AIE Lesson Plan Portrait by ivz21134


									                        AIE Lesson Plan: Self Portraits

Title:          “Self Portraits: An Artist’s Identity”
Artworks:       2001.003                   Philip Brulia
                                           “Intersection of Being”
                                           Colored Pencil
                99.014                     Hal Frater
                                           “Self Before Blank Canvases”
                                           Oil on Canvas
                98.013EC                   Michael Allison
                                            “Paper Mask”
                                            Oil on Panel
Grade:          Middle/High School
PA Standards:           9.2.H: Identify, describe, and analyze the work of Pennsylvania
                         artists in dance, music, theater, and the visual arts.
                      9.3.C: Know classification skills with materials and processes used
                         to create works in the arts.
                      9.4.D: Recognize that choices made by artists regarding subject
                         matter and themes communicate ideas through works in the arts
                         and the humanities.
Objective:      Students will gain a better understanding of self-portraiture by viewing three
                original art works from the education collection of the Southern Alleghenies
                Museum of Art. Students will then produce a self-portrait drawing focusing
                on their own self-image and how they believe the world views them.
Overview:       The presenter and students will discuss the characteristics of self-
                portraiture while examining three original portraits from the Southern
                Alleghenies Museum of Art. The discussion should focus on techniques the
                artist used to convey a message; also, students will critically view the
                artwork and draw conclusions as to the character or personality traits of the
                artist. After the discussion, the students will create a self-portrait which
                should somehow express their own self-image or identity.
Materials:            Drawing pencils
                      Erasers
                      Colored pencils
                      Oil or chalk pastels
                      White paper (9x12 or 12x18)
Procedure:           1. The presenter will begin the lesson by discussing the three
                         portraits, focusing on what characteristics make up a portrait,
                         different types of portraits, and how the artists convey meaning
                         about themselves.
                     2. Ask students to pick out different clues in the painting that speak to
                         what type of person the artist is.
                     3. Discuss how each artist chose to portray himself. Do they think
                         these portrayals are true? Discuss why an artist would want to
                         portray themselves not as they truly are.
                     4. Before beginning their self-portraits, instruct students to first think
                         about what they want their self-portrait to say about themselves.
                         How will they convey this to their audience? Point out that their
                         depictions do not have to be true to who they actually are, much
                         like Brulia’s and Allison’s self-portraits.
                     5. If time permits, have some students share their portraits with the
class and explain how their portrait conveys information about

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