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                   Antipasti                                                              Soups
                   Create your own special plate of delicacies to open                    Rosso also offers a lighter choice for our generous
                   up your taste buds or to go with a drink.                              and tasty dishes.
                   Focaccia bread                                                 2,70
                                                                                          Tomato soup                         small 5,70           norm. 8,50
                   •	 seasoned with sun-dried tomatoes, olive oil,
                                                                                          •	 tomato soup spiced with smoked cheese and
                   and balsamic vinegar
                                                                                          garlic, herb pesto, and warm focaccia bread
                   Green salad                                                    3,90
                                                                                          Smoked reindeer
                   •	 cucumber, tomatoes, roasted bell peppers,
                   olives, and herbs with tangerine vinaigrette
                                                                                          and cheese soup LL                 small 7,20 norm. 11,70
                                                                                          •	 rich, creamy cheese soup with warm-smoked
                                                                                          reindeer and Parmesan, served with herb pesto
                   Mozzarella and tomato                                          2,70
                                                                                          and roasted rye bread
                   •	 olive oil and balsamic vinegar

                   Roasted chèvre LL                                              3,70
                                                                                          Salmon soup LL                     small 6,90 norm. 10,40
                                                                                          •	 creamy salmon soup and roasted rye bread
                   •	 with herbs and ‘Devil’s jam’

                   Italian mix                                                    3,70    With soups we recommend Cantina di Custoza white wine
                   •	 with artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, herbs                   or sparkling mineral water.

                   Air-dried ham and melon
                   •	 with olive oil
                                                                                          With crisp toasted bread made from Kamut flour.*)
                   Shrimp                                                         3,70    A delicacy originally served in the middle parts of Italy as
                   •	 served with a yoghurt tapenade and herb pesto                       an appetizer, bruschettas are excellent also as a snack to
                                                                                          go with drinks.
                   Cold-smoked salmon                                             3,70
                                                                                          Salmon and Italian ham bruschetta                            10,90
                   •	 with herbs
                                                                                          •	 cold-smoked salmon, air-dried ham, cheese, garlic,
                                                                                          rucola and black pepper
                   Rosso meatballs                                                3,70   lighter
                   •	 with tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese
                                                                                          Vegetable bruschetta                                         10,90
                                                                                          •	 Rosso’s Caponata, roasted bell peppers, artichoke,
                   Onion rings                                                    3,70
                                                                                          cheese, garlic, rucola and black pepper
                   •	 with a mango-pesto sauce

                   Garlic fennel potatoes                                         2,70
                                                                                          Chicken bruschetta                                           10,90
                                                                                          •	 chicken, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, cheese,
                                                                                          rucola and black pepper
                   French fries                                             small 2,20
                   •	 with ketchup                                          large 2,70
                                                                                          With bruschettas we recommend Inycon Fiano white wine
                                                                                          or Fontella Chianti red wine.
                   With antipasti we recommend Inycon Fiano white wine or
                   Feudi di San Marzano Negroamaro red wine.
                                                                                          *) Kamut wheat has a high content of important minerals,
                   An extra charge of 1,40 applies for shredded vegetable salad           especially magnesium and zinc. Also the vitamin content
                   with antipasti or small soups.                                         is higher than in normal grain, especially for vitamin E.

                  Salads                                                                  Bruschettas are served with virgin olive oil and
                                                                                          balsamic vinegar.

                   For versatility and good feelings… Crispy and fresh,
                   Rosso salads are generous culinary experiences.
                   Mediterranean salad                                     13,40          Salad bar
                   •	 shrimp, smoked mussels, artichoke, and yoghurt tapenade
                  lighter                                                                 All dishes include salad bar for one person,
                   Chicken salad                                            13,40         large pizza for four persons.
                   •	 chicken filled with smoked cheese and sun-dried tomatoes,
                   Rosso’s Caponata and mango–pesto sauce with stone pine nuts            Additional salad with meal 1,40
                  lighter                                                                 Salad as main course 4,50
                   Country salad Toscana                                       12,40
                   •	 Tuscan sausage, bacon, a large battered onion ring,
                   garlic fennel potatoes, and yoghurt tapenade                           Dish is       LL    low lactose
                   All Rosso salads include crisp lettuce, herbs, cucumber, tomatoes,                         gluten-free
                   roasted bell peppers, and tangerine vinaigrette                                  lighter   less calories (less than 800 kcal)
                                                                                                              vegetarian food
                   With salads we recommend Sicilian Montalto Cataratto
                   Chardonnay white house wine.
                                                                                          Most dishes can be prepared gluten-free or lactose-free.
                                                                                          Focaccia bread may contain small amounts of lactose.
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                            Rye pizza                                                           Pizza
                            First in Finland! Rye pizza dough – a tasty option that             Famous success stories for many different tastes!
                            has been here for 10 years!                                                                                                norm.    large
                                                                              norm.     large
                                                                                                           Al Capone                                 10,90      18,20

