CH222- Week 4 Laboratory-Lewis Dot Structures by aam35572


									CH222- Week 4 Laboratory-Lewis Dot Structures

Due as pre-lab (submit white copy notebook pages or typed copy for items in bold)

    1) Read lab manual Exercise 1-Lewis Dot Structures for Molecules, this lab is written as an exercise,
       we will use it as practice in writing a complete lab report.
    2) Starting a new notebook page, write the experiment objective, procedure for writing Lewis
       Dot Structures (this should be typed as it will be used again in the post lab activity, this will be
       your primary source for information during lab).

Due as Data and Observations (submit perforated copy pages for all)

    3) Lewis Dot Structures for all molecules in laboratory manual and any additional given in class

Due as post-lab (submit a typed report of all)

    4) Complete lab write up
           a. Title, your name, date
           b. Objective
           c. Procedure (modify what you wrote prior to the lab to match the process that actually
               worked for you)
           d. Table of Results (Molecules/ valence electron count/central atom/Lewis Dot)
           e. Detailed example of one Lewis Dot structure determination explaining your
               procedure(a list of sufficiently complex molecules will be given in lab)
           f. Conclusion
           g. References (at least lab manual and textbook, perhaps others)
    5) Sign and date report

***Remember Heading on each notebook page should contain Experiment Title and number, your name
and lab section, and experiment start date***

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