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					Generally speaking, this type of operation takes anywhere from one to two hours on average.

In this article we are going to discuss different incision types used and why. In other words,
the method/area that the doctor will use to gain access to your bust area in order to insert the

First up is the Transabdominoplasty or TABA for short: This type of incision is implemented
by going up from the stomach area into grossly dissected areas during an abdominoplasty

Second is the Transumbilical or TUBA for short: This is not your average type of incision. It
involves going in through the navel and dissection tunnels superiorly. While not as frequently
used for a variety of reasons, this method leaves no visible scars on your chest area. On the
other hand it makes it harder for the surgeon to properly place the implants which is one of the
main reasons it's not used as much.

Third is the Transaxillary: This is where the incision is made in the armpit area, which as with
the TUBA method leaves no visible scars on the actual breast which is a big plus. Then again,
as with the TUBA method, proper placement is more difficult.

Fourth is the Periareolar method: Here the doctor will make a cut right along the edge of the
areola. Pros include making things easy for any future adjustments and the cons include making
it difficult for silicone based implants to be used due to their size vs the size of the insertion cut.
Other pros include a far less chance of any visible scarring while other cons include potential
for future breast feeding problems or loss of nipple sensitivity due to potential damage of local

Finally there is the Inframmary method: The doctor makes the cut just underneath the bosom
and this is by far the most commonplace method used with this type of surgery. It allows for
easy placement and adjustment of the implant and also allows feasible use of silicone implants
which are the far preferred type these days. While this type of incision can leave more of a
visible scar, it's not so much of an issue due to it's placement.

Now you are armed with even more knowledge to make an informed decision of whether or not
to pursue Gainseville breast implants.

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Description: Learn all about the various incision types used to insert Gainesville breast implants.