                            Juho                                         10,90          18,30              •	 ham, blue cheese, pineapple, tomato sauce,
                            •		pepperoni, shrimp, pineapple, tomato sauce,                                 and cheese
                            and cheese
                                                                                                           Pizza Vegetariana                          12,10     20,40
                            Aslak                                             11,90     20,30              •	 roasted bell pepper, champignons, tomatoes,
                            •		reindeer meat, onions, smoked cheese, tomato                                artichoke, blue cheese, tomato sauce, and cheese
                            sauce, and cheese
                                                                                                           Quattro Stagioni                            10,50    17,90

                            Ilmari LL                                     12,90         21,30              •	 ham, shrimp, tuna, champignons, tomato
                            •		cold-smoked rainbow trout, shrimp, onions,                                  sauce, and cheese
                            capers, herb pesto, béarnaise sauce, and cheese
                                                                                                           Bolognese                                 10,30      17,40

                            Sohvi                                             12,30     20,60              •	 bolognese sauce, roasted bell pepper,
                            •		chicken, pineapple, blue cheese, barbecue                                   tomato sauce, and cheese, with black pepper
                            sauce, and cheese
                                                                                                           Marionetta                                   11,90   20,30
                            Ryefantasy                                        12,90     20,30              •	 air-dried ham, tomato, olives, tomato sauce,
                            •		four toppings of your choice from the                                       cheese, mozzarella, and rucola
                            Fantasia selection.
                                                                                                           Formaggio                                 12,10      20,50
                            Cold-pressed virgin olive oil is applied to the edges                          •	 chèvre, artichoke, sun-dried tomatoes,
                            of all Rosso pizzas crusts                                                     tomato sauce, cheese, mozzarella, and rucola

                            Pan pizza
                                                                                                                                                       12,50	   20,50
                                                                                                           •	 beef, bacon, onions, jalapeño peppers,
                                                                                                           barbecue sauce, and cheese
                            These tasty pizzas with their succulent toppings
                            are easy to fall in love with!             norm.            large              Rosso Picanta LL                           11,20     18,80
                                                                                                           •	 chicken, pepperoni, tomato sauce, cheese,
                            Seafood                                     11,00           21,00

                                                                                                           and rucola
                            •	 tuna, shrimp, smoked mussels, tomato sauce,
                            and cheese
                                                                                                           Frutti di Mare                               11,20   18,80

                                                                                                           •	 shrimp, mussels, tuna, capers, tomato sauce,
                            Pepperoni                                    11,00          20,80
                                                                                                           cheese, and yoghurt tapenade
                            •	 pepperoni salami, onion, tomato sauce, cheese,
                            and black pepper
                                                                                                           Alla Rosso                               10,90       18,30

                                                                                                           •	 pepperoni, ham, champignons, shrimp, olives,
                            BBQ-Chicken                                       12,90     22,90

                                                                                                           tomato sauce, and cheese
                            •	 chicken, pineapple, blue cheese, barbecue
                            sauce, and cheese
                                                                                                           Fantasia                                    12,90    20,30

                                                                                                           •		four toppings of your choice from
                            Hot Pueblo                                   12,90          22,90
                                                                                                           the Fantasia selection
                            •	 beef, onion, jalapeño, barbecue sauce, cheese,
                            and black pepper

                            Vege LL                                      11,90          22,40    Rosso Originale pizza dough is available as a naturally
                            •	 chèvre, champignons, sun-dried tomato, tomato                     gluten-free option.
                            sauce, cheese, rucola, and stone pine nuts

