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Project Updates        For more Project Updates, see page 3                                           DIL Thanks Levi
Sheikuhpura Project Schools Show Progress                                                             Strauss for a
       Najmi Sarwar, executive
board member, visited DIL’s
                                                                                                      Generous Grant
Sheikuhpura project in January                                                                               DIL received a three-year, $151,000
2003 and reported good progress                                                                       grant from the Levi Strauss Foundation to
at the six-month juncture; the                                                                        support and expand its IRC Khairpur
atmosphere of the schools has                                                                         project.
improved, teachers are showing                                                                               The grant will be used to:
promise, and students are                                                                                    • Further improve the quality of
extremely encouraged and are                                                                          non-formal schools;
learning well in more orderly                                                                                • Upgrade one more school to the
classrooms.                                                                                           level of advanced schools so that all
                                        Middle school in Nizampur Dhaka.
       In DIL’s Sheikuhpura                                                                           Foundation schools (K-2) are connected
project, 1,539 girls are enrolled in the five      To this end, 10 competent private teachers         with one advanced school (3-8);
government schools that were adopted by            have been hired in the hope that their                    • Build the capacity of commu-
CARE, DIL’s partner NGO. Under the                 success will encourage the government              nity-based organizations so they can make
                                                   teachers to follow suit.                           half the Foundation schools sustainable in
                                                          The DIL team visited three schools in       three years;
                                                   October 2002. Because the project was in                  • Adopt five fellowship schools
                                                   its early stages, they saw the schools in          (Sindh Education Foundation funding has
                                                   their original state: children were learning       ended and the schools are to be handed to
                                                   by rote and there was excessive                    the communities) and maintain their
                                                   overcrowding.Teachers unable to manage             quality and outreach;
                                                   the children sent them home at break time                 • Develop a cadre of teacher
                                                   and they did not return until the next day,        trainers from the government system and
                                                   the schools did not have proper furniture,         help them design and deliver effective
                                                   and the teachers resorted to hitting the           modules and workshops;
                                                   children who were slow to learn.                          • Develop in-house teacher
                                                          All five schools are now equipped with      training capacity and provide training
                                                   libraries that the students use and enjoy; also,   services to other private, non-govern-
Due to lack of space, classes are being held       CARE has provided course books, stationery         mental and governmental institutions in
between the school building and boundary wall.     maps and globes. All of the schools hold           upper Sindh (District Khairpur, Shikarpur,
agreement, which commenced in July                 reading and drawing competitions as well as        Ghotki, Jacobabad, etc.); and
2002, the government provides the school           weekly staff meetings. Sweepers have been                 • Participate in policy dialogues,
buildings and teachers and the NGO must            appointed, student hygiene is being empha-         based on lessons learned, to influence
improve the standard of education and              sized, and classroom walls are being adorned       educational policies at the district level.
premises and provide materials.                    with syllabus-related charts.                             DIL is extremely grateful to the
       The biggest challenge facing CARE                  DIL looks forward to the continuing         Levi Strauss Foundation for its generous
is to change government teachers’ attitudes        transformation, which CARE promises is             support, which will improve the lives of
and to ensure they attend training and             inevitable as it continues to strive to bring      some of the most deprived girls of
follow CARE’s new methods of instruction. about change.                                               Pakistan’s Khairpur District.
2    January 2003 • DIL News

    Developments in Literacy News

Letters from the Heart
                                                                                              A Letter from Sponsor
DIL Students Give Thanks                                                                      Sikander Jiwani

