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									                                          Veterans Services Foundation
                                               Board of Trustees
                                                Meeting Minutes
                                                  May 5, 2010


A meeting of the Veterans Services Foundation (VSF) Board of Trustees was held on Wednesday, May 5, 2010
at the Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center, 1601 Broad Rock Boulevard, Richmond, VA.

Members Present
      Robert Archer
      James Boyd (Ex-officio/Voting)
      Daniel Boyer
      Adam Harrell
      Supriya Christopher
      Juanita Farrow
      Jack Hilgers (Ex-officio/Nonvoting)
      Thad Jones (Ex-Officio/Voting)
      William Lechler
      David Richardson (Chair)
      Leo Wardrup
      Frank Wickersham

Members Absent
      Paul Galanti (Ex-officio/Voting)
      Leroy Gross
      Donald Hall
      Frederic Leigh
      David Orso
      Meade Spotts
      Randall West
      Kathleen Wilder

Commonwealth of Virginia Officials Present
      Anne Atkins, Department of Veterans Services (DVS)
      Steve Combs, DVS
      Donald Ferguson, Office of the Attorney General
      Judy Reid, DVS
      Mike Rogers, DVS
      Danielle Weaver, DVS
      Cathy Wilson, DVS

Development Committee Advisors Present
      David Holt

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                     Page 1 of 29
Materials Distributed
      Meeting Agenda (Attachment 1 )
      Board of Veterans Services Chair Report (Attachment 2)
      Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations Chair Report (Attachment 3)
      Commissioner’s Report (Attachment 4)
      Fundraising Results (Attachment 5)
      Veterans Services Fund Quarterly Report (Attachment 6)
      DVS-VSF FY10 Programs’ Cash Transfers (Attachment 7)
      DVS-FSF Recommended Budget for FY11 Budget (Attachment 8)
      FY10 Goals and Objectives (Attachment 9)

Materials Not Distributed, But Included In The Minutes
      Development committee Report (Attachment 10)
      Finance Committee Report (Attachment 11)
      VFW Unmet Needs Program (Attachment12)

Opening and Pledge of Allegiance
VSF Chair David Richardson welcomed everyone and called the meeting of the VSF Board of Trustees to order
at 11:15 a.m.

Mr. Dan Boyer led the board members in reciting the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag.

Roll Call of Members and Quorum Determination
The roll call was called. With eleven of the nineteen voting members present a quorum was determined. Chair
Richardson welcomed everyone in attendance.

Chairman Richardson introduced Mr. Thad Jones as the new Chairman for the Board of Veterans Services. Mr.
David Holt will become a new member of the Foundation Board on July 1 st along with several others.

Approval of Agenda
Chair Richardson asked for a motion to approve the agenda, with one change to allow Ms. Cathy Wilson to
address the Board after the DVS report. The revised agenda is at Attachment 1.

Mr. Dan Boyer moved to approve the agenda as amended and Mr. Robert Archer seconded the motion. The
motion passed unanimously.

Review and Approval of March 24 Meeting Minutes
The minutes were forwarded electronically to all participants prior to the meeting and one set was available at
the meeting.

Chair Richardson then asked for approval of the March 24, 2010 minutes.

Mr. Leo Wardrup moved to approve the minutes, which was seconded by Ms. Supriya Christopher. The
motion passed unanimously without discussion.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                          Page 2 of 29

Board of Veterans Services (BVS) Report
Mr. Thad Jones delivered a brief report for the BVS. The report is included as Attachment 2. Mr. Jones reported
that Mr. Paul Galanti has been appointed Commissioner to the DVS and Mr. Jones is now the acting chairman
of the BVS.

The next board meeting will be next week on May 12th. The board will hold an election this year and it is hoped
that new officers will be in place by September. Three of BVS current member’s terms will be expiring and we
will be replacing them. General Betty Simmons has been replaced with Ms. Sandra Love. BVS continues to
work with the JLC and veterans with legislative issues through the General Assembly. Mr. Jones also stated that
the Governor of Virginia wants to make Virginia America’s most veteran friendly state.

Joint Leadership Council (JLC) of Veterans Service Organizations Report
The report was delivered by JLC Chairman Mr. Dan Boyer and is included as Attachment 3. Mr. Boyer said
that the JLC met on April 21 st and he briefly discussed the 2010 legislative objectives and how pleased JLC is
with the results. The disabled veterans real estate tax exemption will be listed on the ballot in November. Mr.
Boyer reported that JLC had a good year in spite of the economy. The VSO’s are behind in their contributions
to the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program compared to last year and Mr. Boyer will make a push at the VFW
convention for support.

Mr. Leo Wardrup expressed some concerns for the real estate tax initiative and stated that there are various
interpretations of constitutes a service disability.

Mr. Richardson expresses his gratitude for everything the JLC has done.

Mr. Boyer concluded by mentioning that the next JLC meeting will be on July 21 at the American Legion
headquarters in Richmond.

Department of Veterans Services Report
The report was delivered by Mr. Steve Combs in Commissioner Paul Galanti’s absence. It is included as
Attachment 4. Mr. Combs reported that veterans issues did enjoy a good success with this year’s budget
legislative cycle despite the economy. DVS continues enjoy broad partisan support by both the executive and
legislative branches. DVS will be working very closely with BVS and the JLC in launching the governor’s
attentive to make Virginia a veterans friendly state. However, there are budget challenges that D VS faces for
this year and the next couple of years that will not disappear.

Chair Richardson stated that the Board would have a continuing interest to hear what the budget challenges are.
Mr. Combs replied that there are some broad issues with education and jobs and DVS will be looking at new
ways to improve benefit services delivery. Mr. Combs assured the board that they will be notified of these
activities. Mr. Hilgers will be working between both the Board and DVS and can report back and forth.

Virginia Wounded Warrior Program (VWWP)
Ms. Cathy Wilson, VWWP Executive Director, gave a brief update on VWWP. Ms. Wilson thanked the Board
for allowing her to address them at this meeting. She attended a wonderful fundraiser over the weekend at the
George C. Marshall Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America Clay Shoot in Lexington. The
National Guard came out and supported this event raising about $4,000. This is just one of the events that the
VSF helps support and getting the word out about VWWP.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                         Page 3 of 29
Ms. Wilson reported that a marketing firm is now in place to support VWWP and she will be participating in a
conference call this afternoon with the participants. The firm will be showing the participants the first version of
a revised VWWP website that is in the process of development. The vendor is helping with a generic brochure
for VWWP and will have inserts will that will have information on each of the regions for fundraising purposes.
VWWP’s goal this year is to become a household name. The service provided through VWWP is increasing by
the day.

