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									Children’s Books                             Let’s go to playgroup               My World, Your World
                                             Pamela Venus                        Melanie Walsh

For Every Child                              Off to playgroup with Renai.        Spot the differences and
UNICEF                                       Fun and friends everyday.           similarities between children
                                                                                 all around the world in this fun
The rights of the child in                   Let’s Feed the Ducks                and vibrant book for the very
words and pictures. Whoever                  Pamela Venus                        young.
we are, wherever we live,
these are the rights of every                Let’s go to bed                     Other titles
child under the sun and the                  Pamela Venus                        by Melanie Walsh:
moon and the stars.
                                             Bedtime for Mimi with a teddy       • My nose, your nose
                                             called Timmy.                       • My beak, your beak
Chidi Only Likes Blue                                                            • My flower, your flower
Ifeoma Onyefulu                              Let’s have fun
                                             Pamela Venus
An African Book of Colours.                                                      Piñata Maker (The)
Nneka’s little brother Chidi is              Ride a see-saw with Ete on a        George Ancona
always saying his favourite                  warm sunny day
colour is blue. Could it be that                                                 Don Ricardo or Tio Rico as
he just doesn’t know any                                                         the children call him the piñata
others? Nneka decides to teach               The Best Mum                        maker of a village in southern
him nine colours seen in their               Sarah Nash & Pamela Venus           Mexico. Now seventy-seven
village, from pink flowers and                                                   years old, Tio Rico has been
the yellow gari they eat to                  When someone asks Mum if            making elaborate and beautiful
Great Uncle’s red cap and                    she works, Mum says ‘No’.           piñatas for fifteen years. He
Mother’s gold jewellery – a                  But Kizzy knows better. Mum         brings great joy to children
rainbow palette, African style.              has a hard job, but it’s the best   with his magical puppets,
But Chidi still likes blue best              job of all.                         masks, and piñatas – and of
of all!                                                                          course he gets invited to nearly
                                                                                 all the parties! Told in English
More Books                                                                       and Spanish by award-winning
                                             The Best Toy
By Ifeoma Onyefula                                                               author and photographer
                                             Sara Nash & Pamela Venus
                                                                                 George Ancona, The Piñata
• A is for Africa                            Dad takes Sam to the toy shop.
                                                                                 Maker documents this Latin
• Emeka’s Gift: An African                                                       American art, including a note
                                             Sam wants the best toy. Will
  Counting Story                                                                 on how to make a piñata at
                                             he find it?
• One Big Family: Sharing                                                        home, and offers readers a
  Life in an African Village                                                     fascinating glimpse of lie in a
                                                                                 Mexican village.

Whoever You Are                                                                  True Person
Mem Fox                                                                          Gabiann Marin
                                             Angela Lamanno
                                                                                 Illustrated by Jacqui Grantford
Every day all over the world,                Summary: Suggests how dull
children are playing, laughing                                                   A True Person is a moving
                                             the world would be if
and crying. They may not look                                                    story which highlights the
                                             everyone was exactly the same
the same or speak the same                                                       bond between Mother and
                                             and there were no surprises, no
language, but inside they are                                                    Daughter in times of adversity.
                                             new ideas and no new voices.
just like you. This magical                                                      For Zallah there is a light t the
story from Mem Fox                                                               end of the tunnel and we
celebrates the differences in                                                    celebrate with her as she
our lives that unit us all.                                                      discovers what it means to be
                                                                                 A True Person.

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Bartia and Mayila
Sue Atkinson
Illustrated by Annette Sax

Bartja and Mayila is written
and illustrated by two
Indigenous women from
Victoria. It is the first book in
the ‘Simply Koorie!’ series
which gives young children
insight into Indigenous
Victorian culture. The ‘Simply
Koorie!’ series are supported
by background notes and ideas
for related activities.

Five Little Owls
Mark Carthew
Illustrated by Mini Goss

Follow Five Little Owls as
they play an unexpected game
of hide and seek under the
moonlit sky with some
familiar creatures of the forest.
Author Mark Carthew’s love
of the environment comes
alive with his use of simple
evocative imagery and rhyme,
while award-winning
illustrator Mini Goss has
created another stunningly
beautiful picture book.

G:Admin Shared 2006 Web updates: Other categories Children’s Books

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