       Dear Sir,
                                                                                              Students at DIL
       My name is Saima Ilyas.                                                                School in Orangi
The name of my school is
Naushaba School. My school has
                                                                                              Share Their Dreams
four rooms and an office.                                                                            During my visit to Karachi in early
       I have been attending                                                                  December 2002 to attend my niece’s
school for almost a year. My                                                                  wedding, my three brothers, two nephews
parents had stopped sending me                                                                and two nieces and I decided to visit the
to school and I was sitting at                                                                DIL school in Orangi, near Karachi. As we
home without education. The                                                                   drove toward the school, it became evident
head teacher of Naushaba School Students at DIL’s Naushaba School.                            it was located in a truly remote area and
approached my parents and told                                                                was serving a community that otherwise
them about the importance of education, and now I am in class five.                           would be without such a facility.
       Many of my other friends who were not going to school previously are now attending            The school was modest at best; the
this school with me. Our teacher teaches us with love and kindness. Our school is very nice   most pleasant aspect was the presence of
and we are very happy here. All the girls living in the Muhallah are attending this school.   beautiful little children. They seemed a little
       We request the DIL Project to continue running our school, so that other girls who     intimidated initially by our presence, yet
are sitting at home are given the opportunity to receive an education. I can now read and     eager to show off what they had learned.
write very well. I too will study to become a teacher someday and serve my country.                  It was wonderful to see what a few
       Thank you.                                                                             dollars could do in terms of changing
                                                                                              lives and bringing hope. The students
     My name is Sadiq Mohamad. I am in class four. Our teacher’s name is Miss                 were just like those in any other school;
Rashida. Our school is very nice and it is of a very good standard. We love to study.         they were excited and happy someone
     We do not have clean water in our school. If I had a big playground in my school, I      cared. It brought tears to my eyes when
would study day and night so that one day I can become a very important person.               they all sang Allama Iqbal’s “Lub pe aati
     We do not have a cricket team in our school; if we had one, then we would play           hai dua bun ke tammana meri.”
matches with other schools.                                                                          I truly felt future lives were being
     We have four rooms in our school and one office. The office is very nice.                shaped in those small rooms. My
     Kindly help us form a team in our school. Thank you.                                     nieces—Sitara, 11, Chand, 8, and my
                                                                                              nephew Waahid, 10—sat down with the
      Assalam o alaikum                                                                       students, asked them questions and shared
      We four sisters and brothers are                                                        their own experiences about their
attending this school. Our father is a very                                                   American schools. We could see the
poor man, and he just could not afford to                                                     sparkle of hope in the children’s eyes.
pay school fee. For this reason, we were                                                             We were impressed with the
unable to attend school. Realizing how                                                        teachers and the administrator, and
poor our parents were, we never even asked                                                    believe they can do a lot more given the
them to send us to school.                                                                    opportunity and resources.
                                               Tayyaba DIL School.
      Then suddenly one day, my father’s                                                             The visit gave us the satisfaction of
friend told him that with the support of DIL Ottawa, a school by the name of DIL              knowing DIL is accomplishing good
Tayyaba has been opened where the school fee is minimal, and he should enroll his             things. I would recommend other donors
kids in this school. Today we are all attending this school for free.                         visit their schools to see their dollars at
      We are very grateful to DIL Ottawa, as it is due to their generosity that we are        work toward improving lives and making
attending school. Thank You, Zeenat                                                           the world a little better.
                                                                                                                   January 2003 • DIL News     3

