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					Short Reviews of Books Available From Everyman
Carefully selected books and tapes on a gender or personal growth theme, available by mail order from Everyman. Price includes shipping and handling, and is competitive with bookstores.

The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.
“The definitive statement of men’s issues” David Shackleton “A bombshell . . . It attacks the unexamined assumption of feminist discourse with shocking candour” - Camille Paglia “ Warren Farrell has single-handedly resurrected my hope for relationships.” Cartoonist Cathy Guisewite.

The Choices of Men: a novel of male power and sexuality in a feminist age by T.S. Tyrone (pseudonym) (reviewed in
Everyman #52) “Entertaining, hopeful, dramatic and inspiring. An excellent novel.” - David Shackleton

Soft Cover: $20.00 Men, Meaning and Prayer by Jeffrey Duval (reviewed in Everyman
#52) “There is no formula here - just stories. I like all these tales very much.” - Robert Bly “Clear, heartfelt and honest.” - John Lee

Soft Cover: $24.00 Cassette: $22.00 Sacred Manhood, Sacred Earth by Joseph Jastrab (reviewed in
Everyman #13) “This is a book for men in search of their souls. Joseph Jastrab leads men through the wilderness of nature into the wilderness of their own fears to a vision of their authentic selves.” Matthew Fox

Soft cover: $25:00 The Stronger Sex by Richard Driscoll, Ph.D. (Reviewed
in Everyman #36) “Balanced and insightful. A triumph over illusion and misunderstanding” - Warren Farrell, Ph.d.

Soft Cover: $16.50 Men at Work: An action guide to masculine healing by Chris Frey, M.S.W. (Reviewed in
Everyman #29 “About men learning to live richly instead of trying to die rich, about men building their self-worth with the same energy that they build their net worth.” - Joseph Laur, Training Leader

Why Men Are The Way They Are by Warren Farrell, Ph.D.
“The book that started it all!” David Shackleton “The most important bok ever written about love, sex and intimacy.” - New York Post “ This is one terrific book!” - Oprah Winfrey

Soft Cover: $18.95

Soft Cover: $12.50 Cassette: $20.00

Father and Child Reunion by Warren Farrell, Ph. D (reviewed in
Everyman #47) “The book of the decade for fathers” - David Shackleton “The most important book a father could every read” - Larry Hellman, President, NCFC.

Heart’s Calling: A Novel by Michael DiBenedetto (reviewed in
Everyman #49) “A competent, mature and compassionate look at men and the process of male recovery. The best novel on men’s issues I have ever read.” - David Shackleton

Soft cover $24:00

Hard Cover $36:00 Recordings of Warren Farrell Lectures
- “The importance of Father’s” (single cassette) - “fathers in the 21st Century” (single cassette) - “Redefining Fathers” (double cassette) Send to: Everyman Books, Box 4617, Stn.E. Ottawa, ON K1S 5H8. Enclose your cheque or money order, and your correct mailing address. Subtract 10% for multiple copies., US purchases convert prices to US dollars and add $5 for extra postage cost. More information : (613 832-2284 or email editor

$14:00 each

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