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					STOCKHOLM                                                                                                                                                 AUSTRIA & BEYOND
The Pearl of the Baltic Sea                                                                       Travel                    Tuesday
                                                                                                                            04MAR08                                            Eastern European Panorama
                                                                                                                                                                                 VIENNA - BUDAPEST - KRAKOW -
                                                                                                                                                                                   WARSAW - BERLIN - PRAGUE
                                                                                                                            Issue 8.07T                                                  Escorted Tour
                                                                                                                                                                                      13 Days / 12 Nights
                                                                                                                                                                               from   NZ$3,267* pp twin share
Brochures: www.travelexpress.co.nz
Bentours NZ Rep: Carol – Ph. (09) 418 3274
                                                                                  Do I have news for you!                                                                              *Terms & Conditions Apply

Free Phone: 0800 443 510                     www.bentours.com.au           Use Control L to maximise this PDF for viewing                             Beyond Travel 0800 550 065 info@beyondtravel.com.au

  Downtime Brings Emirates A380 Daily to Auckland                  Emirates has decided to schedule its giant Airbus A380s into Auckland
                                                                                                                                                        bmi market fares
                                                                   from 01FEB next year. It is using the 11-hour downtime on its planned
                                                                                                                                                        now offer ....
                                                                   daily Dubai-Sydney A380 flight to extend across the Tasman.                          Through check of baggage
                                                                   While the airline has yet to announce where it will operate its first                Two date changes FOC
                                                                   commercial A380 services following the delivery of the first five of its             Minimum one coupon
                                                                   58-plane order this year, it has confirmed it will take the massive jets             Sales with any outbound carrier ex New Zealand
                                                                   into New York from 01OCT, London from 01DEC and Sydney plus
                                                                   Auckland on 01FEB.
                                                                   The A380 on the New Zealand route will be configured to carry 14 First
                                                                                                                                                        click here for details
                                                                   Class, 76 Business Class and 399 Economy Class pax. Other configurations
                                                                   in the EK A380 fleet will feature a medium-range three-class 517-seater;
                                                                   and a medium-range two-class aircraft with 604 seats.
                                                                   The airline will unveil the A380’s new inflight features and facilities shortly.     See (& Hear)What
                             Dedicated Winter Brochure from ANZCRO                                                                                       We’re All About
 ANZCRO has released a Winter Magic Brochure for 2008, offering a wide range of accommodation,
 car rental, campervans, ski passes etc.
 Described as more than a ski brochure, it offers plenty of sightseeing and activity options for non skiers.
 Agents earn commission on all elements of winter bookings, including 10% on Ski Passes.
 Book early to take advantage of Bonus Stay/Pay Accommodation deals and activity discounts.
 ANZCRO reminds agents that it offers the largest range of NZ product available through one source.
 Call 0800 269 276 or email anzcro@anzcro.co.nz and order brochures at www.brochurenet.co.nz.
                                                                                                                                                                 CLICK HERE
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        NEW ZEALAND                                                        Changes at Southern Travel Holdings                             Wellington Says Proof is in the Stats
                                                                       The Chairman of Directors of Southern Travel Holdings (STH),
  Destination Queenstown Reviews Future                                Rodney HC Walshe, has announced the appointment of Kiyomi
                                                                                                                                           The latest Regional Visitor Monitor confirms
Destination Queenstown’s chief executive David Kennedy and                                                                                 Wellington’s reputation as a place to be visited.
                                                                       Gunji as Deputy Chairman of Directors and Special Adviser to the
chairman Tony Warwick last week warned a full meeting of the                                                                               The results show that holiday visitors are increasingly
                                                                       Japanese division. Mr Gunji will vacate the position of Managing
Queenstown Lakes District Council that the days of double-digit                                                                            drawn to Wellington by its reputation as a place to have
                                                                       Director of STH.
growth in visitor numbers were well and truly over and that there                                                                          fun, socialise and relax. Calendar 2007 figures show
                                                                       Mr Walshe also announced that his daughter Jacqui Walshe,
was a need for a strategic reorganisation of the RTO’s objectives.                                                                         Wellington’s reputation as a place to have fun and
                                                                       currently the Managing Director of the Walshe Group, would take
Mr Kennedy pointed to a downturn in visitor numbers and said                                                                               socialise has increased over 2006 results by 6% to 42%,
                                                                       on the newly introduced position of CEO of Southern Travel
that new realities like the way tourists used the internet and the                                                                         while its reputation as a place to recharge and refresh
                                                                       Holdings Ltd, which became a subsidiary of STH on 01JUL07.
carbon footprint issue would need to be taken into account. The                                                                            has also increased over that same period (by 9% to 22%).
                                                                       Both appointments become effective on 01APR08.
Southland Times reports that DQ members will meet on Friday to                                                                             The Wellington brand is growing and the city is becoming
                                                                       Jacqui Walshe will be responsible for the operations of both the
discuss future directions.                                                                                                                 a ‘must-see destination’, independent of the events it
                                                                       Walshe Group and Southern Travel Net, the other Group subsidiary,
                                                                       which specialises in inbound travel arrangements from Japan to
        Less Illegal Guides this Summer                                Australia and New Zealand.
                                                                                                                                           “It’s great to see that Wellington is becoming a destination
Only two alleged illegal guiding operators have been identified                                                                            of choice,” says Positively Wellington Tourism CEO Tim
                                                                       Ms Walshe gained a Degree in Business Studies at Massey
this summer in the Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park, far fewer than                                                                            Cossar. “Our marketing activity places a strong focus on
                                                                       University, an MBA at Auckland University and has worked for
in the past two summers, according to a report in the Timaru Herald.                                                                       Wellington’s urban attributes of having a buzzing
                                                                       the Walshe Group for over 20 years, the last 12 as Managing
A total of 16 guides without concessions were apprehended in                                                                               downtown area, fantastic cafes and bars, and arts and
                                                                       Director. She is based in the Sydney office of the Group and will
2005-06, and 11 last summer. Department of Conservation staff                                                                              culture attractions. That activity seems to be working, as
                                                                       report direct to the Board in Auckland.
told the paper that, of 17 guided groups checked in the Hooker                                                                             the right messages are getting through!”
                                                                       Kiyomi Gunji will be joined in the Special Advisor role by Ms
Valley in recent weeks, just two were there without a concession –                                                                         The survey confirms that Wellington’s core urban
                                                                       Kazue Gunji, the current Managing Director of Southern Travel
one from the North Island and the other a German operator. No                                                                              attributes remain its most significant points of difference.
