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					Great Books – The Young Reader Series Instructor: Ms. Jennifer Brower
Open to Grade 2 at North Cliff School Duration: 4 weeks, starting on February7 th (Th) 3:05 – 4:05 p.m. Book: The Courage of Sarah Noble by: Alice Dalgliesh- Book Purchase Required This is an exciting and ideal course for enthusiastic young readers who love to get lost in a good book. While reading the book in and out of class, Ms. Brower will teach the students how to analyze the book so that they can engage in group-setting discussions and be able to write an articulate book report by the end of the program. In the process, the children will learn how to develop an understanding of the plot, be able to distinguish between characters and identify other literary terms.

Algebra IA Instructor: Ms. Marilyn Narcisi
Open to Grades 7 and 8 at Upper School Duration: 15 weeks, starting on February 7th (T/Th) 3:05 - 4:05 p.m. Textbook: Algebra Structure and Method, Book 1 by Brown, Dolciani, Sorgenfrey and Cole provided by the school This course will expose students to the first half of a traditional Algebra I course. The course will focus on properties of real numbers under addition and multiplication, fundamental operation with algebraic expressions, solution of one and two variable equations and graphing. While complementing the school math curriculum, the course will strengthen students’ arithmetic-based skills and prepare them for a smooth transition into high school. In addition, the course will move at a fast pace, requiring students to do a lot of in and out of class problems. Mid-course exam will be given at the 10-week mark and a final at the end of the course. A satisfactory score of 80 or higher on the final will serve as a benchmark for entry into Algebra IB.

***Please note classes will not be held when school is closed for vacation/breaks. Classes will resume according to the schedule once the school reopens.***
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