Ms. Wilson reported on a meeting in Northern Virginia and met with the Marine Corps Wounded Warrior
Regiment in Quantico. VWWP is coordinating with them to provide more services to veterans. The Army
Wounded Warrior Program will have a new Director and Ms. Wilson hopes VWWP will have a similar
relationship with the Army as it has with the Marines.

Ms. Wilson continued that the Program has a very small staff running a very large complex program, with all
five regions doing different things. It takes everyone on this team to accomplish these goals. She has lost a third
of her staff. Mr. Ken Rich has moved to the federal government and his last day was April 30. Mr. Rich will
continue as a VWWP volunteer. Ms. Wilson will be advertising for this position. Ms. Wilson also announced
that her executive assistant has health issues and will be leaving after May 20 th and a replacement must be
found. In the meantime, Ms. Stephanie Couch has agreed to be the VWWP volunteer coordinator. Ms. Wilson
mentioned the possibility of a grant through Ameri-Corps that would allow VWWP to bring on five more much
needed people.

Ms. Wilson stated that she will be present at National Coalition for Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans’ conference
that is occurring next week in D.C. To date VWWP has been asked for its program model by eight states.
General Sutton just announced nationally that VWWP is a model program for the WWP campaign.

Ms. Supriya Christopher asked about the VWWP website. Ms. Wilson explained is not live yet and they will
see a demo later today.

Chair Richardson thanked Ms. Wilson for the presentation by members of the VWWP team at the last VSF
Board meeting. It gave the Board a deeper understanding of the Program. Chair Richardson would like to draft
on the VWWP communication plans. He also would like to know Ms. Wilson’s projection on when the website
will be operational and if there will be a fundraising aspect. Ms. Wilson replied that the website should be
implemented on June 24 th. The VWWP IT experts along with VITA will make this happen. The website also
will have a fundraising link included. Ms. Wilson briefly explained the VWP communication plans and will
keep the Foundation informed. She is also open to any suggestions.

Chair Richardson mentioned some of the budget issues regarding unspent funds. Ms. Wilson assured the Board
that the money is being spent for targeted needs. She explained that an audit was satisfactorily conducted on
how the Wal-Mart cards are used. She also is working with Mr. Rogers to establish a checkbook system for the
three regional directors to use to provide some of these funds for direct support of these veterans and their
family members for immediate needs. Mr. Rogers stated that the Program will need to get permission from the
State Controller and State Treasurer to use a checkbook system and perhaps other means should be explored.

Mr. Dave Holt said that giving funds away without realizing what results are obtained does not help support
fundraising. Mr. Bill Lechler said that he had brought this issue up before “How do we know how effective the
funds we are providing to VWWP are in providing relief to veterans needs with out some results?” We still are
in need of metrics to justify current and future fundraising. The unspent balances, again, indicate that neither
the funds donated are needed nor is continued fundraising.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                           Page 4 of 29
Mr. Frank Wikersham said that the veterans and family population in need must be identified, as difficult as that
may be, and then a better handle can be gotten on what services will be provided to help those in need. Perhaps
Food Bank/Pantry information could be used to obtain a measure of those in need. And who may be served

Chair Richardson stated that problem has been identified and it should be taken off line for the present and
allow further conversation with specific people to figure out how to account for these funds or find other

Foundation Executive Director Report
The Foundation Fundraising Report was delivered by VSF Executive Director, Mr. Jack Hilgers, is at
Attachment 5.

Mr. Hilgers reviewed the results of the fundraising up through April 28 th. He noted that the financial reports are
as of March 31st therefore the figures will not match. The Foundation is behind in fundraising from this point in
time last year due to the economy. Considering all factors the Foundation is doing well. The Finance Committee
discussed some expenditures for displays for various functions, the recognition event function, and travel and
per diem costs in support of Foundation operations. Last Thursday, the Governor signed 17 veterans bills at a
Bill Signing ceremony. It was well attended by DVS, BVS, JLC and VSF members. Mr. Hilgers gave further
information on some of the bills that were signed, particularly the Foundation sponsored bill clarifying
Foundation authority to fund its operations.

Board Chair/Executive Committee Report
Chair Richardson explained that the Executive Committee has not met since December, 2009 and does not have
a report. Chair Richardson would like to see a 100% Board participation in donations of what-ever amount to
the Foundation Fund. Contributions would be appreciated by the end of the fiscal year.

Development Committee Report
Ms. Christopher delivered the Development Committee Report. See Attachment 10. The committee met earlier
today. The minutes were approved as presented. She stated that the Board is behind in its fundraising goals. Mr.
Rogers had reviewed the Foundation financial report and the FY11 proposed budget, all of which the
Committee recommends for Board approval. The Committee also discussed outreach and on-line contributions.
The Committee discussed FY10 and FY11 goals and objectives. Ms. Christopher recommended adding a goal
relating to a report from each member on what actions taken they had taken in reference to their outreach and
fundraising efforts.

Ms. Atkins announced that the web link is now live for donations.

Finance Committee Report
The report was delivered by Mr. Bill Lechler. See Attachment 11. Mr. Lechler said that the last Committee
meeting was held on April 28 th. The minutes of that meeting have been sent to Board members and have been
posted. The Committee recommends Board approval of the Finance Report as reported and submitted by Mr.
Rogers. The Committee recommends that the Board approve the cash transfer of some funds to projects. The
other cash transfers will realign the budget with the fiscal year. The Committee also recommends that the
Board approve the proposed Foundation budget for FY11.

Mr. Lechler stated that there was discussion in reference to the large cash balances available to VWWP and the
Virginia Veterans Care Center. These large balances are of concern to the Committee. Contributors may ask
why have they donated when the funds are not being used to benefit veterans and their families. The Committee
suggests that excess funds be used or transferred to where they can be of use.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                           Page 5 of 29
Veterans Services Fund Quarterly Report, Cash Transfer Requests, and FY11 Budget
Mr. Mike Rogers reported on the Quarterly Report. See (Attachment 6). Both committees have reviewed these
reports. He then directed the committee members to the last page and reviewed each of the projects. He then
explained the need for some cash transfers (Attachment 7). Mr. Rogers also reviewed the budget for next year
(Attachment 8). He stated that he is open for any suggestions to help improve these reports.