                            Francesco                                         11,00     21,40
                            •	 ham, tuna, roasted bell pepper, tomato
                            sauce, and cheese

                            Sienna                                      11,60           22,30

                            •	 ham, blue cheese, pineapple, tomato sauce,
                            and cheese

                            Rudolf                                        12,20         22,80
                            •	 warm-smoked reindeer, pineapple, blue cheese,
                            tomato sauce, and cheese

                            Fantasia                                          12,90     22,90
                            •	 three toppings of your choice from
                            the Fantasia selection

                            Rosso’s pizza cheese contains mozzarella and is lactose-free.
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                   Pizza Special                                                          Pasta
                   We present the new classics of the pizza world                         Rosso’s succulent and tasty spaghetti is now prepared
                   – well worth trying!                                                   from healthier whole-grain wheat – the taste remains just
                                                                                          as good. Pamper your body with essential carbohydrates,
                   Pizza Rocchetto Toro LL                                       13,30    but with the same delicious taste!
                   •	 a crispy roll filled with beef, bacon, jalapeño peppers,
                   béarnaise sauce, cheese, and Arrabbiatta sauce
                  lighter                                                                 Mamma Rosso’s meatball pasta                                         11,40
                   Pizza Pacchetto Pollo                                         13,70    •	 whole-grain spaghetti in Parmesan-spiced tomato
                   •	 a crispy pizza pocket filled with tomato sauce, cheese,             sauce and traditional Mamma Rosso meatballs
                   grilled chicken, lettuce, Rosso’s Caponata, cucumber,                  flavoured with sage sauce
                   herbs, melon, and mango–pesto sauce
                                                                                          Pasta carbonara LL                                           11,40
                   Pizza Pacchetto Prosciutto LL                                 13,70    •	 traditional Italian pasta carbonara, whole-grain spaghetti,
                   •	 a crispy pizza pocket filled with tomato sauce, cheese,             bacon, onions, egg yolk, Parmesan, and black pepper
                   air-dried ham, roasted chèvre, lettuce, Rosso’s Caponata,
                   cucumber, herbs, melon, and herb pesto                                 Chèvre pasta LL                                                      13,40
                                                                                          •	 whole-grain spaghetti, sun-dried tomatoes, artichoke,
                                                                                          garlic, roasted chèvre, ‘Devil’s jam’, and stone pine nuts

                   Fantasia selection                                                     Shrimp pasta LL
                                                                                          •	 whole-grain spaghetti, shrimp dipped in garlic sauce,
                                                                                          Parmesan, and herb pesto

                   All Fantasia pizzas include tomato sauce and cheese                   lighter
                                                                                          Pasta vegetariana                                                    10,30
                   •		pineapple                         •		olives                         •	 whole-grain spaghetti, Rosso’s Caponata, and
                   •		Arrabbiatta sauce                    (may contain pits)             champignons in tomato sauce, spiced with herb
                   •		artichoke                         •		devil’s jam                    pesto, stone pine nuts, and Parmesan
                   •		sun-dried tomatoes                •		roasted bell pepper
                   •		barbecue sauce                    •		grated Parmesan                Pasta               Smoked-cheese chicken
                   •		béarnaise sauce LL                •		bacon                          Special             and giant tortelloni                             14,30
                   •		bolognese sauce                   •		pepperoni salami               	 	                  •	chicken breast filled with smoked cheese
                   •		chicken                           •		stone pine nuts                                     and sun-dried tomatoes, with giant tortelloni
                                                                                                               filled with ricotta and cream sauce seasoned
                   •		beef                              •		rucola
                                                                                                               with herbs
                   •		air-dried ham                     •		smoked cheese
                   •		jalapeño                          •		smoked mussels
                                                                                          Pasta Reindeer pasta Tortelloni al Forno                             13,90
                   •		yoghurt tapenade                  •		blue cheese                    Special •	warm-smoked reindeer gratinated with
                   •		egg                               •		tomato                                              cheese, giant tortelloni filled with ricotta
                   •		capers                            •		tuna                                                in a smooth sauce spiced with sage
                   •		shrimp                            •		Tuscan sausage                                      and pepper
                   •		zucchini                          •		fresh champignons
                   •		ham                               •		double cheese                  Comare LL                                                12,30
                   •		cold-smoked salmon                •		chèvre LL                      •	 penne pasta, chicken, pineapple, and bell pepper in a
                   •		warm-smoked                       •		herb pesto                     smoked-cheese sauce spiced with ‘Devil’s jam’ and Parmesan
                      chopped reindeer
                   •		marinated onion                   An additional topping or          The dishes with whole-grain spaghetti and penne pasta can
                   •		mozzarella                        a change of topping               also be prepared gluten-free.
                   	                                    small 1,40 / large 2,80
                                                                                          With pasta we recommend Paiara Bianco white wine
                                                                                          or Torres Coronas red wine.