                                                                       Net, who will vacate this position.
illegal climbing guides have been found in the park this year.                                                                             Visitors’ expectations in some of these areas were well
                                                                       Mr Walshe points out that both Kiyomi and Kazue Gunji have had
Legal operators have reportedly been quick to let DoC know                                                                                 above the national benchmark, for the year ended DEC07.
                                                                       distinguished and successful careers in the Japanese inbound
whenever they came across illegal operators anywhere in the park.                                                                          Visitors’ expectations of discovering good food and wine
                                                                       business to Oceania and it was due to their success that Southern
                                                                                                                                           stood at 47% (against the national benchmark of 37%),
                                                                       Travel Holdings was formed and gained NZAX listing in 2004.
                                                                                                                                           an appealing cityscape at 58% (compared to the national
                                                                                                                                           benchmark of 46%) and a vibrant urban atmosphere at
                                                                       Queenstown Gets a Palace                                            63% (to the national benchmark of 37%).
                                                This year’s Queenstown Winter Festival is to get a central venue tailor made for the
                                                numerous events planned 27JUN-06JUL. The 600sq m Pacific Crystal Palace will
                                                also be a central hub for international media and visitor queries alike, and will be the
                                                place where visitors will find event tickets, more programmes, Festival information,
                                                coffees, merchandise, lost property, lost children, photographs and more.
                                                Festival highlights like The Beat Goes On, Great Comedy Debate, Jeremy Corbett’s            Mountain Air, which operates scheduled flights
                                                Battle of the Sexes and Working Men’s Breakfast and Brunch & Jazz are all scheduled         from Auckland to Great Barrier Island, will soon be
                                                for the Palace and the full programme is now live at www.winterfestival.co.nz               operating under a new name – FlyMySky.

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     New Zealand’s First Pullman Hotel                                                                                        AUSTRALIA
New Zealand’s first 5-star Pullman brand hotel will be opening
in Auckland in the second quarter of 2010 following
redevelopment of the Reserve Bank building in Customs St
                                                                                 Coastlines II Launched
East. Just one block off Queen Street and opposite Britomart,           Tourism Australia went on road last week with its Coastlines II
the Pullman will add to Accor’s current portfolio of Novotel,           Experience Roadshow promotion aimed at Aussie Specialist
Mercure, Ibis, all seasons and Formule 1 hotels in the city. Accor      Agents and key consumers. Staged in seven cities 25-29FEB it
currently operates 29 hotels and resorts in New Zealand.                was hosted in partnership with Voyages Hotels & Resorts,
The launch of the Pullman hotel brand is part of Accor’s drive          walking tour operator Auswalk and Travel Marketing’s Cruise
to reposition its brands, which will in particular elevate Sofitel      World, to prepare Aussie Specialists for the release of the second
into the luxury segment. This strategy has created the                  edition of Coastlines, a consumer publication highlighting 13
opportunity to launch Pullman as a new brand of hotels clearly          unique and compelling Aussie coastal lifestyle experiences.
positioned in the upscale segment and targeting the corporate           “In 2007, nearly 50% (547,004) of Kiwis visiting Australia
and conference/meeting markets.                                         included a coastal experience to their holiday, highlighting the
The new 290-room Pullman will feature a first class day spa,            huge opportunity for travel agents to tap into,” says Tourism
pool, gym, restaurant and bar, plus extensive conference and            Australia’s regional manager Vito Anzelmi.                           (L to R) Monica Coleman, Manager, Auswalk; Cherryl Brown,
                                                                        Over 200,000 copies of Coastlines II will be distributed through     General Manager, Cruise World; Susie Williams, Sales Manager,
meeting facilities.
                                                                        leading magazines over coming weeks as well as through the           Hogan & Associates and Robert O’Brien, Distribution
Pullman hotels are hi-tech, with a 24-hour IT solutions manager,                                                                             Development Manager, Tourism Australia at the Coastlines II
wireless and broadband services, fast communications and                Aussie Specialist network; wholesale and retail networks; and
                                                                                                                                             Experience Roadshow held in Auckland last Friday
connectivity.                                                           through G’Day NZ Australia Week 2008.
                                                                        Evelyn Lee from Midday Travel, Auckland won a trip for two
    Cheap, Cheap Flights to the Barrier                                 for 3 nights on any one of the Voyages properties in Brampton
Mountain Air has a couple of groups flying to and returning             Island, Dunk Island or Heron Island. The prize, presented
from the Barrier on four planes all at the same time. To fill up        courtesy of Voyages Hotels & Resorts and Tourism Australia,
the planes on the return flights, they are offering a cheaper fare.     includes breakfast and return flights. Other winners of prizes
     On 15MAR 5pm depart Great Barrier to Auckland,                     from Voyages Hotels & Resorts, Cruise World and Auswalk
     32 seats available, $56 one way                                    included Sam Rankine from House of Travel, Remuera; Scott
     On 20MAR 12:00 midday, depart Auckland to Great                    Liu from Midday Travel, Auckland and freelance writer Ruth
     Barrier, 9 seats available, $75 one way                            Le Pla.
     On 15APR 5pm, depart Great Barrier to Auckland,
                                                                           In response to recent media reports Tourism
     $73 one way
                                                                           Australia has clarified that the OZTalk Retail
     On 20APR 11:30am, depart Auckland to Great
                                                                           Conference was open to all airlines and industry,
     Barrier, 27 seats available, $73 one way.
                                                                           however OZTalk Travel Expo, which is part of a
     First in, first served for all seats.
                                                                           broader range of consumer activities under its
The big deal comes when you book, pay and fly on one of the
                                                                           G’Day NZ Australia Week 2008 program, is                          (L to R) Coastlines II Experience Roadshow winners Sam Rankine
above flights. You get the same return fare to use on another                                                                                (House of Travel); Ruth Le Pla (Freelance Travel Writer); Scott Liu
                                                                           sponsored by Qantas and they have exclusive
flight anytime except Easter, holiday peak flights, or Friday                                                                                (Midday Travel) and Evelyn Lee (Midday Travel).
                                                                           participation at the event.
and Sunday afternoons.