The Board recessed for lunch between 12:25 p.m. and 12:45 p.m.

Chair Richardson brought the meeting back to order at 12:45 pm.

Chair Richardson suggested the Board reopen the discussion regarding the ability of VWWP to meet veterans’
immediate needs for some financial support. He said that Ms. Atkins had an idea that he had asked her to share
with the Board.

Ms. Atkins explained that the idea she is presenting comes straight from a marketing perspective. The idea
picked up from where Chair Richardson left off earlier. The checkbook approach may not provide appropriate
accountability or results. It’s also difficult to use as a marketing tool. If it is made more complex, then the check
issuer will have to provide a great deal of documentation regarding veteran eligibility and follow up to
determine the results. However, perhaps some consideration could be given to creating something similar to a
scholarship fund but instead it’s a veterans’ emergency fund. This creates a program that provides grants to
veterans for particular purposes. The program could provide the veteran the with the means to meet his or her
immediate need, such as keeping a roof over his or her head, food on the table, etc. This program will also keep
data on how the funds are being used. Then VWWP will have something concrete and tangible and the results
can be measured.

Mr. Boyer briefly discussed a program that the VFW has in place that is very similar to what Ms. Atkins just
described. It is called the VFW Unmet Needs Program and is described in Attachment 12. The program operates
from a grant and each military person, reserve, guardsman or veteran is evaluated on needs. The individual’s
needs are evaluated at the state level where there are several VFW members available to do so. He did observe
that the process takes 20 working days or about a month, which may be too long to meet VWWP veterans’
needs. Mr. Boyer also stated that the VFW advertises this program very heavily and has brochures similar to
those VWWP uses. Outreach to the public is extensive and the program is very successful. He said that it’s a
marvelous recruitment program for VFW and a great fundraiser. It is heavily pledged by corporate sponsors.

Chair Richardson observed that these are two good complimentary ideas that deserve further exploration.

Mr. Rogers said that he had joined a discussion regarding the issue with Mr. Combs and Mr. Wardrup during
the lunch break. As a result of the discussion, Mr. Combs proposed that VWWP contract through a competitive
grant process with small, local organizations, including Community Service Boards, to provide services to the
VWWP target population, the results of which could be measured. Mr. Rogers thought that monetary support
could be provided by VWWP because it fits within the budget lines that have been established and approved by
the Board.

Mr. Rogers indicated that perhaps a variation of the previously mentioned approach could be used to replace the
checkbook approach, which the state is reluctant to approve with little to support the disbursement of funds,
regardless of how appropriate the purpose may be. The VWWP could contract with the previously mentioned
organizations for grants, with specific provisions controlling how the grants would be expended to provide

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                            Page 6 of 29
funds to needy veterans and their families. These organizations would be responsible for establishing the
validity of the requestor, verifying the need, and dispensing funds. The organizations also would be required to
report back the results of these services that could be measured. The regional directors could refer veterans and
their families to the appropriate local organization and not be involved in writing checks.

Mr. Rogers mentioned that the organizations could be charities such as the Families of the Wounded in
Richmond, Operation Homefront in Hampton Roads, and even the Food Bank It also could be organizations
that provide recreational support such as was recently done with the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation’s
Wounded Hero Outdoor Event that the VWWP supported.

Ms. Christopher said that it could work with a program in Virginia Beach called EquiKids that supports a
wonderful military program called Wings for Warriors that is supported by the military commands in Hampton
Roads. It offers amputees the ability to improve their confidence and balance through horseback riding. It also
serves to reduce veterans’ stress. Ms. Christopher mentioned that this is a phenominal program that could be
supported by VWWP and she knew EquiKids would be eager to get this support.

Mr. Combs observed that there is a similar program near Richmond provided by the Lonesome Dove Equestrian
Center in Powhatan. It provides therapeutic riding for veterans and hospitalized military personnel who are at
the McGuire VA Medical Center. It helps patients both physically in gaining their balance and mentally through
building self assurance and combating stress and other effects of mental disability. The program is funded
solely by private donations, but VWWP could participate by contracting with the Center to provide a set
number of sessions per month for a certain number of veterans or family members, at a definite amount per
session, for a total specified cost.

Mr. Rogers concluded with saying that these great ideas provide some specificity and something tangible that
can be used in fundraising materials and provide the concrete results that those present have been searching for.
They would make excellent speaking points when groups of supporters are being told of the VWWP benefits on
a more general plane than individual success stories.

Mr. Wardrup noted that there are administrative mechanisms for the wise expenditure of funds, which would
fall under VWWP, are already in place in VWWP and in other organizations. What is needed is the
development of an effective procedure for their use which allows the Foundation the discreet and positive use of
those funds. Then the value of their use can be identified which is looped back to the Foundation’s fundraising
capabilities to enhance the credibility of raising funds. This would allow use of funds through someone else’s
administrative mechanism with out having VWWP directly involved in the administration, which they don’t
have the capability of doing. It can be accomplished and still be under VWWP’s umbrella and give all
concerned the needed accountability.

Mr. Wickersham, again, said that VWWP should get a better definition of the population to be served and what
services would be provided to the veteran in order to take advantage of the opportunities that are in existence
throughout the state.

Chair Richardson said that in his discussions with the VWWP Northern Region Director, Jim Thur, the problem
of defining the population is very difficult. For example, many veterans and their families come to CSB’s and
his attention because they have problems with money management, lack of employment, and other issues that
mask the fact that PTSD or brain injury is involved. It’s a challenge for each diagnostic team.

Mr. Boyer said that what is really needed is some means of providing those in need with a cash grant to help
alleviate the situation and expend some of the VWWP funds in that way. Mr. Rogers said that probably will not
help those with emergency needs that are immediate as would an open checkbook. Mr. Wickersham noted that

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                          Page 7 of 29
there are other programs in place that can meet immediate emergency needs. VWWP should be linked to them
instead of spending its own money.

Mr. Archer cautioned that other agencies may be available, but they may or may not have the ability to respond
when required. For credibility in what VWWP is trying to accomplish and what the Foundation is trying to do
to help, VWWP needs to be able to render direct assistance with the funds that have been raised from donors
and not be restricted to help from other organizations.

Mr. Holt said that these organizations could be contracted with to provide immediate emergency expenditures.
It shouldn’t require reinventing the wheel for VWWP to have block grants or sub-contracts with CSBs or other
organizations to get the task accomplished. Mr. Hilgers mentioned that it would not require board approval
because the sub-funds already are in place and have been approved for the intended purpose.