                                                                                                       nd     	take	
                                                                                                   r	a                 a
                                                                                                                                     Pizza and food portions to

                                                                                                                                     go for 15 % off the listed



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                                                                                                              ste d 	p
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                   From Rosso´s grill
                   Every night is barbecue night at Rosso’s! In addition to juicy grilled delicacies, there are lighter options available.
                   Fisherman’s day off LL                                       15,40      Rosso’s grilled beef LL                              19,90/30,10
                   •		white, low-fat Tilapia fish roasted in butter, with béarnaise        •		grilled beef sirloin spiced with a mustard barbecue
                   sauce and served with mashed potatoes, roasted bell                     sauce (150 g or 300 g), béarnaise sauce, French fries,
                   peppers, and herbs                                                      Rosso’s Caponata, a large battered onion ring, and herbs

                   Mixed fish grill                                                16,40   Beef with two sauces                                29,90/42,40
                   •		white, low-fat Tilapia fish roasted in butter, alongside             •		grilled beef tenderloin (150 g or 300 g), with sage
                   rich salmon, and served with garlic fennel potatoes spiced              and garlic sauce, served with a fluffy potato cake
                   with yoghurt tapenade, and seasonal vegetables                          spiced with Parmesan, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes,
                                                                                           roasted bell pepper, and herbs
                   Lighthouse-keeper’s salmon LL                                   16,40
                   •		salmon roasted in butter, smoked-cheese sauce, and                   Pepper steak LL                                     29,90/42,40
                   tomato–potato bake, served with roasted zucchini                        •		grilled beef tenderloin coated with mustard-flavoured
                   and herbs                                                               barbecue sauce (150 g or 300 g), with pepper–cognac
                                                                                           sauce, garlic fennel potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and herbs
                   With fish dishes we recommend Trivento Tribu white wine
                   or Montalto Cataratto Chardonnay white house wine.                      For beefsteaks we recommend Montalto Syrah red house wine
                                                                                           or Feudi di San Marzano Negroamaro red wine.

                   Pepper turkey LL                                             14,60      Potato options:                     Additional potato
                   •		grilled turkey breast, pepper–cognac sauce, French fries,            mashed potatoes LL                  portion                   2,00
                   Rosso’s Caponata, and herbs                                             garlic fennel potatoes
                                                                                           tomato–potato bake                  Sauce options:
                   Garlic chicken LL                                               14,60                                       béarnaise sauce LL
                   •		grilled chicken breast, garlic sauce, garlic fennel potatoes,        French fries
                                                                                           potato cake LL                      pepper–cognac sauce LL
                   and roasted zucchini
                  lighter                                                                  cheese cream potatoes LL            tomato sauce
                   Portofino chicken                                               14,60   baked potato                        sage sauce
                   •		grilled chicken breast, sage sauce, roasted zucchini,                grilled potato                      garlic sauce LL
                   Rosso’s Arrabbiata, and herbs                                                                               smoked-cheese sauce LL
                              lighter                                                      Or a lighter accompaniment:
                              Gardener´s selection                                                                             Change of sauce 1,40
                   Special                                                         11,90   green salad
                              •		roasted zucchini, onions, tomatoes, and bell              Rosso’s Arrabbiata
                              peppers in a tomato sauce spiced with capers,                seasonal vegetables
                              garlic, and chilis, with potato pie, artichoke,              roasted zucchini
                              mozzarella, and herbs