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                Wicked in Melbourne                                         Quest Apartments at Alice Springs
Wicked is the untold story of the Witches of Oz, and has become        This new property in Alice Springs opened in January. As with
a cult hit on stages around the world. Appealing to audiences          all Quest properties, the accommodation features studio, one,
of all ages, and critics alike, Jamie Crick at Classic FM calls it     two and three bedroom apartments with bedroom and living
“One of the best new shows in London for years”.                       spaces, as well as kitchen and laundry facilities. Located within
After wowing audiences in London and New York the show is              close proximity to the town’s CBD, guests can relax by the al
heading to Melbourne for its Australasian debut. Keith Prowse          fresco barbeque area or cool off in the outdoor swimming pool.
has a range of packages available from ticket-only options to          www.questalicesprings.com.au
fully inclusive flight and accommodation packages starting from                                                                              20% off Blue Lagoon Across the Board
$1,299pp. Download Flyer
                                                                             SOUTH PACIFIC                                                 Fiji’s Blue Lagoon Cruises is offering a 20% discount on all
                                                                                                                                           Yasawa Island ‘Club’ and ‘Gold Club’ cruises booked for travel
     Historic New Home for Bonza Tours                                   AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards                             until 31MAR09.
Bonza Bike Tours, Sydney’s original bike tour, has opened its          The following are among the 2007 winners in Fiji’s annual           The discount applies to all three and four-day ‘Club Cruises’
new retail headquarters in the heart of The Rocks.                     tourism awards, which recognize individuals and organisations       and all four and seven-day ‘Gold Club’ cruises and the boutique
Bonza’s new location, at 30 Harrington Street, just 100 metres         who have gone that extra mile to develop tourism and in doing       cruise operator’s only stipulation is that all cruises must be
from the Sydney Visitors Centre, provides easy access for tour         so, have inspired others to share their vision of a buoyant and     booked by 30APR08 to take advantage of the special deal.
seekers and bicycle hire customers. Built in the 1840s, 30             enduring service industry of supreme national importance.           Prices for a three-day/two-night ‘Club’ cruise start from
Harrington Street is surpassed only by Cadman’s Cottage as             Diving: Subsurface Fiji                                             NZ$489*pp twin share, including all meals, cruise and cultural
the oldest home in all of Sydney.                                      Cruises: Tui Tai Adventure Cruises                                  activities.
All Bonza tours meet at and depart from the new location. In                                                                               *Conditions apply. Please note cruise prices do not include international
                                                                       Shopping Experience: Pure Fiji
                                                                                                                                           airfares or beverages (other than tea and coffee).
addition, walk-up bicycle hire and rentals is supported out of         Restaurants: Salt (Sofitel)                                         See www.bluelagooncruises.com for full itineraries.
the retail space, including deliveries to area hotels. Bookings        Accommodation
can be made online at www.bonzabiketours.com. Private tours            - Quality: Raffles Gateway                                                       Papua New Guinea Diving
and tours in foreign languages are available upon request.             - Deluxe: Namale Resort                                             A film crew has been shooting underwater footage at spectacular
Bonza Bike Tours’ telephone number changes to 61-2-9247                - Unique: Myola Plantation Resort                                   dive locations around Papua New Guinea for a new large-format
8800.                                                                  - Budget, Urban: Mango Bay Resort                                   IMAX film “Under The Sea 3D”. The team, including 8000lbs
                                                                       - Budget, Islands including Vanua Levu: Lawaki Beach                of gear, is working off the specialist PNG-based dive boat Star
                 Driving Binns Track                                                                                  Resort, Beqa         Dancer, operated by the owners of Walindi Resort.
This drive is set to become one of Australia’s epic journeys,          General Tourism Services: The Heavenly Spa by Westin                Papua New Guinea offers 45,000 sq km of world-class barrier
running from Mount Dare in South Australia, to Timber Creek            Tourist Attractions: Kula Eco Park                                  reefs, coral walls, coral gardens and fringing reefs, attracting
in the Territory’s north-west. It traverses the Simpson Desert         Transport And C&I Operators: Rosie Holidays                         scuba divers from around the world. Facilities include
with dunes five to eight metres high, into the East MacDonnell         Transportation: South Sea Cruises Ltd.                              numerous dive resorts and specialist live-aboard dive vessels
and Davenport Ranges. The track then takes the Buchanan                Tours: J.Hunter Pearls                                              catering to all standards of divers who come to PNG to enjoy
Highway to Top Springs before detouring onto Gregory National          Adventure Tourism: Sigatoka River Safari                            magical drift dives, drop offs and pinnacles, schools of pelagic
Park’s 4WD tracks. This is an exciting drive, rich in diverse          Environmental Tourism: Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands            fish and sharks, hulking World War II wrecks of ships and planes
landscapes, with ample challenges for more enthusiastic four-                                                               Resort         and outstanding underwater photography.
wheel drivers.                                                         Lifetime Achiever: Don Collingwood                                  For more info, visit www.pngdive.com
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                         ASIA                                            Hong Kong to Host Bledisloe Cup Match                                                 AMERICAS
                                                                        The 2008 Bledisloe Cup will be decided over four matches,
                                                                        three to be played as part of the annual Tri-Nations tournament                     New Tour Exploring Quito
                                                                        plus one test in Hong Kong on 01NOV. It is timed to coincide           Ecuador’s capital Quito, boasting the best preserved Colonial
                                                                        with teams’ travel to Europe for their end-of-year tours.              historic center in Latin America, was the first city declared a
                                                                                                                                               cultural world heritage by UNESCO in 1978. Having just
                                                                                 Makeover for Singapore River                                  undergone several years and several million dollars worth of
                                                                                                                                               renovations, it’s a city well worth exploring, and World Journeys
                                                                        The Singapore River is to get its biggest makeover since 1999,
                                                                                                                                               says it is offering a new full day tour through Quito’s history
                                                                        when pedestrian walkways were developed. The aim of the new
                                                                                                                                               and cultural heritage. After a drive up to an observation point
                                                                        work is to light up to the 3km historic stretch of riverfront,
                                                                                                                                               for a bird’s-eye view of the city, stroll in downtown Quito,
                                                                        with mood lighting installed to illuminate the trees, river taxi
                                                                                                                                               founded by the Spanish on the ruins of an Inca settlement; see
                                                                        landings and bridges. New street furniture and signage are
                                                                                                                                               Baroque art gems; observe the restoration processes and the
                                                                        planned to encourage visitors to stroll in the cool of the evenings.
                                                                                                                                               brilliantly restored Jesuit church; mingle with the locals in its
                                                                        It seems that research has shown that, while the Singapore River
                                                                                                                                               many plazas, and enjoy Ecuadorian delicacies at one of the
                                                                        is pitched as a ‘must-see’ attraction, the sweltering daytime heat
                                                                                                                                               stylish new restaurants. This private, full day tour with lunch
 Beijing Opens World’s Biggest Terminal                                 has meant that only 7% of visitors questioned had gone there.