Mr. Rogers noted that the main frustration is that there are large unspent balances and the Foundation has little
justification for raising more funds without demonstrating that they are being used, how they are being used,
and what the results are. Mr. Lechler concurred, but added that the funds will be expended. The problem facing
the Foundation is it needs to know how the funds are being spent, and what the results are in simple metric
terms quantified to justify fundraising now and in the future.

Mr. Boyer said that the Foundation needs to remember that the VWWP Executive Director has a lot on her plate
managing the $2 million grants, loosing key parts of her small staff, and other things of which the Board is not
aware. The Board needs to take the total situation into account and realize that it is only one small, though
significant, element of the whole equation.

Chair Richardson said that Mr. Boyer provided and excellent summary of the situation that will not be solved
immediately, though resolution is needed. The Chair noted there was general acknowledgement that
appropriate avenues to pursue have been developed, particularly because quantifiable services such as those
provided by the equestrian centers are appropriate uses of donated funds and will provide DVS programs such
as VWWP with positive stories to tell and give the Foundation something tangible to use in soliciting ongoing
contributions, as Mr. Lechler and Mr. Holt have maintained.

Mr. Hilgers mentioned that veterans and their families needs extend beyond current VWWP and DVS authority
and this should be taken into consideration in the future.

Chair Richardson concluded by stating that he was pleased with several thoughtful suggestions that have been
presented and the problems surrounding resolution. The VWWP needs to do a balancing act with the funds that
are provided and an explanation of how these funds are being used. Several items have been identified during
this meeting to further explore to reach the mutual goals of the Foundation and DVS. They fit in with the
Board’s discussion of goals coming up next and there appear to be tasks for the Finance Committee and the
Development Committee. Chair Richardson noted that this also may be something for the Executive Committee
to work on or perhaps a retreat would be of value.

Mr. Rogers committed to writing letters to the managers of each of the DVS programs to request they focus on
the resources that have been provided to them, use those resources, and to quantify what they are doing and the
results they are getting. He also suggested having further conversation with Commissioner Galanti to get his
perspective on these issues.

Review of FY10 Goals and Fundraising
Mr. Hilgers reviewed the Foundation Goals and Objectives (Attachment 9) with the Board and stated that
perhaps some were a little too ambitious in their targets. For example, the goal of raising $150,000 in today’s
economy, given the Boards limited capabilities and the depressed economy along with the fact that it is a joint

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                          Page 8 of 29
goal of DVS and the Foundation. Mr. Hilgers continued by observing that the donor on-line donation program
was operational but the Foundation website is much behind schedule. He said that there is a need to enhance the
statewide database, but that will take personnel and time. Trying to get a handle on the unspent funds will be an
added goal for the Finance Committee to ensure that the donor’s wishes have been met. This fits with the
Foundation need to provide oversight to ensure the donors’ and the Foundation’s objectives are met.

Proposals for FY11 Goals and Objectives
Ms. Christopher reviewed the Development Committee goals for FY11. She stated they want to get
accountability for what actions were taken through quarterly reports that are events related. She observed that
utilization of the on-line resources, currently on the DVS website, will be needed in order that the members
become familiar with the procedures so they can get this information to potential donors. Also sponsorship of
events, such as golf tournaments held throughout the state or at least in each region annually, needs to be
pursued. An additional initiative would be to send letters of thanks to corporations who support veterans in
order to let them know the Foundation and the DVS programs exist. Ms. Christopher feels that this team has
been together long enough to succeed with these goals.

Mr. Lechler said that the Finance Committee goals for FY11 would be an extension of theirs for FY10.
However, they will add dealing with excess funds not used in three years and ensuring that oversight is
provided to ensure the donors’ and the Foundation’s objectives are met.

Chair Richardson asked the board to come back on our August 4 th meeting and confirm these goals. He
concluded by stating that the Board needs to define its plans for meeting its goals, perhaps by establishing the
proper Matrix that displays what the Foundation is doing, what it is receiving, and what it needs. This should
help the VWWP. Each committee must look at and report their activities that have been taken to meet their

Review FY10 Goals and Fundraising, and Call for FY11 Goals and Objectives
Chair Richardson said that he believed that much of this had been discussed. He added, however, that a list of
fundraising and other events was submitted by Mr. Hilgers during the Development Committee meeting for
their review. He further stated that it is an excellent tool showing the events listed for fundraising and requested
that it be made available, with up dates at each Board meeting.

Nominations for Board Chair, 1 st and 2nd Vice Chairs
Chair Richardson reviewed the Nominating Committee’s report for FY11 Board officers. The following have
members have been nominated: Mr. David Richardson for Chair, Mr. Meade Spotts for 1 st Vice Chair and Ms.
Supriya Christopher for 2 nd Vice Chair. Chair Richardson then asked if there are any other nominations. None
were offered.


Approval of VSF Fund 3 rd Quarter Financial report,
Approval of FY10 Cash Transfers for implementation during the 4 th Quarter FY10 and
Approval of FY11 Budget requests for implementation during the 1st Quarter FY11
beginning on July 1, 2010
Chair Richardson said that Mr. Rogers had reviewed the VSF Fund 3 rd Quarter Financial Report, FY10 Cash
Transfers, and the FY11 Budget Request. Chair Richardson moved to handle all three items as block and asked
for any objections. No objections heard. Chair Richardson then asked for any discussion. None was heard. Mr.
Richardson then asked for a motion to approve the block.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                            Page 9 of 29
Mr. Dan Boyer moved to approve the block. Mr. Lechler seconded the motion. The motion passed

Election of Officers
Chair Richardson then asked the board if they were any additional nominations of officers from the floor. None
were presented. Mr. Wardrup suggested that the Board approve the election of officers by acclamation. The
suggestion was accepted.

Mr. Wardrup moved to approve the election of officers by acclamation. Mr. Archer seconded the motion that
was met with no discussion thus effecting the election of the nominees by unanimous consent.

Other New Business
Chair Richardson called for other new business.

Mr. Hilgers briefly reviewed Board membership changes. Basically, two Governor’s appointees’ terms are up
and one Governor’s appointee has to resign due to health problems. Additionally, one House and one Senate
appointee’s terms are up. As mentioned earlier, Dr. Holt has been appointed by the Senate to fill the vacancy
created by Mr. Archer. All newly appointed members should be joining the Board on July 1, 2010.