                                                                                                Developments in Literacy News

                             Project Update: DIL Islamabad
        Imran Ahmed was elected as new         with potential partners and to see their       spending time in the field working with
 chairperson and all other members             existing school projects. We are negoti-       the teachers and the project staff.
 agreed to continue on the Board at DIL’s      ating with an NGO and hope the project                Sudhaar’s report for KK recom-
 annual meeting of the Board of Trustees       will be set up by March.                       mended an increase in material and
 in November 2002. The Trustees thanked               Sudhaar, a reputable NGO that           monetary support to the schools to
 outgoing chairperson, Brig. Mansoor           regularly monitors DIL’s projects, audited     improve the Dir project standards. DIL is
 Yusaf Shah, for his dedication and            the Khairpur, Orangi and Dir projects. The     exploring sources of funding for quality
 commitment.                                   report for NOWA recommended a phase-           improvement in the Dir schools via
        Board members and friends of DIL       out of multi-grade teaching, strengthening     educational and recreational materials.
 visited the office and went to the projects   the role of VECs and for NOWA Education               DIL emphasizes content and
 with Tauseef Hyat, executive director.        Promoters to develop more linkages with        methodological training to teachers in all
 Masooma Habib from DIL’s Washington           the government. The monitoring report for      DIL schools. We are coordinating with the
 Chapter, Saman Kareem from San Diego,         IRC similarly pointed to multi-grade           Society for Advancement of Education to
 Athar Osama from Rand Corporation and         teaching as a problem and recommended          train NOWA’s teachers, Education
 Omer Saeed from the Los Angeles               that the IRC Education Team improve its        Resource Development Centre for IRC’s
 Chapter visited the ABES project at           communication with VECs and with the           teachers and Education Resource and
 different times during the last six months.   NOWA team. Further workshops for the           Information Centre for KK’s teachers.
 Hyat also accompanied Mehar Patel of the      accounts personnel at NOWA and IRC are         ABES and CARE provide training to the
 Washington Chapter to the Orangi project.     being scheduled.                               DIL teachers. IRC’s training program
 Three executive board members—Sara                   In its report on FES, Sudhaar           received a boost when DIL received
 Abbasi, Najmi Sarwar and Fiza Shah—           recommended additional funding be              permission from Levi Strauss Foundation
 visited the Islamabad office and all DIL      found for the schools and emphasis on          to reinvest savings from the project into
 projects in October 2002.                     community mobilization. We plan to             extra teacher training, allowing IRC to
        Hyat and the executive board           concentrate on a school improvement            bring in high-quality trainers from Aga
 members also went to Balochistan to meet      plan for FES and NOWA and will be              Khan Education Service, Pakistan.

          FES Project Update: Student Enrollment, Training Increase
       The number of children enrolled in the Faran Educational
Society (FES) project has been increasing by leaps and bounds
and is now more than double DIL’s initially budgeted figures.
FES and DIL have signed another MOU with a revised budget
that accounts for the increased costs.
       FES has been giving regular, intensive training to the DIL
teachers through its Faran Academy. The training concentrates
on various aspects of school planning and management; FES
also offers regular internal workshops on accounting procedures
and record keeping for the schools’ management teams.
       The teachers are responding well and some of the best
performers are being selected for higher-level training programs
funded by other agencies, such as the Aga Khan University IED
program. Some schools, such as the DIL Paradise and DIL Nation
schools, have begun to develop their own learning materials.
       FES’s social organizers and program staff follow up with
the training. The newly established DIL School Management            FES and DIL have signed a revised budget to account for increased costs
Committee develops better monitoring tools for the DIL schools.      to accommodate more students.
4    January 2003 • DIL News

    Developments in Literacy News

Students Thrive at DIL-ABES Schools in Rawalpindi Region
       Adult Basic Education Society             schools, in June 2002. Student enrollment       math, Urdu, religious studies, general
(ABES) conducted an extensive baseline           commenced on June 19; furniture, black-         knowledge, and arts and crafts. UNESCO
survey to identify areas in rural Rawalpindi     boards, wall charts, educational material       has provided a set of 20 books for all of
and contiguous districts of Attock and           and teaching kits were provided to each         the schools.
Chakwal that urgently need girls’ schools.       school. The first week was spent cleaning,            Eighty percent of students are
More than 150 villages were surveyed in          organizing and decorating classrooms            learning well and have already
April and May 2002, 85 communities were          with the communities’ help; teachers sang,      completed the syllabus for class one,
approved and 25 locations were selected          recited poems and played games with             ABES reported. Teachers are working
for establishing DIL schools.                    children to attract them to schools.            with the slow learners, giving them
       Community School Councils (CSC),          Syllabus teaching started on June 25.           more attention and time. Parents are
set up to support the teachers and oversee       Currently, 604 girls and 326 boys are           being provided with results of students’
the day-to-day needs of the schools, have        enrolled in the DIL-ABES schools.               assessment and are happy with the
been actively involved from the start and              Students are learning English             schools’ progress. Student attendance
meet on a monthly basis.                         phonics with the aid of audiocassettes          dropped during October due to the
       All 35 teachers attended a 14-day         and flash cards. ABES also has devel-           harvesting season; the ABES staff and
training workshop, designed to enable the        oped a guidebook for teachers for this          CSCs are now educating the parents on
teachers to establish child-friendly             purpose. Additional subjects include            the importance of regular attendance.

