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					                                       DINNER MENU
      For residents on an inclusive Dinner, Bed and Breakfast rate – a 2 course Dinner is Included.
           A supplement of £5.00 is charged for each 3rd course. Tea/coffee charged as taken.

                                  Homemade Soup of the Day - £3.95

                                     Fantail of Galia Melon - £4.25
                        Served with a Duo of Fruit Coulis, Red Fruit and Sorbet

                                Fennel and Butternut Squash - £5.95
                    Open Pesto Lasagne with Red Pepper Coulis and Basil Dressing

                                   Grilled Goats Cheese - £4.95
             With crispy Parma Ham, Pesto Dressing with Plum and Ginger Stem Compote

                          Pigeon Breast with Beetroot and Quince Jelly - £6.95
                               Served with Pea Veloute and Cress Salad

                                 Pan Fried Rainbow Trout - £4.50
                          With Mint, Cucumber and Crème Fraiche Dressing

                                   Hand Dive Seared Scallops - £8.50
                      (Supplement of £3.50 for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast guests)
                   With Crispy Chorizo and Mango Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

                                       Spiced Meat Balls - £5.50
               Stuffed with Spinach and Walnut served with a Chilli and Raspberry Coulis

                             Duck Rillette with Mulled Wine Syrup - £6.50
                                 With Bread Tuille and Cress Salad

                                       Moules Marinieres - £7.50
                      (Supplement of £2.50 for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast guests)
        cooked in Garlic Butter, Shallot and Ginger, White Wine and Parsley with Crusty Bread

                                              PLEASE NOTE
All food is freshly cooked to order and can take up to 25 minutes to prepare. Should you have any dietary
              requirements or food allergies, please inform Reception staff BEFORE ordering.

                                      MAIN COURSES
                                 Pan Fried Salmon Steak - £14.95
             With Asparagus and Garden Herbs Salad, Sweet Pea and Broad Bean Dressing
                              Beer Battered Cod Steak - £11.50
                Served with Chunky Chips, Peas and Homemade Tartare Sauce

                              Local Fish of the Day - £15.50
      Served with Warm Samphire, Tomato and Boiled Potato Salad with Butter and Capers

                             Slow Roasted Belly of Pork - £14.95
            Served with a Chestnut Puree, Braised Spiced Apple and Fondant Potato

                              Pan Fried Chicken Supreme - £12.50
With Mozzarella and Basil Pesto wrapped in Parma Ham served with Dauphinoise Potato and Wild
                                       Mushroom Sauce

                                     Fillet of Beef - £21.50
                  (supplement of £5.25 for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast guests)
             Served with gratin of Mushrooms, Sauteed Potatoes and a Green Salad
                With a Choice of Sauce – Red Wine, Peppercorn or Liquorice

                                  Saddle of Venison - £26.50
                  (supplement of £7.50 for Dinner, Bed and Breakfast guests)
           With Butternut Squash, Asparagus Spear and Duxelle of Mushroom Tartlet

                               Roasted Game of the Day - £15.50
        With Wild Mushroom, Cous Cous, Mediterranean Vegetables and Red Wine Jus
  With Potato of your choice, Wild Mushroom, roasted Cherry Vine Tomato and Red Wine Jus

                              Vegetarian Dish of the Day - £9.25

                             Grilled Chicken Breast Salad - £9.95
  Served with Roasted Cherry Tomato, Goat Cheese, Split Balsamic Vinegar and Herb Croutons

                            Sliced Seared Fillet Steak Salad - £13.50
                 Served with Oriental Salad Dressing, Pickled Ginger and Chilli

                               SIDE ORDERS - £2.50 each
                      Green Salad, Seasonal Vegetables, Chunky Chips,
                Creamy Mash Potato, Minted New Potatoes, Dauphinoise Potato

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