Chair Richardson then recognized two members for their outstanding service and dedication to the Board. He
presented Certificate of Appreciation plaques to Mr. Adam Harrell and Mr. Bob Archer and read the
inscriptions. Everyone applauded both Mr. Harrell and Mr. Archer. Mr. Harrell thanked the Board for allowing
him to serve on this board. Mr. Archer also thanked the Board as well.

Public Comment Period
There was no public comment. No members of the public remained in attendance.

The meeting adjourned at 1:34 p.m. The next meeting of the Veterans Services Foundation Board of Trustees
will be held on Wednesday, August 4, 2010 at 11 a.m. at the Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center, Richmond.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                       Page 10 of 29
                                                  ATTACHMENT 1
                                 Veterans Services Foundation Board of Trustees
                                     Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center
                                        1601 Broad Rock Blvd, Richmond
                                                   May 5, 2010
                                              11:00a.m. – 2:00 p.m.

                                          Development Committee Meeting
                                              10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.

   I.      Opening and Pledge of Allegiance, Roll Call of Trustees, Quorum Determination, Introduction of Members, Staff, and
           Visitors, Approval of Agenda – Board Chair (5 minutes)

   II.     Review and Approval of March 24, 2010 Meeting Minutes – Board Chair (5 minutes)

   IV.     Reports:
           a. Board of Veterans Services – Thad Jones (5 minutes)
           b. JLC - Dan Boyer (5 minutes)
           c. Department of Veterans Services – Paul Galanti (10 minutes)
           d. Virginia Wounded Warrior Program – Cathy Wilson (15 minutes)
           e. Foundation Executive Director – Jack Hilgers (5 minutes)
           f. Board Chair/Executive Committee – Dave Richardson (5 minutes)
           g. Development Committee – Supriya Christopher (10 minutes)
           h. Finance Committee – Bill Lechler (10 minutes)
           i. Veterans Services Fund Quarterly Report, Cash Transfer Requests, and FY11 Budget Requests – Mike Rogers (15

   VII.    Working Lunch

   V.      Old Business:
           a. Review of FY10 Goals and Fundraising – Board Chair (5 minutes)
           b. Proposals for FY11 Goals and Objectives – Board Chair (10 minutes)
           c. Review of FY10 Goals and Fundraising, and call for FY11 Goals and Objectives – Board Chair (5 minutes)
           d. Nominations for Board Chair, 1st and 2nd Vice Chairs – Board Chair (3 minutes)
           e. Other Old Business – Board Chair (5 minutes)

   VI.     New Business:
           a. Approval of VSF Fund 3rd Quarter Financial Report – Board Chair (2 minutes)
           b. Approval of FY10 Cash Transfers for implementation during the 4 th Quarter FY10 – Board Chair (2 minutes)
           c. Approval of FY11 Budget requests for implementation during the 1st Quarter FY11 beginning on July 1, 2010 –
              Board Chair (2 minutes)
           d. Election of Officers – Board Chair (5 minutes)
           e. Other New Business – Board Chair (2 minutes)

   VII.    Public Comment Period. (8 minutes)

   VIII.   Adjournment (Next Board Meeting: August 4, 2010 Sitter & Barfoot VCC)

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                                 Page 11 of 29
                                              ATTACHMENT 2
                                      BOARD OF VETERANS SERVICES
                                               REPORT TO
                                     VETERANS SERVICES FOUNDATION
                                               May 5, 2010

The Board of Veterans Services (BVS) met on January 11, 2010. At the meeting, the BVS:
    Welcomed new member Sandra Love, who replaces Bettye Simmons
    Received reports from the Board’s standing committees (Benefits, Care Centers, and Cemeteries)
    Received reports from the Department of Veterans Services, Veterans Services Foundation (VSF), and Joint
       Leadership Council (JLC)
    Had a presentation from VSF Chairman Dave Richardson and VSF Executive Director Jack Hilgers on the VSF
       mission, organization, and activities
    Reviewed the JLC 2010 Legislative Objectives and other potential 2010 legislative issues
    Adopted the following 2010-2011 meeting schedule: May 12, 2010; September 29, 2010; January 10, 2011

BVS legislative members continue their stellar support of JLC, veterans, and military issues. Several JLC bills or budget
requests were carried by BVS members, to include:
     JLC Objective 1 – Real Estate Tax Relief: Senator Toddy Puller
     JLC Objective 2a – Virginia Wounded Warrior Program: Delegate Kirk Cox
     JLC Objective 2b – Automated Claims Processing System: Delegate Kirk Cox
     JLC Objective 2c – Southwest Virginia Veterans Cemetery: Senator John Edwards

House Bill 1337, passed by the 2010 General Assembly, requires the Commissioner to:

        “Establish and implement a compact with Virginia's veterans, which shall have a goal of making Virginia
        America's most veteran-friendly state. The compact shall be established in conjunction with the Board of
        Veterans Services and supported by the Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations and
        shall (i) include specific provisions for technology advances, workforce development, outreach, quality of
        life enhancement, and other services for veterans and (ii) provide service standards and goals to be
        attained for each specific provision in clause (i). The provisions of the compact shall be reviewed and
        updated annually. The Commissioner shall include in the annual report required by this section, the
        progress of veterans services established in the compact.

The Board looks forward to working with DVS and the JLC in charting a course to meet the Governor’s and the General
Assembly’s goal of making Virginia “America’s most veteran-friendly state.”

The next BVS meeting will be held on May 12 at the Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center.

Respectfully submitted,

Thad A. Jones

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                              Page 12 of 29
                                          ATTACHMENT 3
                                    REPORT TO
                         VETERANS SERVICES FOUNDATION
                                    May 5, 2010

The Joint Leadership Council of Veterans Service Organizations (the JLC) met on April 21, 2010.

The JLC reviewed the legislative and budget actions taken by Governors Kaine and McDonnell and by the 2010
General Assembly in support of the JLC’s 2010 Legislative recommendations:
    Budget actions were taken or bills were submitted in support of all six of the JLC’s legislative
    A positive result – either in whole or in part – was achieved for five of the six recommendations
    Successful outcomes include continued level funding for the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program and
       funding for the continued development of the Automated Claims System
    The JLC recommended that $300,000 per year be appropriated to open and operate the Southwest
       Virginia Veterans Cemetery. Because of the state’s fiscal situation, $165,000 was appropriated in FY11
       and $215,000 in FY12. This may cause DVS to limit operations at the new cemetery or delay opening.
       Some level of private funds may be needed to support full operations.