Teacher Helps Sisters at DIL School in Dhoke Hafeez Village To Progress
       Anjam Javeed, 10, and Rabia                       When the monitoring
Javeed, 8, live in Village Dhoke Hafeez.         staff visited the school
Both sisters are deaf and mute.                  some months later, they
Unfortunately, the closest school for            were amazed at the girls’
special children is in Rawalpindi, about         progress. Their teacher,
50 kilometers from their home, and their         Rizwana Kauser, told the
parents cannot afford the cost of trans-         staff the girls were the first
portation or tuition. Local government and       to arrive every morning
private schools cannot meet the special          and had not missed a single
needs of the girls. The principal of a           day of school. When asked
school the girls previously attended sent        how she had been able to
them home after five months, claiming            teach the girls so well,
that they were inattentive and difficult to      Kauser said she had done
teach. So the girls stayed home and              so with the help of visuals, Training from DIL-ABES allows the teacher in Village Dhoke Hafeez
helped their parents with household              flash cards and wall charts. to help students who need it most.
chores and agricultural work.                            The sisters love the                    the students.
       When DIL-ABES opened a school in          arts and crafts class, and they do the                 Kauser credits the training provided
the girls’ village, their mother approached      actions that accompany the phonics              by DIL-ABES for her success with the
the field staff and pleaded with them to         teaching perfectly. Anjam’s writing is          girls and says she is committed to giving
enroll her daughters. After some considera-      now the best in the class, and she assists      them special attention, as they too have
tion, they were granted admission.               her teacher in making teaching aids for         every right to an education.

                               Visit DIL on the Web for Financial Information
                    An audited report of DIL’s financial information for 2002 is available on the web site at www.4dil.org.
                    Also, donors can now make their contributions via automatic deductions through their bank accounts.
                                            For more information, contact DIL at (714) 545-2567.
                                                                                                         January 2003 • DIL News     5

                                                                                         Developments in Literacy News

     Welcome New DIL Chapters: Ottawa, San Diego
DIL Launches Ottawa Chapter                                      San Diego DIL Chapter Hosts First Fundraiser

      DIL launched an Ottawa chapter on June 15, 2002.                 San Diego joined the family of DIL chapters in September
      Senior Canadian government representatives and the         2002, and promptly set about organizing its first fundraiser.
Ambassador of Pakistan were among the 700 people who                   DIL board members hosted an Iftar dinner on Nov. 25 to
attended a variety program that showcased the dances, fashions   introduce DIL to the community and invite their participation
and music of different provinces of Pakistan in June to raise    and support in promoting the educational advancement of the
funds for DIL. A video presentation depicting DIL schools        young girls in the DIL funded schools.
affected the audience, who contributed $18,000.                        The evening was a tremendous success; the community
      DIL was registered as a non-profit organization with the   responded with enthusiasm and generosity toward DIL’s goals.
provincial government in September 2002; registration with       Many thanks to all board members and volunteers who helped
the federal government is currently being pursued so that DIL    make this event a hit.
donors living in Canada can receive tax-deduction.                     We feel DIL has made an auspicious beginning in San
      A food and cultural fair is being organized for June 15,   Diego, and we hope to continue the good work in supporting
2003, at Dows Lake Pavilion, a major tourist attraction of       DIL’s inspiring focus.
Ottawa.                                                                After all, it’s all about the little girls!

