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 Blemish - Prone Skin
 Acne or blemish-prone skin is a remarkably common skin condition. While many adolescents may experience
 acne, this condition also can appear for the first time in adults in their twenties or thirties or even later in life.
 Generally, however, if you had acne as a teenager, you are more likely to have it again as an adult. Eighty to 100
 percent of all teenagers have acne to some degree, and an increasing number of adult women also have some
 acne, possibly due to the increased use of birth control pills, stress and so on.
 When questioning your customers about their needs for our acne treatment products, phrase your questions
 Many customers will recognize that they have blemish-prone skin or an occasional blemish, but will not consider
 their conditions to be severe enough to be called acne.
 Ask your questions in a way that encourages accurate responses from your customers. Find out if your potential
 customer is under a dermatologist’s care or if she uses any topical medications. Those who see a doctor for
 their condition are not your target market. The people who can benefit from Mary Kay acne products are
 those who have mild or occasional acne. However, they must consistently use the products over a period of time
 to see results. Some results may be seen within days, but a majority of users will experience the maximum
 reduction in acne lesions after using the product for eight weeks or more. Neither of the Mary Kay acne products
 cure acne, but they do provide effective treatments for mild or occasional acne. Encourage people with blemish-
 prone skin to limit the number of layers of cosmetic products they apply.
 They should also be encouraged to avoid any products containing oil.
 In addition, once acne is present, excessive scrubbing or frequent cleansing will not control it, and any rough
 manipulation of the skin may further irritate and inflame the lesions or even lead to the formation of new acne
 Customers with oily skin who can benefit from our acne products may gradually work up to the full treatment
 line. Use the customer profile as a guide as to who should use these products. For example, start them out using
 either acne medication (i.e., Blemish Control Toner or Acne Treatment Gel) once a day. Gradually, they
 may work up to using each twice daily. This precaution is necessary because acne formulations can be
 drying and irritating to the skin.
 You also may have customers with normal and combination skin who only require Acne Treatment Gel for
 occasional blemishes. Because Acne Treatment Gel and Blemish Control Toner are over-the-counter drugs, it is
 important for you to make sure that each customer reads the warning statements and directions for use
 contained in the product inserts. You must use your best judgment when presenting our acne treatment
 products to your customers, but when in doubt, refer them to their dermatologists.

 For Oil And Blemish Control

 Acne Treatment Gel (Acne Medication)
 Active ingredient:
 – 5% Benzoyl peroxide. Acne medication.
 B e n e f i t s ( o v e r- t h e - c o u n t e r d r u g i n d i c a t i o n s ) :
 – Clinically proven to dry and clear acne blemishes and allow the skin to heal.
 – Additional information :
 Acne Treatment Gel has an expiration date printed on the crimp of the tube and has a shelf life of two years from
 the date of manufacture. .
 Customer should read and observe the warning insert of this over-the-counter drug. Inform customers that
 this product should be used consistently for optimum results.
 After washing face, apply Acne Treatment Gel. If skin is VERY OILY or breakout is more severe, apply Blemish
 Control Formula first and then apply Acne Treatment Gel. Both products are drying, so use sparingly and only
 as needed. Both can be used at night and in the daytime, but use only once a day until skin is adjusted to it.

 Blemish Control Toner Formula 3 (Acne Medication)
 Active ingredient:
 – 2% Salicylic acid. Acne medication (up to 2% permitted in over-the-counter products).
 Feature/other key ingredient:
 – Alcohol denat. Effective oil remover.
 B e n e f i t s ( o v e r- t h e - c o u n t e r d r u g i n d i c a t i o n s ) :
 – A clear medication for the management of mild or occasional acne.
 – Helps reduce the number of blackheads and acne pimples.
 – Helps prevent new acne pimples.
 – Leaves skin free of excess oil.
     – Removes residue of mask or cleanser.
 (Blemish Control Toner will bleach color out of fabrics (towels, clothes, and carpet!!) so

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 use it carefully !!)
 Note: Customers should read and observe all warnings and instructions for use on the label of this over-the-
 counter drug.

 Clarifying Mask Formula 3 for blemish-prone skin
 Clarifying Mask Formula 3 is recommended for blemish-prone skin because it does not contain scrubbing grains
 which can irritate or promote blemishes. It is also safe for sensitive skin.

 Wash face and then smooth on mask and let dry. Remove with warm, wet facial cloth. This is a twice a week
 treatment, but is fine to do more often to control oil and blemishes.

 Apply Blemish Control Toner and/or Acne Treatment Gel after Mask.

 – Kaolin. Natural clay that is effective as an oil absorber.
 – C12-15 alcohols benzoate. Helps prevent oil breakthrough.
 – Propylene glycol. Humectant. Attracts moisture to the skin.
 – Chamomile extract. Botanical extract with soothing properties.
 – Clears excess surface oils.
 – Gently exfoliates skin to keep the pores from being clogged and erupting in blemishes.
 • Leaves skin with a soft, matte finish.

 We have products to help with oily / blemish prone skin, so let me know if these do
 not make a difference.
 Velocity Cleanser and moisturizer (oil absorber) are a great starting place.

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