The JLC received reports from the Board of Veterans Services, the Veterans Services Foundation, the
Department of Veterans Services, the JLC representative to the Virginia Citizen-Soldier Support Council, the
JLC representative to the Virginia Military Advisory Council, and the Virginia War Memorial.

VSF Executive Director Jack Hilgers reported on JLC and veterans service organization (VSO) fundraising
support for the VWWP. As noted in the April 28 VSF Fundraising Report, VSOs had contributed $30,325 of
the $68,740 raised for the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program in FY10 – or approximately 45% of the total.

The JLC held preliminary discussions on 2011 legislative recommendations. The JLC recommendations will be
discussed, debated, and agreed on at the next meeting, to be held on Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at the American
Legion Building in Richmond.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel D. Boyer

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                      Page 13 of 29
                                         ATTACHMENT 4

                              DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS SERVICES
                                         REPORT TO
                               VETERANS SERVICES FOUNDATION
                                         May 5, 2010

2010 General Assembly
    In spite of the economy, 2010 a very positive year for veterans services
    Veterans services continue to enjoy broad, bi-partisan support from the Executive and Legislative
    DVS looking forward to working with the Board of Veterans Services and the Joint Leadership Council
      to implement the Governor’s and Legislature’s goal to make Virginia “America’s most veteran-friendly

DVS Budget Challenges for 2010-2012 and beyond

         Project                Goal                                Challenges
    Southwest           Open the cemetery         $150,000 (GF) and $15,000 (NGF) provided
    Virginia Veterans   in Fall 2010               in FY11; $200,000 (GF) and $15,000 (NGF)
    Cemetery                                       provided in FY12
    (Dublin)                                      DVS estimates need at $300,000 (GF/NGF)
                                                  DVS will need to identify ways to make up
                                                   the shortfall (donated funds?) or reduce initial
                                                   scale of operations
    Virginia Veterans   Ensure Amelia             Cemetery has been operational for 12 years
    Cemetery            Cemetery has              Original equipment is wearing out and needs
    (Amelia)            proper equipment           to be replaced
    Equipment           to conduct                Equipment needed: dump truck, backhoe, two
    Replacement         operations                 pickup trucks, three mowers, and other
    Benefit Services    Improve                   Continue development and deployment of
                        Department’s               Automated Claims Processing System
                        ability to serve          Restore/expand services by filling vacant
                        Virginia’s veterans        positions, reopening Alexandria office, and
                        and eligible               opening new office in Virginia Beach
                        spouses/dependents        Strengthen training program
    Hampton Roads       Start design as soon      Project ranked 46 on Federal FY10 Priority
    Veterans Care       as federal matching        Funding list
    Center              funds are available       DVS told project will not be funded in FFY10
                                                  Earliest opening now likely FY13 or later (two
                                                   years to design and build) unless private
                                                   funding option found
                                                  $5 - 6M in GF support needed for startup, but

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                        Page 14 of 29
                                                      may not be available given current fiscal
                                                      situation. DVS exploring other options
    Sitter & Barfoot       Start design and          Project ranked 45 on Federal FY10 Priority
    Veterans Care          construction as            Funding list
    Center Addition        soon as federal           DVS told project will not be funded in FFY10
                           matching funds are        Shorter design/construction timetable means
                           available                  addition could open in FY12 (assuming
                                                      funded by Feds in FFY11)
                                                     SBVCC should be able to support start up
                                                      with internal resources
    Northern Virginia      Start design as soon      Project ranked 53 on Federal FY10 Priority
    Veterans Care          as federal matching        Funding list
    Center                 funds are available       Same challenges as for Hampton Center

Waiting in the wings

          Project                                            Status
    Southwest Virginia         HB30 places project in state’s six-year capital budget plan
    Veterans Care              DVS will submit application for federal grant assistance this
    Center                      summer
    Pre-installed burial       DVS has submitted applications for federal grant funding to install
    vaults for Amelia           5,000 preplaced vaults in Suffolk and 2,000 in Amelia
    and Suffolk                Projects now ranked on federal funding list – Suffolk (28) and
    cemeteries                  Amelia (29) – but DVS informed that federal funding won’t be
                                available in FFY10
                               Even with federal grant funding, state funding may still be needed
                                because of topography, oversized caskets, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

Paul E. Galanti

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                          Page 15 of 29
                                      ATTACHMENT 5

                            VSF FUNDRAISING RESULTS FOR FY10*
                                       April 28, 2010

          Lakeview Golf Club       12,931.22
          VSO’s                    30,325.00
          Board Members             3,625.00
          Va. Jr Beta Club            421.89
          John Tyler CC Hstry Clb     185.00
          Diageo                   10,000.00
          Goodman & Company         2,500.00
          MillerCoors                 500.00
          Jersey Mike’s Subs        2,543.40
          Hampton Roads Rotary      1,000.00
          VA Beer Wholesalers Assn    500.00
          Individual Donors         4,209.00

      VWWP Revenue Balance             68,740.51

      VWWP In-Kind Wal-Mart Cards         850.00

      VWWP Total Balance               69,590.51

      Dublin Cemetery                    1,000.00

      Horton Cemetery                     250.00

      JLC Support Fund                   7,225.00**

      Foundation Support Fund             188.00

      Foundation Endowment               1,250.00

      Non-VWWP Total                     9,913.00

Total FY10 Income to Date              79,503.51

*Does not include Care Centers, Grants, or Interest
** Includes $2,000 raised by VSF but deposited in the War Memorial Fund

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                               Page 16 of 29
                                               ATTACHMENT 6

                                     Veterans Services Foundation
                                            Balance Sheet
                                            March 31, 2010


    Cash held by State Treasurer                                                       629,646.00

       Total Assets                                                                 $ 629,646.00

Fund Balances:

    Restricted Fund Balances:

      Restricted for VVCC Activities                                                   145,407.71
      Restricted for SBVCC Activities                                                   15,467.16
      Restricted for Cemetery Operations                                                12,016.69
      Restricted for VWWP Funds                                                        167,982.33
      Restricted for JLC Support Fund                                                     5,175.00
      Restricted for Foundation Support Fund                                            27,541.23

    Total Restricted Fund Balances                                                     373,590.12

    Endowment Fund Balances                                                            256,055.88

       Total Fund Balances                                                          $ 629,646.00


1   All cash is held by the State Treasurer.

2   Restricted fund balances are donations given for a specific purpose, or are funds authorized by the
    Foundation for a specific expenditure purpose.

