The Golden Keys and combine the Review Test with the dialogue to teach the order of the books of the Bible. Practice with Bible drills.


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