                                                                                                                                               operates daily, except Sunday and Monday, and is priced from
Terminal Three at Beijing Capital Airport opened last Friday,           Merchants and other business operators on Boat Quay will be
                                                                                                                                               US$125pp (dependent on number of people in party.)
the latest project completed ahead of the Olympics in August.           encouraged to develop year round events on the river and cruise
                                                                                                                                               Contact World Journeys (09) 360 7311 or
The gargantuan terminal, two miles long and half a mile wide            operators are also expected to increase water taxi and cruise
and 10.6 million sq ft in area, is now the world’s biggest              services along the river.
building, with 17% more floor space than all five of Heathrow’s         Much of the work is expected to be completed in time for the
                                                                                                                                               Elton John, Bette Midler and Cher are all booked to grace
terminals combined.                                                     annual Singapore River Festival and the inaugural F1 Grand
                                                                                                                                               the stage of the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace during 2008
It offers “barrier-free” facilities for the disabled, floor tracking    Prix, both scheduled for September.
                                                                                                                                               and Keith Prowse has Elton John tickets available from $225,
to guide the blind, and multi-denominational prayer rooms. It           Walt Disney Parks and Resorts signs with PATA                          while Cher and Bette tickets are priced from NZ$231.
also has baby-changing facilities galore and 26 smoking rooms           Walt Disney Parks and Resorts and the Pacific Asia Travel
with advanced filtering systems.                                        Association (PATA) have entered a strategic partnership, with
Designed by Sir Norman Foster, famous for London’s Big                  Disney becoming a PATA Premier Partner, gaining exclusive
                                                                                                                                                           Rocky Mountaineer Rates
Gherkin and Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok airport terminal,                  access to a range of co-operative opportunities including market       World Journeys has competitive rates on Rocky Mountaineer’s
Beijing’s Terminal Three cost US$2.7 billion and is designed            intelligence, business development and co-branded events and           most popular two-day journey between Vancouver and Calgary.
to handle 76 million passengers a year.                                 products.                                                              Priced from NZ$757 in Red Leaf or NZ$1570 in Gold Leaf,
Qantas and British Airways are among the first five airlines            Disney joins a select group of PATA Premier Partners such as           this includes a two-day Rocky Mountaineer service, two
using the new terminal, with 19 more making the move on                 Visa International, Amadeus, CNN International, TIME and               breakfasts and two lunches, one night accommodation and
25MAR.                                                                  Fortune.                                                               transfers in Kamloops. Prices are per adult twin share, and are
                                                                                                                                               for travel in APR08. World Journeys has packaged Rocky
Tibet’s Potala Palace and Norbu Lingka Palace have                      Singapore’s most anticipated new visitor attraction - the              Mountaineer services with other touring in its 2008 Canada &
reportedly received more than 1.63 million tourists last year,          Singapore Flyer – opened over the weekend in Marina Bay,               Alaska brochure, and also has supplies of Rocky Mountaineer
a 54% increase year-on-year.                                            the Lion City’s action-packed waterfront precinct.                     brochures for agents.
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       AFRICA / MID EAST                                                      SIA/SAA African Connection Fare                                          Theme Parks for Dubai Palm
                                                                        Singapore Airlines has announced the release of a new SQ/SA          Busch Entertainment Corporation, the family entertainment
        New Requirements for Egypt                                      African Connection Economy Class fare to twelve destinations.        division of America’s Anheuser-Busch, has signed an agreement
Peregrine and Gecko’s local office in Cairo has passed on               This new economy class fare has been divided into three              with Dubai property developer Nakheel, to create the Worlds
notification that from 01APR08, all clients’ arrival and departure      destination zones which will allow agents to sell a through fare     of Discovery – SeaWorld, Aquatica, Busch Gardens and
details will need to be provided at the time of booking. This           to many of Africa’s exciting destinations such as Durban,            Discovery Cove – on The Palm Jebel Ali.
information is required by the Tourist Police of Egypt. This is         Victoria Falls and Port Elizabeth. By using Star Alliance partner    The first phase of Worlds of Discovery is expected to open in
non negotiable and agents must ensure that if details change,           South African Airways (via JNB or CPT), Singapore Airlines           2012. Worlds of Discovery on The Palm Jebel Ali will also
the correct information is passed on.                                   says it can now provide a competitive fare offering greater          include a variety of other family activities, including resort
Peregrine and Gecko’s are working on the best way to remind             flexibility. Fares are combinable and open-jaws are permitted        hotels, spas, shops and restaurants.
agents to acquire these details, and it will most likely be an          between all points. Fares are effective immediately until further
alert on the invoice.
For clients travelling overland into Jordan or Libya, these details
                                                                        notice and have been updated in your CRS.                                                   EUROPE
will also need to be provided.                                                                                                                 Edinburgh Military Tattoo Tickets Strictly Limited
The good news is that it gives agents yet another opportunity                                                                                The Tattoo – 23JUN08-06JUL08 – is Scotland’s annual outdoor
to sell a Group tour to Egypt and beyond, as all these hassles                                                                               military spectacular set against the magnificent backdrop of
are taken out of the passengers’ trips and they can relax and                                                                                Edinburgh Castle and features pipes & drums, massed military
enjoy their holiday. Griff says agents should ensure the                                                                                     bands, display teams, dancers and acts from around the world.
company their clients are travelling with has a local office in                                                                              Keith Prowse offers one-night packages priced from $373pp.
Egypt.                                                                                                                                       Click Here for the flyer.
                                                                                                                                                  Wimbledon Grand Slam Packages for 2008
  Emirates Competitive Cape Town Fare                                                                                                        The Grand Slam tennis at London’s Wimbledon offers what is
  Emirates Airline is celebrating the launch of services to                         Shamwari Recognised                                      arguably the best hospitality at any sporting event and Keith
  Cape Town with a special introductory fare offer for New              Shamwari Game Reserve has been named the ‘Best Luxury –              Prowse can offer your clients the chance to experience the tennis
  Zealanders.                                                           Africa Travelers Choice Destination’ in the recent TripAdvisor®      in the lavish surroundings of the Championship club or the
  EK will begin non-stop services from Dubai to Cape Town               Travelers’ Choice™ awards.                                           Gatsby Club with a range of exclusive packages. View the full
  from 30MAR and the Cape Town flights will connect each                South Africa’s Shamwari Game Reserve, the malaria-free               brochure at www.keithprowse.com
  way with Emirates’ daily New Zealand services.                        private game reserve in the Eastern Cape, is situated in verdant
  Until 17MAR, Emirates will offer a very competitive                   bush along the Bushmans River, halfway between Port Elizabeth                  Hairspray’s Record Breaking Sweep
  special economy return fare of $2257 to Cape Town from                and Grahamstown. Their six luxury lodges, each with its own          The London production of Hairspray swept this year’s Olivier
  AKL or CHC, inclusive of taxes.                                       distinctive style and location, offer clients privacy, comfort and   Award nominations with a record-breaking 11 nominations
  The fare is valid for travel out of AKL from 29MAR                    quality.                                                             including Best Musical. Keith Prowse has been taking customers
  onwards, with completion of the trip by 01DEC. Full                   Adventure World has a 3 day/2 night package priced from              to this outstanding show since its inception and it’s definitely a
  details are available in reservation systems.                         $1,426pp share twin including 2 nights accommodation at              favourite for the team in the office.