                   For poultry and vegetable dishes we recommend                           Rosso´s glossary
                   Fontella Chianti red wine or Trivento Tribu white wine.                 Arrabbiata............Spicy ragout with bell pepper and onion
                                                                                           Barbecue.................................A sweet and spicy sauce
                   Garlic pork                                              15,90
                   •			pork sirloin gratinated with Parmesan and garlic,                   Bearnaise sauce..............................Mild butter sauce
                   tomato sauce, garlic fennel potatoes, seasonal vegetables,
                   and herbs                                                               Caffè Corretto................................Italian coffee drink
                                                                                           Focaccia...............Light-coloured Italian bread with olive oil
                   Chef’s pork LL                                             15,90
                                                                                                                             and sun-dried tomatoes on top it
                   •		grilled pork sirloin spiced with a mustard barbecue sauce,
                   béarnaise sauce, French fries, roasted zucchini, and a large            Formaggio...................General word for cheese in Italian
                   battered onion ring
                                                                                           Yoghurt tapenade....A soft sauce with cucumber and garlic
                   Special    Grande misto                                         15,30   Mozzarella.......................A soft and mild Italian cheese
                   	    	   	 •		Tuscan sausage, Mamma Rosso’s meatballs,                                                                made from cow’s milk
                              garlic fennel potatoes spiced with yoghurt
                              tapenade, mustard barbecue sauce, Rosso’s                    Pacchetto.....................A crispy pocket made from Rosso’s
                              Arrabbiata, and a large battered onion ring                                                                         pizza dough

                    Special   Mixed Grill LL                                       17,70   Devil’s jam...................A sweet and spicy jam made from
                              •		grilled pork sirloin and chicken breast, Tuscan                                                       bell peppers, and chilis
                              sausage, sage sauce, cheese cream potatoes,
                                                                                           Panna cotta.............Creamy custard flavoured with vanilla
                              roasted bell peppers, and herbs
                   For pork dishes and meatballs we recommend the red wine
                                                                                           Rocchetto........................................A filled pizza roll
                   from Los Portones de San Francisco or the italian beer Forst,           Rosso´s Caponata........A cool accompaniment made from
                   a refreshing light lager.                                               roasted tomato, zucchini, and onions, spiced with capers and garlic

                  lighter                                                                  Rucola.....................A salad vegetable with a strong taste,
                   Barbecue summer day special                             20,90/30,70                                                  used similarly to herbs
                   •		grilled beef sirloin (150 g or 300 g), sage sauce,
                   Rosso’s Arrabbiata, and green salad                                     Tortelloni.........Fresh pasta filled with ricotta and asparagus
                                                                                           Tuscan sausage.............Meaty sausage spiced with herbs
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                  Desserts                                                           Dessert wine
                  Delicious desserts cap off a perfect day!                          Italy, Garda
                                                                                     Santa Lussia Passito Garganega, Trebbiano
                                                                                     Toscano, Tocai Friuliano
                  Tiramisu                                                    6,90
                                                                                     •			Sweet, refreshing wine with a hint of honey and citrus fruit.
                  •		traditional Italian dessert à la Rosso: mascarpone
                  cheesecake moistened with chocolate sauce, strong                  A true tiara for Rosso’s desserts was ripened on the south side
                  coffee, and Marsala wine                                           of the hills around Lake Garda.
                                                                                                                                            8 cl 8,90
                  Panna cotta                                                 7,10
                  •			vanilla-flavoured creamy custard and strawberry sauce
                                                                                     Sparkling wine
                  Chocolate cake                                              7,10   Spain, Catalonia, Penedès
                  •		vanilla ice cream and strawberry sauce
                  Also available gluten- and lactose-free                            Codorniu Original Brut Cava
                                                                                     Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada
                  Serenade                                                    5,90   •	 Dry, acidic, and slightly toasty.
                  •		vanilla and blueberry ice cream, whipped cream                  This sparkling wine feels as if it were made for Rosso’s ambience.
                  with vanilla, strawberry sauce, and chocolate–lingonberry          Suited well to antipasti, fish dishes, and refreshing salads, and
                  sweets                                                             why not throughout the meal?
                                                                                                                                       35,20/plo (75 cl)
                  Clarinetto                                                  6,30
                  •		chocolate ice cream, cherry-chocolate ice cream,
                  whipped cream with vanilla, chocolate sauce,
                  and a chocolate cookie

