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									Books tr ue to the histor ic Chr istian faith.

A dream

A nd a hope esta bl ished.
What you’re holding in your hands is a brief introduction to what is, for me, a dream come true. When Ligonier Ministries came into being in the early 1970s, I hoped that our outreach someday would include a publishing company that would serve to propagate the Reformed faith without compromise. I wanted to see a publisher that would not deviate from its vision for any reason, be it the content of the message or economic issues. I dreamed of a company that would faithfully spread abroad the teachings recovered during the Reformation through everything from textbooks to children’s books. x That dream came true in 2006 when we took the step of launching Reformation Trust Publishing. The word Reformation defines the theological perspective we’re committed to propagating at Ligonier—that recovery of biblical Christianity in the sixteenth century. We want to produce materials that are consistent with and faithful to that tradition. Trust involves a kind of fidelity and the idea of a legacy. So our legacy, our trust, is to be faithful to the biblical tradition, and we are striving to see that all Reformation Trust books do just that. x As you peruse this brief introduction to Reformation Trust, we hope you’ll find us faithful to this vision.

D r. R .C. Spr ou l

books worth reading.
As Reformation Trust moves forward, the goal is to publish books true to the historic Christian faith, especially those truths recovered and emphasized during the Protestant Reformation, by the best of today’s Reformed pastors and scholars. Reformation Trust aims to serve the same constituency as Ligonier Ministries—motivated laypeople with a hunger for the deep truths of Scripture and the Christian faith. To that end, most Reformation Trust titles will focus on theology, practical theology, biblical studies, church history, and Christian living. Most books carrying the Reformation Trust logo will be hardback volumes. The aim is to publish well-produced, quality shelf pieces that readers will be eager to display. However, it is our hope and expectation that our books will be referenced for many years, so the quality will extend to the choice of paper and the binding. Reformation Trust books should have a life of many, many years. Each book from Reformation Trust will remain in print as long as it is relevant to the church of Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it will receive close attention in ongoing promotion through multiple channels. Ligonier Ministries will strive to continue to promote each title far longer than other publishers, using every ministry avenue available.

a publishing heritage.
Although Reformation Trust Publishing came into being in 2006, Ligonier Ministries has been publishing resources for 35 years. x Since its founding in 1971, Ligonier has published joint venture books with major publishers; curricula for hundreds of teaching series; and even music scores. Tabletalk, the ministry’s theological/devotional magazine, has been published continually since 1977. In recent years, Ligonier published the highly successful Reformation Study Bible and acquired Soli Deo Gloria Publications, one of the premier publishers of Puritan literature. x Through these multi-faceted publishing endeavors, Ligonier has developed a publishing infrastructure that is second to none in the areas of editing, printing, graphic design, typesetting, and sustained marketing. All this expertise now stands behind Reformation Trust.

promotional reach.
Each book published by Reformation Trust has the full marketing weight of Ligonier Ministries behind it. A comprehensive promotional plan is created for each title after appropriate market review, research, and analysis.


† Premium placement in seasonal catalogs from the ministry, with a combined distribution of more than 400,000. † Regular placement in Ligonier’s Tabletalk magazine, with an estimated monthly readership of more than 250,000. † Regular Internet promotion on and email communications to more than 80,000 opt-in addresses. † Direct communication to Ligonier’s 20,000+ ministry partners. † Direct mail campaigns targeting Ligonier’s entire constituent list.

† Regular communication and promotion to 2,000 bookstore outlets. † Strategic partnerships with like-minded ministries for domestic and international distribution. † Centralized coordination of paid national advertising, publicity interviews, chapter excerpts, and book reviews. † National promotion on the Renewing Your Mind radio broadcast, with an estimated weekly audience of 2.5 million in the domestic United States. Special broadcasts with author interviews are sometimes employed. † Regular TV ad spots on Ligonier’s Renewing Your Mind broadcast on the NRB Network via DirecTV, with a current subscriber base of 14 million.

Illustration from The Lightlings by R.C. Sproul.

Reformation Trust’s first titles have included A Taste of Heaven (right) and The Lightlings (above) by Dr. R.C. Sproul, and Foundations of Grace (below) and The Expository Genius of John Calvin (above right) by Dr. Steven J. Lawson.

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