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									                                                POVERTY SOLUTIONS TEAM

                                               Volunteer Team

Team Chair: Peggy Groves, Community Volunteer
Identify processes, strategies, and tools to help the Poverty Solutions Team recruit, place, and train qualified
volunteers. Additionally, the team will strengthen the capacity and sustainability of each member of the
Poverty Solutions Team by recruiting volunteers willing to serve as leaders and developing a community
awareness of how to volunteer in support of the Poverty Solutions Team.

Team Responsibilities
    Attend monthly meetings and participate in email discussion
    Participate in achieving the overall Volunteer Action Team goals
    Regularly update the Get Involved section of to reflect current Team-
     Generated or Team-Recommended projects
    Serve as the personal connection for new Team members (Solutions, Action, or Team project
    Utilize a database/template recommended by Unite Escambia Volunteer Action Team to track the hours
     and activities of volunteers working directly with the Poverty Solutions Team
    Become familiar with a wide range of volunteer opportunities related to the Poverty Solutions Team's

                                        Poverty Information Group

Team co-Chairs: Kathleen Logan, Community Volunteer & Tim Evans, Executive Director, Manna Food

Uses print and electronic communications, broadcast media, and group presentations to educate the community
about the language and culture of class and the impact and issues of poverty.

    Increase public awareness of issues and concerns related to poverty
    Develop "Poverty Costs" spots and talking points
    Develop Speakers Bureau
    Twelve 30 minute Bridges Out of Poverty programs have been produced and aired on WUWF-TV
    Bridges Newsletter is emailed to 1,000 concerned citizens
    One Poverty Solutions Team 30 minute program produced and aired on BLAB
                                                Training Team
Team Chair: Tim Evans, Executive Director, Manna Food Pantries

Provides training to agencies, churches, businesses, and the community on Bridges Out of Poverty concepts,
builds the base of certified Bridges trainers, and develops strategy and content tailored to different audiences.

     Provide training and presentations to the community to inform the community about the issues of
     Hold National Certification Training event
     aha Process National Certification Training scheduled for December 14-17, 2009
     Trained over 600 people in Bridges Out of Poverty, Getting Ahead in a Just Gettin' by World, and
         Bridges to Circles Ally training

                                         Circles Leadership Team
Team Chair: Brunie Emmanuel, Executive Director, Escarosa Coalition on the Homeless
The Circles leadership team is comprised of the chairperson, the chairs of each team and key staff. Often this
team is a “virtual” team that shares information via email but may not meet on a regular basis. The chairperson
is responsible for the operational coordination and support of the Leadership Team and ensures that all teams
have what they need to succeed at their goals.

     Identify and train Circle Leaders and Allies
     Establish an Individual Development Accounts (IDA) program with 10 participants
     Develop youth curriculum for all 3 age levels for children of Circle Leaders
     Teams (Getting Ahead, Volunteer, Community Meeting, Youth Development, and Support) have been
         established to sustain Circles™
     Circle Leaders and Allies actively working through weekly community meeting
     3 new Getting Ahead classes being held and active Ally recruitment
     Volunteer Coordinator is working on information for website
     Successful Circle Leaders are becoming Allies and taking responsibilities for initiatives

                                          Eliminating Exploitation
Team Chair: John Clark, President/CEO, Council on Aging of West Florida
Identifies and attempts to break down profit-making practices that prey on people living in poverty, including
payday lenders, sub-prime lenders, reverse mortgages targeting elderly, telemarketers, lease/purchases, temp
work, and scams.

     Partnering with the United Way of Florida on state-wide exploitation legislation
     Financial Stability Coalition to complete tax returns for low income people
     Target 3 educational institutions to provide educational literacy for students
    Meeting with Representative Clay Ford regarding exploitation legislation
    1200 tax returns completed for low income families with 1.4 million dollars impact
    Partnering with Credit Abuse Resistance Education Program (CARE) for referrals so when area school
     request presentation they will be referred to the United Way Financial Stability Coalition for further

Team Chair: Captain David Alexander, Pensacola Police Department
Educates the faith-based community about poverty, encourages active participation in the Getting Ahead in a
Just Gettin' by World class and Circles for congregants in generational poverty and those willing to facilitate
training and become allies, and promotes What Every Church Member Needs to Know About Poverty book

     Educate congregations about generational poverty
     Identify how churches can actively participate in Poverty Solutions Team initiatives
     Develop a plan to contact area faith-based groups to educate about Poverty Solutions Team efforts
     Participated in National Night Out
     Four congregations are conducting a class in What Every Church Member Should Know About Poverty
         this fall

                                       Political/Economic Structures
Team Chair: Susan Nelms, Executive Director, Workforce Escarosa
Identifies and addresses barriers of economic, political, and social policy at all levels such as job loss,
deindustrialization, taxation patterns, economic disparity, racism, immigration patterns and limitations due to
criminal record.

     Implement Bay Area Works based on Cincinnati Works model
     First entity to sign agreement with Cincinnati Works
     Advisory Board and Executive Committee established
     Area Employer research survey completed

                                            Human Social Capital
Team Chair: Vacant
Past Chair: Brenda Trimble, Executive Director, Community Action Program
Identifies and addresses barriers to accessing individual, community, and business resources such as
jobs/education, skill sets, childcare, class distinction, racism, decline in neighborhoods, city/regional planning,
and transportation.

     Identify the barriers in our community
     Coordinate advocacy efforts
     The future is wide open.
Team Chair: Dr. Angela McCorvey, University of West Florida
School District, PJC, UWF, and George Stone; implement Bridges Out of Poverty concepts at all levels of
education, provide educational and job training access and resources for people working towards self-

     Develop On-line training modules of Framework for Understanding Poverty
     Develop a white paper "What poverty costs higher education"
     Team members will complete Training Certification
     Facilitate workshops on UWF and PJC Campuses related to strategies for working with low-income
     UWF signed contract with aha Process to develop modules for Training credit for K-12 teachers
     Several Team members have completed aha Process, Train the Trainer

Team Chair: Randy Fleming, Department of Children & Families
Focus on the sustainability of Circles™ and other initiatives of the Poverty Solutions Team through securing
funding, donations, and other resources such as childcare, transportation and revolving loans to help people
reach their goals.

     Seeking funds to support the Poverty Solutions Team initiatives
     Catholic Charities received $60,000 plus matching $60,000 for IDA program which can be used for
         home, education, or business
     Poverty Simulation kits obtained by Department of Children & Families for community education

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