                  Piroetta                                                    5,30
                                                                                     Other drinks
                  •		cheesecake-flavoured ice cream, marinated fruit,
                  whipped cream with vanilla, and chocolate–lingon-
                                                                                     Soft drink or
                  berry sweets                                                       Fruit juice.....................33 cl 2,40 50 cl 3,40 1l 6,20
                  Coffee, Cappuccino, Tea, Espresso,                                 Ice water..................................................... 0,60
                  Caffè Latte, Hot chocolate
                                                                                     Birra Forst                                           33 cl 5,30
                  Fantastico                                                         Italian pale lager – soft and malty taste to go
                                                                                     with a pizza!
                  Create your own dream dessert
                  from the following selection:
                  Ice cream ball:                        2,20	
                  •	vanilla ice cream
                  •	lactose-free vanilla ice cream
                  •	blueberry ice cream                                    
                  •	caramel ice cream
                  •	cherry-chocolate ice cream                                       What’s happening at the Rosso restaurants
                  •	chocolate ice cream                                              at the moment?
                  •	cheesecake ice cream                                             Join the Rosso mailing list and receive seasonal bulletins directly
                  •	mango sorbet                                                     by e-mail. The bulletins are related to Rosso only, and your
                                                                                     address will be used only by Rosso restaurants. Please check out
                  •	caramel sauce LL                     1,20
                                                                                     our free-of-charge service at
                  •	chocolate sauce
                  •	strawberry sauce
                  Extra toppings:                        1,20
                  •	whipped cream with vanilla LL
                  •	melon
                  •	chocolate–lingonberry sweets
                  •	chocolate cookie
                  •	marinated fruits
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                  House wines
                  Rosso’s house wines come from Sicily, Italy’s southernmost wine region. Sicily’s hot, blazing
                  sun and the Mediterranean Sea, which surrounds this island, give the wines their unique
                  characteristics. The house white wine is traditionally Montalto Cataratto Chardonnay,
                  and our red wine is the award-winning (MUNDUSvini 2007) Montalto Syrah.

                  Italy, Sicily                                                        12 cl     16 cl   48 cl  72 cl
                  Montalto Syrah                                               norm.   5,30      7,10    21,20 31,90
                  •	 Ruby-red wine offers a full and round taste, with aromas
                  of ripe fruit and exotic spices.
                  Well suited to Rosso’s full-tasting meat and pasta dishes,
                  and complementing the taste of chèvre especially well.                                                                    SICILY

                  Italy, Sicily                                                        12 cl     16 cl   48 cl  72 cl
                  Montalto Cataratto Chardonnay                                norm.   5,30      7,10    21,20 31,90
                  •	 Dry and fruity white wine has a balanced taste that
                  longs for food to accompany it.
                  Rosso’s fried fish and bird dishes, scrumptious salads,
                  and dishes with roasted vegetables feel at home with this wine.

