Texas State Capitol, Pre-Visit Lesson Plan, Grades 4th Grade by ivz21134


									                   Texas State Capitol,
         Pre-Visit Lesson Plan, Grades 4th Grade
I. Objectives
      A. Students will learn about the six nations Texas has been a part of during
           its history.
      B. Students will identify the six seals and flags of Texas
      C. Students will create their own seal of Texas.

II. TEKS Covered in this Lesson
      A. Students explain the meaning of selected patriotic symbols and landmarks
         of Texas, including the six flags over Texas.
      B. Students locate and use secondary sources such as print material to acquire
         information about Texas.
      C. Students express ideas orally based on research.
      D. Students create visual materials.

III. Materials
      A. “What’s on the Seal” handout (print pages 3-7).
      B. “Symbols on the Seal” handout (print page 8).
      C. “Design Your Own Seal” handout (print page 9).

IV. Procedures/Activities
      A. Introduction
             1. Ask the students the following questions.
                    a. Have you ever heard of the “six flags over Texas?”
                    b. If so, what do you know about the flags?
                    c. Can you name all six countries that have ruled Texas?
             2. Six countries that have ruled Texas
                    a. Explain to the students that Texas has been a part
                       of six nations throughout its history.
                            i. Spain (1519-1821)
                            ii. France (1685-1690)
                            iii. Mexico (1821-1836)
                            iv. Republic of Texas (1836-1845)
                            v. United States (1845-1861; 1865-present)
                            vi. Confederate States of America (1861-1865)
                    b. Each country’s flag represents a different period of
                       time in the history of Texas.
             3. Seals of Texas
                    a. Inform the students that each country also had an official
                    b. Seals were/are stamped on official government documents.
                    c. Seals are also symbols of the countries.
                            i. Symbols are objects that make us think of other

                         things. Symbols can also represent ideas and
                          beliefs that people have.
                      ii. Common symbols in everyday life: red traffic light
                          (stop), skull and crossbones (danger), ants (hard
                          workers) and Statue of Liberty (freedom).
               d. Explain to the students that both flags and seals are symbols
                  of countries and are used to represent their government, the
                  people and their beliefs.

B. Activity: “What’s on the Seal?”
      1. Divide the class into 6 groups.
               a. Provide each group with a “What’s on the Seal?” handout.
               b. Make sure that each group has a different country’s seal.
      2. Ask the students to examine the seal and try to identify all of the
          items on the seal (animals, trees, etc.).
      3. Instruct the students to try to explain what each item on the seal
          might symbolize. Stress to the students it is alright if they do not
          know the answers, but they should still try to come up with a
      4. Once the students have finished, provide each group with a
          “Symbols on the Seal” handout.
      5. Ask each group to look over the sheet and prepare a short report
          for the rest of the class. The report should include the following
          information about their seal:
               a. Name all the objects on the seal.
               b. What did your group think each object symbolized.
               c. After reading the second handout, what does each
                   object symbolize?
      6. Have each group present their report.

C. Activity: “Design Your Own Seal”
       1. Provide each student with a copy of the “Design Your Own Seal”
       2. Explain to the students that they are going to create their own seal
          for Texas.
       3. Encourage your students to place different items they associate
          with Texas in their seals. This may include a cowboy, star,
          longhorn, a space shuttle or whatever items they associate with their

What’s on the seal?


What’s on the seal?


What’s on the seal?


What’s on the seal?

   Republic of Texas

What’s on the seal?

    United States

What’s on the seal?

  Confederate States

                   Symbols on the seal
The pair of castles and lions represents the two Spanish kingdoms of Aragon and Castile
that united in 1469. The crown stands for the power of the king of Spain.

The three flower-like design is called the fleu-de-lis. It is an ancient symbol of the kings
of France (they were called the Bourban kings).

Eagle holding the serpent in its month on top of a cactus is an ancient Aztec symbol. The
Aztecs ruled most of present-day Mexico until the Spanish arrived in the 1500s.
The branches are olive (representing peace) and oak (representing strength).

Republic of Texas
The seal has a “Lone Star” in the center. The branch on the left side is live oak
(representing strength) and the branch on the right is olive (representing peace).

United States
The American bald eagle (national bird) sits in the center. On the eagle’s breast is a
shield with 13 stripes (representing the original 13 states). The eagle holds 13 arrows
(representing the original 13 states) and an olive branch (representing peace). The eagle
holds in its mouth a banner with the Latin words “E pluribus unum” (meaning out of
many, one). Above the eagle are 13 stars.

Confederate States
George Washington sits on horseback in the center. Washington was from Virginia and
one of the great heroes in American history. Washington is surrounded by four of the
most important crops of the south (corn, cotton, wheat and tobacco). Around the
outside of the seal reads “The Confederate States of America-22 February 1862” (the
date the Confederacy was founded). At the bottom is the Latin phrase “Deo Vindice”
(loosely translates as God will judge).

My Texas Seal


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