3   Endowment Fund Balance represents the total of donations and interest earned, but not
    authorized for expenditure.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                             Page 17 of 29
                                       Veterans Services Foundation
                                              Cash Balances
                                              March 31, 2010

                                                JLC Support
                                                   Fund                VVCC
                                                  $5,175          Restricted Cash
                  Support fund
                 Restricted Cash
                     Endowment                                     Restricted Cash
                        Cash                                          $15,467

                       Operations                              VWWP Funds
                     Restricted Cash                          Fund Restricted
                        $12,017                               Cash $167,982

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                      Page 18 of 29
                                Veterans Services Foundation
               Statement of Income, Expenditures and Changes in Fund Balances
                          For the Nine Months Ended March 31, 2010

INCOME:                                                                                  Y-T-D Actual

Restricted gifts received for:

Virginia Veterans Care Center                                                                   34,969.43
Sitter & Barfoot Veterans Care Center                                                            4,738.02
Cemetery Funds                                                                                   2,225.00
JLC Support Fund                                                                                 5,175.00
Foundation Support Fund                                                                            188.00
Endowment Funds                                                                                    976.44
VWWP Funds                                                                                      64,029.07

Interest Earned by Endowment Fund                                                               3,056.28

   TOTAL INCOME                                                                                115,357.24


Nu-Step Leg Stabalizer for VVCC                                                                 5,951.00
Gifts to Residents (placed in Trust Funds) for VVCC Operation Holiday Spirit                    5,135.00
Clothing for Residents for VVCC Operation Holiday Spirit                                        8,967.05
Carnival Expenses for VVCC                                                                      1,351.62
Indigent Resident Needs for VVCC (Diabetic Shoes, Dinner and 1 East Project)                      764.45
Equipment for 1 East Project at VVCC                                                            2,578.57
Other VVCC                                                                                        494.68
SBVCC--Plaques for donated picnic tables                                                          126.22
SBVCC--Bravia TV (Other Equipment)                                                                758.09
SBVCC Resident Holiday Party Supplies                                                             203.58
Expenditures for Cemetery Avenue of Flags Project                                               4,300.76
WW MCI Phone Cards for Veterans in Need                                                         4,800.00
WW Walmart Gift Cards for Veterans in Need                                                      3,500.00
WW Federal Credit Union Cards                                                                     200.00
Foundation Support Fund Expenditures                                                            2,238.84

   TOTAL EXPENDITURES                                                                           41,369.86

Excess of Income over Expenditures                                                              73,987.38

Beginning Fund Balances                                                                        555,658.62

   Ending Fund Balances                                                                        629,646.00


VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                           Page 19 of 29
1. The purpose of restricted gifts is detailed on the Schedule of Receipts, Expenditures and Budget,
   by Activity.
2. Interest earned is always recorded in the Endowment Fund.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                             Page 20 of 29
VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT   Page 21 of 29
                                       ATTACHMENT 7

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT       Page 22 of 29
                                       ATTACHMENT 8

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT       Page 23 of 29
                                           ATTACHMENT 9

                                     VSF Goals and Objectives for FY10

VSF Development Committee Responsibilities:

Goal: Support DVS and VSF legislative mandate to raise $150,000 in FY10 for the Virginia Wounded Warrior
Program (VWWP).
Objective(s): Raise at least $ 40,000 per quarter. Advance each Development Committee member’s
commitment to raise $5,000 for 2009.

Goal: Organize seeking, promoting, and stimulating contributions for the Fund to initiate funding for the unmet
needs of DVS programs.
Objective: Assist care centers and cemeteries in fundraising, with focus on the new cemetery in Dublin and the
Sitter & Barfoot Care Center.

Goal: Consolidate relations with VSOs and build relations with major corporations, and other potential
Objective(s): Continue to work through the JLC and board members with corporate connections to gain 100%
support of VSOs and support of at least ten corporations on an on-going basis.

Goal: Enhance the image the Foundation wishes to convey to its stakeholders and the community at large.
Objective(s): Continue to ensure broad dissemination of all communications materials, launching and
refinement of the Foundation web site, and development of forms of donor recognition. Develop specific
recognition programs that give donors a sense of pride and ownership. Be clear on relationships with all
stakeholders, including DVS staff.

Goal: Develop and maintain a statewide donor database using compatible fundraising software.
Objective(s): Combine available donor lists and contact past donors for contributions. Develop additional
donor lists targeted to specific DVS programs in need.

VSF Finance Committee Responsibilities:

Goal: Clarify financial reports so they adhere to requisite accounting practices and procedures and better define
available revenue and needs for expenditures in order to determine cash flow requirements.
Objective(s): Produce financial reports that can be easily understood by Trustees, DVS staff, donors, potential
donors, and other stakeholders. Ensure statements are backed up with sufficient information on revenues and
expenses, both for transparency and budget planning.

Goal: Clarify existing Foundation Policies and institute other policies as needed for the effective
administration of the Fund by the Foundation and DVS.
Objective(s): Ensure the Foundation policies meet the requirements for which they were established. Review
and revise the policy on in-kind contributions. Examine and advise the Board of Trustees on any financial issues
for which new or revised policy guidance is necessary.

Goal: Continue to maintain a sustainable Fund endowment.
Objective: Maintain an endowment level that will support contingency needs from revenues generated.

Goal: Continue to ensure Fund integrity.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                        Page 24 of 29
Objective(s): Allocate fundraising income and expenses to insure a maximum percentage of revenues go to
support veterans and their families.

Goal: Assist DVS program managers in developing realistic budgets.
Objective: Participate, as requested by program managers, in FY budget development and interim reviews.

Goal: Provide briefings on Foundation finances that provide a better understanding of the issues involved.
Objective: Work with the DVS staff to ensure the Board of Trustees remains current on Foundation finances.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                    Page 25 of 29
                                          ATTACHMENT 10
                                DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE REPORT
                                          May 5, 2010

The Development Committee met this morning and a quorum was present.
The minutes of the last Committee meeting were approved.

The Fundraising results for FY10 were presented. The Foundation is behind in its fundraising compared to last
year, however, there are many future events that should help fundraising initiatives.

Mike Rogers reviewed the third quarter financial statement, cash transfer requests, and FY11 requested budget
and the Committee recommends that the Board approve them.

