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					Welcome to the Barefoot Books Stallholder Program
As a Barefoot Stallholder, we invite you to market and sell our award-winning books and gifts in your local and online communities! You'll be rewarded with fantastic discounts and online sales commissions based on your cumulative sales history. Please read below for a helpful checklist to get you started on the right foot on your new journey! You can also refer to the back for more details about your next Barefoot step.

Getting Started in 10 Easy Steps:

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Join now – It’s free! Register to be a part of our Stallholder Program
at www.barefootbooks.com. Log into your new Barefoot Web Office at www.mybarefootbooks.com, take a look around and join our lively community forums and blogs. If you purchased a Starter Pack at registration, it will arrive within 5-10 working days. When it arrives, dig in! Look out for your New Starter Training Modules — a series of 10 emails to help you set off on the right foot. Your Stallholder Handbook will arrive in your Starter Pack or can be purchased from the Stallholder Ordering System. Spend some time looking through the Stallholder Ordering System before placing an order. Take some time to organize your business and set goals.


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Market and sell Barefoot online — check out the beautiful banners
and buttons in your Web Office in “Promotions & Tools.”

Consider your sales approach and plan your launch!

Start sharing the Stallholder Opportunity with others — online
and in your community.

1. To get started, visit www.barefootbooks.com and follow the links to Join now! During the easy, step-by-step registration process, we will ask for your contact details and for some other information about your plans and experience which will help us get you started. At registration, you have the option to purchase a Barefoot Starter Pack full of our best-selling titles and helpful marketing material for just $99.99 (worth more than $230!). You also have the option to subscribe to your own Barefoot Business Website for $59.99 for a 6-month subscription. 2. Log into your new Barefoot Web Office at www.mybarefootbooks.com! Simply enter the Stallholder ID you have been assigned and the password you chose at registration. Here you will find all of the necessary information you need to organize and promote your business. Check your Barefoot News, events calendar and Join our International forums, blogs, online chats and training calls! It's fun to share your experiences and learn from other Stallholders across the globe! 3. If you purchased a Starter Pack at registration, you will receive this within 5-10 working days. When it arrives, take some time to look through the gorgeous product and marketing materials. Contact your Sponsor to let them know that you've received the pack, so that she/he can address any questions you may have. 4. Look out for a series of 10 New Stallholder Training Modules which are sent every two-days from registration to the email address that you registered with. The Training Modules summarize everything you need to know about Stallholding, and reference the more comprehensive Stallholder Handbook. Create a folder in your email account to keep the modules for easy reference, and refer to them in your own time. 5. Your Stallholder Handbook is provided in your Starter Pack, but can also be ordered as a Sales Aid in the Stallholder Ordering System for $15.00. You can place a Sales Aid only order for your Handbook, the latest catalog, order-form pads and other Sales Aids without placing a product order (see below). 6. Go to “Stallholder Orders” at your Web Office and check out “Place an Order”. Take a good look through the Stallholder Ordering System by clicking on 'continue' and 'go back' to browse the various sections which includes Main Order, Library Builders, Special Offers and Sales Aids. Read the helpful notes provided. Please note that the Stallholder Ordering System has a minimum order value of $100.00 in qualifying sales, unless it is a Sales Aid only order which can be of any value. You can also check out “Genealogy” where you can track your sales history! 7. Take some time to organize your business and set goals! Create some folders for record keeping and managing inventory. Get in touch with your local government to answer any tax questions you have and to ensure you follow their guidelines. Have a conversation with your Sponsor about the best way to keep track of sales, purchases and how much stock to keep on hand. Setting goals is important, and you'll find advice on how to do this in your Handbook and in Stallholder Resources/ Business Development category. 8. If you'd like to promote Barefoot online and be rewarded with sales commission of 20-33%, then check out the “Promotions & Tools” tab in your Web Office. Here you'll find a suite of banners and buttons which you can post online. Any orders generated by your online marketing efforts will be tagged with your code and you'll receive commission on the sale. See your New Starter Training Modules for more details. 9. How do you plan to share Barefoot with your community? Consider various sales strategies including home-parties, online sales, fairs and events, schools and playgroups, fundraisers and one-to-one sales. You'll find out more about these various business models in your Handbook, but we hope that everyone will start their Business off on the right foot with a Barefoot Books Launch Party! Contact your Sponsor for advice. 10. Onwards and Upward! Start sharing the Stallholder Opportunity with people you meet and tell them your own story! You can also promote the opportunity online with our Stallholder Opportunity Banners. As you encourage others to join the program, you'll reap the rewards from a creative team dynamic, and be rewarded by a higher Personal and Team Sales Bonus.

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