As Secretary you are required to sign legal documents by ivz21134


									Command sends out a yearly “Dates to       We acknowledge Ontario Command who
Remember” poster and this will help        shared this concept with us.
you to keep on top of deadlines.
                                                  RESOURCE BOOKLETS
As Secretary you are required to           AVAILABLE FROM BC/YUKON COMMAND
                                              604.736.8166 or fax 604.736.1635
sign legal documents. Regardless of
which Officers are designated as           Branch Manual – 2008
signatories for the banking accounts, as   BC/Yukon Command Bylaws-2008
detailed in Branch by-laws, the BC         Poppy Manual-2007
Legion Act makes it mandatory that
only the Secretary and the President        AVAILABLE FROM DOMINION COMMAND
are permitted to sign documents such            1 888 301 2257 or 1 888 301 2268
as contracts, deeds or mortgages.                       FAX 613 235 5904
                                           Act to Incorporate–1981                       THE ROYAL
Your duties to your Zone as Secretary      RCL General By-Laws–2008                   CANADIAN LEGION
are limited. Often times the greatest      Ritual & Insignia Manual–2007
service you can provide is to assist the   Rules of Procedure for Meetings–2007            BC/YUKON
President in the preparation of the        Membership Processing Guide–2004                COMMAND
                                           H and Awards Regulations-2008
Branch report. However, the ZC does
                                           Sports Guide–2008
have the right to request the Branch to    Membership Eligibility Guide-2006
submit copies of monthly minutes to        Membership Chairman’s Guide-2005
him direct as well. The Zone plays an      Service Officer Handbook-2004
important part in the structure of the                                                 Leadership Program
                                           Chaplains Manual – 2004
Legion in this Command. Make               National Honours Manual-2006
available to your Executive a copy of                                                 Branch Officers Series
                                           Snapshots-submitting copy and photos to
the paper on the “Value of Zone with       Legion Magazine-2008
BC/Yukon Command.”                                                                      Branch Secretary
                                                     BC/Yukon Command
Other learning opportunities are                  The Royal Canadian Legion
                                                     3026 Arbutus Street
presented through attendance at                    Vancouver, BC V6J 4P7
Command Leadership & Business                           604.736.8166
Management workshops presented in        
each Zone every second year. Zone        
Commanders also run workshops in
conjunction with Zone meetings. Don’t                                 February 2009
miss these opportunities!

The information contained in this
brochure is the property of BC/Yukon
Command and is intended for use by its
members only.
Congratulations on your assumption            accessible officer to the Executive           Branch has a copier, it’s always
of the duties of Secretary. Depending         members, it will be to you they come for      appreciated by members if the minutes
on your by-laws, you will have been           answers.                                      can be distributed for reading and then
elected or appointed. Either way – you                                                      adopt a motion to accept the minutes
fill what some consider to be the             At Your Installation you were informed        as read. It’s pretty boring to read the
second most important position in the         of the need to attend all Regular,            minutes and it’s boring for the members
Branch. The efficiency of the operation       Executive and Special Branch Meetings         to have to listen.
will depend on your enthusiasm and            and that it was your duty to keep a
interest.                                     complete and accurate account of the          If your job includes duties of recording
                                              business transacted. It is through you        the minutes you need to understand that
The Secretary is the person who is            that all correspondence is channelled.        normal participation at meetings will be
supposed to know all the answers and          You never want to be placed in the            severely curtailed. As the Recording
as a result must become acquainted with       position    where   fellow    Executive       Secretary you should give opinions only
the proper operating procedures of the        members can say “the Secretary never          when asked, or if members are not
Legion. It is imperative that close liaison   told               me”               or       aware of all the facts or if something
be maintained between the Secretary           the “Secretary never passed that              illegal or unconstitutional is about to be
and the President and ultimately with the     along.” When correspondence arrives           acted upon. In Branches with salaried
full Executive.                               pertinent to the various standing             Secretary-Managers       the     duty   of
                                              committees, copy the President and            Recording Secretary is often part of their
The Secretary is in the best position to      then ensure each committee chair gets         Job Description. Be sure you understand
put his knowledge to work. The                what applies to his position. Share the       your role in taking minutes. A Recording
Secretary can't be expected to be             information – don’t control the               Secretary who is a member also has the
familiar with the full contents of the        information!                                  right to exercise a vote during general
various booklets and manuals however,                                                       meetings.
what is expected is that the Secretary will   The Command Branch Manual is your
at least know where information can be        most helpful guide. Be sure you always        The task of recording the minutes
found and should have copies of the           have a current edition.                       during a meeting, especially by hand,
various booklets, manuals and reference                                                     can seem difficult when you first begin.
guides close at hand for easy reference       Your duties to your Branch will be            Don’t be afraid to ask the Chairman to
when the need arises.                         varied. Anyone who has spent time in          slow down, or have the Chairman ask
                                              your position will tell you it was the best   members to speak up. You can’t record
Printed in this brochure is a list of the     learning experience. The knowledge            what you can’t hear or understand.
manuals available from both Dominion          gained on by-laws; procedure and              Soon you will develop the skills needed
and BC/Yukon Command. The first thing         policy will be invaluable to the Branch.      to do the job efficiently.
to do is get yourself a copy of each
booklet and clearly mark it as your           In preparing for meetings you will need       Each standing committee chair is
“master” copy. We know from experience        to have the minutes of the previous           required to give monthly reports to
what happens – someone will ask to            meeting completed. Previous minutes           general    meetings.     Suggest    the
borrow one - and that will be the last you    should be posted or copied prior to the       President ask the Executive to submit
see of it.                                    meeting. Be sure to have a copy of all        written reports prior to meetings. This
                                              minutes signed by the President and           will make your job easier.
In many instances you will be the most        yourself following adoption. If your

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