                                                                                            Yes, I want to help DIL
                           DIL Board Members                                                   to promote literacy.
                                                                                        Sponsor a child, sponsor a school or
      Patron                   Nighat Khan              Aqeela Chawdhary                    make a one-time donation.
      Dr. Nafis Sadik          Shaz Khan                Raschid Chawdhary                  All donations are tax deductible,
      Executive Board          Mariam Rashid            Abdullah Jafari                         Tax ID No. 33-0843213
      Sara Abbasi              Hashmat Saeed            Anjum Jafari
      Jameela Fakhri           Omer Saeed               Nadir Shah                        I would like to sponsor _____ child/
      Saeeda Fancy             Faisal Siddiqui          Zeba Shah                     children at $40 per child per year
      Mehar Patel              Hajra Siddiqui           San Diego                     $______ to be paid annually for five years
      Hashmat Saeed            Fiza Shah                Roohi Darugar
      Najmi Sarwar             Farhat Zubair            Rubina Husain                    I would like to sponsor ______ 1-room
      Fiza Shah                New York                 Samar Karim                   school/schools at $1,000 per school per year
      Tasnim Shaheryar         Saeeda Fancy             Nadya Khan                    $______ with a five-year commitment
      Board of Trustees        Fauzia Iqbal             Safi Khan
      Pakistan                 Tasnim Shaheryar         Iqbal Rashid                     I would like to make a one-time
                                                                                      donation of $____________
      Mr. Imran Ahmad          Shaila Zamir             Naseem Rashid
      Ms. Shahnaz Wazir Ali    San Francisco            Ghazala Siddiqi
                                                                                      Name _______________________________
      Mr. Akber Aziz           Sara Abbasi              Ottawa
      Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy      Ghazala Khan             Talat Chaudhry                Address
      Ms Tauseef Hyat          Lubna Sheikh             Sadiqa Hai                    _____________________________________
      Ms Nasreen Iqbal         Asma Sheikh              Musarrat Rana
      Mr. Ayub Qutub           Saira Siddiqui           Rabia Razvi                   City _________________________________
      Brig. Mansoor Y. Shah    Washington, D.C.         Naveed Siddique
      California               Mahnaz Ahmad             Singapore                     State _____________ Zip _______________
      Parveen Ali              Masooma Nabi             Rubina Akhtar
      Nayyer Ali               Seema Nawaz              Amra Farooqui                 Tel __________________________________
      Naureen Din              Mehar Patel              Shirin Rafiq
      Adam Fakhri              Nina Rana                Malik S. Sarwar                   Please make checks payable to DIL:
      Jameela Fakhri           Houston                  Najmi Sarwar                             895 Holly Glen Drive
      Asma Farukhi             Rafi Aziz                                                        Long Beach, CA 90815
      Kausar Khaja             Saira Aziz
                                                                                        Tel (714) 545-2567 Fax (714) 545-2592
6    January 2003 • DIL News

    Developments in Literacy News

Girls in Khwendo Kor Project Improve
       Khwendo Kor (KK) has opened all       and social skills has taken place after one
40 schools as per the original contract      year of schooling. The people of village
with DIL. The government formally took       Botata, for instance, said that their daugh-
over two DIL schools in villages Doryal      ters had become articulate, well mannered
and Zako—a positive sign for future          and tidy after joining DIL schools. One
sustainability of the remaining schools.     parent noted that girls who used to attend
       The Education Resource and            government school would return tired and
Information Centre continued its training    irritated; now they come back happier
of KK teachers until August 2002.            because of the shorter distances and
Student-teacher relationships and the        because they enjoy school so much.
confidence level of the children visibly            Academic and environmental
improved in all the schools following this   improvement in the classroom, and
                                                                                            Tauseef Hyat encourages a child to read.
training, KK reported. Areas such as         seeing the change in the girls, has
lesson planning, record keeping, multi-      encouraged more people to send their
grade strategies and classroom manage-       children to DIL schools. Enrollment is
ment still need improvement.                 increasing daily; by the end of the
       The KK monitors are proud to see      project year, enrollment had crossed the
how happy DIL students are when they         1,000 mark. This increase is expected to
visit the schools. A noticeable, positive    continue, as many potential students are
difference in the students’ personalities    available in the villages.

                                                                                Long Beach, CA 90815
                                                                                895 Holly Glen Drive
                                                                                Developments in Literacy, Inc.

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