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									Violet the Pilot Books Author: Bettina Jenkins Bathe Phone: (403) 284-1418 E-mail: Web: Commercial Pilot & Mom Bettina Jenkins Bathe will be giving a presentation to your children. Bettina Jenkins Bathe is a local Calgarian Author. Violet the Pilot in Canada takes place in Kenora, Ontario, Canada. She flies a young family to a remote fishing area in Lake of the Woods in a floatplane. She dodges a storm, moose, and seagulls. She has her Ladybug, Beaver, and Butterfly with her at all times. Violet the Pilot in France takes place in Provence, France. She flies two French children in a hot air balloon over vineyards, olive, and cypress trees. She escapes a strong wind called a Mistral. She has her Ladybug, Beaver, Butterfly, and a French snail with her. She plays the violin to Simone and Pierre in the hot air balloon. They later ride their bikes up to a beautiful castle! This is a series of books that are being made into a play, TV show and DVD! A new book will be out every 6-8 months. If you wish to purchase a book(s) autographed by the author, please fill out the following order form. What a wonderful gift for birthdays, Christmas, housewarmings, or other special occasions! The books are $14 each including all taxes. $1.00 from every book sold will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Two books can be purchased for $25.00, three books for $35.00, and five or more are only $10.00/each! Your Name: ___________________________________________________________ Child’s Name: _________________________________________________________ Your phone number: (___) ______________________ Your e-mail address: ____________________________________________________ Please indicate which books you would like to order: Violet the Pilot in Canada Quantity: ______ Violet the Pilot in France Quantity: ______ Violet the Pilot in Hawaii Quantity: ______ Total: $___________ Please indicate how you would like to pay: Cash Cheque/Money order (Make payable to Violet the Pilot Enterprises Inc.) Credit/Debit card (Visit to make your payment) Violet the Pilot in The Arctic Quantity: ______ Violet the Pilot in Australia Quantity: ______ Violet the Pilot in Africa Quantity: ______

Thank you! Bettina Jenkins Bathe

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