  Cape Town will bring to 15 the number of gateways to                  selected lodge, all meals, most beverages, game activities and       Agents with clients keen to book tickets to this amazing show
  which Emirates flies in Africa.                                       return road transfers from/to Port Elizabeth airport. Call (09)      on stage in London’s West End can book online using their
                                                                        522 5941.                                                            B2B login. Top quality tickets priced from $170.50.
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     Private Balcony Views with Scenic Tours                                                                                                            All Inclusive Offerings
                                                                                                                                           Cruising along Europe’s mighty waterways is a unique
Scenic Tours says it has redefined luxury river cruising by introducing the first and only
                                                                                                                                           experience and one of the most relaxing ways to explore the
Private Balcony Suites from June when it launches the ‘Scenic Space Ships’ on Europe’s
                                                                                                                                           Continent. The 14-night Jewels of Europe cruise takes in
great rivers.
                                                                                                                                           the grand cities of Amsterdam, Cologne, Nuremberg, Vienna
This northern summer marks the maiden season for the ms Scenic Sapphire and ms
                                                                                                                                           and Budapest. Scenic Tours all inclusive touring offers many
Scenic Emerald, with the ms Scenic Diamond and Ruby hitting the waters in JAN09.
                                                                                                                                           highlights such as the charming city of Salzburg, birthplace
Scenic Tours has worked closely with Europe’s top river cruise ship designers and naval
                                                                                                                                           of Mozart. In Germany there is a visit to the site of the
architects to develop a totally new design, that allows up to 20% more space than average
                                                                                                                                           Nuremberg war crimes trials, where Nazi commanders were
river cruise ships, delivering an unparalleled sense of space and freedom. The ships
                                                                                                                                           tried and sentenced. In Vienna there’s a guided tour of the
consist of two full decks of exclusive Private Balcony Suites 24% larger than average
                                                                                                                                           Schonbrunn Palace, the former summer residence of
river cruise cabins.
                                                                                              Scenic’s Space Ships                         Austria’s imperial family. Plus Scenic provides the option
                                                                                                                                           to add on three-night city stays in Paris, London and Prague
                                                                                              Space has not been compromised on the        staying in the finest hotels in the heart of each city. Their
                                                                                              new Scenic Tours river cruise ships. They    21-day Paris – Prague tour, including a 14-night luxury river
                                                                                              are 135 metres long, while standard          cruise, starts from $10,250 - and Earlybirds fly for free.*
                                                                                              European river cruise ships are just 110
                                                                                                                                                     Click Here to download the brochure.
                                                                                              metres. That extra length provides more
                                                                                              space in public areas and staterooms,
                                                                                              including a 31m observation lounge,
                                                                                                                                                    Earlybirds Will Fly For Free*
                                                                                              larger than on other ships, and adjoined     Peak season dates for Scenic Tours 2008 cruises sold out in
                                                                                              by a 5m open air teak deck. This deck is     less than four weeks, and 2009 demand is likely to be strong.
                                                                                              exclusive to Scenic Tours and gives guests   Brand new is the 14-day Nuremburg to Budapest cruise/
                                                                                              unlimited access to outside areas. Even      tour, a unique 11-day Trier to Nuremburg cruise/tour
At every destination Scenic Tours pre-books the very best docking places available.           their fine dining restaurant is 30% larger   featuring the Moselle River; and the 24/30-day Amsterdam
The ships will be close to the heart of town for easy access to included sightseeing.         than average.                                to Istanbul cruise tour sailing the Black Sea & Turkey.
                                                                                                                                           In addition, Scenic Tours also features deluxe European tours
The revolutionary design includes balconies that don’t compromise on cabin space,             Scenic Tours River Cruising is 100%          which seamlessly connect with many of their river cruises.
meaning passengers no longer have to sit inside behind sliding glass windows, but rather      Australian owned and operated by             The Earlybird offer includes Fly Free* to Europe – valued
can relax outside in comfort and privacy on their own balcony.                                Scenic Tours, so they are in control of      at up to $4800*, plus a free two-night stopover valued at
The balconies, complete with table and chairs, seat four in comfort and give guests the       your clients’ river cruise experience.       $935, an additional $1,170 worth of tipping and transfers,
freedom to retire to their suite with a glass of fine wine and watch in privacy the magical   Onboard meals will feature fine dining       and finally for those combining a luxury 14-night river cruise
Rhine castles, vineyards and villages pass by. Being covered, the balconies also allow        with complimentary wine, and Private         with a land tour there will be an additional discount of up to
guests to take advantage of their unique vantage point at any time of day or night,           Butler Service is also included for all      $1180 per couple – total combined savings of up to $6915.
regardless of the weather.                                                                    balcony suites on the Danube Deck. All
                                                                                              transfers and tipping both on board            Click Here to download the Earlybird Fly Free Offer.