                  Red wines
                  Italy, Apulia                                                                Italy, Toscana
                  Feudi di San Marzano Negroamaro                                              Fontella Chianti Sangiovese, Canaiolo
                  • Gentle, light, and soft on the palate, with a sweet and rich               • Medium-bodied classic Tuscan wine with inviting soft tannins
                  finish.                                                                      offers an elegant feel.
                  Accompanies dishes with tomato, and pizza, salad, and antipasti              An excellent choice for chicken and turkey dishes, and goes
                  especially well. Balances the spiciness of a pepper steak.                   especially well with cheese.
                                         12 cl 5,40 •		16 cl 7,20 •		75 cl 33,50                                     12 cl 5,80 •		16 cl 7,70 •		75 cl 36,10
                  Chile                                                                        Spain
                  Cono Sur Tocornal Cabernet Sauvignon                                         Torres Coronas Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon *)
                  • The fruity and velvety full-bodied flavour leaves an                       • Full-bodied, supple, spicy, and lightly vanilla-flavoured.
                  indulgent, lingering finish.
                                                                                               We recommend the soft tannins of Torres for Rosso’s dishes
                  Suitable for most meat dishes, especially for turkey and beef. A             containing meat and cheese
                  good choice for a wine to enjoy with company.                                                   12 cl 6,30 •		16 cl 8,50 •		75 cl 39,80
                                       12 cl 5,40 •		16 cl 7,30 •		75 cl 33,90
                                                                                               Trivento Tribu Cabernet Sauvignon, Fairtrade
                  Los Portones de San Fransisco Carmenere                                      •	 Medium-bodied, with silky tannins, this wine
                  •	 Gentle, spicy, and fruity, with mild tastes of tannins.                   has a roundly soft feel.
                  The deep, dark, ruby red and the mildly tannic flavour go well               This Fairtrade wine is excellent for Rosso’s rich-
                  with spicy meat and cheese dishes.                                           tasting pasta dishes or to accompany well-done
                                       12 cl 6,10 •		16 cl 8,20 •		75 cl 38,60                 meats, or cheeses.
                  Italy, Venice                                                                                       12 cl 5,20 •		16 cl 6,90 •	 75 cl 32,50
                  Tommasi Romeo Corvina, Rondinella, Merlot
                  • Medium-bodied, sophisticatedly berry-like wine, with aromas
                  hinting of chocolate.
                  Honest, full aromas complement pizza, pasta, or bird dishes. The
                  sweet aftertaste lingers in the mouth.
                                          12 cl 5,90 •		16 cl 7,90 •		75 cl 37,00
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                  White wines
                  Italy, Garda                                                       Italy, Umbria
                  Cantina Di Custoza Pinot Grigio                                    Bigi Orvietto Classico Trebbiano Toscano,
                  •	 Dry acidic, and lightly flowery wine has a hint of citrus.      Verdello, Grechetto
                  A flavourful wine with fruity acidity that brings to mind the      •	 Dryish, acidic wine is fruity and has aromas of citrus
                  atmosphere of the villages on the shores of Lake Garda.            and herbs.
                                          12 cl 6,20 •		16 cl 8,20 •		75 cl 38,40    A gentle, easy-to-approach medium-dry wine, a soft and
                  Italy, Apulia                                                      refreshing classic on Rosso’s list.
                  Paiara Bianco Bombino, Chardonnay                                                        12 cl 6,30 •		16 cl 8,40 •		75 cl 39,50
                  •	 Dry straw-yellow wine with mild aromas of peach.
                  It also offers pale flowers in its aroma.                          Spain
                  A breath from the beautiful Puglia, a fresh, mildly acidic wine    Torres Natureo Muscat
                  for entertaining and dining.                                       •	 Pale yellow, very clear. Fresh and lively
                                       12 cl 5,50 •		16 cl 7,30 •		75 cl 34,10       on the palate.
                  Italy, Sicily                                                      For everyone who would like to enjoy the
                  Inycon Fiano                                                       pleasures of the earth with all its taste and
                  •	 Dry and fresh wine with aromas of ripe fruits.                  a minimum of alcohol (only 0,5 % vol).
                  A familiar wine from the wine festivals of South Italy,                                12 cl 3,60 •		16 cl 4,80 •		37,5 cl 10,00
                  where it is enjoyed with antipasti, bruschettas, and
                  white fish until the late hours of the night.                      Argentina
                                         12 cl 6,50 •		16 cl 8,60 •		75 cl 40,40     Trivento Tribu Sauvignon Blanc
                  Chile                                                              •	 Dry wine that is refreshingly acidic, with hints of tropical
                  Cono Sur Tocornal Chardonnay                                       fruits.
                  •	 Dry and acidic, this wine also has a hint of citrus and feels   The grapes ripened by the Argentine sun are well suited to
                  slightly toasty.                                                   accompanying Rosso’s refreshing salads, white fish dishes, and
                  A modern wine with character, a bold choice for dining and         herbs. Sauvignon blanc is an excellent choice to complement the
                  entertaining that complements the tastes of Rosso’s salads and     taste of tomato dishes.
                  bird dishes.                                                                             12 cl 5,20 •		16 cl 6,90 •		75 cl 32,50
                                         12 cl 5,50 •	 16 cl 7,30 •		75 cl 34,20

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