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					                      Immigration Unit Outline


               A. Description

               B. Rationale

               C. Learning Objectives

               D. Learning Outcomes

II.   The Immigrant Experience

               A. Who are immigrants

                    1. Literature link: Coming to America

                    2. We are all immigrants

                            a. Stories of our family, friends and people in our

                                school and community

                            b. We came from many places

               B. Using literature to gain an appreciation and understanding of the

                  immigrant experience

                    1. Book share: Coming to America (read to class and recap

                        w/picture tour for discussion)

                    2. Literature circles

                            a. Long Way to a New Land

                            b. Molly's Pilgrim

                            c. Immigrant Kids
            d. Journey to Ellis Island

     3. Read aloud: Diary of Remember Patience Whipple (Begin

         before starting immigration unit and use to compare and

         contrast immigrant experiences in different time periods)

     4. Other Literature resources on hand:

            a. The Memory Coat

            b. When Jesse Came Across the Sea

            c. Hannah’s Journal

     5. Show video: Molly’s Pilgrim

            a. Discuss discrimination

            b. Make a newcomer booklet

C. Using the Internet to access resources about immigrant

   experiences such as online oral histories, photographs and other

   primary sources.

     1. Tour of Ellis Island

     2. Ellis Island Slide Show

     3. Relive a Boys Journey

     4. Meet 5 Young Immigrants

     5. Other online resources depending on time/interest

D. Experiences

     1. Leaving our homes

            a. Reasons for leaving

                      i. Economic hardship
               ii. Religious persecution

              iii. Political oppression

              iv. Sense of adventure

       b. Experiences of leaving family, friends, and familiar


       c. What immigrants brought with them

2. The journey

       a. Methods of transportation

       b. Experiences

               i. Crowed with no privacy

               ii. Inadequate sanitary facilities

              iii. Spoiled food

              iv. Storms

               v. Illness

       c. Simulation

3. Arrival: Ellis Island

       a. Health Examination

                       1. Trachoma

                       2. Tuberculosis

                       3. Typhus

                       4. Cholera

                       5. Measles

                       6. Pneumonia
            b. Role play questions

            c. Discuss conditions for rejection

     4. Life in America

            a. Adjustment

                     i. Homesick

                    ii. Hardship

                   iii. Poverty

                   iv. Language barrier

                    v. Unfamiliar customs

            b. Discrimination

                     i. Show video: Molly’s Pilgrim

     5. New Americans and recent immigrants

E. Responding to reflect and demonstrate an appreciation and

   understanding of the immigrant experience as depicted through

   literature, oral histories, photographs, and online resources

     1. Writing

            a. Response Journals

            b. Letters

            c. Post Cards

            d. Diary/Journal Entries

            e. Narratives

            f. Wisdom Book: Newcomer Booklet

            g. Interview
                   2.   Role Playing

                             a. Leaving home

                             b. The journey/voyage

                             c. Arrival: Ellis Island

                             d. Discrimination

                   3. Art

                             a. Illustrating responses to literature

                             b. Creating immigrant bundles or travel trunks

                             c. Post Cards (and/or post card booklets)

                             d. Artifact-Box Book

                             e. Story-in-a-Can

                             f. Character/setting triorama

                             g. Bookmaking

                   4. Culminating Activities

                             a. Talk show

                             b. Presentation of oral histories

                             c. Displays or artifacts

                             d. Books

III.   Freedom and Justice

               A. Working together

               B. Who belongs in America

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