Five star amenities mean the staterooms boast superior climate control, minibar, hairdryer,
personal safe and a supremely comfortable queen size bed. There’s individual internet         and on land tours are included – saving      Call 0800 441 611 or visit www.scenicspaceships.com
access, a flat screen TV and an infotainment system with over 1,000 movies on demand.         guest hundreds of dollars.                   *Conditions apply
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                     TOURS                                                                 All Go for OzJet                                           Boeing Pentagon Bid Fails
                                                                       Ticket sales have begun for OzJet flights from Palmerston North     Boeing has lost out to Airbus and Northrop Grumman Corp.for
Save US$1000 Per Couple on Viking’s Grand European                     following approval from Australian regulators. The first flight     a massive US$40 billion Pentagon contract to build 179 aerial
Adventure World has a new Viking River Special for 2008.               is due to arrive in PMR on 30MAR, with twice-weekly services        refueling tankers for the Air Force. With follow-on orders, the
River cruising is a great way to explore Europe, you unpack            to Brisbane and a weekly flight to Sydney. The frequency lifts      deal could be worth US$100 billion. The new KC30 will be a
only once, and experience more of each country as all Viking           to 4pw to BNE and 2pw to SYD from June, and Melbourne is            modified version of the Airbus A330, with Northrop assembling
River Cruise itineraries include a balance of shore excursions,        expected to come on line later in the year.                         and modifying the tankers in Mobile, Alabama, allowing them
leisure time to explore on your own, scenic cruising, and a            A one-way economy lead-in fare will cost $A199 and includes         to claim the jets as “US-built”.
selection of optional tours.                                           international departure taxes and full meal service. NZ dollar      Boeing, which had been planning to use the B767 as its option,
Grand European Tour: Amsterdam to Budapest. Imagine 15                 pricing will be announced in coming weeks.                          is expected to appeal the purchase decision.
magical days along the Rhine, Main and Danube Rivers, from             Subject to regulatory approval, plans are in place to operate a
Amsterdam to Budapest…From Holland’s windmill-studded                  B737-300 series aircraft with seating configuration of 112                           Asiana Seoul-Paris
tulip fields to Germany’s fairy-tale castles, from the engineering     economy and 12 Business class seats.                                Earl Bunting at World Aviation Systems reports that Asiana
marvel of the Main-Danube Canal to the picturesque vineyards           The OzJet service is being seen as not only of benefit to           Airlines will begin flights to Paris from 31MAR08. The 3pw
of Austria’s Wachau Valley…this epic voyage brings you the             Palmerston North but also as a key strategic asset in both the      B777 flights will depart Seoul on Mon, Wed and Fri at 1315,
best of Holland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary. The           Manawatu and lower North Island region, serving the one             arriving in Paris at 1820, with return flights CDG-ICN departing
magnificent cities of Vienna, Bratislava, and imperial Budapest        million people within a 200km radius of the city.                   at 2120 and arriving in Seoul at 1520 the following day.
await exploration. And along the way, you discover the legend          Palmerston North International Airport chief executive Garry        Paris has been added to Asiana’s range of market fares available
of the Lorelei, the ancient art of glassblowing, the music of          Goodman says dealing with a small, boutique airline creates         in the New Zealand market, with return economy fares starting
Mozart and much more.                                                  room for innovation. Including international departure tax in       from NZ$1900 (plus surcharges and taxes). The new flights
With saving, cruise is now priced from $4,445 per person share         ticket prices - a New Zealand first - is just one example.          are open for sale in GDS now.
twin. The US$1000 saving applies to new bookings only from             Vision Manawatu chief executive Andrew Powrie says the
Feb 26 to May 30, 2008. Conditions apply.                              airline is vital for a strong and growing local economy and         Alitalia says it will fly non-stop B777-200 services between
Contact Adventure World on (09) 524 5118 for reservations.             estimates the carrier will conservatively generate $NZ60 million    Rome and Los Angeles on a 5pw schedule from 01JUN. AZ
                                                                       for the region a year.                                              last operated the route back in 2001.
                   AVIATION                                            Destination Manawatu leisure tourism manager Julia Sanson
                                                                       says having an Australian-owned airline fly into to the city will   Boeing says it has “successfully” completed tests on the
 Air NZ Net Profit up 58%                                              make it easier to persuade Australians to holiday in the region.    787 Dreamliner’s all-composite fuselage. The trials were
                                                                                                                                           performed on a 787 test section and are part of the
Air New Zealand has announced normalised earnings before                                                                                   manufacturer’s certification efforts for the new jet.
                                                                       The Fiji Times Online reports that three Air Pacific staff,
taxation and unusual items of $159 million for the six-month
                                                                       including a senior union executive, have been suspended             Merger talks between Delta Air Lines and Northwest
period ended 31DEC07, up 62% on the same period last year.
                                                                       and will be going through a disciplinary inquiry this week          Airlines have reportedly stalled due to a lack of progress in
Net profit after tax was $115 million, up 58%.
                                                                       for their role in recruitment activity by Emirates Airlines.        seniority negotiations between the carriers’ pilot groups.
Operating revenue was $2,332 million for the first half of the
                                                                       FJ CEO John Campbell told the paper that a cabin crew
year, up $205 million or 9.6% on the same period last year. The
                                                                       member called in sick and then went for an interview with           Hawaiian Airlines parent Hawaiian Holdings reported net
increase was due to additional capacity added both to the
                                                                       EK, while two office staff improperly provided confidential         income of US$7.1 million for 2007, a turnaround from its
domestic and long haul airlines and higher load factors, up 5.3
                                                                       information to be passed to Emirates.                               2006 net loss of US$40.5 million. Revenue lifted 11%.
percentage points to 79.4%.
                                                                     TravelMemo 8.07T 04MAR08        Page 8     www.travelmemo.co.nz
     OzJet Emergencies – Preliminary Findings                                SAS Scandinavian Airlines has upgraded                          CRUISING
An Australian Transport Safety Bureau preliminary report released last       its premium economy class, Economy
week reveals that a leading edge slat malfunction caused by metal fatigue    Extra, on its long-haul route network.              Introducing MSC Fantasia’s Yacht Club
of a component was what prompted cabin crew to order Norfolk Island-         The service class, which is aimed at both
                                                                                                                          The massive 133,500-tonne MSC Fantasia, due to be christened in Naples,
bound passengers on a 32-year-old Ozjet B737-200 to don lifejackets          business travellers and discerning
                                                                                                                          Italy on 18DEC, will be MSC Cruises’ first ship to offer an exclusive VIP
and prepare for an ocean ditching. The plane eventually landed safely at     leisure travellers, now has dedicated
                                                                                                                          area called MSC Yacht Club.
Noumea after pilots fought to gain control over “continued buffeting         crew, an improved meal service and an
                                                                                                                          Consisting of 99 spacious suites, the MSC Yacht Club has an exclusive
and uncommanded roll and yaw.”                                               enhanced attention to detail.
                                                                                                                          bar, solarium, two jacuzzis and pool with retractable sky dome. There is
A second incident, two days later, involved the failure of the tab on the                                                 also an Observation Lounge overlooking the bow of the ship, offering
tail of a plane flying from Port Moresby to Brisbane. The vibration          oneworld alliance carriers have begun        MSC Yacht Club passengers stunning panoramic views. Within the
initially prompted the crew to broadcast a Mayday but the vibrating          to co-locate their operations at the new     Observation Lounge is a Wi-Fi zone and library, and passengers are
eventually stopped and the plane was able to land normally.                  Beijing Terminal 3. BA and Qantas moved      welcome to enjoy their breakfast here.