Anne Atkins reviewed the work on setting up the Foundation website, however, there apparently is still a lot of
work to be done. Anne is still exploring other possibilities to expedite the matter. The incorporation of a
credit/debit card option for donations being placed on the DVS website is very close to completion.

The committee members reviewed FY10 goals and objectives and issues relating thereto along with individual
committee member responsibilities/initiatives.

The Development Committee continues to appreciate the support it is receiving from the DVS staff.

That concludes the Development Committee report.

Respectfully submitted,

Supriya Christopher
DevCom Chair

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                       Page 26 of 29
                                          ATTACHMENT 11

                                    FINANCE COMMITTEE REPORT
                                             May 5, 2010

The Finance Committee met on April 28, 2010 at ODU. A quorum was present.

The minutes of the April Committee meeting have been distributed. The material I will be discussing during
this report is in the packet of handouts you have before you.

The Veteran Services Fund Quarterly Report and Fund information for the third quarter of FY10 was reviewed
and the Committee recommends that the Board approve the Quarterly Report as presented.

Mr. Mike Rogers covered the cash transfer requirements and said the immediate requirement is to authorize
cash transfers to cover the two Care Center cash shortages noted in the Third Quarter Financial Statements.
Essentially, cash transfers of $1,000 each are needed for the Virginia Veterans Care Center Carnival Fund
account and the Sitter & Barfoot Other Equipment account. The other cash transfers will realign accounts with
the FY11 budget requests. The Committee recommends that the Board approve the cash transfers as presented.

Mr. Rogers presented the FY11 budget requests. The members considered them appropriate when compared to
FY10 requests and expenditures. The Committee recommends that the Board approve the FY11 Budget

There was extensive discussion regarding the large account balances in the subsidiary funds of the Virginia
Veterans Care Center and the Virginia Wounded Warrior Program, but particularly the former because of the
tenure of the large balances. Authorization to make expenditures has been provided in past years, but in several
cases the funds have not been spent. The Committee wondered whether the donor’s wishes were being honored
in a timely manner even though there may be a need to build fund sustainability for lean years, but observed
that donated funds that have languished for three years should revert to the Foundation for use by other DVS
and Foundation programs.

Mr. Rogers briefed us again on development of the Foundation budget and the effect of budget reductions to
DVS that affect the Foundation

Mr. Jack Hilgers provided an up-to-date status of Foundation expenses and fundraising. Expenses include
fundraising materials, support of the Foundation event on March 4, 2010, legislative initiative support, and
fundraising amounting to over $2,000. In fundraising, the Foundation is behind this time last year by about
$22,000. The number of veterans services organization contributions is picking up but individual contributions
remain down compared to last year. It is apparent that the economy is affecting everyone, despite the bright
picture presented during the first half of FY10.
The Committee reviewed FY10 Goals and objectives so that appropriate ones can be developed for FY11. It
was determined that most remain valid for FY11 and that an additional goal should be added. The goal would
be to resolve the multiyear funding accumulation issue and establish procedures to provide oversight to ensure
the objectives of the Foundation and the intent of donors are recognized in a timely manner.

That completes our report.

Respectfully submitted,
William M. Lechler
Committee Chair

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                       Page 27 of 29
                                                  ATTACHMENT 12

VFW UNMET NEEDS PROGRAM:                         The Veteran of Foreign Wars “Unmet Needs Program”,
funded by public donations, provides assistance to veterans who have served on active duty in the last three
years and are experiencing financial hardships primarily due to deployment or military service. Funds awarded
by the program are offered in the form of grants--not loans--so recipients don’t need to repay them. Expenses
eligible for consideration for payment under the program are:
      Household expenses: mortgage, rent, repairs, insurance.
      Vehicle expenses: payments, insurance, repairs. Major repairs for vehicles over ten years old will not be considered).
      Utilities, Food and Clothing.
      Children’s clothing, diapers, formula, school or childcare expenses.
      Medical bills, prescriptions & eyeglasses: The patient’s portion for necessary or emergency medical care only.

   Expenses Ineligible for consideration for payment are:
      Credit cards, Military charge/debit cards, retail store credit cards.
      Personal, student or payday loans.
      Cable and internet and secondary phone.
      Cosmetic or investigational medical procedures and expenses.
      Taxes –property or otherwise.
      College Expenses.
      Furniture rentals.
      Expenses related to civil, personal, legal and domestic situations.
      Any other expense not determined to be a basic life need.

 The eligible and ineligible expense lists are not all inclusive and each expense will be considered on a case-by-
case basis. Payment will be made at the discretion of the approval committee. Payments are made directly to
creditors. Applicants must be the service member listed or eligible to be listed as a dependent of the service
member under DEERS. Other persons eligible to apply on behalf of the military family in need are VFW
Personnel; Military Unit Point of Contact -Family Assistance Center Coordinator, Commanding Officer,
Medical Hold Case Worker; and VA Representative or VFW Service Officer assisting with a VA claim.

   Applications can be downloaded at . In order for
the Unmet Needs Program to verify your bills, you must contact your creditors and allow the Unmet Needs
access to your account information. If your application is received without all of the required supporting
documentation, it will be closed after (20) business days. Supporting documentation may be mailed, faxed, or
emailed to Veterans of Foreign Wars, Attn. Unmet Needs Program, 406 West 34th Street, Kansas City, MO,
64111 Fax: (816) 968-2779; E-mail:; Website: Upon receipt of a
completed application a representative may contact you to discuss the specifics of the case and/or to request
additional information. The approval process normally takes twenty (20) business days and you will be
contacted you as soon as a final determination has been made in your case. Status checks by applicants will not
be responded to while the file is being processed. Documents required to be enclosed with an application are:
      DD-214 or Military Members most recent orders.
      A written statement from the Military Unit point of contact (member of Chain of Command, Family Assistance Center
       Representative, VA Rep or VFW Rep) that verifies the member’s military status and financial hardship. This statement must
       be signed and dated by the Military Unit point of contact, and on letterhead if possible.

VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                                     Page 28 of 29
      Copy of the bills for which you are requesting assistance. This must include the account holder’s name and the account
       number, as well as the creditor’s name and phone number with area code. For assistance with repairs or other services, two
       different written estimates on company letterhead are required. (For example, if requesting assistance with rent, a copy of
       your lease agreement is required.)
      Copy of Terms & Conditions to creditors (keep copy for self).
[Source: Mar 2010 ++]


VSF 5-5-2010 Meeting Minutes – DRAFT                                                     Page 29 of 29

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