The ATSB found part of a hinge had broken but noted that tab failures        last Friday and Cathay Pacific, Dragonair,   Butler service is provided as part of this VIP area, offering assistance with
were a known problem on 737-200s and the operator had complied with          Finnair and Japan Airlines will follow on    check in, transporting luggage and unpacking, plus serving a traditional
a Boeing service bulletin on the issue.                                      26MAR. American Airlines plans to join       English high tea from 5.00 pm each day. Butlers can also make restaurant,
It said examination of the tab and hinge block was ongoing, as were          them in Beijing next March.                  shore excursion and spa bookings.
investigations into other aspects of the flight, the plane’s maintenance     All oneworld check in desks will be in the   MSC Yacht Club’s décor will be elegant and include oak wood walls
history, the flight crew’s actions and procedures, the plane’s maintenance   terminal’s area C. Dragonair and Cathay      decorated in Alcantara, marble bathrooms with full length bath, flooring
history and Boeing’s recommended practices.                                  will have their own lounge and premium       of wooden parquetry interlaced with yellow Siena marble and a transparent
The short time between the two incidents also prompted Australia’s Civil     pax from the other oneworld carriers         ceiling allowing a star-studded view of the Mediterranean night sky.
Aviation Safety Authority to look at Ozjet. But a spokesman said that        will have access to the new common use       Following her christening ceremony in December, MSC Fantasia will
the authority did not uncover problems.                                      lounge, with separate facilities for First   cruise the Mediterranean throughout 2009.
                                                                             and Business Class pax.

 12-Day Mediterranean & Greek Is Cruise
     departing Rome 15 June 2008                      CLICK HERE                                                    THIS WEEK’S 5-DAY FLASH SPECIALS
                                                       FOR FLYER
                                                                                                                       7-day Alaska Cruises from US$699
                                                                                                                      3-day Caribbean Cruises from US$299
                                                                                                                 13-day Canada & New England Cruise from US$1299                   Tel: 09-444 2298
             from NZ$    2320                                                                                          7-day Europe Cruises from US$999                            Fax:09-442 4228
                                                                                                                                                                                    CLICK HERE
               based on Cat Lead Inside                                                                             7-day Mexican Riviera Cruises from US$449                      FOR WEBSITE
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Orion Releases 2009 Calendar of Sailings                                                                                                 Or slip away for an early summer holiday in NOV09 and join
Building on established expedition voyages to the Antarctic,                                                                             Orion’s one-off 6 night Great Barrier Reef voyage that includes
Kimberley and Papua New Guinea, Orion Expedition Cruises’                                                                                Hardy Reef, Hayman Island and Percy Island; then enjoy a few
2009 - 2010 Calendar of Sailings adds three inaugural Voyages                                                                            leisurely days at sea before disembarking in Newcastle.
of Discovery to the exotic coasts and islands of Asia plus a                                                                             Tasmania remains a favourite for Orion’s sell-out Food and
visit to Norfolk Island and new sub-Antarctic island wildlife                                                                            Wine themed voyages. Cruising between Sydney and Hobart,
expeditions.                                                                                                                             enroute visiting picturesque Eden, Flinders Island, famous
Asia: Brand new for 2009 are Orion’s Spice Islands, Gulf of                                                                              Wineglass Bay, Coles Bay and the Southwest Wilderness region
Siam and Vietnam Explorer expeditions to Asia. Depending on                                                                              of Tasmania, guests will enjoy 5 nights of food and wine tastings
the chosen voyage these 9, 10 and 11-night itineraries (SEP-                                                                             to balance the expeditionary activities onshore.
OCT09) include both popular and rarely visited Asian                                                                                     Further information on Orion Expedition Cruises 2009 – 2010
destinations. Visit a string of beautiful Indonesian islands                                                                             Calendar of Sailings can be obtained by visiting the website
including Bali plus expeditions to the exotic coasts and islands                                                                         www.orioncruises.com.au
of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam (including an optional side         Arnhem Land: Orion’s expeditions in 2006 and 2007 really
trip to Angkor Wat in Cambodia).                                      sparked interest in the indigenous art world and so a further 7-   NCL America’s last vessel Pride of America will go for dry
Departing late OCT09 is a 10-night cruise between Bali and            night Art of Arnhem Land voyage, departing Thursday Island         docking and U.S. Coast Guard inspection on 27APR at the
Cairns. This Forgotten Islands expedition will feature the island     for Darwin, will be undertaken in APR09 exploring the isolated     Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Honolulu. The work is
of Komodo, famous for its dragons, Maluku, Yamdena Is and             art communities of Arnhem Land. Hosted by pre-eminent              expected to be completed by 09MAY, returning her to
Thursday Island in the Torres Strait before arriving in Cairns.       authorities on indigenous art this is the perfect voyage for art   service before Pride of Aloha completes her last cruise in
Sub-Antarctic Islands: Orion’s expeditions to the Antarctic           collectors and enthusiasts alike.                                  Hawaiin waters. Pride of Aloha has been reassigned to Star
have sold out each year with adventurers appreciating the             Norfolk Island and Melanesia: In FEB09 Orion will undertake        Cruises to cruise Asian waters.
departures from Hobart and Bluff to Commonwealth Bay and              a 19-night Norfolk and Melanesian Islands Discovery voyage
the Ross Sea regions and the chance to visit the historic             through the South Pacific, between Auckland and Rabaul, Papua                GREEN MATTERS
explorer’s bases of Scott, Shackleton and Mawson.                     New Guinea. This meandering cruise will include the Bay of
The Sub-Antarctic Islands component of these voyages is so            Islands before heading for a two-day stay at Norfolk Island.                Green Globe goes to Germany
popular that in 2009 dedicated Sub-Antarctic Wildlife Adventure       Other expedition highlights include the Isles of Pines, Anatom     New Zealand’s Green Globe members will be promoted in a
expeditions are planned focussing on the extraordinary wildlife       - in the middle of nowhere - and the cargo cult island of Tanna    new guide that has been produced for the ITB Travel Tradeshow
found on the wilderness islands of World Heritage Macquarie,          with its still-active Mt Yasur volcano. Capturing the romance      in Berlin 05-07MAR.
Campbell, Auckland and Snares Islands and Fiordland.                  of Melanesia, Orion will also visit Malakula, Nggella (Florida     Travel Green is a comprehensive booklet promoting NZ tourism
Spectacular scenery combined with abundant bird and marine            Islands) and Marovo Lagoon before arriving in the flooded          businesses that have put sustainability at the core of their
life creates island adventures in a photographer’s paradise for       volcanic caldera of Simpson Harbour, Rabaul.                       operations. It will be distributed to agents, trade visitors and
those not wishing to journey to Orion’s Antarctica.                   Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait: For time-restricted          independent travellers at ITB, which is expected to attract
The Kimberley voyages: 10 voyages between MAY and SEP09               adventurers seeking a shorter voyage near home, Orion has a        100,000 trade visitors from around the world as well as members
include the ever-popular Opera Under The Stars voyage (a one-         5-night North Queensland Tropical Reefs and Culture voyage         of the public.
off voyage on the 21AUG09 that includes a night at the Opera          in APR09 cruising from Cairns via Lizard Island, Stanley Island    Green Globe New Zealand will be one of only six organisations
in Broome as a guest of Orion) and a Guide to the Southern            (with its outstanding indigenous rock art), Orion Reef (perfect    to have a presence on the New Zealand stand at ITB which is
Skies voyage. This 11-night voyage from Darwin to Broome              snorkelling) and the Torres Strait island of Poruma (Coconut       being coordinated by the New Zealand German Business
will have a special astronomical focus.                               Island) before concluding at Thursday Island.                      Association.
                                                                    TravelMemo 8.07T 04MAR08 Page 10          www.travelmemo.co.nz
    Emissions Trading Scheme Threatens Tourism Businesses                                                                    INDUSTRY
Tourism businesses will be hit hard by expected    New Zealand’s early participation in the ETS
electricity and fuel price increases resulting     ahead of other countries also places New           An Invitation to see Jumper Port Vila Deal for Agents
from the Government’s proposed Emissions           Zealand tourism businesses at a disadvantage     Agents are invited by Kumuka Worldwide and          The Moorings, Port Vila’s newest hotel, is
Trading Scheme (ETS), the Tourism Industry         to competitors in offshore countries. A number   Korean Air to a Middle East Info Evening and        offering a ROH rate of NZ$80 per room per
Association New Zealand says.                      of these countries have no obligations under     a screening of the movie Jumper in CHC              night for travel agents for travel until
TIA Chief Executive Fiona Luhrs says some          the Kyoto Protocol, Ms Luhrs says.               (17MAR), WLG (18MAR) and AKL (19MAR)                21DEC08. The Hotel opened in MAR07 and
may be forced out of business unless there is      The tourism industry strongly supports the       Click Here to download the invitation.              has 21 rooms in total, 14 Harbourside Rooms
targeted support for the tourism sector.           Government’s goal of environmental                                                                   with harbour views and 7 Standard Rooms with
“The introduction of the ETS has been too          sustainability and that commitment is            Gold Coast property group MFS Limited has           garden and pool views with rooms offering
rushed and there has been limited consultation     demonstrated in the New Zealand Tourism          finalised the sale of a 65% stake in its Stella     both queen or twin configurations. The hotel
with industries such as tourism, which will be     Strategy 2015. Many tourism businesses are       tourism business to CVC Asia Pacific, giving        is ideally located a short 5-min walk along the
impacted by the scheme from the outset,” Ms        already making changes to meet the challenges    MFS a cash injection from the private equity        Harbourfront from Port Vila and Moos Bar and
Luhrs says.                                        posed by climate change.                         group of A$406 million. The company will            Grill is located on site and offers guests a la
“As the government has stated, there will be       However, the development of climate change       also see $900 million of debt taken off its         carte breakfast, lunch and dinner and a range
increased energy costs associated with the         policies must be cognisant of business reality   balance sheet with the sale of the business,        of beer, wine and cocktails at very reasonable
introduction of the ETS. While the trading         and of the longer term timeframes needed for     whose operations include Harvey World               rates. Rumours Nightclub is nearby and is free
component of the scheme will not apply to          businesses to introduce change.                  Travel, Gullivers Travel, Breakfree Hotels          to guests.
tourism, the energy price increases will hit       “The Government has indicated that there will    and the Saville Hotel Group.                        Email gm@mooringsvanuatu.com to make a
businesses hard, especially small and medium       be transitional government assistance to help                                                        booking.
size businesses in the tourism industry.           industries adapt to the ETS but there has been   Flight Centre has been voted the country’s
“In the accommodation sector, for example, it      no detail advised on what this support might                                                         TAANZ has launched a new website in
                                                                                                    top large workplace employer in an annual
is expected that financial yields for individual   be.”                                                                                                 conjunction with a media campaign
                                                                                                    nationwide survey. It is the sixth
businesses could drop by between 3% and            TIA believes the government assistance                                                               designed to raise the profile of TAANZ
                                                                                                    consecutive year the company has been
14%. This is in a sector that is already           programme should consider:                                                                           Bonded travel agents and the protection
                                                                                                    named Best Place to Work (large
characterised by low margins,” Ms Luhrs says.      • longer term timeframes for tourism             workplace) in the Unlimited/JRA Best Places         offered by the TAANZ Bonding Scheme.
“Recent analysis by Business New Zealand               businesses and other SMEs to adjust to       to Work Awards.
supports the view that the introduction of the         change
ETS threatens the viability of many businesses     • providing targeted incentives to encourage                                               PEARL’S PEARLER
in the SME sector, with the potential loss of          tourism businesses to take up new energy                    Make new friends, but keep the old - one is silver, the other gold
thousands of jobs.                                     efficient technologies recognising
“Tourism businesses are already facing slowing         businesses committed to reducing carbon                                                          DX: BP64007               Copyright. No part of this
visitor growth due to the high New Zealand             emissions through an accelerated                         Travel   Kevin Blackford,
                                                                                                                                                        Tel: 09- 449 1 449        publication may be copied,
                                                                                                                         TravelMemo Editor/Publisher,   Mob: 0211 833 643         reproduced or duplicated,
dollar, economic slowdowns in some of our              depreciation scheme, such as writing off                          The Memo Limited               Fax: 09-449 1436          in whole or in part, without
key markets and intense competition from other         depreciation charges on older, more energy                        21c Commodore Parry Rd,        editor@travelmemo.co.nz   the prior written approval
international destinations.”                           intensive plant and equipment.                                    Milford, Auckland 0620         www.travelmemo.co.nz      of the Publisher.
                  Read TIA’s full submission on the ETS at www.tianz.org.nz                                              Last Page - Use Escape key to Exit the Control L feature
                                                                TravelMemo 8.07T 04MAR08 Page 11           www.travelmemo.co.nz

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